Neuro Submission Transmitter Ch. 02


“I couldn’t do it, Nick.” Nicole says, taking the ear buds out and walking towards the bed. She’s still naked; her pink nipples are pointing straight out from her small, white mounds and her face is flush.

“What’s going on, Nicole?” I ask. A second ago she was going to zap me with the transmitter and make me forget all about… Wait! We’re in uncle Harry’s bedroom and my cock is throbbing like crazy; it’s harder than I’ve ever seen it. The veins are popping out and the head is so dark it’s almost purple.

“I was afraid that if I made you forget about the transmitter, you’d forget about us.” Nicole says as she climbs on the bed, positioning her pussy over my rigid cock. Her pussy lips, slick with her juices, easily glide down my shaft, engulfing my cock completely inside her snug, velvety pussy.

“Oh fuck! I feel like I’m about to burst!” I yell as Nicole starts rolling her hips and grinding her clit against my pelvic bone.

“You know in those science fiction movies.” Nicole says as she slides up and down on my cock. “Where they turn back time and end up erasing their own existence?” She’s picking up speed and panting as she continues. “Well… I couldn’t… figure out… what command… to give you… that wouldn’t… fuck everything… up!” She says this last word as she starts frantically riding my hard cock. I’ve been ready to cum since she first mounted me and I’m surprised that I’m not already shooting inside her enflamed pussy. I’m so fucking close!

Nicole is riding me like a woman on fire, bouncing up to the tip of my throbbing, hard cock and then slamming her pussy down around me. Her thin, pink nipples are harder than ever, while her firm young tits are jiggling all around. I cup my hands around them, rolling her eraser-hard nipples against my palms.

“Oh fuck, Nicole! I’m cumming!” I yell, as I feel my balls constrict and the build up in my cock has reached the bursting point. I’m bucking my ass off the bed, matching her frantic onslaught and readying myself for the welcome relief. Nicole just smiles and keeps riding me like I’m a bronco she’s trying to tame. Her pussy juice is gushing around my cock and soaking my ass. I can hear the sloshing sound each time we slam together, pushing my aching cock deep inside her fiery hole.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I yell as the sweat runs down my face and I buck harder against her soaking wet pussy. I can’t think. I can’t do anything except pound my cock deeper inside her cunt, driving for that elusive release. Nicole’s body abruptly stiffens and she clenches her pussy muscles tightly around my burning cock, as she spasms through a convulsive orgasm.

“You can cum now, Nick.” Nicole pants, as her body shakes with the pleasure of her explosive orgasm. My cock bursts loose; jerking wildly, I shoot load after load of cum deep inside her tight, pulsating pussy. My hips keep bucking against her until every drop of built-up cum is released and I fall back on the bed gasping for air.

Nicole falls forward onto my chest, our sweat-soaked bodies heaving against each other as we try to catch our breath. I’m the first to find my voice.

“What just happened, Nicole?” I ask, testily.

“Well, when I couldn’t figure out how to erase your memory.” She says, with her head on my shoulder, “I decided the best way to help you control your impulses was to create some empathy for your victims.” She’s explaining, like she’s talking to a child. “So, I gave you a few suggestions, made a video of you and got so fucking horny doing it, that I gave you a Post Transmission Suggestion that you would stay hard and not cum until I let you.”

“You what!” I’m furious. “A fucking video! Nicole, I never did anything like that to you!” I’m yelling at her and pushing her off of me. “That wasn’t me! You still have me confused with uncle Harry!” I push her over on her back and sit up, sliding my ass over a pool of our combined juices.

Nicole jumps off the bed and starts to get dressed. “Fine!” She yells. “I had to do something, Nick! You were out of control! I know you’re not your uncle Harry, but you were heading in that direction!” She’s pulling her shorts on as she yells at me. She throws a DVD on the bed and stands there with her hands on her hips, her naked tits jutting out from her chest. “Just watch this, so you know how it feels to be treated this way.” She says, pulling her top on as she walks out of the bedroom.

“Fuck you, Nicole!” I yell just before she slams the front door. I sit on the bed trying to make sense of what just happened. I look at the clock. Fuck! It’s been over two hours since Nicole was going to zap me. I look at the DVD. What did she do?

I get dressed, go into the library and put the DVD in the computer.

The picture is a close up of me, sitting naked on uncle Harry’s bed, very similar to the position of the women in uncle Harry’s videos.

