My First Suck

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Author’s Note: This story is, for the most part, true. It details my first homosexual encounter. I’ve kept some of the details vague to protect our identities. You know the deal about the legal stuff. This story is my property, and you must ask permission if you wish to post it elsewhere.


I was so nervous. I was a 19 year-old boy, and the man before me was twice my age. He was a little bit shorter than I am, and he had black hair that only showed a hint of gray at the edges. He wore glasses, which gave him a gentle academic look (and indeed, he was an assistant professor at a community college in the area). I met him online. He was curious about what it would be like to give a man a blowjob, and was only willing to try it on someone much younger than he was. I think he needed to feel like he was in control of the situation. By this point, I had been fantasizing about playing with another man’s cock for longer than I cared to remember, and I felt most comfortable exploring this with a man who had also never touched someone else’s cock before.

He asked me if I’d like to remove my pants, which brought me back to reality. I bent down and got undressed and then lay back on the bed, spreading my legs to accommodate him. He lay down in between my legs, and started gently touching me. I had never had anyone play with me when I was limp before. Always before, I was at least half erect, so this was a new feeling. His hands felt good as they caressed my cock and balls, and slowly my cock responded. He began drawing my foreskin up and down, and this soon produced the desired effect. I was growing in his hands, and he started to bend down, bringing his mouth closer.

He flicked his tongue out, teasing the head of my cock, causing it to twitch in response. I spread my legs wider to give him better access as he licked up and down aydın escort my length. He licked down to my balls, and I enjoyed the sensation of his warm tongue leaving a wet trail on my sac. The wetness quickly changed to a cool sensation, and the temperature change caused my cock to twitch again. His tongue made its way back up my cock and traced the base of my glans. His tender ministrations had me fully hard by this point. I groaned as he lapped at the sensitive head, and he responded by taking me into his mouth. His mouth was so warm and wet that another moan escaped from me.

At this point he had me move to the edge of the bed so that he could kneel. I placed my legs up on his shoulders, and he began to suck on me harder, and started bobbing his head up and down really fast. The sudden switch to aggressiveness really started to bring me closer, and I told him I might cum soon. He eased up a little and teased me by pumping my foreskin up and down my cock a few times and then tickling the head again with his tongue. By this point, I was getting close to climax, and groaned again that I was going to cum soon. He took the hint and immediately engulfed my cock and bobbed up and down fast, sucking hard.

After only about another minute in his mouth, I felt my balls pull up into me, and my cock stiffen as I began to shoot. I groaned and tensed up, pouring hot creamy cum forth into his mouth. He kept sucking throughout my orgasm, and milked quite a bit out of me, swallowing all the while. After commenting that I had given him a lot of cum, he said the taste wasn’t as bad as he had expected. He then asked me if I wanted to touch his cock.

I told him that I did, and asked him to switch places with me on the bed. He unzipped his pants, and his cock fell out. It was much bigger than mine, and thick. He also must’ve trimmed nazillibelediyespor.org his pubic hair, because he was mostly bare except for a bit of stubble. I took his penis in my hand and started gently stroking him. I still wasn’t sure whether I was going to end up blowing him, but I wanted to stroke him for a while anyway. He was circumcised, and his head was very large. I enjoyed the heft of him in my hand. His skin was warm and substantial. He grew in my hands a lot faster than I did for him, and I found myself admiring the sight of him, the way the skin grew a little darker as the blood filled it, and how it was becoming more rigid in my hand. I realized, as he got harder, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to stroke him dry, and my mouth moved towards him almost of its own accord.

I knew by this time that I had to taste his cock, so I reached out with my tongue and ran it over his thick head. I opened my mouth wide (he was actually pretty thick) and took the first few inches of him into my mouth. His cock just tasted like warm flesh, which surprised me. I had been expecting some sort of musky taste, something stronger that tasted clearly of manhood. As I bobbed gently up and down, he grew to full size in my mouth, and I saw that he must have at least 7 thick inches. I wanted to see how much I could take, and opened my throat to him as I went down. My gag reflex isn’t very strong, and I was able to feel him stretching the entrance to my throat as my lips found the base of his cock. As I took all the way back, he groaned for the first time. I withdrew and pumped his cock with my hand and felt an odd sense of pride at taking this beautiful cock all the way into my throat.

I ran my tongue down his length and to his balls, licking them each in turn. I then traced my tongue back up to his head, which I lapped at for a short period of time, making sure to run my tongue through his hole. After that, I took him in my mouth again and began to go deep on him repeatedly, and eventually choked because I was too eager. I eased off, and he told me that it felt best if I just concentrated on the upper half, so focused back in on that, and he began to groan for me. I backed off again and gave him a few hard strokes before we changed positions so that he was sitting and I was kneeling in front of him. This gave me a better angle, and I was able to deepen my strokes with ease.

I continued bobbing up and down on him, mostly on the top portion of his cock as he had instructed, and when his cock would twitch or spasm, I would back off and stroke him before taking the meat back into my mouth. I knew I was teasing him, but I still wasn’t sure if I wanted him to shoot his cum into my mouth. I took his balls into my mouth again, admiring the foreign feel, and then I rose back up and started sucking him hard and fast. I had made my decision. I had to have his cum. I wanted this big cock all the way in my throat, and I wanted to feel it pulsing in my mouth as he gave me his hot seed.

I bobbed up and down on him with renewed vigor, and I could feel his leg muscles begin to tense up as he started to groan loudly and repeatedly. I took this as my cue to take him deeper and faster, and as I did so, his hand reached down and pressed my head onto his cock. I almost gagged at the unexpected force, but let him guide me faster as he began to fuck my mouth. His cock pounded into my throat again and again, before he gave one last thrust that caused his balls to slap my chin. He tensed up and froze, and I resumed bobbing up and down on him to milk all his cum from him as he shot it into my mouth. I swallowed convulsively as he filled him mouth, and a little leaked from the edges of my lips. After he finished, he collapsed back onto the bed, and I cleaned the leaked semen off of my face.

I knew then that this was probably something that I’d want to experience again.

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