My First Erotic Summer


My name is Scott and this story is about the summer after I graduated High school. I had one of the most erotic experiences of my life back then. Like most truly spontaneous adventures, the events of that summer have affected me in a manner, which I am convinced has driven my libido to the point of constant desire to this day.

I was eighteen and had a beautiful girlfriend who was also eighteen. Her name was Donna. She had long dark hair; beautiful eyes a small petite nose and full lips. She was gorgeous, the most beautiful girl in our small town, in my eyes at least. She had 38D breasts, which were perfectly shaped accept that her right breast was slightly larger than the left. You really didn’t notice until she was naked and you examined them very closely. Her waist was small and her ass was perfectly shaped and to die for.

We started making love that summer, our first time together was a little awkward being we were both virgins. We had sex every night after that, usually twice a night, and sometimes more. Mostly we would end up raw and sore. There is something about having a raw dick that made me very happy.

At the end of the summer Donna had to go to another state with her Mother to visit family. We talked on the phone every night and both of us were longing to be back in each other’s arms. Donna told me that she had some strange things to tell me about when she got home. Her cousin Stacy, who was also 18, was coming back with them and she was excited for me to meet her. I just wanted her back because I was tired of jerking off just thinking about her. I wanted to taste her, to be in her, to fuck until we were again raw.

When Donna got home, she borrowed her Mothers car and came by herself to the gas station I was working at, to go to lunch with me. We picked up some hamburgers and went to the park. We made out for at least twenty minutes before we started to eat and she told me the following story which really turned me on.

With a real calm and sexy voice she started, “Stacy and I went to the Drive-In last Friday night. That is the cool spot to hang out at. She introduced me to her boyfriend Mark when we got there. There were about twenty people hanging out in the back of the drive-in. We drank beer and never really watched the movie just partied. Mark was paying a lot of attention to me.”

In my mind I thought who could blame him Donna was a knock out.

She continued, “At one point Mark tried to kiss me but I pushed him back. Stacy saw what was going on and she was pissed. After awhile she calmed down. Stacy told me later that she really couldn’t blame Mark because I was so pretty.

“After the movie the three of us went for a ride in the country. We stopped somewhere and got out to smoke a joint.”

This was in the 70’s after all and everyone we knew got high.

“We sat on the tailgate of Mark’s truck while we toked up. When we were fully stoned Mark moved in front of us and started going on about how beautiful we were. He moved between Stacy’s legs and began to kiss her.

Stacy pushed Mark back and said, “You are a pig doing that in front of Donna!”

He shot back saying, “Well she can have some to if she wants!”

“Stacy slapped his arm and told him to be good or take us back. Mark kept trying to make moves on Stacy leaving me alone. I was just laughing and watching them play. Finally Mark stepped back far enough for me to see he had a hard-on and a-half.”

I told Stacy, “You had better due something about his condition or he might find someone else to use that on,” As I pointed at his crotch.

Stacy got a little cocky at that point and came right back saying, “He could never be satisfied with anyone else after having me.”

“Mark was grinning from ear to ear at her comment.

Then he said, “She does give the best head in the state.”

“Stacy slapped him on the arm and I was feeling a little playful and I wanted to see what Stacy would do and how much she knew about sex.”

I looked at Stacy and said, “Damn girl I never thought you would do anything like that”.

Stacy became insulted and shot back, “Well I am the best”.

I said, “Prove it!”

“Stacy just looked at me with a slightly raised brow. She jumped off the tailgate she pulled on Mark turning him around and sat him on the tailgate.

She looked at me and said, “This is the only way I know how to prove it.” Then started to undo his pants.

“I could not believe my eyes but before I knew it Stacy was sucking on Mark’s cock, right in front of me. I watched my cousin work his dick with both hands. Lick him from his sack to the tip. Suck him in her throat and bob her head up and down.”

Donna looked at me at this point and wide eyed she said, “God it made me horny but all I could think about was you.”

All I could think of was to ask, “Was his dick bigger than mine?”

“No, and that was the first thing that popped in my head,” she replied.

I do have an eight-inch cock. We had measured it when we where alone at the station one night but that’s another story. I told her not uşak escort to stop and continue with the story.

She said, “I watched Stacy and realized she knew more about a blowjob than I did. I wanted to remember what she was doing so I could do the same to you.”

I asked, “What she do that was so different?”

