My First: Misha

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I have nothing but fond memories of Misha; she was very kind. I remember working that crappy part-time job with her that Summer, secretly having a crush on this 24 year old bombshell with gigantic blue eyes, a tiny waist, and her full undeniable hips. I was 18, a virgin, and about ready to ship out for the first time. Unfortunately she was dating this 35 year old stuffed shirt jerk of a boyfriend who regularly made her cry; a real prick. I didn’t understand why she was so into him at that time and I figured that I would never have a shot. So, I remained content with stealing a lustful look from time to time and ruthlessly flirting with her whenever I got the opportunity.

One Wednesday afternoon she came skipping into the shop with a huge smile on her face like the world could do no wrong and tossed her purse under the counter without a care. Before I could get a greeting out of my mouth she looked dead at me and asked what I was doing that night. I quickly made it known that I had some flexibility with my schedule and asked her why. It turns out Misha was tired of getting treated like crap and told her older dickhead of a boyfriend to go to hell the night before. His loss, my unbelievable gain. Misha told me to be ready by 7 and that she Gaziantep Olgun Escort would be picking me up.

I was higher than high and couldn’t wait for 7 to come. When she pulled up I was out the door before she could honk the horn and ready to go. We went to check out dinner and a movie and then it was straight back to her place without even so much as asking me. I suppose she kind of enjoyed how eager I was to be on a date with her…it’s not like I had used any sort of subtlety in my flirtations for months now. When we got to her place she asked me to pour a couple glasses of wine and meet her on the deck. I made my way into the kitchen opened the first bottle I could get my hands on, grabbed a couple of glasses and headed outside.

When she emerged from the house she was wearing a striped string bikini that accentuated every curve in her body that I had been fantasizing about all Summer long. My eyes must have been as big as the moon when I got that first look at her in the bikini. She gave my a coy half smile and laughed as she walked across the deck and turned on the hot tub. I nervously poured the wine and naively asked her if she had and trunks that I could borrow. She simply said no and asked if that would be a problem. No problem at all I said and started undressing as my pulse raced uncontrollably.

She jumped in the hot tub and I made my way across the deck naked as a jay bird with a ridiculously rigid teenage hard on and a glass of wine in each hand. I slipped into the hot tub and handed her a glass. We talked about absolutely nothing of any importance as she demonstrated no level of shyness in exploring my skin with her free hand. As I was taking the last swallow of my first glass of wine she put hers down and wrapped both of her hands around my aching cock. She slowly stroked me with both hands and she asked me to take off her top. My trembling hands reached over her shoulder to pull the string at her back to loosen her top and the tie behind her neck and watched her top drop into the bubbling water. Her breasts were just enough to fill the proverbial champagne glass, perfectly shaped, with soft pink nipples, and natural tan lines. Misha asked me to sit on the edge of the hot tub and she reached over and took a long sip from her wine glass as she refilled mine. I jumped up on the side of the hot tub and took my refilled glass. Misha told me to relax, enjoy my wine, and let her show her appreciation for being such a nice guy to her at work all Summer.

I seriously could have passed out right there. My 18 year mind was exploding and somewhat overwhelmed with what seemed to be completely surreal in that moment. She made me feel things with her lips that I had only dreamed about until she slowly took every inch of me obvious desire for her into her mouth. Misha waited until I was concentrating on trying to take a drink from my wine glass when she used her tongue to make my eyes involuntarily roll back in my head and then she swiftly devoured my length down to the base and I absolutely exploded. I could feel it fill her mouth and throat as she hungrily swallowed down nearly ever drop. She slowly lifted her face to reveal a mischievous smile and traces of my virgin spunk on her lips. Unbelievable, I had just experienced every teenage guy’s dream.

We spent the rest of the evening under the stars in the hot tub being playful with each other as Misha and I continued to become acquainted with each other’s bodies. After finishing off the bottle of wine she playfully told me to jump out and get her a towel.

“No sex tonight Tiger.” she said, “I was kind of wondering though….what are you up to this weekend?”

“Why? What were you thinking?” I asked.

“A little getaway actually. Are you in?”

“Count on it.”

The Summer was shaping up to be a memorable one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32