My Niece Jessica Ch. 11

Brother Sister

I woke up hearing some noises in the living room. I woke up and saw it was almost 6 in the morning. I looked around but Jessica was nowhere to be seen. I was disappointed when my door opened and Jessica came in completely nude. She closed the door quickly before turning around to me.

“That was close. Grandma and Grandpa almost saw me but I think I made it pass them,” she said walking toward me.



“Just stand there Jessica.”

I looked over her body slowly and made her turn around. I couldn’t help but see how beautiful she looked and how any man would be lucky to have her. Finally I opened the blankets and she slid in under them next to me while facing me. We just looked at each other smiling before starting to kiss. This was a different kiss than what Jessica and I had shared before. This was more tender like between a boyfriend and girlfriend. While we were kissing I felt her hand reach down and start playing with my cock and balls. She didn’t have to do much work with me already semi-hard. She reached for another condom and put it on me before climbing on me and move my cock into her dripping pussy.

“They are out there. I don’t think we can do this,” I said not really wanting her to stop.

“You are right. Hold on.”

Jessica got off me before taking a blanket and laying it on the floor. She then laid on the floor biting her bottom lip before I joined her. We kissed some more before I inserted into her again. Instead of a fast fuck, I decided to take my time and make her enjoy it. I watched her face the entire time just enjoying her reactions to the feelings she was having.

“Please Uncle fuck me faster,” she said trying to get more of me into her.

“Hell no. We are going to enjoy this,” I said taking control of her legs.

I spread them a little more before fucking just a little faster but nothing out of control. Jessica started playing with her nipples and moaning a little louder as I reached onto the bed grabbing a pillow and giving it to her. I fucked her in the same position for a little longer when she started convulsing again and her pussy clamped down trying to drain me. Instead of letting it I stopped fucking her and just rubbed her clit with my finger and watched her cum once again. When she came down she looked at me with puzzled eyes and I just smiled.

“I told you, enjoy it.”

I pushed her legs a little further back while taking a different angle. I started fucking her again when her eyes got real big and then closed with every thrust I did. I just smiled when she put the pillow over her mouth and screwed holy hell. After a few minutes of this she started cumming again but I felt a different sensation. I looked down where I saw liquid coming out around my cock. I reached down touchy it with my finger and brought it up to my mouth then tasted it. I can’t believe it. My niece squirts. Just when I made that realization I started shooting inside the condom. After it was over with I fell onto Jessica who started rubbing my back while catching her breath. As we were laying there, we heard the door close as my parents were leaving for work.

“That was incredible Uncle. What the hell did you do?”

“Something I picked up from people. Its called a g-spot.”


“I didn’t know you could squirt,” I said pulling out and seeing how dirty the blanket got.

“Me neither,” Jessica said kissing me on the mouth.

We both got into bed and laid there for a little while as I was rubbing her arm again and she was doing circles on my chest. We stayed that way until Jessica turned over and pulled the blanket around her.

“That wore me out. Let’s get some more sleep.”

I turned over laying right next to her as she took my hand and held it before we both went to sleep.

I woke up looking down at Jessica who was still sleeping. I looked at the clock and it was almost 11:30 and was surprised we slept for that long. I kind of nudged Jessica who opened her eyes and stretched. She turned over giving me a kiss before seeing the clock herself.

“Holy shit. We slept that long? Damn we only have a few more hours.”

Jessica got up and out of bed before leaving my room. I heard her running around or something. I laid there for a little while before finally getting up to see what the hell was going on. I walked out when I saw her bringing some new sheets into the room. I took them and grabbed her by the arm pulling her into me.

“What are you doing?”

“Well I want to have everything prepared so we don’t have go rushing around everywhere before they get home in a few hours. Don’t worry fun will come in a little while.”

She tried to pull away but I held onto her.

“What else is on the tape?”

“You will have to wait on that. Don’t worry there is only maybe 30 minutes left on it.”

She turned around and stopped before turning back to me.

“Shit. Why not.”

