My Sorority Girl


This story is a request. Thank you so much for your support! I truly enjoyed writing this story for you. All characters are 18 and there is no age play in this role-play. All role-play is consensual and between adults.

Someone said:

First, thank you so much for all the amazing stories I was wondering if you would write a story that’s been a huge fantasy for me. Currently I’m living my best slutty life with four partners who I love and who love each other. I’m in my late thirties and all of my partners, and their husbands or wives are all either my age or a decade or so younger. I live in a college town (ASU) and my neighborhood has a lot of students, in fact the house behind mine is a two story full of sorority women. Sometimes when I fuck, I forget to close the blinds. My fantasy is imagining those young women watching; learning what good, real dominate, body positive, toy positive, fucking looks like. Naturally I’ve also masturbated imagining one of them getting up the courage to ask for a demonstration. Thought it would make a really hot story.

My Sorority Girl

“You can start packing up your stuff, but please wait until the bell rings to stand up and head to the door,” I told my students. I heard a couple of girls giggling in the corner. I knew what they wanted, which they thought was a piece of me. I was that teacher on campus, the one all the young girls had a crush on. It was a tough gig, but I was happy that I had the honor of being that teacher. None of them could have handled me. My colleagues and students thought that I was a nice, average guy, but inside me lurked a profound perversion that I had only recently harnessed.

“He’s so sexy,” I heard one say to the other. I knew they were talking about me, but I pretended not to listen to them.

“Oh my God, I know!” the other girl replied. It was semi-disgusting and semi-flattering. They were too young for my taste, anyhow. I needed perversion and intrigue, sexual openness, and the kind of comfort with one’s own body that young girls usually did not possess. I was attracted to women, not girls. However, as a guy who wasn’t the most popular person in high school, I felt as if this was the universe’s way of doing me a solid. I now had the self-esteem that I needed to get what I truly craved.

The bell rang, and the girls gave me one last lingering stare before they gathered their bags and left my classroom. As soon as the stream of students stopped, I spotted another teacher, Nakomi standing in the doorway, her smile wide. Nakomi wasn’t just another teacher at my school; she was also one of my lovers. She was relatively tall and had a pleasing shape. She had caramel-colored skin and giving nature. She was a kinky fuck and a wonderful woman that I enjoyed more than just sex with. A witty charmer, that’s what she was.

“Mr. Tightan!” Nakomi called to me from the doorway. I was still at my desk, not because I had anything to do but because I was bored. I should have been doing something productive, but I didn’t see the point. I had perfected my system of having my students grade each other’s work, thus reducing the heavy load I had once attempted.

“Ms. Jones,” I smiled warmly at Nakomi, and we shared a conspiratorial glance.

“After work, right?” she asked.

“Yes. I will meet you there.”

“Of course. See you then!” She dashed off with excitement, and I knew why. Lately, we had been into some kinky fun that had made my cock extra hard. I couldn’t wait to do it again, and after work was the perfect time to do it. I willed my cock not to get hard, but of course, I was feeling my cock stir as I thought about Nakomi bouncing on it.

The next few periods whizzed by, and I practically ran to my car after the last bell to make sure I got there before Nakomi. I threw my tweed blazer onto the passenger seat as I hopped in and took off for home. I needed to straighten some things up, so Nakomi and the other girls didn’t think I was a complete slob. Not that Nakomi would have cared. She was pretty easygoing, and she seemed to like me for the right reasons. Nakomi wasn’t my only lover, of course. I actually had a bit of a fuck roster going, and on it were three additional women that I had really enjoyed fucking.

They were all on their way, so I began to frantically clean when I got a strange feeling. I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and looked out my window. There they were, moving their chairs so they would have a front-row seat to whatever show I was about to deliver. I always show off for my neighbors, who happen to be a pack of sorority girls from nearby Arizona State University.

Sometimes I do something mundane like vacuum my floor for them. Other times I do push-ups, sit-ups, and even lift some weights. Sometimes I jack off. Sometimes I’m fucking one of my many partners.

I purposely forget to close the blinds.

I leave them open when I’m fucking because I want those hot sorority girls who live in the duplex behind me to see what I can do. One of the sexiest things in life is getting a woman off, and I’ve dedicated uşak escort my life to the cause, taking oral sex to the next level. I’d caught those sorority sluts on many occasions watching me with great interest as I fucked many of my partners. There was one sorority slut, in particular, that was always watching me. She was too young for me, but the way she stared me down made my cock stiffer than it had been getting for anyone else.

