Neighborly Relations Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Author’s Note: As is true with all of my stories, this is a fantasy. The themes and ideas I find erotic might be different than yours, that’s ok. Please leave comments, my ego will appreciate the positive ones, the writer in me will enjoy the constructive ones, and the submissive side of me will accept the berating ones. Enjoy!


It is best to read the first two parts before this, but in case you don’t the quick summary is simply this: I am submitting to my neighbor as his sissy slave. He used his smoking hot step daughter to get the ball rolling and I have just submitted to him by sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. He is going to take my ass next and make me completely his.


After committing myself to Mike, my neighbor by sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, I was left on my knees with his smoking hot step daughter in charge. I was naked, on my knees and ready for what was next.

Maddy explained to me that part of being Mike’s property is serving him in non-sexual ways, and for me that was going to be as his sissy maid. She explained that up to now that had been her role, but since I was the new slave, I was getting the role.

Again, I likely spoke out of turn, but I asked her how she ended up in Mike’s possession. She laughed and said, “well we have a few minutes while I wait for the video to upload, so here’s the story.”

My 18th birthday was approaching, and both my mom and Mike were being weird about it. I had been dating Jeremy for a while and I was expecting he would take me out and perhaps I could even get him to fuck me! He was pretty shy and actually too much of a gentleman and up to this point he hadn’t made a strong enough move even though I tried to give him “green light” messages. I was a typical horny teenager and my mom had long ago sat me down and talked to me about safe sex and that sex was actually fun and cool as long as it was safe and as long as it wasn’t coerced. I guess I got a different speech than many other daughters. But at the same time I had only had sex with 2 men at this point. My first serious boyfriend from when I was 16, and an older man I met when I did a dog walking business. Our relationship was my first experience with some level of submission as he was 15 years older than me and he seduced me and fucked me for a few months until I broke it off. He was always in charge and often asked me to do some pretty kinky things, but ultimately, he taught me how to really please a man and wasn’t at all a jerk when I broke it off. He wished me well and said I was always welcome back. To be quite honest is Jeremy didn’t fuck me soon I was thinking I was going to pay my old mentor a visit!

Jeremy and I were hanging out and he told me that he was coming over on my birthday, but it was because my mom and Mike had invited him to their celebration for me. I thought it odd but rolled with it. My birthday was a Saturday and he said he would meet me back at the house after my Mom took me to lunch (which was our birthday tradition!)

My mom and Mike had been together for 10 years, so most of my older years he was around and he was OK. He never really tried to be my dad, and he never creeped me out. He was fairly demanding when I stayed in his house (versus my dad’s) but it was never anything terrible. I was expected to be neat, clean and old-school respectful. He wanted me to call him sir. He said it was how he was raised, although now I think it was part of his long term plan to ready me for my eventual submission. I grew into a woman’s body pretty early but again he never creeped me out about it.

My birthday rolled around and things first started to get weird when I was having lunch with my Mom. She seemed obsessed with the idea that I was now 18 and could make my own decisions. She kept telling me how life could be hard and it wasn’t always a bad thing to find ways to simplify it. I know now she was preparing me to submit to Mike, but at the time I thought she was just being my dorky mom.

But when we got home things escalated quickly. Just before we opened the front door my mom gave me a big hug, told me she loved me and then whispered in my ear, “don’t judge, be open and know I love you.” She released me and I could tell she was almost crying, but then she shrugged it off and opened the door, declaring, “time to start your new life baby!”

Again I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but when I came around the corner of the front hall into the living room Mike was standing there. Jeremy was there too, but not standing. He was kneeling. And even though I thought my eyes were deceiving me, he was sucking Mike’s cock. I froze in shock. My mom came up behind me and held my waist from behind. My first reaction was a combination of anger and shock, but then I noticed something; Mike’s cock was huge. Nobody said anything, but Jeremy kept sliding on and off Mike’s cock. I looked at Mike and he just looked like this was an everyday scene. I then found my gaze returning to beyliikdüzü escort his cock. Not Jeremy sucking his cock, but his cock. Somehow it captured me. I literally found myself licking my lips.

