Mrs. Young Ch. 04

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I stayed up for the rest of the night after coming back down stairs. There was no way I could go to sleep. I thought about every little detail of what Mrs. Young and I had done. I had gone into the bathroom down stairs to relieve myself when I couldn’t stand it any longer. It had never felt so good to jerk off after holding off for so long.

I went back upstairs to knock on Michael’s door to let him know that I had ‘made it home’. He told me that he walked Anna home after he talked her down from what he had done. I really didn’t want too much detail about the situation.

I started getting a very strong feeling of guilt the longer I was laying there thinking about it. I was messing around with my best friends mom. My best friend. I was basically ruining what family trust he thought he had. The feeling of being attracted to Mrs. Young was stronger though.

I couldn’t just stop now after everything. And it all happened so fast. Plus adding Michael and Anna with the problems that were building up for me didn’t help either. I at least had to cut the line there to keep Michael happy about something in case shit hit the fan later on. I couldn’t be involved with Anna like she wanted me to. It wouldn’t work.

I was still wide awake when 8 o’clock rolled around. I found myself either staring at the clock or the ceiling. Either way I was thinking about the mess I had somehow put myself in which was quickly passing the time.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I stayed where I was on the couch and saw Mrs. Young walk up behind it to look down at me. She didn’t seem too surprised to see that I was awake. I wondered if she stayed up the rest of the night like I had too.

“Get dressed,” she said in a soft voice. “We’ll go for a drive.” She then began walking towards the kitchen.

I sat up to speak quietly before she got too far away. “What about…”

“Michael will be in bed at least until after noon.” She assured me and continued her path to the kitchen.

Without any further questions I sat up, stretched, and pulled my pants on. I grabbed my shirt off the back of the couch and slid it over my head as well.

I heard Mrs. Young in the kitchen taking all the clean dishes out of the dish washer and putting them away in the cabinets.

I slipped my vans on and tied the strings before standing up. I slowly walked towards the kitchen. Mrs. Young was facing away from me as I approached. She had her hair tied back into a loose bun like she hadn’t tried to look good at all. But she looked amazing. She had dark purple skirt on that stopped right at her knees and a tight fit white shirt. She was dressed to go out into the public and I was going with her.

“You ready?” She asked when she turned around.

I nodded, scratching the back of my neck as she grabbed her purse off one of the chairs at the bar.

We walked out of the front door together and headed for her car. She drove a black ford focus. The inside of the car was always clean and smelt of lemon and mango due to the air fresheners.

She backed out of her parking spot in front of the house and drove the correct speed limit up the street. I felt awkward sitting in the quiet car with her. I didn’t know if I should bring up anything that happened.

“Did you sleep?” She suddenly asked.

I glanced at her as she focused on the road before us. Though she couldn’t see me, I shook my head, “Not at all.”

She did not reply after that and we sat in silence for many minutes before I decided to speak. “Where are we going?”

“I just needed to pick up a few things from the store.” She told me. “Is that okay?” She grinned over at me.

I smiled back, “Yeah, it’s fine.”


As we walked side-by-side into the grocery store, I grabbed a shopping cart and pushed it along. Mrs. Young placed her purse where you would normally sit your kid so he couldn’t run off.

I followed close behind her with the cart. We made our way over to the fruits and vegetables. She picked up some lettuce and a little further down picked up a package of white sliced cheese.

I continued behind her as we passed the bread and she felt the freshness of it before placing it in the shopping cart.

She grazed up against me as she walked around me to go down one of the aisles. I grinned, feeling like she had done it intentionally.

I looked her up and down as she was far enough ahead of me for me to do so. Her ass swayed as she slowly walked by the chocolate syrup bottles. I felt something stir in the crotch of my jeans as I continued to stare. Thoughts of last night popping into my head all on their own. No control. I leaned against the shopping cart as I rize escort followed Mrs. Young. She picked up a box of cocoa mix and placed it in the cart. Hot chocolate never seemed so appealing.