The sorority girls were at it again. I could feel their eyes on me, and I enjoyed the attention. I’d been feeling more confident lately. It was probably because of the insane amount of sex that I was now having. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t a tall guy, nor did I have a humongous cock. I didn’t consider myself handsome, but I wasn’t ugly or anything either. I was…ordinary looking, and people often mistook me for a gay man. They would have been partially right. I was actually pansexual, but at my job, as a teacher, I just did my best to look as heterosexual as possible, not that it mattered.

I was about to have sex, and the sorority girls could see it coming. They had gathered around their window, waiting for the show to begin. I looked up at them and smiled confidently. There was a woman in my apartment, and whenever a woman showed up, I ended up fucking her. The woman was one of my four close partners, Nakomi. What the sorority girls didn’t know was that another three girls would be joining us. They were in for one hell of a show.


It wasn’t a coincidence that the window nearest to the sorority girls was the one I set our scene in. I bought a set of desks from Habitat for Humanity that I arranged for my ladies to sit at. Since I was a high-school teacher in real life, this role-play would go smoothly for me. I wouldn’t even need to act. I would be playing the role of Mr. Steven Titanium, a college professor.

My girls, on the other hand, had their own roles to play. Nakomi would play my Teacher’s Assistant. Halle would play my most insolent student, Ciara would play the scapegoat, and Trixie would play my favorite student. They were lined up just outside of the door waiting for me to call them in.

“Are you ready?” I called them as I sat at my makeshift desk, which was a card table I had pulled out from a closet for the role-play.

“Yes, sir!” they all chorused, and I was proud of them for responding so strongly and in unison.

“Come on inside, ladies. Stay in your line,” I ordered them. I watched as Nakomi’s plump ass peeked out from underneath her schoolgirl attire. The kids didn’t wear uniforms at the high school I taught at, but the girls had all decided to wear school girl outfits circa Britney Spears in her video, Hit Me One More Time. They looked delectable. “Okay, take your seats!”

Halle gave me a naughty smirk that made my cock lurch a bit in my trousers. I had been looking forward to this moment for a whole week. I glanced up to make sure that my sorority girl was watching. She looked back at me with longing as I stared her down. She wasn’t afraid of me. She wanted to be sitting at a desk, so I could punish her. I could see it in her dark eyes.

Halle’s long, dark hair was pulled into two long pigtails that I knew I would be pulling on later as I fucked her. She was wearing a tiny tank top that showed most of her midriff, and her skirt was short and tight, leaving little to the imagination. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties, and it was evident. She looked so fucking delicious. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.

“Halle, why don’t we start by checking in with you. How was your week?” I asked her.

“Me?” Halle looked around like she couldn’t believe I had chosen her. “Oh, okay. Well, this week was pretty good. I was horny a lot, and I didn’t get any dick…or pussy. I’m so glad this class is in session now.”

“Now, was that an appropriate comment for this topic?” I asked the rest of the class.

“No!” They shook their heads at Halle.

“Should we punish her?”

“Yes!” came the resounding answer.

“Come on up here and flip up your skirt.” I pulled out a paddle from my goody bag that I kept filled with implements to torture my beautiful sluts with.

“You’ll be getting ten swats for this. Ready?”

Halle bent over.

“Count out your spankings for me,” I commanded. I pulled the paddle back and then swatted Halle’s ass with force.

“One!” she cried.

“Good girl. Keep going!”

“Two! Three! Four…” Halle kept counting her voice wavering, weakening by the time she got to ten.

“Now you may sit down, Halle. Who wants to share next?” I scanned the room.

Ciara rose her hand frantically, begging me with her brown eyes to pick her to go next. Her hair was also in pigtails, though they were much shorter than Halle’s and much more colorful. Ciara had recently dyed her hair a carnation pink.

“Yes, Ciara,” I called on her.

“My week was excellent! I had sex with a sexy black man I met at the coffee shop! And me and Nakomi met up too this week for our one-on-one!”

“That’s muglalisahidi.com wonderful, Ciara,” I congratulated her, and the other girls clapped and cheered overenthusiastically.

“Nakomi, how about you?”

