Mr. Fix It Ch. 2

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Jed had to admit that business was booming, although he found that women were inventing problems just to get him out and he always worried that they would only want the actual problem fixed and he would miss out on some great sex. His phone rang and he jumped to answer it, It was Mary Beth Roberts, “Hi Jed, am I disturbing you?” and he matched her voice to the mental image of her, she was black headed, slightly overweight, but all in all, a nice body.

“Not at all,” he said and he waited to see if she needed something fixed or if the grapevine had finally reached her. “You know so much about everything Jed, and I was wondering if you would tutor this young Asian exchange student staying with me. She’s having some problems at school and she needs some help,” and he thought that he would decline, but something told him to do it, “Sure, be right over,” and he hung up the phone.

Mrs. Roberts was president of the parent-teacher-student association and she always had exchange students during the school year, so it was not unusual and Jed parked in the driveway and walked up to the neat little house, knocking on the door. She was a widow and Jed had once had her, many years ago, but now they just were friends, rumor had it that she liked the female flesh better than the male, rumors fly in a small town. As the door opened, a big smile greeted him and he was shown to the small living room, where he took a seat on the loveseat, “Care for something to drink, Jed?” she asked, “Yes, some iced tea would be nice Mary Beth,” and she went to the kitchen and he heard ice cubes dropping in a glass.

She handed him the tea and he sipped it before setting the glass on the coaster, “Lyn is a charming girl,” Mary Beth said, “She is a lovely creature Jed and the kids at school have been giving her an awful time,” and she sipped her tea, “It seems that she has no experience with men Jed and after talking to a few friends, I hoped that maybe you would introduce her to being with a man,” Jed froze, he had never had a virgin before, much less an oriental one and he felt his cock stir, “Where is she?” he asked, trying not to sound too anxious, “She will be here shortly. She asked me to find someone to help her with her problem Jed, someone who could be gentle and teach her without forcing her, and you popped into my head right away. You were always gentle with me,” and he looked at her, remembering how it had been, how she was distraught over her husband’s premature death and how he had comforted her.

“I know the rumors going around town about me, hell, it’s true. I do prefer a woman to a man, but once you are branded a lesbian in a small town like this, there’s no getting past it,” and she laughed. “I had my first lesbian experience before Tom died, and it changed my life forever. But, to be sure, I had to sleep with another man and I don’t regret sleeping with you Jed, you were quite a good lover,” and his questions had been answered. It was terrible to think that a woman turned gay after sleeping with you, but it kind of made him feel good that he was the last man she ever slept with, after all, she said it had surfaced long before him.

Just as he finished uşak escort his tea, he heard the back door open and close and a cute little black haired Asian girl appeared at the kitchen entrance, “Hello Lyn, come on in. I want you to meet Mr. Hanks,” and Lyn did a slight bow before him, “I am very pleased to meet you Mr. Hanks,” and she smiled. “Call me Jed, Lyn,” he said and she smiled, “Lyn, this is the man I wanted to help you with your problem,” and Lyn took another look at him, “Oh yes? You will help me Jed?” and she looked very giddy. He surveyed her, she stood about 5’2″, had silky black hair past her shoulders, all straight and very shiny, she had very small tits, an incredibly tight waist and slender hips, with silky legs emanating from under her uniform skirt and white knee socks, his mouth drooled at the thought of seeing her nude body. “Mrs. Roberts said we could use her room Jed,” Lyn smiled at him and extended her hand for him to come with her, he had to admit, she was anxious.

He was led into Mary Beth’s room and sat on the bed and he noticed Mary Beth come in and sit in the chair in the corner and he looked at her strangely, “It’s ok Jed, I’m going to watch. Lyn wanted me to be here also,” and Jed turned his attention back to Lyn. “I told her that if she were to help me with this, then I would let her introduce me to her lifestyle as well,” and Lyn winked. Her English was quite good and Jed’s mind raced to pictures of Lyn and Mary Beth having sex, making his cock push tight against the crotch of his jeans.

“Oh my, you are of much size,” Lyn said as she stared at his crotch, “He’ll be gentle honey,” Mary Beth reassured her and she began to unbutton her cotton blouse and Jed could see her bright, white bra underneath, holding her orange sized tits perfectly in place. As her blouse was laid on the dresser, she reached behind her and nervously unhooked her bra, letting it slide over her shoulders before it rested on her wrists and she put it with her blouse.

Jed couldn’t believe how perfectly shaped her tits were, though quite small, but with her background and her age, it was understandable, after all she had just turned 18. The cool air of the ceiling fan caused her small nipples to become very erect as Jed watched them rise and fall with her breaths and she unzipped her skirt and drew it off her legs and placed it with her blouse and bra. She stood there now in only her bright white panties and her knee socks and she bent over to remove her socks and Jed watched as her pert little tits danced to her movements.

As she removed her panties, Jed could see her sparsely covered pussy emerge, the pubic hair as silky and shiny as that on her head and she stood before him, waiting for his approval. He held his hand out to her and she took it and he pulled her in front of him as his hands glided over her young, soft, tight skin, drinking in her beauty with his touch. She shivered as he bent forward and took a taut nipple in his mouth, sucking it ever so gently as a small sigh escaped her lips and then he moved to the other and her sigh was repeated, “That feels wonderful,” she said as he began to suck a little harder and muglalisahidi.com his hand drifted to her silky crotch. She shuddered as his finger traced the lips of her budding womanhood and his anxiousness had to be quelled, as he didn’t want to scare or hurt her.

