My Sister Made Me Ch. 14


Hey readers! I hope you’re liking the story. Just the Six of Us Part 2 is scheduled to be released next month! I’m excited to continue the story.

As for this one, it’s continuing to mix itself up in other stories, Little White Lies, and Lucky Man. I try to make it understandable even if you haven’t read the other stories, but it might help for context.

You guys are the best fans ever. Thank you for all your love and hate over the years. There are a lot more stories coming, so stay tuned.


My Sister Made Me

Chapter 14



Sam couldn’t believe it. She stood up, her mind whirling at the possible reasons that her brother could have for watching a video of her sucking a dick. She immediately knew one reason he would have, then suddenly had the sensation of how nice and big his cock had felt nestled snugly against her butt. Arousal surged through her and she steadied herself on the wall next to her.

“No…” she said, moving over to look in the mirror.

The girl in the mirror didn’t speak of course. Sam… Samantha… she wasn’t sure who was staring back at her anymore.

Wearing nothing but her panties and a simple sleeping shirt, she looked more like Samantha in that moment, and she had a vision of herself skipping along with bows in her hair, singing a song like she was a child again.

“That’s not who you are,” she told herself, staring hard at her reflection. For a split second, she thought she could see the reflection smirk at her.

She suddenly had a vision of Pastor Dickhead crying, then it shifted to one of her on her knees happily sucking his cock. A jolt of irritation and revulsion filled her, and she ripped the top off.

“I’m not Samantha anymore,” she said quietly, staring hard at the mirror. The girl she saw there didn’t look like her for a second, but she closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them again.

It hadn’t moved, and she stood staring quietly at herself for a moment. As she did so, the girl she was looking at smirked at her again. She wondered if she was losing her mind but didn’t feel scared.

“Say it again,” she heard, but didn’t see her mouth moving in the glass.

Briefly considering turning and going to put the troubling thoughts she was having out of her head, she stopped when she heard it repeat.

“Say it again.”

She stared hard, seeing the girl staring back at her smirking once more.

“I’m not Samantha anymore,” she said quietly, wondering if that’s what she wanted to hear.

“Are you sure about that?” she heard, the image going from a look of concentration to the increasingly familiar smirk.

She shivered, shaking her head and closing her eyes for a moment. It was no wonder she was losing her mind. Lately, it felt like she was being asked to carry too heavy a load. There was too much stress and her only real outlet had been taken away.

She felt ridiculous acknowledging that it was sex that she was craving, and that was apparently driving her insane. She knew that she needed someone to take care of her sexual frustrations. But who?

She looked back at the mirror again.

“Who?” she heard, though it was unclear if the voice was imagine, in her head, or actually in the room.

“Brandon?” she thought, looking at… Sam… in the mirror. The reflection’s smile seemed to grow wider.

He was definitely ready and willing. Plus, Zoey was adorable. But still… they seemed so… inexperienced. Brandon was cocky and confident; that was definitely a plus. Maybe he was the same way in bed? But… again… had a girlfriend. Did she really want to get into a sexual mess with a guy and his girlfriend?

She looked back up at Sam in the mirror, but she had changed. The girl she saw staring back wasn’t the same. The darkness in the eyes was gone, replaced by brightness that hadn’t been there before. She was wringing her hands nervously, and looked down, seeing that she was doing that herself. Sighing hard, she closed her eyes and counted to ten, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself.

Opening her eyes, she looked back at the mirror and saw Sam staring back.

Were Brandon and Zoey the answer? Could she use them to relieve her sexual frustrations? Her mother had told her that it was going to get worse. She had to find something to help.

Looking back at the confidently smirking girl in the mirror, she had a sudden, promising thought.

“Kara!” she told the mirror. The figure in the mirror seemed pleased.

That was a definite possibility! Maybe she could talk to her and see about checking out The Mess Around and seeing what went on there. Thinking about the things that had taken place there already, she couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement. That could be an outlet for her stress relief. She would see if Kara could talk some evening, or maybe at lunch.

Still, that didn’t answer the question that had been plaguing her. Dane.

Casting one final look at the girl in the mirror, she saw that it was just her staring back, but couldn’t Alanya Grup Escort tell if it was the nervous, hand-wringing Samantha, or the confident, smirking Sam.