My mom snuggled in behind me, I could feel her breasts snug against me and she started talking to me. “It is amazing how powerful a large cock is. Poor Jeremy never stood a chance. He lasted a few days, but that was about all. He has been sucking Mike’s cock for over a month now. Mike has that kind of power, or I should say, people are just compelled to grant him that kind of power. Poor Jeremy had you trying to get him to fuck you, but Mike has him on a cock-only diet. It has been pretty funny to witness.”

“You knew about this?” I exclaimed starting to get mad.

“Of course, honey, Mike and I share everything. And that is why we set today up, we want to offer that opportunity to you. To share what we have.”

It was at this point that Mike finally spoke. “Maddy, you are a beautiful woman, and when you are ready I plan to give you the best fuck you will ever have. You are 18 today so you can make that choice.”

“This is crazy!” was my only reply.

Mike continued, “perhaps, but I offer a chance for you to have a simple and satisfied life. You become mine. You give me power over you, like your mom has, and I in return use you as my sex toy. You know your mom has submitted to me since our second date. She made a choice to focus on raising you and gave me control over the rest of her. In return she is probably the most sexually satisfied woman in the world.”

I turned toward my mom, and she simply said, “It’s true. Mike is not just my husband, he is my master.”

With that she went over to Mike and they kissed. The passion was obvious and to be quite honest between watching his huge cock getting sucked, by my ex-boyfriend, hearing Mike’s words, and seeing my mom be so passionate, I was finding myself aroused.

Mike sensed this. I later learned that is part of his power, he is very in tune to people’s desires and reads them very well. He started me on my journey. “I know you have been super horny and seeking sex, Jeremy has been telling me and your mom all about it. And while I am sorry I have made Jeremy keep himself occupied and focused elsewhere, I can help you with that. Maddy, we can fuck. Not make love, just fuck. And if you like it, we can do it again. And on Sunday, as the weekend comes to a close, I will ask you once, and just once, if you want to submit yourself to me. You will say yes, but if for some chance you don’t, I will let you go and we can simply think fondly back to a weekend where we had great sex and nothing else.”

My mom chimed in, “Honey, nobody fucks better than Mike, nobody!”

I couldn’t believe my mom, my boyfriend and my step-dad had been putting this plan together. At the same time, I was seriously aroused. My nipples were rock hard and given I wore tight clothes it was obvious to Mike that he was onto something.

“Let’s start easy Maddy, join your boyfriend.” His tone and voice were casual, yet it seemed like I was just ordered to suck his cock. As I pondered this my body started to answer all on its own. I moved forward and found myself drawn in. Mike reached out and gently put some pressure on my shoulder. That is all it took. I kneeled. Jeremy looked at me with a sorry expression on his face. He, I was mad at! I sternly told him to get lost. He didn’t move but kept sucking Mike’s cock. After a bit of a standoff Mike dismissed him and Jeremy left. I realize now that he couldn’t leave until Mike dismissed him.

“It is all yours now.” Mike told me as he looked down at me with a confident, but not smug look on his face. “Enjoy!”

It seemed odd for him to say that as it was him that was about to receive oral sex. And yes, he was for sure going to receive it. I had way more lust and desire at this point than self-control. But at the same time, I understood his words. I slowly took hold of his manhood and guided it into my mouth. I didn’t think, I just focused on his cock. It was strangely enjoyable to be that free.

I quickly realized his cock really was huge. It filled my mouth and almost immediately I found my desire even stronger. I wanted to make this cock happy. I sucked and licked and fondled his balls. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but somehow it seemed to be working. Mike was happy.

“That’s it Maddy, get to know my cock. You will learn to love it but for now just make it feel good. Don’t think, don’t fret, just suck!”

His words made sense again and soon I was putting all of my energy into it. He ran his hands thru my hair and just stood there and accepted my efforts. After a while he grasped my head a little harder and tilted it towards his, “Do you want my cum Maddy?”

“Yes!” I said with genuine enthusiasm.

“Ask me to cum Maddy.” His calm demeanor didn’t change.

“Please cum. I want your cum.” I found myself desperate bodrum escort for him to cum.

“I tell you what, If you call me Daddy and ask me one more time, I will face fuck you and give you my biggest and best load.”

