Nikki: Daddy’s Pet


“Daddy? Are you here?” Nikki called out as she entered the hotel suite. “DADDY?”

She looked around, sure that he had known she’d be showing up around that time. Then again, he had told her to pick up a key at the desk and let herself in, so maybe he was out.

There was a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket of ice on the table. Next to it, a large vase with a huge bouquet of flowers. Red and white roses, at least two dozen of each. Attached to the roses was a small card with her name on it, she took it and read it.

“Nikki- Take off ALL your clothes. Immediately. Leave them all on the floor right here. Then go to the bedroom.”

She did as she was instructed, kicking off her shoes, sliding off her pants and pulling her shirt off over her head. Standing there in her little black bra and panties, she suddenly felt very vulnerable. A strange place, a hotel room no less, and that uncomfortable feeling of being watched you sometimes get in hotels. She hesitated then removed her delicate undergarments and half attempted to cover her nudity with her hands.

She turned and caught sight of herself in the fancy mirror on the wall. After staring at herself for a few seconds she lowered her hands to take in the whole picture. She worked out pretty regularly and often went on walks or long hikes. She was in pretty good shape but she always saw a slightly “chunky” girl looking back at her from mirrors. Always fighting that elusive “last 10 pounds.” She could hear Daddy’s words in her head, ‘You’re crazy, Nikki! You’re beautiful. Every little curve you have just makes me more hungry for you.’ She stepped a bit closer to the mirror and looked at her long dark hair, fussing with errant strands. She messed with it a bit more, never being quite happy with how it looked. She grumbled in dissatisfied frustration and mussed up her hair with both hands.

Picking up the notecard from the table beside the flowers, she entered the fancy bedroom. She paused to look around a moment and wondered how much her “Daddy” was spending on their weekend away together. The room must have cost a fortune and Daddy was by no means rich, but he did like to spoil her when he could. She looked back to the instructions.

“There’s a blindfold under the pillow. Put it on. Tight. Climb up onto the foot of the bed, put your head down and your ass in the air. Stay like that until told to move. Do not touch your pussy. Do not speak until given permission. – Daddy”

Doing as she was told, she donned the silky blindfold and climbed up onto end of the huge bed. The thick, downy bedspread beneath her greeted her like a friendly cloud. Curiosity and anticipation began to excite her. She knew, if she was allowed to touch it, she would find her pussy already getting wet. But Daddy said not too. She cupped and tuzla escort fondled her full breasts, pulling lightly on her rosy pink nipples. Daddy hadn’t said she couldn’t touch those. She stayed there, head down, hands molesting her own chest, and Daddy’s favorite butt up in the air for what felt like a long time. It was hard to tell, it could have been two minutes or ten.

Her mind wandered through the possibilities of what Daddy might be planning to do with her. She suddenly jumped at a noise in the other room. What was it? It could have been the door. Maybe. Something else? The door closed. DEFINATELY the sound of the door. The clank and rattle of the extra locks. Nikki almost called out, but caught herself. ‘Do not speak until given permission,’ it had said. She could hear Daddy…it HAD to be daddy, right?…moving around in the outer room. But if it was him why hadn’t he come to her yet? Why hadn’t he spoken?

There was a sudden THUD. She jumped but stayed in her position. It sounded like something heavy was dropped on the floor or maybe one of the stools from the bar was tipped over. Her mind was starting to race. It HAD to be Daddy. Who else could it be? But if it was him why hasn’t he said anything? Heavy footsteps came closer, then were suddenly in the room with her. They stopped and she heard a quick gasp. Like whoever they were, they were surprised to see her there. Like that. But Daddy told her to wait for him like this, why would he be surprised.

Her mind raced. It could be someone from housekeeping. Or maintenance. Oh GOD, how would this look to a stranger? With the loud thoughts racing through her head she hadn’t heard the footsteps moving closer. She gasped, unprepared to feel a large hand cup her little pussy and rub it roughly. A moan escaped her, she couldn’t NOT respond to the sensation. A thick finger thrust suddenly into her and she gasped. What if it WASN’T Daddy? The thrill of mystery was starting to be replaced with genuine fear.

“Daddy?” She asked shyly.

SMACK! A heavy hand came down on her ass but still no one spoke.

“Ow!” SMACK! “Ow! Daddy, is that you?!” SMACK! Several times her plump ass was slapped hard spurring her to cry out or speak and every time it was met with another slap. Another smack came but this time she bit her lip and stifled her cry. The big hand came down on her little ass again. Again she managed to stay quiet.

The spanking stopped and she let herself relax a bit. She knew by the way it stung that her butt was bright red. She sensed no movement from the man she HOPED was Daddy. He had never been like this, never so rough, never with the mind games. She PRAYED it was her Daddy.