As we were checking out, I helped pick up the heavier things to be scanned. I noticed the short, blond girl about my age quickly bagging all of the groceries and putting them back in the shopping cart. She wasn’t making eye contact with either of us. I thought her shyness was kind if cute. I gave her one last look before Mrs. Young and I walked out of the store with the groceries.

“I think that girl in there liked you.” Mrs. Young said as we loaded all the groceries into the trunk of her Focus.

“What?” I exclaimed, shaking my head, “highly doubt it.”

“Come on she was definitely blushing, she couldn’t even look you in the eye.”

“She was alright,” I said, trying to drop the subject. I pushed the shopping cart across the lot to place it in the cart corral, then made my way back to Mrs. Young’s car. She was already sitting inside and had started it.

We were almost back to the house when I noticed that we hadn’t really spoken at all since I had gotten in the car. I felt the need to say something.

“What are you making for dinner?” I asked, deciding to go the simple route.

“Bacon sandwiches.” She replied. “I used to make them all the time for Michael’s dad before he started his job.”

The mentioning of her husband quite frankly put me down. It was just another reminder that everything that had happened between the two of us was very wrong.

“Are you staying for dinner?” She decided to ask since I hadn’t said anything else.

“Yeah,” I replied, “bacon sandwiches sound great.”

We were silent for a few more moments before Mrs. Young spoke up again. “Matthew, we really need to talk about what happened last night.”

I swallowed hard, kind of surprised she actually brought it up on her own.

I nodded, “Yeah, we do.”

She was mostly paying attention to the road with an occasional glance my way. “I want to know what you’re thinking.”

“I have a lot of mixed thoughts right now honestly.” I replied.

“Are you feeling guilty too?” She asked.

I looked at her. I really looked at her. How could she even ask me that without knowing the answer. “Michael’s my best friend.”

“I know,” she said, trying to tell if I was angry or upset. “He’s my son.”

“I don’t want to ruin anything, but…” I paused, thinking what I’d be stopping.

“Yeah,” she spoke up. “But.”

We both clearly understood what that ‘but’ meant. It meant even though Michael was my best friend or he was Mrs. Young’s son, the but was the pleasure. And deciding if we wanted to drop it and forget about it.

“I can’t believe I’ve put myself in this situation.” Mrs. Young said. I figured maybe more for herself, but I replied anyway.

“You’re not the only one in it.”

“I know,” she said. “I’ve just heard about this with other women I’ve known and seeing tv shows, it’s just overwhelming that I’m apart of that.”

She was obviously going through some kind of realization that I had already gone through on the first night. I found it amusing.

“I mean it’s just me. I’m just younger than what you would normally go for.” I commented.

“Go for?” She questioned, “Matthew, I’m a married woman. I don’t go for anyone. I’ve never went out of my way to cheat on Michael’s dad. This is not me. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“You don’t have to.” I told her.


When we finally arrived back at the house, Michael was still is bed. I didn’t think he’d be waking up for a few more hours since he hadn’t got in until early this morning.

It gave me a little more time with Mrs. Young for myself.

We put all the grocies away together. She had turned the radio on that was nailed to the wall. I remember when Mr. Young had put it there 4 years ago.

I watched Jenny as she made sure she kept out specific items, it looked like she was making those sandwich she had promised earlier. She left the bacon out on the counter and turned the electric stove on. Her hips seemed to sway as we listened to the radio. The song was up beat. I recalled hearing it once before but couldn’t place it.

“Michael’s dad and I used to dance to this all the time,” she commented after glancing my way. I think she was making sure I was watching her.

“Really,” I was surprised. “I can’t really see him as the dancing type.”

“He is.” She grinned at me.

“Ah come on, he’s probably not that great.” I teased.

“Oh really, and you? You think you’d be any better?” She replied, trying to challenge rizeescorttel.com me.

“Are you kidding me? I know a few moves.” I said.