I didn’t hesitate, “Cum for me Daddy! I want to taste it, I want to wear it, I want your cum! Please Daddy!”

And with that his grip retightened and he started to thrust his hips and thus pushing his cock down my throat. I was gagging and struggling but he didn’t release me. I heard my mom speaking to me in my ear, “breath thru your nose, and just stay calm, you are doing so well!”

The whole scene was F’ed up, but at the same time it felt so right. I followed my Mon’s advice and soon her husband started to cum down my throat. He grunted and held my head tight as the first two shots of cum entered me, and then he exhaled and exited my mouth while saying “hell yeah!” as his next 3-4 streams coated my face. He totally released my head, and I immediately took his cock back into my mouth and sucked any remaining cum out of his perfect cock.

He rubbed his cock across my face spreading the cum around and I immediately started cleaning his cock. We continued like this for a while and finally I found myself with half of his cock in my mouth and my eyes looking up at him.

“Did you enjoy that Maddy?” He asked as we maintained eye contact.

I slid slowly off his cock, letting it finally drop from my mouth and replied, “Yes, Daddy, very much so.”

“Shall we relocate to the bedroom so I can give you your first good fuck?”


He helped me to my feet and walked me to the bedroom. He slowly stripped me, pausing to suck on my nipples and molest my tits. And then he laid me on the bed, hovered his once again hard cock at the entrance to my wet and waiting cunt and asked, “What do you want Maddy?”

“Please fuck me Daddy. Make me yours.”

He smiled, and he entered me. Over the next few hours he fucked my lights out. It was incredible. And when we woke up together, he fucked me some more. After a break for breakfast, he took me to his study, a room that was always off limits in his house and he asked me to sit on the ground in front of him as he sat in his leather chair.

“Would you like to suck my cock Maddy?”

“Yes Daddy.”

And I did. While I did it he told me that I was going to enjoy being his property. I would be free to live my life but I would also never have to worry, he would always be there to serve. I would find freedom in obedience. Good day, bad day, any day, his cock would be my constant. I would focus on pleasing him and that would be all I would need.

I listened, absorbed and sucked. After a while he stopped talking and simply enjoyed my attentions. He told me to swallow and moments later I did. As I swallowed his cum I felt so content and also knew I was his.

After dinner, which my mother made, he fucked me on the table as his dessert and after cumming deep in me, looked at me intensely and asked, “If you want to submit to me, I will accept you as my slave.”

I had been nervous all afternoon about that moment, but in the end the words came easily, “I want to be your slave Daddy, please accept me.”

“I do and from this point on you are mine.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

The next two weeks were the best two weeks of my life. Mike fucked me and my mom taught me what truly serving a man like Mike meant. She taught me the rules she taught you and she supported me as Mike tested my resolve. I passed all the tests easily as I really did find great peace and freedom by submitting wholly to him. We ended that two weeks with Mike fucking both my mom and I together. I fell asleep between my mother and my master and I have never felt so secure and safe.

She paused for a while in thought and looked at me, “and that is how I gave myself to Mike!”

I was speechless and rock hard. Her story was incredible and very relatable. I was on the front end of that same journey and I too hoped that in the end I would find the same satisfaction and contentment with being his slave.

Maddy looked at me, and because she had been wrapped up in telling her own story, for the first time really saw me; naked and rock hard! She laughed and said, “How bad would you like me to suck your cock right now?”

“That would be incredible, but wouldn’t I need permission from Mike to cum? And if you even touched me right now I would explode!”

She laughed, “You are right, so I guess you will just have to suffer.”

She took a moment to finish up on the computer.

“Your performance is now uploaded and our subscribers will certainly enjoy it. Hopefully it will drive traffic to your submission tonight as Mike wants to live broadcast that.”

In the meantime, you have some cleaning to do, so follow me.

She led me to the kitchen where there was a frilly maid outfit waiting for me.

“Get dressed, get cleaning and smile bolu escort when I take your photo! I am going to be uploading photos and hosting a live chat so our subscribers can ask questions and make requests. This is going to be fun!”

I was unbelievably nervous. What if people recognize me? Who are these subscribers?