She turned, starting toward the door to go and confront him, but then stopped and looked back at the mirror. She was still topless, not to mention her panties weren’t exactly appropriate by themselves. She saw the baggy top that she’d torn off on the floor next to her and then another, one she’d gotten from Toni, on the dresser she was standing in front of. It wasn’t a difficult decision. She slid the skimpy top on without burdening herself on why she was doing so, tossed a hand through her hair and then turned to go and see if he was even in his room. Stepping out of hers, she walked down the hall to his door and knocked.

“Yeah?” he called out quietly.

She opened it and peered.

“Hey,” he said, looking up and waving her in.

She stepped in, still mildly irritated, but determined to find out what had occurred. “Hey,” she replied, unable to stop nice, sweet Samantha from coming out in her.

“You okay?” he asked. “Rough day?”

She shrugged, walking over to him. She saw his eyes automatically drop down to her breasts, but then move lower to the crease of her panties as she approached, and she felt herself grow a little more aroused. The look had only taken a second, but it was as obvious to her as if he’d reached up and fondled them himself.

“I wanted to ask you a question,” she said, sliding down to sit on the bed next to him.

“Yes, I think you’re a tool,” he said, grinning and crossing his eyes.

She resisted the urge to smack him and gave him a look that said she was serious. Looking at him then, she saw the same brother who had so vehemently charged to her defense; the same one that she’d clung to as a little girl when the monsters came to get her. He was the same big brother that held her when they did snugglebunnies. He’d always been there for her, and in that moment, she knew he always would be.

She sighed, unable to put him on the spot like she’d originally intended when she’d stormed in. Working quickly, she thought of something she could ask him that wouldn’t sound made up or contrived.

“What… what did you think of that video?” she asked.

She instantly wished she hadn’t asked him, realizing how ridiculous the question was and how needy it sounded.

He sighed, then rubbed a hand through his hair. “We’re always truthful with each other, right?” he asked.

She nodded and gave him a pleasant look. It was an unspoken rule between the two, that they wouldn’t lie to each other.

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings or… ruin our relationship, so I don’t think I should answer that,” he said.

She looked at him curiously.

“What I can say is that… part of me hated it. It makes me want to go and find the guy and do something violent and awful to him.”

She chuckled for a moment, but then looked back up at him.

“A part?” she asked.

He nodded but didn’t offer anymore.

She sighed in irritation. “Dane, that’s not going to cut it. Just tell me.”

He shook his head. “No Sam. I refuse to cause you any more pain than you’ve already experienced. It’s not fair that you’re almost 19 and have had to deal with this much crap.”

She felt her heart melt a bit and brushed a tear that was able to sneak through her hardened exterior and protective walls. Not thinking about the ramifications, she turned and straddled him in one motion, sitting on his lap and wrapping her arms around him in a hug. He immediately put his arms around her, and she felt the strength that they held. He felt like he could snap her in half but was as gentle with her as he would be with a kitten.

“I love you so much,” she whispered, squeezing him tight, needing to feel more of that strength in him.

“I love you too,” he told her, his voice like soft leather.

He chuckled, grunting as she sat back and looked at him. For a second, she saw his eyes drop down to her chest, and stifled a smirk.

“I talked to the guy that found the video today,” she said, ignoring the privately delightful fact that he couldn’t stop staring at her tits. “He told me about how to get it removed.”

“I was hoping that there would be a way,” he said. “I was going to research it a bit and see what I could find.”

“He mentioned something that struck me,” she said. “I mean… he’s a guy so it’s understandable, but… he’d watched the video 7 times, and a few with his girlfriend.”

Dane raised an eyebrow.

“He showed me that there were 15 views in all, and I pressed him to tell me how many times he’d seen it. He told me he thought it was hot.”

“Ah… Sam… I’m sorry,” Dane said, shaking his head.

She slid to the side and knelt beside him, but then changed her mind. There was something inside that wanted her to be vulnerable and open to him, so she laid down on her stomach. Happily, she felt his hands immediately started to knead and rub Alanya İranlı Escort her back muscles, and she sighed in quiet appreciation.

“The thing is… I get it, you know? If you think about it from his perspective, it’s a video of a blindfolded girl giving a guy a blowjob. It’s kinky because… again… from his viewpoint… the girl seems oblivious that she’s being filmed.”

