My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 06


When Tony’s family finally got home after their long Christmas break with Caitlin’s family, Tony went straight to his room and went to sleep.

When he woke up, Tony played Call of Duty. He took breaks for lunch, for dinner, and to sleep, but always resumed playing.

He’d done the same routine each day. His mother had nagged him at first, his dad had yelled at him, but something about Tony’s vacant gaze and uncaring manner made them give up and leave him alone.

After a while, the nagging stopped, and his parents let him continue his morose behavior. At least it’s winter break, they reasoned to themselves. Let him get it all out now and we’ll see how he handles going back to school again.

His parents had no idea what was wrong, because they had missed all the crazy drama from their trip to Caitlin’s house. Tony had always been attracted to Caitlin, but they had always drawn firm boundaries with what was and was not acceptable behavior. On this past trip, he and Caitlin had flirted with each other, skirting the line, wandering right up to the edge of the unspoken standards that governed conduct between two cousins.

Then they had barreled right over it. Tony had sucked and fucked Caitlin, and she had welcomed it. He had fucked her in the ass, which she had not wanted. In her anger, she had retaliated by using his cell phone to text message Ms. Miller and tell her exactly what had happened.

And now, Tony was depressed. On some deep level, Tony felt that the greatest thing that had ever happened to him was his affair with Ms. Miller. She was his first partner, his first conquest, his first love.

And he had blown it.

Tony kept playing.

Didn’t care, didn’t want to think. First he beat one game, then another. Then he locked himself into a multiplayer online game.

Sleep, eat, play video games, eat, sleep. The cycle repeated itself. Four days passed like this, then five. Tony dimly understood that his parents would enter and leave the house, but didn’t care to ask what was happening.

On the sixth day after had had returned from Caitlin’s house, Tony became dimly aware that someone else was present in the house, someone different.

It was Caitlin. She sat next to him.

Tony didn’t know how to react at first, and then acted as he had with everyone during the past week. He ignored her.

Caitlin’s voice broke through the sound of clicking and explosions that filled the room. She said, “Your mom is letting me stay here for a bit. My school’s winter break lasts another week.”

Tony kept playing. He was working through the latest RPG.

After a while, Caitlin went away. Just like everyone else in my life, thought Tony miserably.

Over the next days, Tony tried to continue to ignore his cousin and play his games. He felt her presence, though, even when he was trying to tune out the world.

The guest bedroom and his bedroom were adjacent, so Caitlin and Tony shared a bathroom.

One morning, Tony had just rolled out of bed, and went to empty his bladder. The bathroom door was open, and Tony walked right in.

In the bathroom, Caitlin was apparently in the process of getting herself ready. She was bent over the sink. She was wearing only her underwear, and Tony got a brief glimpse of tight skin-colored lace panties before staggering out the door again.

Caitlin wasn’t used to being ignored. As Tony went to his bed that night, he heard Caitlin emerge from the guest room. She was only wearing her panties and a t-shirt. Caitlin didn’t say anything, but blocked Tony’s way briefly along the narrow hallway above the bannister.

Despite himself, Tony found himself staring at her.

Though Caitlin’s t-shirt was large, it couldn’t quite hide the ample chest which Tony knew was there. Her panties were tight, white lacy affairs that covered the upper half of her butt. The panties displayed Caitlin’s long, athletic legs. The lower globes of her ass were bare, and despite their size and fleshiness, didn’t sag at all. Caitlin’s ass was Tony’s favorite part of her body.

Tony grunted, “Excuse me,” and brushed past her.

On the afternoon of the third day, she stood up and moved between Tony and the television, but Tony just paused the game and stared at her, trying to will her to move. She was wearing a jean skirt with a light green blouse.

After a while, Caitlin said, “What are you playing?”

Tony pretended he hadn’t heard, and asked her to move so that he could continue playing his game. He was now working his way through the newest version of Madden NFL football.

Then Caitlin said, “Can I play too?”

Tony didn’t respond. After the game he was playing was finished, Caitlin picked up a controller and initiated a two-player game.

Tony didn’t acknowledge her at all, but just continued to play as if he were matched against the computer.

During their first game, Caitlin lost 45-7. Then they played again, and she got beaten badly again, 63-10.

Somewhere, Tony felt a flicker of satisfaction at his victory. It felt good to repay his cousin pendik escort in some small way for all the grief she had caused him.

Tony gave Caitlin a small smirk that signaled that she should go away and leave him alone.