“Nick, have you used the transmitter on anyone you haven’t told me about?” Nicole asks from behind the camera.

“No.” pendik escort I answer in that weird monotone voice.

“Did you do anything to me or make any suggestions that you haven’t told me about?” She asks.

“No.” I say, flatly.

“What do you really think of my tits, Nick?” She asks. Christ, not this again, I think, as I’m waiting for the answer on the video. I wonder if I can give her a Post Transmission Suggestion not to be self-conscious about her tits.

“I love your tits, Nicole.” I hear myself in that flat, monotone voice. “I love how firm they are, I love touching them and I love how your nipples get really hard when I suck on them.”

“Okay. Um… did you fuck your mother, Nick?” Nicole sounds anxious as she asks this question. She really doesn’t trust me does she?

“No, I didn’t.” I answer on the video. At least she’s seeing that I was honest with her.

“What did you and your mother do besides sleep naked together?” Nicole is really trying to trap me, now.

“She gave me a blow job and jacked me off in the shower a couple of times.” Oh fuck, I’d forgotten all about that.

“You showered with your mother?” Nicole asks incredulously.

“Yes, twice. We washed each other and she soaped my cock and balls until I came on her arm.” Damn, I didn’t have to volunteer so much information!

“Have you done anything with your mother since you left here?” Nicole asks, with a tone of disgust in her voice.


“Just your sister, huh?” She says.

“Yes.” “I don’t want to know about that.” She says, dismissively. The camera zooms in on my chest and Nicole’s voice comes through, “Make your nipples hard, Nick.” I watch in amazement as my nipples push out into two little hard points on my chest.

The video cuts to a close up shot of my cock and balls. My legs are spread and my knees are bent. Nicole’s voice again. “Make your dick hard, Nick.” Wow! My cock starts stretching out to its full length, pointing toward the ceiling.

“Harder.” Nicole says and I watch as my dick grows slightly larger and puffs out on the sides.

“Harder.” Her voice is calm but demanding. My cock swells a little more and the veins become more prominent.

“Harder.” She says and I can almost see the blood rushing to the head of my cock as it turns a dark shade of bluish-purple. My cock actually looks swollen as it stands rigidly at an angle from my crotch. It really looks sore and I find myself squirming on my chair.

“Make your cock as aroused as you can without cumming.” Nicole says and I watch my balls tighten and my swollen cock twitch as pre-cum oozes out over the tip.

What the fuck was she thinking? I’m getting angry all over again.

On the video, Nicole says, “Now make your cock go limp, Nick.” My cock immediately returns to its pre-arousal state. My balls are hanging loose and my soft cock is drooped to the side.

“Now make it as hard as you can and hold it in its highest state of arousal without cumming.” Nicole says and my cock jumps; extending and swelling to its largest size, veins popping out, twitching and oozing pre-cum from the purple head as my balls again constrict.

“How does that feel?” Nicole asks. She really is trying to mimic the video that uncle Harry made of her.

“Fine.” I answer as my cock is obviously throbbing and aching. I wonder if Nicole got as horny watching this video as I did watching hers.

Nicole says, “Now cum.” And my cock bursts like a cannon, shooting cum straight up in the air out of view of the camera. A second shot goes out of view also, then cum just oozes out of the tip and runs down over my cock. The camera zooms out showing globs of spunk on my stomach and chest as my cock goes limp. The video cuts to another close up of my cock, all cleaned up.

“Make your cock fully aroused and hold it at the highest level of arousal.” Nicole says and my cock again responds. I wonder if she’s going to make me masturbate like uncle Harry made her.

I hear Nicole say, “Nick, when I turn off the transmitter, you will be aching for me to fuck your hard cock. You will lose yourself in the pleasure of the moment but not cum until I say you can.” The video ends abruptly.

That must have been when she couldn’t take it anymore and needed to ride my cock, I think, staring at the blue screen on the monitor.

I spend a restless night trying to figure out what to do about Nicole. I know I can’t ever let her get her hands on the transmitter again and I’m really tired of her postulating about how impulsive I am with it. As I’m tossing and turning, I think about her initial reaction to the transmitter and how erotic she thought it was, she even went with me when I fucked Carolyn. So what changed? I finally fall asleep, dreaming of Carolyn’s sexy brown body.

