My Angry Tenants Ch. 08

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Please read my previous chapters for context. Thanks!

* * * * *

It was my last night in Buffalo.

I had disposed of my deceased cousin’s estate and would be flying home to Ron and Gary the next morning. I had spoken to them several times on the phone and the arrangement with Ravi as my cum dump surrogate had worked out excellently. Ron had even held the phone over Ravi’s ass during one call so that I could hear the sounds of Gary fucking his hole.

I still had on the stainless steel cock cage that the bastards had fastened to me before I left and I had an Olympic size case of blue balls.

Now I was leaving and my new friends were giving me a farewell party.

There was LJ, my host, who had spent the greater portion of my free time in the last two weeks with his massive dick buried in my ass.

Then there was Beercan, who lived up to his name. He was around 40, about 5’8″ with a solid thick body that was covered in short blond hair over every inch. His cock was truly the size and shape of a beer can, same thickness and just as round with an almost flat cock head that had a long piss slit in the top. Being fucked by him was an experience guaranteed to make you bite the pillow. When he shot his load, it looked like the froth coming from a shaken can.

Next was Pisser. No explanation necessary. He was lean, late 40’s, always smelled of stale piss because it turned him on. He had a beautiful fat seven inch uncircumcised cock that he’d stuffed up my ass and down my throat several times. He always let out a good stream of piss at some point before he came and I gotten used to the taste and started looking forward to it.

And a new guy named Hole, who I hadn’t met before. He was mid 40’s, shaved head and a thin body without an ounce of fat and a thickly furred chest. The first thing he’d done on arrival was drop his jeans at the door and go around to show everyone his new butt plug, which happened to be buried in his asshole at the time. The base alone was at least six inches across and I couldn’t wait to get a look at the rest of it. He had a nice thick soft cock and big loose ball sac that I was hoping to get to know better, too.

The guys were lying around on the sofa on various stages of undress, drinking beer and watching porn with the sound turned down. I was busy sucking Beercan’s jaw stretcher, hoping that he’d feel like fucking my hole with it soon. Hole, the new guy, came over and got down behind me and spread my cheeks.

“That’s a great looking fuck hole.” he said and I felt his face between my buns and his hot tongue probing my pucker. I would have let out a long sigh if my mouth hadn’t been stuffed full of cock.

“I wondered how long it would take Hole to sample your ass.” Beercan said, “He’s never met an asshole he didn’t want to taste.”

Hole’s tongue slid further up my hole in response.

“Let’s put on a show.” Beercan said.

There was a long low coffee table in front of the sofa and Beercan stood up and straddled it, then sat down and laid back. I climbed on top between his legs and continued sucking his fat dick, on my knees with my ass in the air because of the cock cage clamped to my crotch. Hole got behind me on his knees and continued to tongue fuck my hot pucker, stretching my cheeks apart as far as possible to get more tongue inside me. Pisser and LJ sat on the sofa watching.

“You about got that ass ready to be fucked?” Pisser asked Hole. “I need to feel that cocksucker’s lips around my dick.”

Pisser’s dick we standing straight up and leaking juice and he was stroking LJ’s monster beside him.

“I’ll spread it open and you can have sloppy seconds.” Beercan said, as he stood up and got behind me.

“That’s çankırı escort cool,” Pisser said. “You know I love fucking a hole you’ve already stretched open and your cum is just extra lube.”

He took Beercan’s place on the table and shoved his hard cock down my throat at the same time that Beercan started forcing his thick piece of meat into my wide spread ass. Every time he’s fucked me, I was sure my ass hole would split open and this time was no different. It took a few minutes to stretch my fuck ring open wide enough to admit all of that meat, but soon Beercan’s pubes were rubbing against my ass cheeks.

“That ass was made to be fucked,” LJ said, leaning forward to watch my hole open, “wide AND deep.”

My cock was throbbing with frustration inside it’s cage and I wanted nothing more than to jerk a load out of it while getting fucked but, no way.

Meanwhile, since my asshole was otherwise engaged, Hole had gotten behind Beercan and was now eating out his tight ass pucker while Beercan fucked me. I was a bit jealous because over the past few weeks, I’d developed a special fondness for tongue fucking Beercan’s tight hole. Beer can started fucking my ass with short sharp thrusts and I knew he couldn’t last long. Pisser was fucking my mouth and he grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick down my throat as I felt a stream of beer piss geyser out of his cock head and into my belly. LJ was lying back watching me swallow the gold and stroking his half hard cock.

