Mommy’s Little HuCow Pt. 03

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By the fourth day, all the little cows are giving lots of milk with their teats hooked up to the strong nipple pulsators in the milking barn. They have learned to orgasm while on the machines. They don’t need to touch themselves. Their little bottoms wave in the air as they give their milk, a fine sight to see for anyone breezing through on some errand.

Marilee and Alexa gaze at one another during their milking time. Now the hormone treatments are quicker, the nurses don’t have to spend so much time getting the little cows ready for the big powerful plunger to prepare their little cow wombs.

They don’t yet know, but the little cows are being prepared for something muy importante! They look forward to the treatment, and moo happily when the vibrations start and the hormonal injection flows into their deepest parts. When the little cows are in the Milking Center, they are all quite out of their minds with lovely orgasms which are beyond number.

Milking time in the barn has become a frenetic party of pleased girl-noises and little bottoms wiggling in the air. Except for the two little cows who are not here anymore. Yes, the two little cows who threw themselves at the bulls during the punishment demo were taken away in the dead of night and never heard from again. Marilee thinks she knows something, because of what Ferdinand told her. But she wants to talk to Arlene.

Marilee received no punishment for giving the bull a body slide. Punishing him was the whole idea anyway and the nurses did abandon them to attend to more pressing matters. Nurse Reardon gave Marilee a warning, but she added a sly wink at the end and reminded Marilee that she needed to stay virgin. But Marilee is a chaste grown-up young woman in her heart and wants to stay virgin too, until her husband comes along, and he will be the love of her life.

Marilee and Alexa have their milking stations side by side. This is because they are always together anyway, and the nurses will do everything to keep the little cows content, even if it means looking the other way when one little cow slips into the other little cow’s hammock after lights-out. When soft lickings and moanings are heard, the nurses who watch over the little cows make it their business to be somewhere else for an hour or two. Or three.

Today all the little cows are once again kneeling in their milking rigs. The rigs are metal pipe frameworks that keep them from falling out while they are hooked up to the milking pulsators. They can use any position that’s comfortable, but they must stay on their knees to make their full breasts hang down. It’s better for milking that way. They can use a chest rest, which takes the weight from their arms, or they can let their heads go down on the table.

There are crossbars too, and Marilee found she could put a knee on a crossbar to hold her thigh above her hip. It makes her look like a dog lifting its leg. This is comfortable, it relaxes her lower back. When Alexa sees, she does the same thing, and Marilee is glad! Alexa’s right knee is lifted high in the same pose, so both little cows can see each other’s belly and slick-shaved crotch.

Alexa lowers her head to the table, licks her lips and gives Marilee a sly wink. They will be able to watch one another during the milking. Two loving little cows will make love with their eyes. They can’t wait for it to start.

Now Doctor Shaw is coming through with the hormone injections. Marilee and Alexa hear satisfied little cow noises down the row of milking rigs as doctor and nurse come along to prep them and get the milking machines going. The Milking Center slowly fills with happy mooing noises.

Marilee gives a little quiver of excitement when the doctor and nurse come to where she kneels on the table. There are scary sounds behind her. Marilee really knows what is going on, it happens every day, but she likes to pretend it’s brand new, scary, and unknown! A knuckle strokes her pouted girl-lips, which makes her insides tremble. It’s starting!

A strong finger eases into her vagina, slowly, so as not to upset the little cow, and probes around. It makes her quiver, and she can tell it is gooey with hormone lotion. The finger wiggles about, causing her hips to shudder. She can’t push back so well with one knee up on the crossbar, so she humps. Across from her, Alexa opens her mouth wide at the horny-slutty move. Marilee is ashamed of herself but too hot to do anything about it. They take such good care of her for the milk she gives!

The finger slowly withdraws, which makes Marilee sad.

“Get her opened up for the injection,” the doctor says softly. The low frequencies of his vocal cords bring a tickle to Marilee’s perked teats. She knows he can see her open crotch back there, and it’s kind of steamy to just let that happen. The raised knee pose she decided on is kind of embarrassing too, but after five days on the Farm she is used to being naked in odd situations and places in the barns hatay escort and out in the fields. Even that time in the business office! Bodies are messy, sex is messy, and sex is what makes lactation and milking happen. Sex is why the little cows are so happy. There is something important awaiting her in the future, she knows this is true. She knows it’s not only more orgasms.

