My Surprise

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When I arrive at the hotel you meet me at the door. You tell me that you have a surprise for me and to quickly get undressed and you walk around the corner out of sight. I do as you say with anticipation. Then I can hear you talking to someone. I am nervous and I stop. I do not want anyone else to see me naked. You notice that it is taking me a while and you come around the corner to check on me. I see you and I ask you who is there. You smile and tell me to come and see for myself. I hesitate and you grab my hair and pull me with you. I have no choice but to follow and when we enter the room I see a very pretty woman on a couch.

She is petite and blond, and she looks much more confident then a sub would be. You pull me to the couch and you tell me to kneel in front of the woman. I get down on my knees and I sit back on my feet and I put my hands behind my back. The woman leans forward and raises my chin so that I am looking right at her. She tells me she is a friend of yours and that I am to listen to her the same way that I would listen to you. I nod and then she starts to look me over. She fondles my breasts and pinches my nipples. The feel of a woman’s hand on me is odd and I glance to you for help. You are watching intently and I know that you are definitely not going to ask her to stop. My nipples respond to her touch and I begin to blush. She laughs and tells me it is OK to enjoy it. She then moves her hand down and she lightly rubs my cunt. I blush even harder as I begin to get wet. Her little fingers feel so delicate as she begins to finger me. She tells you how wet I am and she removes her fingers and walks over to you. You grab her hand to lick her fingers and you smile at me. She then kisses you hard and begins to touch your cock and rubs it. You are very hard and I feel a twinge of jealously as you moan softly from her touch… the way you do with me.

Then abruptly she stops and turns her attention to me. She grabs my hair and forces me to you, pushing your cock to my lips and I know what she wants. I hold onto the shaft as I take you in. I am aware that you all are watching me and I try very hard to perform well, and you respond with a few moans. Then there is some rustling behind me and suddenly I hear almost before I feel a very loud smack and I glance up to see the woman wielding a large flogger. She hits me steadily and it hurts. Bycasino The sound of the leather hitting my skin and this petite woman causing this pain is very erotic to me and I start to suck you harder. Really, she is soft at first but then gets harder and louder the longer we go. With every smack I take you in a little deeper, swallowing the head, forcing back gags, tears streaming down my face. I can tell you are about to cum and I wonder if I should stop. You sense me hesitate and you pull my hair very hard pushing your cock deeper, chocking me and you tell me to suck you dry. I am almost crying from the pain of the flogger and I can feel you harden as you cum in my mouth. As I lightly lick you clean the flogging stops and i almost sob with relief and release. The woman kneels behind me whispering to me that i did good. She is rubbing my welts and i am so wet from her touch and her pain.

You walk behind the woman and turn her around and you kiss her hard, pulling her head back by her hair. You grab her breasts and I can see you squeeze them and she lets out a slight whimper. This seems to encourage you more and your hand moves down and I can see her spread her legs to you anticipating your touch. I watch as you explore her cunt, your fingers disappearing inside her. She is so petite and you are almost lifting her off the ground with just your few fingers inside her and she is loving it. She is moaning and moving with you and the whole time she is watching me. I want to look away, as if I am spying on you all. But she wants me to watch, can tell by her eyes… she is preforming for me as much as she is for you.

You stop and you kiss her one more time. Then she looks at you and you both smile and look at me. I know it is my turn and I am not sure if I am more afraid or more turned on. Of course probably a little of both. You then reach down and grab my hair and pull me towards you all. You tell the woman to sit on the couch and you push me to her. I know you want me to eat her and i am scared. Scared i won’t do well, I won’t make her cum. But I know I have to try. You stand behind me and you force my face to her cunt. The smell is strange but somehow erotic too. I start first by just licking her all over. From her ass to her clit… softly at first, almost like a tickle. She is already so wet from you fingering her and I can taste her in Bycasino giriş my mouth. That sort of pushes me forward and I start to fuck her with my tongue, in and out as far as my tongue will go. She responds with a moan and I then move to her clit. I feel it against my tongue, almost urging me on. I lick and suck her clit, harder and harder and I know she is loving it. I want so badly to make you proud and I just think about what I would like and that gives me confidence and I begin to eat her in earnest. I feel her push against me tongue, her hips moving with me. She is going wild now, almost pushing me off her and I have to hold her hips with my hands to keep my face planted there. She is screaming now and I feel her tighten, I know she is cumming and I press hard, knowing that i am doing so well. She cums hard, and I continue till I feel the pulses slow down. When I look up she is lying back seemingly very content.