Dane didn’t respond but kept rubbing her back and shoulders.

“Plus, he said he thought it was me, and that made it even hotter for him… so I can see why he jerked off to it so much,” she said.

Dane shook his head. She didn’t see the movement, but she could feel it through his hands as they furrowed across her shoulders.

“What?” she said, turning over to her back and looking up at him.

His eyes moved from her softly jiggling breasts up to her face, and she fought off a smile.

“I’m just not used to hearing that language from you, that’s all,” he said.

She snickered, then a long silence fell between the two. Finally, she couldn’t take it and had to address what was really bothering her.

“Dane… does the other part of you like the video?” she asked, immediately wishing that she hadn’t.

He didn’t answer, only looking down at her and holding as still as possible. A few seconds passed, and then ten, and he still didn’t answer.

“Dane?” she asked, sitting up and looking at him. “There were two views from the day before that weren’t from when we watched it together. Brandon admitted that he and his girlfriend were one of them. Were you the other?”

She turned to face him and looked directly at him, but his face was a mask. After another ten seconds of silence, she sighed and stood, walking toward the door.

“Yes,” he said, his voice sounding pained.

She turned, part of her stunned that he’d admitted it, but another part having already known.

He had covered his face and was shaking his head.

“I… I couldn’t help it.”

She immediately went back over and was silently swearing at herself for being stupid. Sitting on the bed, she cradled his head in her arms and kissed the top of his head.

“I kept… I felt like…” he stammered.

“Dane, it’s okay,” she said softly. “I’m not upset.”

He looked up, his eyes opening widely. “What?” he asked.

She sighed, looking down at her hands. “Dane, you’re one of the constants that I need in my life right now. I don’t really know why it doesn’t bother me… but… it doesn’t,” she said, shrugging.

He still looked confused.

“Look… I’m sorry that I confronted you about it. I know that you’d never do anything to hurt me, and I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize the relationship I have with one of the few decent men in my life. Besides,” she said, looking at him, “if I drive you off, I’d have to snuggle with Danny and that just won’t feel right.”

He laughed, looking relieved, and she felt much better, leaning in to hug him tightly. Breaking the hug, she pulled back a bit, but hesitated a few inches from his face, looking at him. An image flashed in her head, of her standing in front of the mirror, and she felt a surge of desire fill her. In an instant, she leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

Breaking the kiss a few seconds later, she sat back, realizing what she’d just done, and stood. “Sorry,” she said, shaking her head. “I… I don’t know why I did that.”

He chuckled. “Brothers and sisters can kiss, just… not like that…”

She was glad for his levity but knew he felt just as awkward as she did.

“Snugglebunnies?” he offered, sliding the covers back and showing that he was wearing boxers.

The outline of his semi-erect cock caused her mouth to water, and she forced her gaze up to his face.

“I… I should get some sleep,” she said, willing her pussy to stop salivating and behave its damn self, her brain screaming at her to suck his cock and leave the room at the same time.

He chuckled and leaned over, yanking her down to the bed again as she yelped in surprise.

She whimpered internally, knowing that her pussy wasn’t going to fucking listen, and that she would soon be feeling her brother’s incredibly enticing cock pressed into her butt crack.

He manhandled her into position, putting her head under his arm and turning her away from him. She felt the strength and power in his body as he moved her around easily, as if she were a toy or a stuffed animal. The ease with which he manipulated her body only served to make the situation in her panties even worse. An image of how incredible fucking him would be flashed into her mind, and she cleared her throat, stifling a whimper in the process.

He made things interminably worse by softly kissing the nape of her neck and causing her to close her eyes tightly, silently willing him to knock it off and keep going at the same time. Her pussy was throbbing, almost demanding attention, and she whimpered ever so quietly, then froze, her eyes going wide in fear that he’d heard. Alanya Manken Escort The only sound she heard in response was him moving into position, his body warm behind her as he pulled her easily up against him.

She had a sudden realization in that moment and shivered as the thought wormed its way through her brain and down to her ravenous pussy. He could have her, then and there, she’d realized. He could pull her panties down and shove his cock into her and take her easily, and she couldn’t… wouldn’t… do a thing to stop him.