She pulled me back into the room and we both laid down on the bed as she put Onwin the video on once again. The video soon came back on as both girls are laying on the bed but there is some movement in the room. In the video Laura got up and went off camera before I saw her reaching for the strap on. She laid down on the bed as she woke up Jessica and said something to her. Jessica smiled and got up before going on the strap on. Then from behind someone came up behind her and shoved into her ass. The camera angle wasn’t good so I couldn’t really tell who it was but soon they started in unison with Jessica moaning like crazy. I looked at her as she blushed then turned back to the screen. I watched this for a few more minutes until Jessica started screaming holy hell and both people stopped. Jessica fell to the bed as the person behind her walked off and Laura took off the strap on before playing with herself. This continued for a few minutes until someone picked up the camera and walked over to where Jessica was laying. Jessica looked up smiling saying Merry Christmas before the tape stopped.


“I thought you would like. Let’s take a shower, get dressed and all that stuff.”

Jessica got out of bed and left the room as I was left laying there looking at the screen. A few seconds later Jessica looked into the room.

“You coming Mike or what?”

I laughed as I got up and went into the shower with her. Nothing that eventful happened in the shower as she scrubbed herself down before she started washing my cock. This over course led to a wonderful hand job and me shooting some in the shower but I was really spent. She cleaned up the mess. After the shower, she put a robe on and that was about it as we went out into the living room getting some stuff to get. After eating we put the sheets into the washer and put on different sheets as we also cleaned up my room from everything that was going on. However to me surprise she put the KY in the bottom of my dresser while putting the condoms next to it. After this we got a phone call from Laura as her and Jessica talked for a little while. She was talking in whispers sometimes before hanging up the phone.

“Laura wants us up there for New Year’s weekend because her parents will be gone. You think that will be OK?” she said sitting on my lap.

“I think so. What do we have to bring?”

“Nothing. Just some luggage and your swimming stuff. She has a hot tub,” Jessica said laughing.

“We should call Jennifer and Brian also tonight to see if they want to come up.”

“Yeah for New Year’s Eve and they can stay for New Year’s. That would be cool,” Jessica said smiling.

Nothing eventful happened really during the day except fucking her ass once more while we were watching some movie which I couldn’t remember. We both got dressed before my parents got home. We told them what Laura said and they had no problems with us doing that for the weekend. The rest of the week we got things together for the weekend but otherwise nothing happened. Jessica and I would watch TV every night but that would be as far as we got. My dad and her didn’t have relations anymore during that week. Finally it was time for the trip. I put our bags into the car and waved as we left the house. On the highway to the cabin we were listing to music when I turned it down.

“You know, I don’t know how to ski.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about that. I don’t know if we will be skiing that much,” Jessica said laughing.

The weekend was going to be eventful not only for the action but for some other things that came out during that weekend. * * * We arrived at Laura’s cabin about 2 hours after leaving home. When we drove up it had started snowing and Laura came out in a sweater and ski pants to meet us in the driveway. After bringing all the luggage into the house, I sat down where Laura gave me a cup of hot chocolate before kissing me on the forehead and sitting down. Both girls were giving me the eye as I sipped the chocolate.

“OK so what is going on here?”

“Did you enjoy your Christmas present Mike?” Laura asked before laughing a little bit.

“It was very interesting. Your performances astounded me.”

Both girls laughed for a little while but I could tell they were blushing. I looked outside as the snow was heavier now than when we came in.

“Who was the third person involved?”

Both girls looked at each other before turning back to me. It was then I knew something was up they didn’t want to tell me.

“Oh just someone we knew.”

They both laughed a little again.

“So here is the deal. Why don’t you guys take a shower to get comfortable. I will start getting dinner ready and then we will take it from there,” Laura said getting up and heading into the other room.

Jessica got up when Laura came in with some towels. She handed one to me and then one to Jessica.

“There is a bathroom down the hall there and a bathroom off the master bedroom. So take Onwin Giriş your picks.”