Then I look to you, my face all wet with her cum and you pull me on my feet. You kiss me hard, licking her off of me, tasting her on me. Then you grab my arms and you place cuffs on my wrists and hook me to a chain hanging from the ceiling with my feet almost off the ground. You seem to like the look of me hanging there and you begin to caress me . You kiss my breasts, bite my nipples, finger my pussy, noting how wet I am. Then I hear the woman stand and she is behind me and she is pressed against my back with her hands all over my ass. Her bare skin is cold and soothing against my welts and I can feel her hard little nipples graze me. She begins to smack me, then pinching me and fingering me all at once. I am getting more and more turned on and I want to cum so badly. I try to control my breathing and you notice that I am on the edge. You pull back and tell her to stop. You ask me if I was trying to hold off from orgasm and I tell you no as I look to the ground. You smack my breasts a few times and remind me that I will not cum unless you want me to cum. I nod yes and I know I am going to pay for that.

You step back and observe the scene and you tell me that you are going to let her beat me, that you want to watch me squirm. I am shocked and I plead to you with my eyes to stop this. I want you to hurt me, not her and I am afraid. You just smile and tell me I will be fine. You sit on the couch opposite us and you look Bycasino deneme bonusu very pleased as you watch the first blow land on my ass. I gasp as the pain sets in and I know this is going hurt. She lands a few soft ones, progressively getting harder with each hit. One, two, three, and the fourth one hurts like hell. I am moving away with the fourth and fifth hits, and she laughs. She says she likes the look of my ass wiggling away from her and she continues to get harder and harder. I am tearing now and you tell me it is OK to cry out. So with each hit I am screaming and I know I am at the limit of how much I can take. I am watching you and I try to focus on your pleasure of watching us so that I can keep it together. Then you suddenly stand up and direct the woman to stop.

She then walks in front of me and tells you she wants to make me cum. You agree and you direct her to kneel in front of me. Then she starts to lick my cunt. I can feel her lightly flick my clit and then she tongues me, in and out. Then you move behind me. I can see your erection as you pass me and I long to feel it inside of me. You press your body against my back and your hands are holding onto my hips and you watch over my shoulder as she continues to eat me. I am moaning now and you whisper in my ear to cum. The feeling of her on my clit is too intense and I let go and I start to scream as the orgasm courses through my body.

Before I even have a chance to get my balance you unhook me and throw me to my knees. You tell me to crawl to the couch. You sit down and you instruct me to get on. As I feel you enter my pussy I let out a sigh and I begin to fuck you hard. You feel me tighten around you as I pull in and out, willing you to cum. Then I feel the woman behind me and I can tell she is on her knees, sucking your balls as she fingers my ass. I am still reeling from my orgasm and the feel of your cock inside of me and her fingers on my ass sends me spiraling into another one. I am holding on to the back of the couch trying to take you in as my legs begin to shake from the orgasm. You are moaning and the woman is really working your balls as I fuck you. You start to moan and you grab my breasts hard as I hear you grunt one very loud moan and you feel this intense release as you cum inside me, pumping your cum in me, making me more yours then i have ever been. After your done you pull out and push me to the couch next to you. she also gets up and falls onto the couch, exhausted. I am lying there next to you and this stranger and the last thing I remember as I fall asleep was the sound of you whispering to me what a good girl I was…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32