Mom is a Meteorologist Pt. 01


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


All characters represented in the following story are over 18. The bully and son characters are both in college.


My mother’s name was Isabella. She was a drop dead gorgeous Colombian woman that managed to somehow get sexier with age. She had a naturally curvy figure, which she kept looking fit and hot over the years.

In fact, she always took really good care of her entire body. From her beautiful tan skin and long, silky lush hair to her sizable firm ass and shapely hips. As you can imagine, her chest was nothing to scoff at either and she easily sported a D cup. She was completely irresistible and even though she was my mother, even I couldn’t help but admire her physique at times. Seeing her in a bikini would still drive me crazy every time.

She had a pretty face that always wore a gentle, sunny composure and she barely had to wear any make up, even when doing the news. Her outfits during the broadcasts were always quite fashionable and consistently stunning.

The guys in my class would frequently give me a hard time and tease me about her, commenting on how hot she looked in what she was wearing the night before. My bullies would go as far as admitting that they jerked off to her during the news and describing how hard my mom would make them cum. I was clearly well aware that she was attractive, and that since she was on live television, a lot of men would see her and possibly jack off while watching. In fact, men would ogle at and hit on her everywhere we go, so the guys in my class really weren’t able to bother me.

That was until my most persistent bully, Tyler, came up to me and said this, “I’m so glad your mom friended me on Facebook. She’s got some really hot fucking pics on there. I’ll ask her to friend some of the other guys in class too sometime.”

My chest pounded briefly at his oddly specific taunt. My mother was on social media a lot because of her career and had used and gotten into it a bit more than I would have liked. It was certainly possible that Tyler was telling the truth, even more so since he just walked away without elaborating.

When I got home that evening, my lovely mom greeted me at the door.

“Hey honey, how was your day?” she inquired after pecking me on the cheek.

I was anxious to ask her about Tyler, but decided to ease into it as to not alarm her. Mom was finishing some work on her laptop and leaning over right in front of me as I sat on the couch. I felt a bit ashamed as I stared at Mom’ buxom ass, which was practically swaying in my face.

It was difficult to stop my dick from gradually hardening the longer I looked at it. Thankfully, Mom joined me on the adjacent couch shortly after and we started to converse. It wasn’t hard to lean the conversation towards social media stuff and I eventually got to my question.

“Tyler? Oh yeah, I did. It was actually like two weeks ago. He said that he was a good friend of yours,” she responded when I mentioned my bully.

I just kind of nodded in shock so that she would go on. “He is always nice and polite we talk. He’s really funny too…” Mom added, giggling slightly as she izmit escort stretched on the couch.

My biggest bully, Tyler, told my mom that we were friends…The guy that jerks off to her almost every night has been regularly messaging my mom on Facebook over the last two weeks.

She said that she just added him out politeness, since he was my ‘friend’, but seemed genuinely interested in him as she continued to speak. I didn’t know what to say as I waited for her to finish. It would make her really uncomfortable, to say the least, if she knew what I did about Tyler. Although, I suppose the situation wasn’t as dire as I had imagined. From what I heard, they didn’t speak about anything in particular and Tyler was a perfect gentleman.

My mother was a very strong, career driven women and I felt certain that she would not tolerate it if he were inappropriate, or started to hit on her in anyway. My mom has been on almost all of the social media for a long time anyway and has always handled her interactions online well.

I guess that their messaging was harmless and there really no cause for concern. Tyler was probably just talking to her so he could torment me in class later. I did lament that Mom had eventually added Tyler on her other personal social media accounts, and that he was now able to see pictures of Mom meant only for family and friends, in particular the ones of her at the beach.

Another week flew by and everything seemed to go on as normal…

Mom started interacting with my bully Tyler quite frequently on Facebook. Not only did Tyler convince Mom that he was a close friend of mine, he got her to add a couple other of the guys from class who enjoyed bullying me, saying that they too were good friends.

Mom was eager to learn more about these ‘close friends’ whom she had somehow never heard about. She was on the computer a lot because of work, inevitably giving my three bullies lots of opportunities to chat her up.

Mom’s schedule was hectic at times and she was always busy with work stuff. She led a very successful career, but it left little to no time for socializing…or dating for that matter. To add to that, she hardly met any guys outside of work, so when these athletic, handsome, young men took such a keen interest in her, she couldn’t help but enjoy the attention…

It was Wednesday afternoon. Mom had just returned home from attending a work related event. She had the rest of the day off and the house to herself, which rarely ever happened. Mom was looking forward to some alone time.

She had a lot of pent up horniness that built up over time, but what really got her going were all of those muscular pics of Tyler that kept showing up in her feed yesterday. She could hardly wait to start masturbating after such a long time. The first thing she did when she got home was fetch her vibrator. Mom had gotten comfortable on the couch and had literally just slid off her panties and was moments away from plunging the toy into her already wet pussy, when the doorbell rang.

She jumped up, startled, and hastily readjusted the skirt of her dress and tossed the toy aside before running to the door…where another surprise madeinizmit.com was waiting for her.

“Oh, hey Miss Martinez.” My bully, Tyler, greeted my mom as she answered the door.

A strange sensation came over Mom as she met Tyler for the first time in person. Not knowing exactly what to do, Mom shyly invited him inside. She was flushed. The entire situation felt a lot more awkward to her, given what she was doing at the time, and of course, she was still horny as fuck. Tyler said he was here to return the book that I lent him, but that he really had taken without asking.