“I’m good.” She was curt in her response, and I thought I saw a hint of jealousy. Maybe she had seen me looking at my sorority girl. It wasn’t like her to get jealous, and so I brushed that thought away. “It was a boring week other than hanging out with Ciara. Sorry, there’s not more to report.”

“Thanks for sharing. Sometimes life is boring. I get it. I’m a teacher…” We all laughed. “Last but not least, Trixie.” I gave her a charming smile.

“I had a fantastic week because Professor Titanium and I had our one-on-one, and it was entertaining. Those sorority girls up there were watching then too. I kind of like it!”

“Pay no attention to those sorority girls,” I warned them. “If any of you so much as look at them, you will have to be punished.”

Nakomi was already looking at the girls when I made this announcement, but she didn’t move fast enough, and I moved over to her desk and tapped her on the shoulder. She slowly swiveled her head back to meet my gaze.

“You disobeyed me. Now it’s time to accept your punishment. Get up here on my desk and flip-up that skirt. I’m going to have to show you why listening is so essential!

“That’s not fair!” Ciara chimed in. “She was already looking at them, and then you made the rule!”

“No one asked you! You’re in trouble now too! Go get next to Nakomi and flip-up that skirt. I’m going to spank you both, the old-fashioned way.”

“What’s the old-fashioned way,” Ciara asked, her voice falling out of character.

“With this,” I pulled a yardstick I had bought at a garage sale out from my bag of tricks.

“Oh shit!” she squealed with feigned fear. She was giggling as the yardstick caught the air and smacked her firmly on the ass. Then I went for Nakomi’s ass cheeks until both of them were covered with red welts that I knew they absolutely adored having. They thrived on pain and punishment, and I thrived on them enjoying it.

“Anyone else want to look at the sorority girls? Huh?” I asked, but the remaining girls kept their eyes fixed on me.

“Back to your seats, ladies,” I encouraged Ciara and Nakomi to sit back down. I chuckled to myself as I watched them try to sit down after receiving so many swats. “Next, I want all of you to write an essay about what you love best about having sex with me,” I told the girls. I handed each of them one crayon and piece of white paper.

“Can I just draw a picture?” Trixie had her blonde hair in a sexy, angular cut that made her look androgynous. I found her irresistible.

“Of course, Trixie, but only you. The rest of you have to actually write out a story.”

“That’s not fair!” Ciara whined. “I want to draw a picture of your cock too! It’s not fair that Trixie gets to draw, and I don’t!”

“Life isn’t fair, is it Ciara?” I prompted her.

“I…I guess not,” she said as she hung her head. “Fine I’ll write something.”

“I’m done!” Trixie giggled, holding up the picture. “See, this is me on your bed, and this is you fucking me,” she pointed to her drawing. “And these are the sorority girls that were watching us! That was my favorite time.”

“I don’t want to hear anything more about the sorority girls!”

“But they are watching!” Ciara screamed.

“They are watching,” Nakomi added, and then she made the mistake of looking up at them.

“Oooh, she just looked at them! Let me help you punish her, Professor Titanium! Permission to punish her! Please!” Ciara looked like she was dying to teach Nakomi a lesson, and I was really itching to see that happen, and so I did what I felt was right.

“You have my permission,” I handed her the yardstick, and she took it as if I had passed the Olympic baton.

“Assume the position, Nakomi! Right here over my desk,” she commanded Nakomi.

Nakomi winked at me as she crossed the room from her desk to Ciara’s. She flung herself onto the desk dramatically and then stuck her butt up in the air for Ciara to smack. Ciara’s face was filled with joy, the kind that cannot be faked. She couldn’t wait to slap the shit out of Nakomi, and it looked like Nakomi was equally excited.

The first blow landed a bit awkwardly, but Ciara gained more precision with the yardstick with each smack. There were welts already forming on Nakomi’s ass. I knew that Ciara was probably going rougher than even I would have, but Nakomi was squealing with delight, and I didn’t have the heart to put a stop to that. I wanted her to have fun.

Usually, I count out the blows, but this time I was so enthralled by what was happening that I lost track of my thoughts until I realized that I had no idea how many times Ciara had used the yardstick on Nakomi.

“Okay, that’s enough! Nakomi, I want you to choose one other student to do something kinky for you. Can you do that?” I helped Nakomi up off of the desk. She looked a bit woozy, but she still had a half-smile that remained on her face from the punishment she had just received.

“I choose Halle,” Nakomi’s voice was weak, and I had to hold her up because she was so wobbly.