Oooooo! Three knobby man-fingers slither around inside her, making her hips buck. Beside her, the nurse in the white lab coat laughs. As the fingers probe her most secret parts from the back end, Marilee closes her eyes and lets her hips gyrate. But the little cow becomes despondent again as the wiggly fingers slither out of reach.

“Syringe,” the big doctor orders briskly. After a minute something else presses in back there, she cannot turn enough to see and she has a sudden urge to close her knees. But of course, she has one knee propped up on the crossbar like she was in the middle of a hurdle. A sudden slap from a big hand smacks her flat across the twat. It stings her girl parts and after that she holds still! It is then she realizes that a carload of visitors is behind her in the wide aisle between the rigs. Those gawkers are milling about looking at everything. It’s a shameful shivery feeling to be on public view!

“There,” the doctor says with satisfaction, “we have cervical lock.” He presses a button and the big hot pipe begins a humming that vibrates right through her! She feels vague movements as warm liquid flows from the tube into the very center of her womanhood. Across the bay, dear Alexa is watching, and the two little cows wiggle tongues at each other. Marilee is hot with shame at the slutty feelings the public procedure gives her but she loves that Alexa can watch her get prepped.

Pretty soon the doctor is done, and moves over to Alexa. This time Marilee watches her sweet girlfriend get the same treatment. Watching Alexa is almost like having it done to herself! So exciting to see the dear girl’s hips thrust forward when his fingers feel inside to see if her cervix is ready. And when the big syringe full of white spludge pushes inside her, Marilee almost comes undone it looks so hot! She makes licking motions with her tongue and little Alexa purrs with slits for eyes.

The nurse is preparing Marilee’s teats now, and rubs a sterilizing solution on both the sweet little cow’s breasts. Marilee closes her eyes. Then the nurse presses a pulsator tip to Marilee’s right nipple. The thing makes a hissing sound and Marilee’s teat is drawn inside a long way. She gets warm in her tummy.

“Ummmm,” Marilee says softly, closing her eyes.

The nurse smiles. Through the pulsator’s clear plastic, she can see the little cow’s nipple stretched like a pencil eraser. The nurse does the same with the other nipple.

“Is that okay?”

Marilee feels her breasts, gives a gentle tug on the pulsators. She nods that it’s okay. She knows not to pull them off, they will disconnect on their own when her milk is out.

The nurse turns a dial and the pulsators begin to throb on Marilee’s teats. It’s a rapid oscillating rhythm that pulls at her breasts like a tiny mouth. Marilee can see her own white milk flow through clear tubes into the glass bottle. The feeling makes her hips squirm.

Marilee looks at Alexa. She too has received her vibrating hormone uterine injection, and her nipples are hooked to the throbbing pulsators.

Heads down on the table, the two little cows smile at each other. They are in love. With the nursing pulsators milking hard on their round globes and their bald crotches plainly visible, their hips thrust toward each other. This is the hottest! They have watched each other get milked before, but never in such flagrant poses. Marilee is glad there is no one around to watch!

Pretty soon the doctor and nurse have left and the entire Milking Center hums with the sound of pulsators and soft moos and moans of young little cows. Smooth hips wave in the air. The rule is strictly hands-off as the little cows start coming. No no! The hormone treatments and the pulsators are enough, they can come all they want without touching their pussies at all. Soon they will be able to come just by thinking about milking.

Marilee watches her dear sweet Alexa. The little cow’s graceful bottom is humping and twerking, her hands are demurely on the table. Her eyes are lightly closed, but she opens them to see Marilee’s face whenever she makes noises. Her soft mouth is a cute round O.

The two little cows like to watch each other when they are both hot from the pulsators. They are both wishing they could trib like this. Hungry moans escape their lips. The friendly sucking pulsators drive them to mind-shattering explosions.

Watching her girl, Marilee recalls what it is like when she plants her open mouth on the young woman’s tender bald snatch. They have shared a hammock the last several nights. They have sucked each other’s grape-sized teats harshatayota.com and have each drunk of the maddening warmth that flows from their dearest, sweetest friend.