I left those questions unasked figuring that if Mike or Maddy wanted me to know they would tell me. I put on the frilly maid’s outfit and began to clean. Maddy took photos and posted them. She told me I was getting comments such as “what a sissy!” and “you missed a spot faggot!” I couldn’t disagree and decided I might as well embrace my role.

“You have a request!” Maddy interrupted me. “One of our subscribers wants to see a photo of you with the toilet brush handle up your ass!”

She smiled and handed me the toilet brush. I removed the butt plug and inserted the toilet bowl brush handle. It was thinner than my plug but went in deeper. Maddy had me pose a few times and even act like I was cleaning the toilet. She found all of this amusing as she posted the photos into the chat.

“You got a thumbs up on those photos!”

I looked at Maddy and she nodded. I removed the toilet brush and reinserted the plug.

“Fuck yourself 10 times with the plug faggot!” She instructed me. It felt harsh to hear “faggot” coming from Maddy. I had been her lover for a night even if it was all because of Mike’s wishes, but it still hurt.

She switched to video and told me to fuck myself while telling the audience how excited I was to be fucked by Mike later.

I got positioned and began. “It feels so good to train my ass to receive Mike’s fantastic cock (one), and know that he will take my remaining manhood (two), his cock is bigger and stronger than my plug (three) and I will certainly be stretched further (four). It will likely hurt, but I will accept that pain (five) because it is only his pleasure that matters (six), I hope you will watch me become his bitch (seven) and perhaps someday I will serve you at Mike’s request (eight). So please tune in tonight as I take my final step (nine) to becoming Mike’s perfect sissy slave and fuck toy (ten)!”

Maddy cut the video and exclaimed, “That was awesome. Mike will be pleased.”

That was great to hear and I straightened up and got back to cleaning with a smile on my face. More requests came in and I responded as a sissy slave would. Maddy finally shut things down and told me to finish cleaning the kitchen while she uploaded the entire photo set and got it published.

As I was finishing the kitchen, Heather came in. She was dressed hot as usual. She had a tight pair of jeans on and an equally tight short sleeved sweater. She just sat down and watched me. Finally, she spoke.

“Come over here and clean my shoes. With your tongue.”

I obeyed and started to lick her 4-inch heal, fuck-me shoes. As I did she taunted me.

“It is going to be amazing when Mike takes your wife. She will submit immediately, mark my words. You haven’t given her a good fuck in years and once she sees Mike’s cock it will be game over. And once she falls, your little girl will be next. Just think of Mike’s big cock stretching her young cunt. He will ruin her and she will become his devoted little slut. I know he plans to use her to please his clients. Your daughter will be a whore and your wife a fuck toy.”

I was so wrapped up in what she was saying I stopped licking.

“Did I say stop faggot! Heather roared. You have much to learn about obedience. It is never OK to stop serving. Your shock at the realization of just how far Mike is going to take your wife and daughter is absolutely no reason to stop the task I gave you. Stand up and assume the ready position: NOW!”

I scrambled to my feet, put my hands behind my back and slightly lowered my head. She came right up to me and stared at me. Finally, she leaned in and spoke in my ear, “Say what you are.”

“I am Mike’s obedient sissy slave Mistress.”

“Yes, you are.” She said as she quickly kneed me in the balls. I fought hard to stay upright as the pain surged through me. “Never stop serving me again!”

“Yes Mistress” I whimpered out as tears of pain rolled down my face. She pushed me back to the floor and told me to begin again. And this time I didn’t stop even as she told me about how Mike was going to set Emily up in an apartment from where she could be his client relations specialist. She laughed as she told me this. I fought off all the emotions and licked her shoes. Eventually she just walked away.

I lay there recovering when Maddy came back in. “My mom is going to enjoy watching your family fall. For some reason she resents you all and this whole process is making her both happy and vengeful.”

I couldn’t argue, I responded with the only thought that mattered, “She is Mike’s wife and his property is her property, so we will just have to accept what she has in store for us.”

Maddy laughed, called me an “obedient little faggot” and told me to follow her. She brought me to a guest suite in the house’s basement and told me I had 2 hours to get some food, some rest, and to be clean and ready to be fucked. She told me to be waiting just inside the door, on my knees at exactly 6pm.

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