The bed moved, someone big sat down next to her. He was still and silent. She fought to control the urge to remove pendik escort the blindfold, to speak, to finally KNOW for sure it was Daddy. She jumped when a big hand lightly rubbed over the burning skin on her ass. She felt him move again, off the bed and behind her. His hands were on her hips, pulling her ass down and toward him before she even knew it. She couldn’t help but let out a little cry of surprise. She cringed, expecting another strike to her very tender backside. Instead she felt the pleasant tingle of him blowing lightly over her stinging flesh.

Then his face was pressed into her pussy, his tongue flicking between her wet folds. She gasped and moaned but managed not to speak. Her hips writhed, fucking her cunt against his mouth. Every motion of his tongue was designed to make her cum. Nothing playful, no teasing, just a dedicated effort to bring her to orgasm. She whined deeper, ground against him faster. Suddenly his thumb popped into her pretty little asshole. She groaned and screamed and came almost violently. His tongue continued to work vigorously…his face pressed hard against her, bearded chin rubbing intentionally against her clit…his thumb slammed over and over again into her ass…and she erupted again in just a few minutes.

Before she could even begin to come down from her bliss he was roughly manhandling her, spinning and flipping her so she was on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed. With her legs spread one of her hands shot down to rub her still quivering pussy. He slapped her hand hard, then quickly repositioned her so that her arms were pinned behind her. She’d forgotten she wasn’t allowed to touch her cunt. The second he forced her down again and her head was tilted back, his hard cock was in her mouth.

He slammed his pelvis against her, he was as deep as he could go. His heavy balls slapped against her pretty young face. She moaned as he pumped his prick in and out of the hot, wet suction of her mouth. He steadied himself with one hand on the bed while the other moved back and forth between her wobbling tits, pinching, squeezing and tugging roughly at her sensitive nipples.

Another powerful thrust into her slutty mouth and he shot his first wad of cum down her throat. He quickly pulled himself from between her lips, she wined in disappointment for only a brief moment before he fed his balls into her mouth. As she sucked and licked at them he stroked his dick feverishly until he exploded again and again and again. Until she was drenched tits to twat in his thick white goo. He squeezed out the final sticky drops as he smeared his cock head around on her cheek.

She smiled and sighed contentedly, little fingers trailing over her body through Daddy’s warm cum. He scooped up some of his goo on one finger aydınlı escort and fed it to her. She sucked and licked the finger clean, smacking her lips after swallowing his seed down. Suddenly, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and jerked her head to one side. Instantly his face was close to hers, she could feel his hot breath on her cheek.

“Look at you.” He sounded angry and disappointed. “Filthy fucking slut! You didn’t even know who I was and here you are, drenched in cum. You’re just a dirty cumslut, aren’t you? Aren’t you?!?”

“Y-yes, Daddy.”

“But you’re MY cumslut, right, baby?” She didn’t respond so he slapped her cheek just hard enough to sting. “AREN’T YOU?!”

“Yes, Daddy! Yes! I’m yours!”

“Goddam right, you are.” He released her hair and stepped away toward the door. “Come out when you’re ready. And don’t you DARE get dressed or clean up.”

“Okay, Daddy.” With one hand smearing the cooling semen into the flesh of her young tits, the other slid down to toy with her clit. She was so excited, she wanted more.

Not wanting to keep her Daddy waiting she rolled off the bed and walked to the door. He was sitting across the room on a big luxurious couch. The champagne bucket had been moved to the end table next to him. She stood still in the doorway, the blindfold she’d pulled down hanging around her neck. She hung her head a little, slumping her shoulders forward and again trying to cover herself with her hands. She felt extra naked in front of Daddy’s hungry eyes, she felt vulnerable. And she liked it.

“Wow, Daddy, where did that come from?”

“You liked it, baby?”

“Oh, hell yes!” She giggled. “You’ve never been so…rough. So controlling.”

He stood and walked toward her, a champagne flute in each hand. “I know you want me to be rougher once in a while.”

She met him in the middle of the room with a tender kiss. He handed her a glass of champagne. “And I wanted to give you something special for your big weekend.” They clinked their glasses together. “Happy 21st, baby.”

She smiled and they drank to his toast. Taking her by the hand he led her to the couch where she quickly undressed him. He sat and she curled up on his lap. They sipped her birthday champagne and kissed and stroked each others skin. He smiled with satisfaction, she was less than half his age and to be his little whore was all she desired.

“It’s not over yet, baby.”

“What do you mean?” There was curious excitement in her tone.

“This whole weekend…you’re mine. My girl. My little slut. My pet.” Her eyes got big and flared with surprise. “You will wear no clothes unless we leave the room. You will do NOTHING without permission. You will serve me any way I tell you to, any TIME I tell you to. I will fuck you until you can’t take anymore and then fuck you again. And you’ll be grateful.” He slapped her fleshy butt. “I OWN this sweet ass. Do you understand?”

She turned and smashed her mouth against his, snaking her tongue into his mouth. Her excitement dripped from her voice, “Yes, Daddy!”

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