Eyes fixed on each other’s rapturous faces, and with a duet of panting moans, two little cows fuck their bottoms madly in the air, finding the same rhythm, two loving little cows amid all the other lactating, hot-milked little cows in the big barn, all doing wild twerk-dances on their milking tables. At random times the little cows come apart in shattering sensations, dreaming of touching, fondling, and holding one another tight.

The little cows don’t even get tired! Although the milking takes over an hour, their orgasms just keep on coming.

The little cows don’t know it yet, but there’s about to be excitement! Outside the barn, six big bulls are being prepared. All are naked, and their elbows are secured behind their backs.

Marilee is just getting ready to climax again when she sees it, a big bull walks right up behind where Alexa humps away in her milker with her eyes tight shut. Marilee is about ready to slam out another one but the fearsome sight makes her freeze like a statue. There, right behind her sweet girl’s wiggling naked bottom, a long schlong is mere inches away.

Before she can warn Alexa, Marilee sees movement over her own shoulder. She screams. Alexa opens her eyes, and screams too. Now there is a bull standing right behind Marilee! Alexa looks back over her shoulder and moans in fright. She doesn’t want that bull to touch her! Her crotch is open, kneeling with one thigh propped up on the bar. She is completely bald and unprotected down there. Getting plugged by that big thing would cost her virginity and her great job at the Farm!

Alexa, who is in the same fix, looks over at Marilee. But then they notice that the bulls are not moving. Their tight abs are close, their peckers even closer, but the bulls are motionless like they were chained to the floor. Even though the bull’s long doo-dads point right at their wiggling little cow pussies, the bulls are unaccountably holding themselves back!

“Alexa!” Marilee yells at her friend. “Ferdinand told me! The bulls swear an oath not to touch a little cow unless she asks for it!”

Alexa smiles. Marilee smiles back. She doesn’t know the bull behind her, but can tell he has a big dick with a twist of hair at the end. It is not Ferdinand. That makes her sad. She likes Ferdinand, he seems like a reasonable person and promised to protect her.

Then it becomes sinfully exciting for the little cows. It is shameful that the big bulls can see them in this slutty way, but they are hooked into the milking rigs to do their jobs and therefore totally innocent! Totally. But the bulls can’t do anything except tempt them! And watch their naked sweaty little cow asses hump and wriggle close up. Oooooh.

With the pulsators working away sucking milk out of their stretched nipples, the sexual feelings throb right through their splayed pussies. Watching one another, Alexa and Marilee go completely wild, submit completely to all the embarrassing sensations in their nubile bodies, and the hot hot hot idea of being inseminated if they ask for it even the teensiest bit! It makes Marilee hotter to imagine how she would say it!

She’s too polite a person to day ‘fuck me’. She might give a bull a soulful look and say simply, ‘yes.’ Then what crosses her mind is the most vital thing of all a woman can say, and who she would say it to. If it were Ferdinand, she would say, ‘I want your baby.’

Oh. My. God.

But for right now, it becomes a game for the little cows. How close can they wiggle their raised behinds at the bulls without getting poked? The little cows are resolute, and careful, and too sexy. The bulls get frustrated, they start stamping and making lots of noise. They undulate their hips and thrust toward the little cow behinds. What powerful animals! This frightens the little cows even more, which only stimulates their hot wet you-know-whats.

With her gyrating pink girl-zone just inches from the bull’s rigid pecker, Marilee comes, and it’s the biggest one in her whole life! She is ecstatic. She feels different down there, it’s the wildest thing ever. The bull is so close, she can smell his drooling spunk! She doesn’t know why, but she’s happy tormenting the big bull with her wicked pose.

When the bull sees her body shudder and relax, he goes berserk, yelling out he wants to shove his many fat inches up her. But he doesn’t come any closer! No, the bulls are too well trained and professional. It makes Marilee quiver deep inside. She comes on top of her first one, and blushes with shame.

With angry snorts, the big bulls give up, and go off to tempt other little cows. It is a very hot, hard, milking session at the Farm.