Her legs soon opened to welcome his hand as she leaned forward at the same time, pushing her small tit deeper into his mouth. As he captured her clit, she gasped and shook, “Oh yes Jed, right there, feels wonderful,” and he fingered her clit, feeling her moisture as it coated his hand and her small tit filling his mouth. His finger worked expertly at her clit, feeling it get harder as he worked and hearing her begin to pant until she screamed out and shook all over. Her body temporarily sated, she stepped back, “Please to see you undress now, Jed,” and he stood up and they exchanged places.

Jed stripped down and she reached out and grabbed his hard cock as it came into view, “I have only seen pictures,” she smiled up as she wondered at the flesh in her hand and felt it’s texture and it’s length. Her smooth hands were causing Jed much pleasure as they ran his cock’s length, though inexperienced, she made him feel great. “Would you like to take it in your mouth?” he asked and she blushed, “I have never done such a thing, is it alright?” and she turned to Mary Beth for counsel. Mary Beth smiled, “It’s quite natural my dear,” and Lyn turned back to Jed, her mouth moving towards his rock hard cock until her lips brushed against it, “It is quite warm,” she said and giggled, “And it twitched also,” and she ran it over her lips several times.

Jed could tell she was scared, but she opened her mouth and let it glide over her lips and he felt her wet tongue touch the underside of it making it jump up and hit the roof of her mouth and she giggled again. “Close your mouth and suck it Lyn, just like a lollipop,” and she slowly closed her mouth around it and began to suck, gently at first and then her sucking got harder. She would only take a few inches in and Jed became satisfied with it as her hand began to run the rest of it’s length and her other played with his balls, she seemed like a child with a new toy as she experimented, taking more of it and then less and she soon began to give a decent blow job. Suddenly, she pulled her head back, “It spit in my mouth,” she said, “And it tasted so salty,” and she swallowed hard and then put it back and resumed her blowjob.

She stopped once again and pulled her head back, “Jed, do you think I could have some more of that salty tasting stuff? It tastes like the sauce my mother makes for our sushi,” and Jed smiled, “Keep doing what you’re doing and I guarantee it,” and he and Mary Beth laughed as Lyn went back to sucking his cock, her mouth eventually swallowing more of him until only a small amount was left out. The thoughts of this oriental virgin sucking his cock made his balls begin to boil and he soon yelped as his cum shot into her mouth and she struggled to swallow him down. After she had swallowed it, she smiled up at him, “Just like mom’s sauce,” she said and worked to capture what had escaped with her tongue.

He pushed her back on the bed on her back and dropped to his knees before her, his hands gently lifting her legs up onto his shoulders, her sweet young pussy bared to his mouth and he licked her juicy quim, his tongue pausing to taste her juices. He reached around her tiny legs and spread her pussy lips and licked at her clit, causing her to squirm and moan again.

“Oh yes Jed, I love that. Keep doing it, my body is getting so very hot,” and he continued to assault her hard little clit with his tongue and he looked up to see her face and he noticed Mary Beth in the corner with her hand shoved in her pants and her eyes taking his eating in. Lyn pushed her palms flat on the bed and shoved her wet pussy at his mouth as she shook and exploded in squirts of nectar that ran down his chin, her small body rocked this time by a series of orgasms.

Just then, they heard Mary Beth scream and jerk in the chair as she too came and Lyn winked at him. Lyn’s pussy was so wet, that there couldn’t be a better time to fuck her, so he lowered her legs, scooted her small frame up onto the bed and moved towards her waiting pussy, his cock twitching in anticipation. Her pussy was very tight, but her generous lubrication allowed his head in with no problem and he pushed forward until he met the resistance of her hymen, “This will hurt Lyn,” he told her and he saw the look in her eyes, “Please, don’t stop Jed,” and he pushed his cock through her membrane, a shriek coming from her lips as he did.

Once all of his cock was in, he held it there to let her get used to it before he started to withdraw and push it back, her pussy was so incredibly tight, he wanted to cum right away. She whimpered as he fucked her and he wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure or both, she never asked him to stop so he began to increase the tempo, and her body began to respond, her pussy now grabbing at his cock as it withdrew.

Before long, her breathing became heavy and he heard her scream something in Japanese as she shook and drenched his cock with a combination of cum and blood, her whole body thrashing as she did. Jed wanted to cum in her so badly, but he couldn’t risk her getting pregnant, so when his orgasm approached he pulled out and it shot over her small belly, coating her from her tummy to her tits and she giggled as she rubbed it over herself, “It’s so hot,” she said and giggled. She reached down and stroked Jed’s cock, milking the remnants from it as they dropped out of it and she scooped it up and put it in her mouth.

He looked to see Mary Beth’s face all flushed and her hand resting in her pants, he fell over next to Lyn and she couldn’t seem to get enough of her wonderful toy she had found as she gently stroked his cock and played with it. “Thank you Jed,” she smiled and it was he who should be thanking her and he got up and dressed, admiring Lyn’s cum soaked body on the bed before him, ‘What a prize,’ he thought.

Mary Beth saw him out and she slid a hundred dollar bill in his hand, kissed him on the cheek and thanked him. He slipped around to her bedroom window and watched as she went down on Lyn, eating her out as he watched, although Lyn didn’t seem as pleased as when he had done it.

He wanted to stay and watch, but he had killed most of the day there and he was quite hungry after his escapade, so he headed to Hardee’s for a bite to eat.

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