Donna replied, “You’ll find out soon enough,” with a smile.

I asked her, “What happened next?”

She continued the story, “Stacy sucked Mark until she lifter her head and continued to pump him with her hand. I watched him cum in a couple of spurts and realized that I had never seen you cum and it was fascinating. We decided it was time to go and Mark took us back to Stacy’s car.

On the way back to the house Stacy said, “I can’t believe I did that in front of you.”

I replied, “Me either.” Then I admitted, “It was the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

Stacy added, “Yeah it did turn me on knowing you were there watching. I think my panties are completely drenched.” We both cracked up at that point.

Barely able to speak I said, “Mine too, I can’t wait to get back to Scott.”

Donna continued, while I tried to eat my lunch, “When we got back to the house we went straight to Stacy’s room. We took off our clothes in front of each other and slipped on t-shirts over our panties. My panties were so wet I had to change them.

“When we were laying together in Stacy’s bed we talked about how long we each had been having sex, what all we had done, where we each had done it and also how much we both liked it.

“At that point I realized that Stacy was playing with herself right there in the same bed with me.”

I looked at Stacy and just asked, “Are you playing with yourself?”

“I can’t help it. I am so turned on, do you mind?” Stacy said as she looked at me.

“No, I am about that horny too.” I admitted.

“Don’t you masturbate?” Stacy asked.

I looked in her eyes and said, “I used to but Scott and I are so active that I haven’t been feeling the need.”

“He actually makes you orgasm?” Stacy asked.

“Sometimes I have multiple orgasms.” I pleasantly replied.

“Well, he is not here now,“ Stacy huskily remarked. “I won’t tell anyone.”

I have to tell you I was so turned on by Donna’s story I did not know what to think.

Donna then told me, “We laid there together in her bed never more than our legs touching and the played with ourselves until we both came,” she added, “and I came hard!”

Donna put her hand on my face and asked, “Are you upset with me?”

With a lump in my throat I replied, “NO! I am so turned on that if we had more time I would jump you right here!”

We went back to the station and made plans to take Stacy to the movie that same night. Work was slow and I thought I would never get off. The time to leave finally came and I went home. After a quick shower I hoped in my truck and went to pick up the girls.

We got some food at the Sonic and went to the movie. We saw, “Looking for Mr. Good Bar”, which was a highly sexual film itself. We left the theater and headed towards a nearby lake. On the way we smoked a joint and laughed.

Donna kept rubbing my crotch in the truck and had me very hard. She kept whispering things in my ear like, “I want to suck you off.” She managed to undo my pants and before I knew it had my dick out in her hand. Stacy was laughing and acting like she didn’t notice but she had to have known.

Donna dropped her head down to my lap and sucked on the head of my dick. I looked over at Stacy and she just looked at me and smiled. I was so horny it had been 3 weeks since Donna and I had been together and I wanted her bad.

We got to the lake and found a secluded spot. I fastened up my jeans and we all got out and went to the lakes edge. I had brought a blanket and laid it out for us to sit on. Donna was very frisky and kept trying to make out with me.

“What are you trying to do to me?” I whispered in her ear.

“I want to give Stacy a better show than she gave me,” She responded.

That was all I needed. Donna was wearing a sundress, no bra and as I would soon learn no panties. We kissed and disrobed each other until we were totally naked. We started to make love like no one else was around. Stacy had gotten up and walked somewhere behind us. I assumed she went back to the truck.

We were so hot that our foreplay was short. I was soon buried in Donna’s pussy and we were moaning and thrusting until we both came in a hurry.

We kissed and started to laugh a little when Donna said, “Where is Stacy?”

We looked back and Stacy was standing beside the truck with her shorts undone and her blouse partially unbuttoned. She had obviously been playing with herself while she watched us.

To my surprise Donna said, “Come here Stace we won’t bite.”

Stacy replied, “Are you sure? You two look awfully dangerous right now.”

I broke my silence and said, “Stacy I am sorry. I missed my Baby very much and just couldn’t help it.”

“It’s OK Scott I understand,” answered muglalisahidi.com Stacy. She began walking over to us.

Donna slipped her dress back on and I pulled back on my jeans. Stacy did come and sit on the blanket but she didn’t bother to fasten her shorts or her blouse. Donna told Stacy that she told me all about their night with Mark and even what they did in her bed.