“Okay, what does Halle have to do?”

“She needs to go knock on the sorority girls’ door and tell them to come over here and join our role-play,” Nakomi looked proud of herself. “This is why I’m the T.A.,” she told the other girls.

“That’s a great idea, Nakomi! I’ll be right back! Halle sprung from her desk and began to walk to the door.

“Oh, no! Not so fast!” I warned her.

“Go ahead and spank me first. I’m still going to go get the sorority girls! Nakomi ordered me to,” she looked up at me defiantly. It felt so real, and looking back, I probably should have said no to the sorority girls coming over. It’s just that I was so horny from all of this that I could hardly say no to anything.

I bent Halle over my knee and spanked her with a small paddle that I loved using to punish her. It was made of a thick slab of wood, and I knew it hurt a lot more than most of the other implements I owned. Halle took her beating like a champion before she walked through my backyard and over to the sorority girls’ house. We watched as the girls moved away from the window and downstairs to meet Halle. I still have no idea what Halle said to them to get them to come over, but she returned with all five of the girls who had been watching our school girl role play.

Some of the sorority girls immediately got into character, pulling their hair up into pigtails while Nakomi supplied a package of hair elastics. Now I had nine school girls, and one of them was the girl I had been eyeing for far too long. Now was my chance to get her in my arms, and I would show her all of the skills I had accrued since I had dedicated my life to making women cum.

“Welcome to all of my new students!” I started the role-play up again. Let’s go through an introduction.” I began by introducing myself. My four star pupils introduced themselves quickly. I leaned in as the sorority girls introduced themselves. I’d been dying to know my sorority girl’s name.

“I’m Leilani,” the thick one with the dark braids and chestnut-colored skin said.

“I’m Becki, with an ‘I,'” the chubby one with the light brown pigtails added.

“I’m Mackenzie,” the thin, wavy-haired brunette chimed in.

“I’m Kiki,” a waif with almost translucent skin and hair that was cut into a short bob called out. There was something masculine about her, despite her tiny size.

Finally, it was my sorority girl’s turn, and I waited for her to speak as if my life depended on it. Her eyes darted to the left, then the right before she finally spoke.

“I’m Lara,” she looked directly at me. “I’ve been watching you for a long time. I can’t wait to be a part of things.” She had dark hair with long bangs that hung down into her eyes, and her long pigtails made her look even younger. Her body was perfect, not too thick and not too thin. She had curves in the right places, and as far as I was concerned, she was insanely attractive

“Nice to meet you, Lara.” I gave her a special wink. Thanks, everyone for introducing yourselves. Let’s go over some safety rules before we begin today.” I launched into my talk about safe words and how to tap out if they were restrained. When I was finished, Lara raised her hand.

“Yes, Lara.”

“When can I get fucked?” she asked. “Playing school is fun, but I’m really, really horny, Professor Titanium!”

“Oh, are you? On a scale from 1-10, how horny are you?” I stared her down.

“A 10!” she shrieked.

“Then come on up to the front of the class and take off your clothes. Let’s see what happens to you! Does that sound like fun, class?”

“Yes!” the girls chorused.

Nakomi was already rifling through the toy bag, looking for something to use on Lara. She gave me a naughty look that I fully understood. I felt it too. Little Lara was about to have the time of her life.

I didn’t see Halle coerce Becki into play. I was too focused on Nakomi as she pulled out several strap-on dildos and harnesses. I could see her mind working, and I knew her plan. I was on board with it and ready to see where my lovely T.A. would take this. Nakomi strapped a cock on under her skirt. She made her way over to where Lara was trying her best to convince her friends to join the fun.

“Come on, we came all the way over here! We might as well have some fun, right?” Lara tried to motivate her sorority sisters.

“I guess,” Mackenzie shrugged.

There was a bloodcurdling scream. I turned to see Halle flogging the shit out of Becki with an ‘I.’

Becky sounded like she was being murdered and something about that scream made my cock stiffen. I made my way toward them and gave Becki’s ass a few firm swats and delivered a few words of praise to Halle for being so adventurous.

By the time I returned my attention to Lara and Nakomi, they were in the full throes of passion. Nakomi was hammering Lara with her plastic dick, pounding her harder than most men would dare to. Lara looked stunned as her body absorbed blow after blow from the strap-on. Her screams turned to growls, and so I added my fingers on her clit for good measure.

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