“What? How to touch a girl when she’s grinding on you?” She laughed. “Sorry to disappoint you, but that is not dancing.”

“Sure it is,” I said.

She shook her head, still laughing, “No.”

“Okay then, show me.” I stood up straight. This song is like tango or something, right?”

“Matthew, do you even know how to tango.”

“I just know that it takes two to do it.” I smirked.

Mrs. Young grinned and shook her head at my choice of words. “The essence of tango is something you feel, not something you do.”

“How did you learn?” I asked.

“I learned years ago from an old friend in college.” She informed me. It made me think of what she looked like when she was younger. The perverted side of my mind seemed to be very pleased with what it came up with.

“Well, teach me.” I urged her on.

“Maybe later, Matthew.” She shot me down, finally putting the bacon in the skillet. It sizzled quite audibly.

I moved in closer behind her and slowly placed my hands on her hips. She glanced back at me, trying to see what obeys doing. I felt the bottom if her skirt against the legs of my jeans. The skirt felt smooth and I could easily lift it.

I moved in closer behind her, feeling her ass against my groin. She looked back at me, almost as if she were warning me.

“Why don’t you put a few prices of bread in the toaster for me.” She said.

I moved away from her and grabbed the bread she bought from the store. I took out two pieces and dropped them in the toaster setting on the bar in the middle if the kitchen. I leaned my back against the counter to have a better view if Mrs. Young’s backside. She pulled off a strip of bacon from the skillet and placed it on a plate with a paper towel to drain most of the grease.

She left the stove and went for the fridge to grab the lettuce and tomatoes. I crossed my arms feeling myself harden the more I watched her. I could feel my bulge straining against the front if my jeans.

When Mrs. Young turned around I saw her gaze going straight to the view I was using no effort to hide. She slowed as she stood near me, placing everything she had in her hands on the counter behind me.

“Matthew,” she said. I didn’t know if she was upset or happy.

“Jenny,” I replied. Her eyes met mine with the sound of her name. She was standing directly in front of me now.

Her eyes ran down my shirt and stopped at the bulge. I wasn’t completely hard yet. But knowing that she was acknowledging my dick was making it grow even more.

I decided to be brave, reaching out my hand to grab the back if her neck. She easily moved closer to me. I leaned down not giving her the chance to pull away before landing my lips to hers. I felt her jump. She wasn’t expecting it at all. Her hands shot up to my chest and I felt her pushing at me, then she would stop herself. Almost as if she were fighting with herself. She didn’t know what she wanted.

Her stomach lined up with my dick and I could feel her against me. I sucked her bottom lip in between mine, making a moan slip from deep within her. She had been holding it back.

I was surprised when she forcefully moved away. She only moved two steps back but the distance was too far considering how close she just was. I was fully hard now. My cock had grown down my right pant leg. She looked down at it before taking another step back.

“The bacon,” she explained, quickly taking off the rest if the bacon before it burned. She added more strips of bacon before hesitantly coming back to me.

I grabbed her again, gentler this time, bringing our lips back together. Her hands came up to my shoulders and somehow found their way into my hair.

She pulled at it when she was aware of where one of my hands was headed. I was prepared for her to pull away, but hoped that she wouldn’t.

I maneuvered my hand to the bottom of her skirt and slowly let my hand explore under it. I squeezed her thigh as my hand went higher. I sighed at feeling the heat. I just wanted to touch her.

“Matthew,” she whispered, stopping our kiss. Her forehead rested against mine. Her fingers were still in my hair. My other hand was wrapped around her waist like I was afraid she would pull away.

She sighed hot breath across my lips when my finger brushed against the crotch of her damp panties. I heard her shoes shuffle on the floor. She was widening her stance to open her legs for me. Before I could touch her again though, I felt pressure on my shoulders from her hands. She was trying to push me down to the floor.

“Down,” she breathed out. I looked into her eyes seeing only complete lust. I obeyed her, sliding down to the ground. I landed on my ass, looking up at her for direction.