Stacy looked at Donna shocked and said, “I thought that would be just between us!”

Donna replied, “You now I love Scott and we tell each other everything, don’t you and Mark?”

“No. Mark is real a PIG!” She proclaimed. “Their are not a lot of boys to choose from back home. He gets what he wants and I just hope for the best.”

“What do you mean, hope for the best?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t get much satisfaction from Mark. I usually masturbate when I get in my bed at night. That is usually how I get my climax after an evening out,” Stacy said with a sad tone.

“Oh poor baby,” Donna said as she put an arm around Stacy. “I guess he is just one of those that just wants his huh.”

“Don’t most guys,” Stacy looked at me with her reply.

“Scott never leaves me wanting,” Donna said as I smiled. “If he comes first he always gets me off afterwards.”

“And how does he do that?” Stacy asked.

“Well sometimes he fingers me or if I am lucky he eats me out,” Donna said with a smile.

“Mark has never gone down on me. I can’t imagine Scott going down on you especially after he has fucked you,” Stacy retorted.

“Hey I love to eat her pussy! If my cum is still in her I just focus on her clit and go to it,” I happily replied.

I noticed Stacy was sitting with her feet to her side and leaning towards us. Her blouse was partially open and she was casually stroking her skin above her cleavage. Donna noticed to. She was sitting between Stacy and I. Her legs were straight out and bent up at her knees. She leaned towards Stacy and swung her legs down beside mine and pulled her dress up a little.

Donna spoke next and stated with a gleeful voice, “Stacy, Scott has licked me until I came and came.”

I looked down and could see the side of Donna’s ass. I reached over with my hand and stoked her thigh up to her ass and found her wet pussy. I probed into her with my hand open and my middle finger going up inside her.

“Wow!” Stacy gasped, “You mean he gave you multiple orgasms with his tongue?”

“Oh yes,” Donna replied, “many times”.

Donna was leaning on her left arm towards Stacy now. With her right arm she stroked my cock over my jeans. I was still fingering her pussy and leaning towards Donna but looking right at Stacy.

“That’s so cool,” Stacy, announced. “Mark and I usually do it, he comes, we dress and he takes me home.”

“Damn Stacy!” Donna chimed in. “Scott and I usually do it 2 or 3 times or until we are too sore to continue.”

I was now rubbing my thumb between her ass cheeks on her little asshole. Donna had managed to unzip my fly and was trying to fish out my hardening rod. Stacy was watching us and I assumed knew what I was doing. She put ran her hand over the cup of her bra and started to rub her nipple.

“Damn you guys, I can’t imagine that much sex. No wonder you quit masturbating or why you were in such a hurry to get back to Scott,” Stacy said with a gasp in her voice.

Donna then rose on her knees with her ass pointed towards me. She was face to face with Stacy and she said looking in her eyes, “Please lick me Scott, I want to show this girl we are not bluffing.”

I raised forward and put my tongue to her pussy just below her ass. I pushed my tongue into her and then raised my head as I licked towards her ass.

Donna groaned and looked at Stacy and said, “He just gave my pussy a real good probe with his tongue.”

Stacy reached between her own legs and pushed her hand to her own puss. “God I am so wet”, she announced.

“Pull off your shorts,” Donna directed.

Stacy leaned back on the blanket and lifted her hips. She pulled her shorts all of the way off and threw them beside her. She was not wearing panties either but I could not see. I was busy licking Donna and listening to them just throbbing at the thought of what might be coming.

“I want you to see him lick me,” Donna said. She rolled over onto her back with her head now beside Stacy’s legs.

I looked up at Stacy who looked from Donna’s face up towards me. My cock was sticking straight out and I saw her glance down at it. I moved forward and pushed Donna’s dress up to her waste. I leaned forward and with my tongue tickling her pussy I pulled my arms under her legs and back up over them to her crotch. I opened her up like a blooming flower as I fed on her nectar.

Donna let out a moan and looked up at Stacy, “Can you see his tongue on me?” She gasped.

“Oh God yes!” Stacy huskily replied.

Stacy was now working her own pussy with her fingers. I looked up at her and she stopped rubbing and moved up on her knees. She started to unbutton the rest of her blouse. Donna was moving her hips to my tongue-lashing. Stacy removed her blouse and then unhooked her bra. She pulled it down and starred right at me. She arched her back then with one hand on her tit she massaged her nipple while she put her other hand to her cunt and made sure I could see her fingering her pussy.