“Damn, that’s hot.” Beercan said, his hips pounding against my ass as he fucked my hole. “Get that tongue all the way up my ass.”

I could hear Hole slurping away and Beercan increased his tempo, fucking harder and deeper into my hungry ass.

“Shit, here it comes.” he said and buried his cock into me up to the balls while Hole stuck his tongue as far as possible up his ass.

Beercan’s cock swelled and I felt a small spurt of cum, then a bigger one and finally a real gusher flooding my fuck chute. Beercan slowly backed his cock out of my hole and when it popped free, Hole spun him around and sucked it down his throat, then started licking it and his balls, cleaning up every drop of ass juice and cum.

“My turn on the pitcher’s mound.” Pisser said.

He stood up and turned me over on my back so that my cum dripping asshole hung over the edge of the table, then got on his knees and slid his hard dick up my waiting hole. LJ watched my ass get plugged full of cock again, then raised and spread his legs so that his own hole was open to view.

“Hey, Hole, I’ve got something for you.” he said. Hole crawled over and buried his face between his wide spread ass cheeks.

“And I want to taste your hole, Beercan, while I’m getting my ass fucked.” I said.

He came around and straddled the table and positioned his ass over my face, then lowered his hot hole onto my waiting tongue. I was in hog heaven, a long hard cock fucking my hungry butt and my favorite ass hole clutched around my tongue.

Pisser was a really expert fucker who loved to pleasure a hole. He varied his tempo, fucking my ass slow and then in fast hard thrusts, pulling his cock all the way out so that only the head was inside and ramming hard into my guts or using his thumbs to spread my hole wide and just fucking me with the head of his dick inside my ass. If I’d been able to get a hard on, I probably would have shot just from the fucking I was getting. Damned cock cage!

Beercan was bouncing up and down on my face, his juicy hole relaxed and open for my tongue. I reached up and grabbed his hips and pulled him down hard, then pistoned my tongue in and out, fucking his hole. I knew his cock was getting hard again when I felt cankiriescort.net Pisser lean forward on top of me so he could suck on his dick while he fucked me.

I had my knees up over Pisser’s shoulders and he started plowing my ass in earnest, slamming the length of his cock deep into my chute. Beercan was rocking back and forth, ramming my tongue up his hole and his cock down Pisser’s throat when I felt a warm burst of piss and then the jet of Pisser’s boiling cum erupted in my ass.

“That is one championship fuck hole.” Pisser said. “It milks the cum right out of your balls.”

“And you almost milked another load of cum out of my balls.” Beercan told him, standing up. “I never knew you were such a great cocksucker…but, I also won’t forget.”

“My pleasure.” Pisser replied

We all three looked over to where Hole was eagerly tongue fucking LJ’s tight asshole. As usual, a good rim job had worked its magic and LJ’s big fat dick was standing at full attention.

“Ready for some Long John?” he asked me.

I was more than ready. He had fucked my ass at least three times a day while I was in town and it always left me hungry for the next time. On several occasions the feeling of his massive cock pounding away in my ass had managed to force a load of cum out of my limp dick, a feeling like no other.

“Those other cocks were just the appetizers.” I said. “I’m hungry for the main course.”

He came over to the table where I was laying on my back and knelt between my legs, then raised them so that my ankles were on his shoulders. He positioned his giant cock head against my juicy hole and pressed while the other guys all sat and watched. Inch by inch he sank his giant cock into my guts

“No matter how often I see that, I never get tired of watching that cock disappear up a hole.” Beercan said.

Hole grabbed him by the arm and pulled him over to the sofa and had him kneel in front of it, his upper body on the seat and his ass upturned and spread wide. He then had Pisser lay down on top of Beercan’s back and he raised Pisser’s legs so that he could clean the fuck juices off of his cock and balls and both asses were open to his tongue so he could take turns eating out each hole.

LJ and I had been watching this with his cock lodged full length up my ass and now, as we watched the guys getting tongue fucked, he slowly started to fuck my ass. My hole was already filled with juice and I could hear the sloshing sound of his dick sliding in and out.