Caitlin said, “Listen. I’ll make you a bet. If you win, I’ll leave you alone.”

I’ll kill her, he thought. She’s never played this game in her life.

“What if I lose?” Tony responded with a sticky and gummy mouth. He felt like he hadn’t spoken in ages.

Caitlin paused, then said, “If I win, you have to me a favor. I have to lift some heavy stuff, and I could use a hand.”

Tony thought about it a minute, and said, “I don’t want anything to do with you ever again. If you make me do something I don’t want to do…”

“…you can leave whenever you want,” Caitlin said firmly.

Tony paused. He didn’t want to ever get involved with Caitlin again, and didn’t know what she had in mind with her favor. But he didn’t think he’d lose.

“Deal.” Tony said, “Start the game.”

During their next game, Caitlin played at a far different level. She selected a variety of defensive schemes that stifled Tony’s typical attack, and did a few tricks on the field that he’d never seen before in the game. She ended up winning comfortably, 45-31.

Tony slumped in disbelief. He looked up at Caitlin, who was stretching with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

“I may have played Madden before,” Caitlin said simply.

She’s scammed me, Tony realized. Caitlin’s actually a scratch Madden player.

Tony felt a little angry, but nonetheless admiring of his cousin’s trick.

So, reluctantly, Tony got up from his spot on the couch, got up from the spot where he’d been playing video games nearly non-stop for eight days, and agreed to go with Caitlin.

He took a shower, shaved, and ate a sandwich. When he returned, he found that she had changed into a pair of khaki shorts and a tank top. The tank top was yellow, and clung to Caitlin’s large breasts tightly.

They drove together to a community park about forty minutes away from his house. They didn’t talk while she drove.

When they had arrived, Caitlin opened the trunk. Inside were large black plastic bags, filled with something heavy. The two of them carried them over, one-by-one, to a bare corner of the park which was marked off with orange tape.

They pulled out a pair of shovels and began digging. There were white “X” marks where the park rangers had designated planting spots for the shrubs.

It was hard and sweaty work. The soil resisted their work, and they had to dig three foot holes for each of the plants.

As Tony stopped for a cool drink of water, he watched Caitlin finish up with one bush. Despite himself, Tony found himself admiring his cousin. She was very attractive, he admitted.

Her red hair was pulled back into a practical ponytail. Her yellow tank top, damp with sweat, clung tightly to her large, well-formed breasts. She was wearing a white bra with a heavy amount of structure to support her breasts. She was sweating so much that there were dark spots at her nipples. Her long smooth legs were folded up under her as Caitlin knelt on the moist soil. Although her face glowed with perspiration, her expression showed that she was at peace.

Tony reviewed the mix of feelings he had towards his cousin.

On one level, Tony was attracted to her physically. And possibly Caitlin was attracted to him. She had come on to him strongly before their encounter in the pool locker room, and that had ended up in sex. The fact that she was his cousin just added a spice of forbiddenness to their relationship.

On a second level, Tony was just a little bit scared of how Caitlin thought about him. He had taken her anally, against her protests. Would she be angry? Would she tell his parents? Would she tell the police? That neither his parents nor Caitlin’s parents had said anything to him probably meant that Caitlin hadn’t told them, at least.

From a third angle, Tony reminded himself, I should really be angry with her. Caitlin had texted Ms. Miller after their fuck in the locker room, telling Ms. Miller how Tony had cheated her. Since that moment, he hadn’t heard from Ms. Miller at all. So Tony knew that his torrid affair with his calculus teacher was over.

But Tony wasn’t angry. Instead, he more felt… confused?

The more Tony thought about it, the more it seemed that Caitlin had intentionally tried to seduce him. Did she really want to seduce her cousin? Moreover, Caitlin wasn’t just his cousin, but a good friend. She knew how much his relationship with Ms. Miller meant to him. Why would she try to break them up?

What was going on in that woman’s head? Tony thought, not for the first time.

After four or five hours of sweaty work, all ten of their shrubs had finally been planted. Exhausted, Tony and Caitlin sat under a shady tree together, not talking. A cool breeze blew against them. They “clinked” two bottles of gatorade together.

Tony had to admit that he did pendik escort feel much better. Sinking himself into a tough manual chore was much better for his spirit than simply wasting his time playing video games. At the end of the day, there was a product: the once barren corner of the park now had ten neatly planted trees growing there.

“Thanks Caitlin. I feel better,” Tony said, breaking the silence.