Donna looked up at her and smiled, “Are you hot Stace?”

“I am so turned on I can’t stand it!” Stacy proclaimed.

With that Donna grabbed my head and pushed me back. “Wait Baby,” was all she said as she started to stand. She pulled off her dress and pulled me to my feet. Reaching for my jeans, which were still on but wide open. She pulled them down and I stepped out of them. Stacy had sat back down and was watching as Donna went to her knees in front of me and proceeded to lick my dick.

Stacy rose back up and moved to our side where she could see clearly. Donna put her hands on my dick and started to try and move them around while sucking the tip.

Stacy leaned towards Donna and said, “ Pull your mouth off. Now lick his dick and get it as wet as possible. Now put your hands back on him and let your hands slide over him.”

Donna was still not gripping to Stacy’s satisfaction so she added, “Like this.”

Then she pushed Donna’s hands aside and grabbed my shaft. She licked her free hand and brought it up to me. She let her hands slide back and forth on my dick in a rhythm, which I could not believe.

“I see,” said Donna. She focused on her cousin giving me a great hand job.

“Now you do it and put the head back in your mouth,” Stacy directed.

Donna took over and she had the new technique down. Stacy stood up beside me and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Hold on big boy,” was all she said. I became aware of her breasts now touching the side of my chest.

She leaned further into me and leaned to my ear and whispered, “I am so wet. I touched you so you can touch me.”

I started to reach for her breast when she grabbed my hand and guided it to her wet snatch. I moved my finger up and down on her slit and looked down at Donna. With her mouth full of my dick she glanced to her side and saw me fingering her cousin.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and looked at me. “How does she feel?” Was all Donna said. She continued to stroke my cock.

“Wet and tight,” was all I could say.

Stacy was now feeling my ass cheeks with her hand.

“Are you close to coming?” Donna asked as she looked back up to my eyes.

“No, I think I am too excited right now.” I announced with a tremble in my voice.

“Good!” Was all Donna said. She stood and brought her mouth to mine for a fantastic tongue kiss.

“Lay on the blanket,” She said to me.

I laid down on my back and looked up at the girls, both were naked and whispering to each other. Donna moved over my crotch and lowered herself down with her knees on either side of my hips. Stacy moved over my head and lowered herself to her knees. I looked right up at her pussy as Donna guided my rod back in her tight hot hole. Stacy reached between her legs and stretched her pussy open. I lifted my head and stuck my tongue in her open hole.

As Donna began to bounce up and down on my Dick, which was as hard as steel by now, Stacy began rubbing her pussy on my face. I licked all around her clit her labia and even down to her ass. Both girls began to moan as I felt like a ride on a new pussy coaster.

”I am going to cum,” Stacy announced. “I am going to come on your boyfriends face,” She added while looking into Donna’s eyes.

Both girls were holding each other at the shoulders as the bucked up and down on my cock and tongue.

“Oh God Stacy, cum on his face while I cum on his dick,” Donna gasped.

Both girls moaned louder as I felt Stacy’s pussy pulse on my face as Donna’s clinched on my dick. They shook and moved their hands form each other’s shoulder to an embrace around their sides.

“Oh. God, I can’t believe how good that was,” Stacy announced.

“Yes it was,” Donna added.

Both girls lay down on either side of me and hugged me. Donna put her lips to mine and passionately kissed me.

“Stacy I can taste your pussy on Scott’s face,” She said with a smile.

“Let me see,” Stacy said. She reached over and gave me a passionate kiss as well.

Everything seemed blissful except I still had a throbbing hard-on. Donna put her hand back on my rod and looked me in the eyes.

“How can we finish you off Baby?” She asked.

“I don’t know I am so excited I am trembling.” I could barely speak.

Both girls laid a hand on my chest and felt my pounding heart.

“We better do something he might explode,” Stacy said.

We all three chuckled at her comment.

“Here”, was all Stacy said. She moved forward and took my dick in her mouth.

Donna laid her head on my shoulder and watched her cousin deep throat my cock and begin to work it with her hands. She expertly bobbed her head up and down when Donna reached down and began to fondle my balls. I had my girlfriend’s cousin sucking and stroking my cock as my girlfriend played with my balls. It was intense. I began to build and announced that I was going to cum. Stacy kept right on going as they both kept working on my orgasm.

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