Jessica went toward the one in the hall so I went into the master bedroom and took a shower in there. The hot water felt good on me as I took a little longer in the shower than usual. I finally came out putting on some sweats before coming out. When I stepped into the living room it was like I just entered a book. I had never seen anything so romantic in my life. The lights were off in the cabin but there were candles around the house with a fire burning in the fireplace that gave off just the right amount of light. There was some soft music in the background. I looked around and saw Laura finishing dinner with the lights glowing just enough to show off how beautiful she was. I walked into the kitchen wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her on the neck which made her smile.

“Calm down Mike. Dinner will be finished soon,” she said turning her head around and kissing me before going back to work.

I walked out of the kitchen and there on the couch reading a magazine was Jessica wearing a silk robe with her damp hair just over the shoulders. God how beautiful she looked. I stood there wondering if she was naked under the robe when she looked up at me and pulled the robe just enough aside to show she was at least on top. I smiled and walked over to her kissing her. She pulled me closer as we shared a tender kiss when we heard Laura in the background.

“Guys dinner is ready.”

We all sat around the table enjoying the meal and just talking about things. I helped clean up the dishes as Laura served us some coffee along with dessert before we started talking about the house rules.

“There are two bedrooms here. There is the master bedroom where it’s a king size or queen size bed with its own bathroom. Then we have another room where I usually sleep when I come up with my parents. So what do you guys want to do?” Laura said looking at both of us.

“You two girls can take the master bedroom and I can sleep here on the couch or in the other bedroom,” I said looking at them.

“OK that will work. There are no other rules but try no long distance phone calls. Jessica told me about your friends that and is fine. There are no neighbors around for a little space so we don’t have to worry about that. There is suppose to be a storm coming so skiing won’t be out of the question.”

Jessica was laughing as we both looked at her and finished up cleaning up the dishes for the night. For the rest of the night we played cards and talked about things until Jessica and Laura decided to go to bed around 11. I smiled at myself as they went into the bedroom and closed the door. I made sure the fire was out before going into the other room where Laura said she slept. I looked around the room and there were pictures of her family and all that everywhere. Just a normal looking room for a woman who really didn’t use the room much. I was feeling kind of naughty so I decided to look in her drawers for some reason. There was nothing interesting in them as I was just about to go into her top drawer when I heard some creaking. I stopped and opened the bedroom door where I heard some noise coming from across the cabin. I walked across the cabin as the noise got louder until I came to the master bedroom. That is where the noise was coming from. It sounded like someone was screaming and I was going to open the door when I heard someone making a hush sound as the bed started moving. I knew exactly what was going on and walked back to the other side of the house. This got me worked up but decided to look again through her drawers. I open her top drawer and jackpot. There were her bra and panties in there. I didn’t want to mess up anything but looked like she had been there or will be there for a little while and a little to my surprise there were nothing but thongs and g-strings in there. I smiled as I closed the top drawer and sat on the bed with a raging hard-on. I took my cock out and started stroking it hearing the noise from the bedroom get louder and louder until all of a sudden there was silence.

I kept stroking for a while until I became daring and looked through Laura’s nightstand and once again jackpot. There were a dildo and two vibrators in there covered. I shot my load right there all over my hand and some going to the floor. I did the best I could to clean up and looked at the clock and saw it was almost midnight when the noise started again. I laid there for a little while with a smile on my face before finally falling asleep with them still making noise. * ** I woke up the next morning with some banging going on in the kitchen. I turned over seeing it was after 10. I was a little shocked when I stretched and walked out of the bedroom. I walked into the living room of the cabin where I saw Laura working in the kitchen trying to get the coffee going. I walked into the kitchen and saw that Laura was dressed in white tank top and some boxer shorts which surprised me. Onwin Güncel Giriş Then on double take I noticed they were a pair of mine. This got me confused as Laura turned around and smiled at me. Her nipples were poking out of her tank top like two little erasers but looked back up to Laura. I walked toward her giving her a kiss and a little slap on the ass before she went to finish the coffee.