“He’s actually not home for another hour..” Mom explained to him that I had after school activities today, which Tyler already knew.

“Is it okay if I wait for him, Miss Martinez?” Tyler inquired.

“Ssure…can I get you something to drink?” Mom responded positively, gradually regaining her composure.

As Tyler was about to sit, Mom noticed the end of her vibrator poking out from underneath the couch. She hastily tried to kick it aside, almost falling over in the process. She would have fallen, but Tyler sprung up and caught her in his arms in time.

Mom’s heart was racing. Her face was red as my bully held her closely. She could feel clearly just how toned and muscular Tyler was as she gazed into his eyes. She couldn’t take it anymore. Mom plunged her tongue into Tyler’s mouth without warning. Isabella didn’t know what came over her, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Tyler knew my mom was horny and started to escalate things. He had been grinding his hard cock rhythmically against Mom’s back while they kissed. He took off his shirt and lifted Mom up, pushing her up against the wall so that they can have a thorough makeout session.

The room quickly filled with the indecent sound of my mom and my bully kissing passionately, their tongues intertwining ceaselessly.

Tyler then bends her over the nearby table and rolls up her skirt, liberally groping her ass in the process. He then proceeded to fondle her all over, from her well toned thighs, to her huge, natural cleavage sending crazy waves of pleasure throughout her entire body.

“Oh, your panties are already gone…were you expecting me Miss Martinez?” Tyler teased.

Mom moaned frequently at his rough touch and shook her hips in approval, as she impatiently awaited my bully’s cock. She looked over her shoulder, gasping in awe at the sight of Tyler whipping out his massive white cock.

He fondled her breasts roughly and repeatedly and slid his enormously erect cock between her thighs and pressed and rubbed his girthy shaft against her wet entrance. Mom moaned sweetly at the sensation of his bare cock pressed up against her pussy and rubbing persistently. She wriggled her hips in anticipation, desperately wanting my bully’s cock inside of her.

Tyler gladly complied, having already teased Mom’s body relentlessly. He gently spanks and grabs onto her plump ass before plunging the entirety of his huge white cock into my mom’s tight Hispanic pussy. It was Mom’s first time getting fucked by such a large, white cock and she savored every inch of my bully’s endowment as he began to screw her wildly on the table. Mom had been responding positively to my bully’s techniques so far, and his rough lovemaking was no exception.

Tyler undresses Mom gradually as he fucks her all around the room, the two eventually settling to screw on the couch. Mom’s tits swing like crazy as Tyler ploughs her pussy over and over.

“Hey Miss Martinez,” Tyler accelerates his thrusting drastically, “I beat up that wimp son of yours today.” Mom’s pussy tightened around my bully’s alpha cock as he spoke.

“He’s a fucking loser…we pick on him all the time,” Tyler broadened his strokes as he elaborated, “Should I stop??”

“God..no!!” Mom protested at the height of her pleasure, “Please…don’t stop Tyler!!” She was fixated on my bully’s dick.

Tyler accelerated once more. “So I have your permission to do anything I want to him?” Tyler continued to tease.

“Yess!! You can beat him up all you want!” Mom could barely speak through her intense moaning and only desired Tyler to keep fucking her.

“Haha…you’re a real slut for my dick Miss Martinez. Your pussy is clinging to it like crazy..” Tyler laughed as he prepared to climax.

“Yess!! yess!! yessss!! Fuck yes!! I’m your little slut!! I want you to fuck my naughty Latina pussy as hard as you can!!” Mom purred as my bully pleasured and pounded her thoroughly.

“Let’s make it official.” Tyler smirked.

He plunged his cock as hard and as deep into Mom’s pussy as he could and released his mighty ejaculation. Mom squirted and exclaimed in pure ecstasy as her womb was quickly flooded with my bully’s strong seed. Tyler’s ejaculation lasted for over 30 seconds, after which he finally pulled out his dick, now completely satisfied. As he did, large amounts of semen dripped out, staining Mom’s legs and thighs and significantly.

The two remained on the couch, kissing while soaked in each other’s fluids.

“I’m going to fuck your pussy raw and fill you with my unprotected load every single day from now on Miss Martinez,” Tyler declared.

Mom nodded earnestly in approval and resumed kissing my bully.

The lovers were brought back to Earth when Isabella heard the gate open outside. The two hastily threw their clothes back on and walked towards the door. As I entered, I was greeted by my beautiful mother’s smile.

I was happy to see her, until I noticed my bully, Tyler, on the couch.

“Oh, hey, I came to return this.” before I could say anything, Tyler walked up behind my mother and handed me the book he had taken without permission.

Something seemed odd. Tyler was wearing an unsettling grin and Mom seemed visibly exerted. Her hair and clothes were a bit ruffled too. Mom came closer and hugged me as part of her welcome, before I could notice the bit of Tyler’s cum that was still oozing on her thigh. She pulled on the skirt of her dress awkwardly when I couldn’t see, in an attempt to hide it. Tyler grinned triumphantly as he watched us, knowing that Mom was embracing me while her pussy and her panties were stained with his substantial creampie.

“Tyler actually just got here,” Mom lied when I asked how long he was here.

I felt reassured by her answer and my confidence was renewed that he wouldn’t get anywhere with my mom.

“Well…it’s getting late,” Tyler announced, bidding us farewell as he walked through the door.

…Something just didn’t seem right.

..to be continued

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