She lifted her skirt for me and let it fall down over my head. My lighting was dimmed but I could still see what I wanted to see. Her damp white panties displayed right in front of my face. Her womanly smell up close and personal. My hard on was aching in my jeans and I wanted nothing more than to set it free. I ignored it though. I had something much more important standing over me.

I felt Mrs. Young’s hand grabbing at my head. She forcefully pushed my mouth to the crotch of her panties. My nose rubbed against her and I attempted to snake my tongue out to taste the dampness collected in the cloth.

I heard her heavy breathing above me as she held my face against her. My hands were gripping her ankles and I slowly slid them all the way up both of her legs until I found her ass. I squeezed both of the beautiful globes in my hands, earning another heavy sigh from the woman above.

I moved aside the crotch of her panties when she finally let go of my head to give me more control. She was almost sitting on my face as I was looking up at her beautifully wet pussy. One hand still holding one of her ass cheeks and one holding back the crotch if her underwear, I brought my face closer until my lips were against her pussy lips. She moaned from the connection and I felt her lower herself to me even more. I easily licked her lips, sucking each of them into my mouth playfully before sucking on her clit.

“Oh my god,” I heard her say from up above. I slowly kissed her. Making sure I licked every inch of her beautiful sex. Her hand connected with my head again. She lifted her skirt until she was able to pull on my hair once again. She seemed to like doing this.

Her heavy breathing increased as I began flicking my tongue continuously across her sensitive clit. Her hips bucked against me a few time before she stood still completely. Her grip on my hair loosened. She stood up a little straighter. I heard something metal drop on the floor and her skirt was being lifted from my head. The bright light stung my eyes. A spoon was laying in the floor and I looked back to Mrs. Young, wondering what happened.

“There’s the spoon Matthew.” She told me.

I gave her a confused look.

“You’re always dropping silverware,” I heard Michael’s voice in the kitchen as well.

Oh shit.

My eyes widened and I wiped my mouth before grabbing the spoon and standing to my feet. Everything was clicking now.

“I got it,” I said, placing it on the counter. I looked at Michael. He was only wearing his boxers. I sign that he had just woken up.

He didn’t seem to know what he just walked in on. I glanced at Mrs. Young, but she wasn’t looking at me. She was pulling apart the lettuce to clean it.

“Nice job ruining the bacon,” Michael commented. “The smell woke me up.”

“Oh,” Mrs. Young dropped the lettuce and rushed back to the stove to take the burnt bacon from the skillet.

“How do you forget about bacon?” Michael said. He looked at me and shook his head with an amused face.

I tried to show an amused face but all I could think about was that I was the reason the bacon was burnt now.

Michael had finished eating his sandwich before I did. We were both sitting in his room killing zombies.

“What happened with Anna?” I asked.

He sighed. “She’s still mad at me, but I left on somewhat good terms.”

I nodded with nothing to reply with.

“Sorry you had to come out looking for me,” he said after a minute. “You didn’t have to.”

I had to play along to keep Mrs. Young’s lie going from last night going. “Yeah well your mom wanted me to so I did.”

I was thinking about her again. What we did in the kitchen. I finished my sandwich and grabbed both mine and Michael’s plates. I had died in the game already and Michael would be alright because we were playing on Live. “I’ll take these down.” I told him referring to the plates.

I hurried down the stairs and found Mrs. Young where I thought she’d be. She heard me come in the kitchen. She was loading the dishwasher. She took both of the plates from me and easily found a place for them. I leaned against the counter.

She finished up and closed the door and pressed start. The sound of water poured into the washer. She walked over beside me and leaned against the counter with me.

“Hey,” she said.

I smiled down at her. Her arm was against mine. “Hey,” I replied.

Almost a year has passed since my last post, but here is the next chapter. I’ve been reading everyones comments and really have enjoyed the feedback, both negative and positive. I do plan on a 5th chapter, but can not promise when.

If you are looking to get ahold of me outside of Literotica you can email me.

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