I wake up still pissed off at Nicole and decide I might as well go home today rather than spend another night at uncle Harry’s house. Dreaming about pendik escort Carolyn left me really horny and after breakfast I drive to the mall to see if she’s working. Spotting her car in the usual spot, I walk in to the store and look for the jewelry counter. I see her before she sees me and I just stand across the aisle and watch her for a few minutes. She’s wearing a tight brown skirt that stops mid-calf, with a slit up the side that teasingly displays some of her shapely brown thigh. A light green blouse is stretched across her ample breasts, unbuttoned to reveal an arousing amount of chocolate brown cleavage. God she’s hot! Carolyn waits on several customers before she looks up and finally sees me. A huge smile is followed by a disappointed frown as I walk over and say hi.

“Well, hello stranger.” Carolyn smiles. “I’ve been waiting for your call.”

“Yeah.” I smile. “I’m sorry about that. I don’t actually live in the area, I just visit frequently.” I tell her. My cock stirs as I admire her cleavage and the roundness of her luscious brown tits. “Any chance we can get together?” I ask.

“Oh, God, I wish.” She says, frowning. “I’m short handed today and the store is having its monthly sale. My husband is picking me up when I’m done, so we can’t meet after work either. I wish I’d known.” She says, sincerely sounding disappointed.

“Yeah, I should have called.” I tell her, visibly disappointed. “You look really hot, by the way.” I tell her, motioning to her outfit.

“Thanks. We get a lot of men at the jewelry counter, so… hey, it helps sales.” She says laughing. “When are you going to be back in town?” She asks anxiously.

“I don’t know, but next time I will definitely call you and give you some advance notice.” I tell her, as she looks nervously around at the line of customers. “Well, I’ll let you get back to work and I will see you soon.” I say, walking away.

“You better!” She calls after me.

Fuck! Fighting with Nicole, and Carolyn can’t get away. I’m just going to go back to uncle Harry’s get my stuff and drive home. While I’m there, I put the DVDs that uncle Harry made of mom, Susan, Nicole and her mom in my overnight bag to take home with me.

The drive back is uneventful, I stop for lunch and I’m tempted to use the transmitter on the lovely blonde eating at the next table, but I decide against it. I noticed her immediately when she walked in, as I imagine every other guy in the place did. She’s wearing form-fitting blue jeans and a bright red sweater that accentuates her classic hourglass figure. She must be close to six feet tall, with nicely rounded hips, a narrow waist and bountiful tits. Her sweater is stretched across her tits and I’m almost gawking, as she sits down facing me, in an adjacent booth. She smiles once and then lowers her eyes to read her menu. Like I said, I’m tempted but what would I do; take her out to the car and have her give me a blowjob? Nah, I pay my bill and leave. I’m hornier than ever, but surprisingly pleased with myself for resisting the impulse to use the transmitter.

All the way home I keep thinking about Nicole and how close I came to losing the transmitter. I can’t believe she did that. I know I’ll have to deal with her, but right now I just want to relax and forget about Nicole for a while. By the time I get home, I’m wondering when Susan is coming home again. I pull in the driveway, get my overnight bag from the car and let myself in the front door. I don’t see mom, but it’s not unusual for her to be gone on a Saturday afternoon.

Heading down the hallway to my room, I hear sound coming from mom’s room at the end of the hall. As I get closer, it sounds like people moaning. Fuck! I wonder if mom has someone here. I quietly set my bag in my room and tiptoe down to her room. I hear two women moaning like their having sex. My mom with another woman, I don’t think so. Finally it hits me; it’s the fucking TV! Mom must be watching something pretty sexy in her bedroom. I let out a sigh of relief, although I don’t know why it should bother me if mom was having sex, even with another woman.

Standing near her bedroom door, I peek in and see mom lying on her bed, naked. Holy shit! She has her knees pulled up, her legs spread wide apart and she’s working a light blue vibrator in and out of her pussy. From where I’m standing I can only see the side of the TV, not the screen, but the moans and the grunts sound like a porn film of a man with two women. I move back a little until I can see my mom from the neck down but she can’t see me. She obviously wasn’t expecting me home today! I was already horny and my cock immediately responds to the sight of my mom masturbating with a vibrator.

I watch her pump the vibrator in and out of her pussy as she rubs and squeezes her tits with her other hand. I’m rubbing my hard cock through my shorts as I watch my sexy mother pinch her nipples and stretch them out from her dark areolas. I’m mesmerized by the vibrator sliding pendik escort nearly all the way out and then back in, between her swollen, wet pussy lips. I quietly drop my shorts and start stroking my hard cock, as I watch my mom picking up speed with the vibrator. Letting go of her nipple, she slides her hand over her stomach, across her neatly trimmed brown patch and begins rubbing her clit. Oh God! This is so fucking amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. My mom is thrusting her ass off the bed, while fucking herself with the vibrator and frantically rubbing her clit.