“You’re welcome, Tony,” Caitlin said, quietly.

“How did you think of this idea? The tree planting thing, I mean. It was pretty much exactly what I needed,” Tony said.

Caitlin paused. “Tony, this project wasn’t about making you feel better. I’d volunteered to do this project three months ago. I just happened to be at your house when the day came up to do it.”

Tony thought for a moment. He really had been manual labor. He laughed. “Well, thanks anyways. I really enjoyed it.”

Caitlin said, “I know a bunch of stuff happened between us, Tony. Can we try to still be friends?”

Friends, Tony thought. He was lucky that she would allow him this much.

“Of course, Cat,” Tony said, hugging his sweaty cousin briefly. “We are cousins. And we will always be friends.”

They drove together back to his house. In the car, they chatted quietly, both trying to rebuild their relationship. They both avoided the topic of romance entirely.


School started for Tony the next day. Tony tried his best to act normally, as if nothing at all had happened on his winter break.

But Tony couldn’t avoid the butterflies in his stomach as calculus class rolled around. What would Ms. Miller say?

To his surprise, Ms. Miller was not there. In her place, the vice principal, Ms. Lopez was acting as their substitute. The lesson was dry and Tony didn’t really follow it. He didn’t know whether Ms. Miller would return or whether she would just stay in South Carolina.

After the class, he asked Ms. Lopez about Ms. Miller. Ms. Lopez, a middle-aged latina woman, apologized and said that Ms. Miller had a personal matter.

So that was that.


After school, Tony went home. Caitlin was still there. It was her last day of vacation before going home. After he did his homework, they ate dinner with Tony’s parents.

Afterwards, Caitlin and Tony watched a re-run of the television show “Friends” together. It was an episode where two of the main characters, Rachel and Ross, had just missed the small window of timing where each of them was single and liked the other.

Tony sat with his arm comfortably wrapped around his cousin’s shoulder. Caitlin snuggled into him, resting her head lightly on his shoulder.

As Tony watched, he thought about the opportunity missed in being in a relationship with Ms. Miller. With Caitlin nestled up next to him, Tony tried to think about future opportunities rather than past ones.

After the episode ended, Tony and Caitlin went upstairs to his bedroom. They lay together on his bed, chatting quietly, fully clothed. Tony wore a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Caitlin was wearing a pair of blue jeans, with a very skimpy white tank top. The tank top had small ribbing and was stretched extremely tightly over Caitlin’s large breasts.

Caitlin looked amazing. She had applied makeup before going to bed, and curled her hair into sexy tresses.

“I’m sorry about calling Ms. Miller, Tony. I was upset.” Caitlin said softly.

“You don’t have to apologize, Caitlin. I know… I know I pushed you too far at the locker room.”

Caitlin was quiet.

“I’m sorry,” Tony said.

Caitlin didn’t respond, but raised herself up on her elbows. “Don’t you wonder why I told Ms. Miller, Tony?”

“I’ve thought about it,” Tony admitted. “But I still don’t know.”

“You’re an idiot, Tony,” Caitlin said. Then slowly, deliberately, she reached over and stroked his crotch.

Tony was dumbstruck. Did Caitlin still want to be with him? After all that had happened, and all that he had done to her?

He pushed his thoughts out of his head as he stared down at Caitlin’s long, elegant fingers. She was wearing perfectly applied red nail polish. They were tracing the shape of his dick through his jeans. Tony was starting to get hard.

Propping herself up with one elbow, Caitlin leaned over and kissed Tony on the lips. He felt her tongue press into his mouth almost immediately. Caitlin’s mouth felt intensely hot to his. Tony kissed her back, wrapping one arm around her waist. Her lipstick tasted a bit like plastic.

Caitlin rolled on her back, and Tony lay on top of her, still kissing. His hands were roaming her hips and her waist. Both of them were still fully clothed.

Caitlin gently pushed at his chest, signaling that Tony should sit up. Tony sat up. Now he was straddling her, looking down at her.

“Do you want to stop?” Tony said hesitantly.

In response, Caitlin put both of her hands on her breasts and began to rub pendik escort them. Tony thought that she looked incredibly sexy. She stared up at him, looking directly at him with her elfin features and large green eyes. Caitlin wasn’t wearing a bra, and her large mounds filled her hands. “Tony? Could you touch my tits?”