“So where did you get those Laura?” I said pointing at the boxers.

“Oh well Jessica was wearing them last night and……………”

Laura turned around to me and blushed as I started laughing.

“Well that answered something. You two enjoy yourselves last night?”

Laura just blushed some more before clearing her throat.

“You want to start a fire? Its freezing in here.”

I went over and got the fire going before I opened the drapes and saw all the snow that fell the night before. The snow was about half way up the car. I stood there looking outside when someone came up putting their arms around my waist. Looking down I saw that it was Laura. I pulled her next to him and we both looked outside. Laura started rubbing my back when she finally said something.

“So I guess you enjoyed Christmas Night.”

“It was interesting to say the least. It was definitely a Christmas present I could never forget,” I said drinking some coffee while holding Laura next to me.

“I have an idea. Why don’t we go in the hot tub for a little while this morning to get loosened up for all the stuff this afternoon.”

Before I could say anything, Laura left my side and went into the bathroom in the hall. I shook my shoulders and went into the bedroom to change. When I came out Laura was waiting for me in a robe and holding three towels. She wrote a little note before going through the walkway where the hot tub was. When we got there I was amazed to see the snow about halfway up the windows but it wasn’t cold in that room at all. I got into the tub first and waited for Laura who took off her robe showing she was completely nude. Laura smiled as she got into the tub and sat across from me.

“What? I said there were no rules. Plus I usually wear nothing in the tub unless my parents are around.”

Laura and I made small talk for a while until I saw Jessica walking out with a cup of coffee and a little groggy. Laura looked up as we all smiled as each other. Jessica put her feet in the hot tub but didn’t get into the tub. I looked at my watch and saw it was already after 11.

“Have a nice sleep Jessica?”

Jessica blushed and then all three of us started laughing.

“Why don’t you come in? Its nice in here,” Laura said.

“I agree. Come on everything is safe here.”

Jessica put her cup down before taking off the top she was wearing and the g-string she was wearing before slipping into the tub. All three of us sat in the tub talking about things until finally we finally approached the subject of New Year’s Eve and what to do.

“There is this club in town that we could go to. They are sometimes packed, sometimes not but it would be fun to go,” Laura said looking at us.

“You think we could get in?” Jessica asked interested.

“Yeah I don’t think we would have a problem. To get drinks we need to show our Ids but otherwise wouldn’t be a problem. A lot of young people go there,” Laura said.

“I say let’s go.”

“Well I will agree if you don’t mind having an old geezer with you,” I said.

The girls started laughing at me before both of them came over and sat on either side of me.

“I guess its done. Three young vile people looking for action,” Jessica said.

We stayed that way for a little while before I got up which disappointed both girls.

“That is it for me. I am going to get dressed and all that.”

I walked back into the main cabin where I worked on the fire some more and got dressed. When I came out I saw Jessica and Laura coming in from the hot tub and laughing about something. Jessica went into the master bedroom while Laura went into her room to get dressed I guess. I went into the fridge and saw some sandwich stuff and started making everyone some lunch when Jessica and Laura came out dressed for the day. They were all laughing and chatting about something before I put the sandwiches on the table and got everyone something to drink. We ate in silence for a little while before Jessica spoke up.

“So Laura, how is my uncle in bed?”

I almost choked on what I was eating because I didn’t expect that sort of question.

“He is good Jessie but could learn a few things. However you are satisfied every time I think,” Laura said winking at me.

“He has a new trick.”

“What’s that Jessica?”

“Have you ever umm…. I don’t know how to say it. Orgasm harder than usual?”

Laura looked at me and turned back to Jessica trying to figure out what she was saying. I started laughing when I finally realized what they were talking about.

“You know Jessica, you can say the word. Its not evil.”

This made Jessica smile a little bit before taking a deep breath and turning to Laura.

“He made me squirt the other night.”

Laura looked at me, to Jessica, back to me and then to Jessica who was blushing like a little school girl.

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