Instead of sliding his delicious cock into her, though, he wrapped his incredibly and powerful and sexy arms around her protectively and did exactly what he had intended. He made her feel safe.

Her pussy throbbed angrily at her for another twenty minutes, but she was able to free herself a few minutes after his breathing got heavy and rhythmically deep. Standing quietly, she turned and blew him a kiss, thankful for how good of a brother she had despite how fervently inappropriate she kept acting around him.

Forcing herself out of the room before she chanced a look at his cock, she went back to her own and locked the door, wondering if she should install one on the outside to keep her in.

Sliding into bed, she forced herself to lay down and go to sleep.



Sunday afternoon

Alex picked up the phone and giggled when she saw the text.

“Mother of God…” it said.

It was from Bryce. She’d just sent him a picture of her with Kenny’s last load of cum in her mouth. She scrolled down and looked at the next message he’d sent.

“You keep this up, I’m might lose my fuckin’ mind,” he replied.

She giggled and checked the last one.

“Get here… now,” he sent.

“Ooo, yes Daddy,” she sent, snickering as she imagined his reaction.

A few minutes later, she pulled in and got out, walking up the stairs to the apartment. The door opened, and she looked up, seeing Beck there.

“Alex!” he said excitedly.

She grinned, accepting the hug that he offered and looking up to see Bryce watching behind them. He pointed at his lips and then at Beck.

Alex raised an eyebrow at him, eliciting a nod and another point from, this one more forceful, yet still a bit playful. She winked, knowing what he was wanting and more than happy to humor him. Still ridiculously aroused, she pushed Beck against the door and kissed him hard, her tongue pushing into his mouth and causing him to grunt in surprise, his hands pulling her tight to him.

For several seconds, she made out with him in the doorway, her tongue, no doubt still having remnants of Kenny’s last load on it, sliding in and out of her “boyfriend’s” mouth.

He finally broke the kiss and grinned at her. “Wow! Hello to you too,” he said, turning and grinning widely at Bryce.

Alex grinned and stepped in, Beck following behind her.

“Yo Alex,” said Bryce, trying to look uninterested.

“What, you don’t want a kiss?” she asked, grinning at him.

Beck laughed behind them, “I think you scare him,” Beck said.

“I bet you’re right,” Alex said, stepping up to where Bryce was standing, offering her a cocky smirk and looking all cute and annoying.

He rolled his eyes and stepped close to her. “I don’t know why I gotta hug her, it ain’t like she’s my girl,” he said, wrapping her in a half-hug.

As he’d stepped up to her, his hand ran up the front of her torso and gripped her breast for a second, then spun around her to her back, where Beck was still standing. Alex giggled in response, and playfully pushed him off.

“I don’t know man, I guess she likes the attention,” Beck said with a shrug.

Turning, she saw Vince, but Travis and Marvin weren’t there.

“Where are the others?” she asked.

“On their way,” Vince said. “Marvin is at church with his mom and… I think Travis was still asleep.”

“How are you?” she asked, stepping over and leaning down to give him a hug, along with a little of her cleavage to ogle. She offered him a playful wink as he stared at it for a few moments. Looking up, he blushed, a sheepish expression on his face.

“Oh, I’m good,” he said, grinning when he saw that she liked the look. “Just hangin’ out.”

Alex giggled, then slid her hand into Becks as Bryce sat on another chair and picked up the game controller. The fight they’d been having when she came in was restarted, and she watched for a few minutes.

“We need to have some kind of tournament,” Alex said after a few minutes.

Beck looked over at her curiously. “What do you mean?”

“Playing this,” she said, pointing at the TV.

“So… the 6 of us?” Bryce asked.

She shrugged. “If you want me to win, then yeah,” she said.

Bryce smirked. “So… what would the prize be?”

“Me,” she mouthed at him silently, but then said, “I’m sure we can figure something out.”

She looked at Beck and saw that he was engaged in the fight again, then looked back up at Bryce and winked. Standing, she stepped quickly around the boys and headed for the kitchen, Bryce following her a second later.

“Can I get you guys anything?” she called out. She knew that they’d love it if she were to regularly take care of them and do things for them, like getting them drinks. She didn’t mind doing little things like that.

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