Tentatively, Tony reached down and began to stroke Caitlin’s full breasts. They were the size of large grapefruits, and they overflowed in his palms. Caitlin moaned and pushed her hands against Tony’s thighs.

Tony began to trace little circles around her aureoles. He would leave briefly and stroke the outsides of her breasts, then return and touch her aureoles with a little bit more speed and force. Caitlin bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. She arched her back as Tony played with her nipples through her tight white shirt.

“Oh, Tony. It feels so good to have you play with my tits,” Caitlin moaned.

Amazed at her reaction, Tony began to grope her breasts more and more. They were too big for him to fit in his palms. It felt wonderful to have Caitlin’s warm mounds in his hands!

Suddenly, Caitlin’s back stiffened and she began to shake. Tony was startled. Had she orgasmed just from his touching?

After a moment, Caitlin pushed him off of her. Tony sat up and got off the bed, not sure where she wanted go next.

Caitlin sat up on the bed. With her beautiful green eyes focused on his, Caitlin slowly, teasingly, began to remove her shirt. She has such long eyelashes, Tony thought.

Tony watched in fascination as her smooth, shapely stomach became visible. Her skin was smooth and taut. Inch by inch, Caitlin’s hips and waist became visible. Caitlin paused with her shirt bunched up at her chest and raised her arms above her head. Then she looked deeply into Tony’s eyes, her eyes boring into his.

Caitlin reached behind her and pulled her tight shirt over her head. Inch by inch, the tight tanktop was peeled from where it covered Caitlin like a second skin. Tony watched, his eyes drinking in every delicious inch of her body.

First the lower halves of her breasts became visible. Tony couldn’t help himself, he reached forward and stroked the smooth, pale curves with his thumbs. Caitlin giggled from beneath her shirt.

Her shirt finally slipped past the peak of her tits and sprung suddenly into a bunch at Caitlin’s neck, leaving her breasts entirely bare. Caitlin pulled her shirt off entirely and tossed it off the bed. Her breasts, large and proud, bobbed as they escaped the tight confines of her shirt.

Then Caitlin leaned down and began to undress Tony. He stared with fascination as she unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. Murmuring with delight, Caitlin pulled his jeans and boxers down.

Tony’s cock swung free. It wobbled in the air between them.

Now Caitlin was kneeling in front of him, just in front of her bed. Caitlin bent her mouth down. Her pink tongue slipped out past her red lips andgently licked the crown of his penis. Her breath felt hot on his dick. Tony groaned as Caitlin flicked his cock with her tongue, first one side, and then the other.

He groaned began to stroke her red hair. Caitlin now used the rough top side of her tongue, and, starting from the base of his shaft, slid slowly up and down the entire length of his dick. Tony groaned in pleasure.

Caitlin now cupped his balls in her hands, rubbing them gently with her fingertips. Tony spread his legs and moaned again. Taking this cue, Caitlin kissed his left testicle, and took it gently into her mouth. At this, Tony said, “Yes. That’s it baby. Suck my balls.”

Caitlin responded by increasing the mouth suction on his testicle. She reached behind him and began stroking his naked butt cheeks with her hands. Her fingers wandered hear to his anus, and Tony tightened his sphincter in anticipation.

Tony groaned again in appreciation, and said, “Do you like sucking my dick, Caitlin? Do you?”

At this, Caitlin allowed his balls to slip out of her mouth. She looked deeply into his eyes, and said, “You know I love sucking your balls, Tony. I love sucking your big, hairy balls.”

Leaning forward again, Caitlin now engulfed his shaft with her hot mouth. Tony watched with pleasure as his unshaven penis inched past his cousin’s red lips. About half of his length passed through her mouth on the first effort.

With her mouth full, Caitlin put one of her hands under each of his butt cheeks. He could see the entire expanse of Caitlin’s back from this angle, stretching away from him. Caitlin was still wearing her jeans.

Most of all, Tony could see Caitlin’s full breasts pressed up against his thighs. Tony was suddenly drawn back to his fantasy in the movie theater on their first date. Gently, he drew himself out of her mouth. There was a slight popping sound as she released his cock. It was wet and shiny from her saliva. She looked up at him questioningly.

“Can I tit fuck you, Caitlin?” Tony asked.

Caitlin smiled, and then nodded. Looking down at his cock, she scooted herself forward with her knees until his cock was level with her large tits. She placed one hand on each lower outside corner of her breasts, and pushed them together to sandwich his cock. This had the effect of raising her breasts up and forming a generous valley of cleavage.

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