I can now hear the sound of my mother moaning over the moaning coming from the TV. I’m pumping my cock furiously, matching my mother’s rhythm, stroke for stroke, as she pistons the vibrator in and out of her shiny, pussy. I’m getting close to cumming, when I see mom slide the vibrator all the way out of her pussy and hold it against her clit. Arching her back, with her ass more than a foot off the bed, she just holds it there for a minute before she jerks wildly, and struggles to keep the vibrator against her clit. I grab my jockey shorts from the floor where I dropped them, wrap them around my cock and shoot a huge load of cum, as I watch my mom climax.

Pulling the vibrator away from her clit, she relaxes her legs, and her whole body drops back on the bed, her chest heaving. I watch her hard nipples rise and fall with her breathing and stare at her sopping wet pussy, leaking juice all over the bed. I remember how good it felt when I touched her tits and she jacked me off when we were at uncle Harry’s. As she catches her breath, she reaches for the remote and turns off the TV. It is deathly quiet as I pick up my shorts and sneak back down the hall. Ditching my cum filled jockey shorts in my bedroom to deal with later, I slip my shorts back on, grab my bag and go to the front door.

I open and close the front door and yell, “Anybody home?”

“Hey, Nick! I’m back here. I’ll be out in a second.” Mom yells and I hear her bedroom door close. Goddamn! I’m thinking seriously about giving mom her Post Transmission Suggestion back. That was extremely hot and I already want to see more.

I drop my overnight bag in my room and go into the kitchen for a coke. I’m standing by the kitchen counter, drinking it when mom comes in, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“You’re back early.” She says, her face still flush from her orgasm. She’s wearing a tank top, without a bra and a pair of shorts that fit the curves of her ass perfectly. Her nipples are still erect and I’m trying not to stare at them as I answer her.

“Yeah. Nicole and I had a little falling out, so I decided to come home.” I tell her, taking another drink from my coke. Mom opens the fridge and bends over to get herself a coke. My cock jumps at the sight of her shorts stretched across her firm, round ass cheeks. I reflect on how good it felt to squeeze those cheeks.

“Nothing serious, I hope.” Mom says, turning around and smiling at me. I return her smile, but I’m staring at her hard nipples poking out the thin material of her tank top. I need to get the transmitter.

“No. I don’t think so. I’m going to call her later.” I say. “I just thought it would be better to come home.” I start down the hall. “I’m going to unpack my stuff.” I yell from halfway down the hall.

I go to my room get the transmitter, fit the ear buds in my ears and start turning the thumb wheel as I walk back into the kitchen. Finding mom’s frequency, I push the button.

“Mom.” I say, entering the kitchen.

“Yes.” She says in her monotone voice.

“Do you remember how intimate we were at uncle Harry’s, how completely comfortable we were with being naked around each other, showering and sleeping together?” I ask her.

“Yes I remember that.” Mom says without inflection.

“Well, that’s how we’re going to be around here, too. When it’s just the two of us, we’ll be very affectionate towards each other, touching and hugging and feel no modesty whatsoever around each other.” I’m trying to decide if I want to add anything else, when I remember the porn video. “Mom, what video were you watching a few minutes ago?”

“Oh, I don’t know the name, something like Slutty Sorority Sisters.” She says, very flustered that she can’t answer my question.

“That’s alright.” I tell her. “What was it about?” I ask.

“These two girls who seduce this man into having sex with both of them at the same time.” Mom answers.

“Do you often masturbate while watching videos?” I ask.

“Whenever I can. Sometimes I have to watch them late at night with the sound off, so you don’t hear it from your room.” Wow! Who knew my mom masturbated to porn videos?

“Is there a particular scene that you like in this movie?” I ask, really curious about my mom’s sexual tastes.

“Yes. I really like the scene where one girl is riding the man’s cock and the other girl is sitting on his tongue. They are facing each other, kissing and rubbing their tits together. It’s very erotic.”

“Mom, have you ever kissed another woman, sexually.” I slowly ask. This is getting interesting.

“Not since college. A couple of us girls experimented with kissing and things, a few times.” She says, flatly.

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