The nurses are happy, the little cows are very active today. Later in the business office, the men in suits are happy too, and get little bean-counter boners of their own. Production has increased.


Sunday is a very calm day. The little cows have been on the Farm a full week, and they have had many adventures. When Marilee and Alexa squirm out of Marilee’s hammock this morning, they see little outfits laid out for them. Clothes! They have not been dressed in a week! The nurses told them that Sundays they can get dressed and look around and explore the Farm. Plus, they get to do it not crawling, but on their feet! The two little cows hurry to put on their new fits.

Each girl gets a white sports halter, very stretchy but strong enough to hold their new, heavier breasts and show off their grape-sized nipples. The white halters have numbers on the front. Marilee’s number is six. It feels good to have her boobs supported for once. Also each little cow, who is really a young woman, gets a pair of lightweight shorts. The fabric is pale green and nearly see-through. The legs are very loose, and fly out like a short skirt. The crotch line is tight, which outlines their proud, womanly lips. There’s also a pink baseball cap and plastic thong sandals.

When the girls are all up and dressed in their new outfits, they assemble in the main barn. There are no chairs. Doctor Shaw is there, with all of the nurses. The doctor speaks.

“Alright, you little cows get a day off today, except for milking in the afternoon. Milking never waits, am I right?”

There is a chorus of moos and giggles from the little cows, who right now look like beautiful full-breasted young women.

“Right. You have done a stellar job of making it through your first week. We know that our training is new to you and it can be challenging. I will point out that we did lose two of our little cows, which makes us sad. But we don’t have time to dwell on the past! These things should remind us that our mission is obedience at all times, along with loyalty to the Farm, and especially docility.

“Now today you get your fifteen minute phone calls to your parents. Those will be from phones in the business office up front. The office is closed today, but be respectful when you walk through to take your turn. Names and call times are posted on the door near the bathing area.

“Just because everyone has been so nice, there is a get-acquainted barbecue at four p.m. outside the main barn. No alcohol for little cows, not ever, but we do have a fruit punch and apple cider, and there will be lots of steaks and other great food. So thank you, ladies, and enjoy.”

There is a big round of applause as the meeting breaks up. Marilee checks the call schedule and finds that her time is coming up soon, so she heads down the hallway toward the business office.

Several girls are at the exit door ahead of her, so she quietly waits. The girls are not used to talking, since little cows are too shy and submissive to say anything. They are all dressed alike in white tank tops with numbers, and the skimpy shorts that are loose and tight all at once. Two nurses are at the front of the line, telling each girl about rules of deportment for the day. There will be special guests on the property for the afternoon.

Marilee remembers blundering into the business office on her second day crawling on all fours, soaking wet from her first public table bath. And she remembers Arlene, the business woman who helped her back where she belonged, and who hustled her into a utility closet and asked to taste her milk.

Arlene. That is the woman Ferdinand mentioned when she was giving him the smexi body slide in exchange for information, the woman he said could tell her things. She wonders how she can get in touch with Arlene.

Marilee is at the head of the line now. A nurse there tells her that special visitors are on the Farm today, that she must mind her manners at all times and be obedient, and speak only when spoken to. She looks down at her brief outfit in shame, but tells herself it’s okay, she’s not going outside. The door opens and she goes through.

But there are people in the business office! Even though it is Sunday. They must be very important and have a lot to do! Most of them are men, Marilee notices, but then her heart leaps to see Arlene talking to a group of people. Arlene turns to give her a hug.


“Hey yourself. How are you doing Marilee?”

“I be good. I’m going to make my phone call home.” Marilee notices that the men with Arlene are staring at the camel toe in her see-through shorts.

“Great. Stop by when you get done.”


Marilee goes to the offices where the phones are, closes the door, and dials the numbers. As it rings, she recalls how angry she’s been with her mother. There were so many things, especially on that first day, that her mom should have said! She could have been better prepared, but all she got was a couple stinging lashes from peeled willow switches and fingers poking at her. Being rolled around nude on the exam table with her teats hooked to pulsators. Getting slathered with lotion all over and having the nurse and doctor examine her. It was not how her parents taught her to act growing up. She’d be ashamed if her mom knew.

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