He was on his hands and knees above me with me spitted on his long cock like a beef roast. I could look down between my wide spread legs and see my cock cage bounce with each thrust and watch his long thick cock as it disappeared into my hole and slowly drew back out.

He was watching Hole service his buddy’s asses and the combination of that show, the feeling of the mixed cum loads in my ass bathing his cock and me clamping my hole around his dick made him want to shoot his load.

He started slamming his cock into me in a steady rhythm, pulling almost the whole length out before pounding it deep into my guts in one stroke. He was drilling my ass like a jackhammer and I was raising my hips with each stroke to get more of his monster cock inside of me.

All good things come to an end, of course, and I soon felt the familiar sensation of his baseball sized cock head spraying jets of gooey ball juice into my chute. He leaned back and rested on his haunches, his cock still buried in my ass and marinating in the mix of dick juices inside me while we watched Hole at work on the others.

He was eating ass like a starving man, going from one hole to the other on his knees in front of them. His own ass was spread wide as he crouched and I could see that massive butt plug still lodged in his hole.

I knew LJ saw it, too, when he slowly started drawing his long cock out of my ass and he said, “I think it’s time we gave Hole what he needs.” Hole had his face buried between Pisser’s cheeks but I saw him reach down between his legs and finger his butt plug.

After his cock popped out of my hole, LJ grabbed me by the arms and stood me up, then grabbed Hole by the shoulders and pulled him over and pushed down on his back in my place on the coffee table. Hole looped an arm under each of his knees and pulled his legs back so that his ass was upturned and wide open.

LJ went into the kitchen and came back with an open can of Crisco. He scooped out a handful and spread it around the butt plug buried in Hole’s hole, then slowly started to ease it out of his ass. The thing was gigantic and it looked the size of a fire plug to me.

His hole was dark purple where it stretched around the edges of it and as LJ pulled it out, his hole stretched even wider. Finally, the widest section cleared and his ass lips rode down the tapered sides till the whole thing came free. His ass hole had thick purple lips and was gaping open on its own, so that you could look into his dark fuck chute.

LJ greased up his hand and then slowly started finger fucking his loose hole.

Each time, his four fingers went a little farther up his hole until finally he was up to the first knuckles. He bent his thumb into his palm and pressed and his whole hand disappeared up Hole’s stretched out fuck hole. Hole’s dick had been twitching and now it slowly started to grow.

LJ used his other hand to grease up his wrist and his forearm all the way to the elbow with Crisco, then slowly started fucking his arm into Hole’s guts, sinking in a little deeper each time. Eventually, his arm was buried all the way to the elbow up Hole’s hungry ass and Hole’s cock was full erect and leaking pre-cum.

It was quite a cock, too. A good solid and thick eight inches, it stood straight up in the air and I couldn’t resist. I threw one leg over the table, reached down between my legs and grasping his cock, I lowered my juicy ass hole over it. LJ and I worked as a team, him fist fucking Hole’s hungry ass while I pumped my ass up and down over his steely dick. Beer can and Pisser stood on either side of his head, taking turns feeding him their cocks.

Riding his dick, I could look down and watch LJ’s arm sliding in and out of his ass hole and when LJ started rotating his arm and varying his fuck speed, I knew that Hole would cum soon.

Sure enough, I felt his cock swell and then throb inside my ass as yet another cum load painted my insides. He was gasping for air as I slowly raised myself off of his spent dick and stood up.

LJ was still fisting his ass and he said, “No, up here. Sit on my face.”

I backed up and lowered my cum filled ass onto his face and I felt his tongue slither into my stretched hole, probing the inside for the rich load of seed in my ass. He started to suck on my asshole and I could feel the juices sliding out of me and down his throat, then his tongue probing my ass for more. My hole was so open he could bury his tongue inside me and he licked the inside walls of my ass to get every drop.

I watched as LJ slowly slid the length of his arm out of his clutching ass hole while I raised my ass off of his face and I moved to the side. Pisser took my place and rammed his cock into Hole’s mouth and let loose a stream of piss that Hole greedily gulped down, while Beercan moved in between his legs and sank his hard cock up his greasy, stretched out hole.

It was going to be hard, saying goodbye to my new friends tomorrow but I was really anxious to see Ron and Gary again and feel their cocks inside me, spewing their special sauces.

And, to get that damned cage off of my cock and balls!

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