Molly’s Slavery Ch. 2

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Marcus reached down and detached her from his cock, half grinning to himself as she reluctantly allowed him to remove it from her mouth. She was a hot one alright. He was going to enjoy using her. Already plans for her were racing through his head. He had accepted their invitation with a little uncertainty as to how the woman was going to react, how she was going to adapt to his treatment of her. So far, this slut had shown him she was the perfect slave, but there was more…much more… that he wanted to do to her still.

He nodded abstractly towards Josh, who sat slumped and breathless in his chair. “He has made rather a mess I think. Crawl over there and clean it all up, cumslut.” As Molly obediently crawled over to her husband and started licking the cum up, Marcus left them for a few minutes. He picked up the bag he had left unseen just inside the door, and slipped out of the room.

When he returned, not long later, he had changed his clothes. He was now dressed in a white muscle shirt, and tight leather pants that were cut away like chaps in the crotch, his half soft cock swaying as he walked. On his feet he wore cowboy boots. He set the bag down beside the sofa and took a seat, making himself comfortable, and turned his eyes to his property.

Molly was just finishing lapping the last of the cum from Josh’s cock and belly. Marcus smiled at the sight of her. She was nuzzled between Josh’s thighs, on hands and knees, with her tongue doing it’s work like a puppy. She was the perfect picture of a slave. He was going to enjoy this!

“Is it all clean? Did it get every drop?” He asked, addressing his question to Josh, who gave a silent nod and tried to straighten himself up in the chair. “Good. Now crawl over here slut, I have a job for you while I talk with our guest.”

Molly was confused at his wording, but only for a few seconds. At first she thought Marcus was the guest of course, but then she rememebred…. for the duration of this escapade, Marcus owned her, which meant Josh was the guest simply by way of being allowed to stay and watch. She obediently crawled over to kneel in front of her Master, looking up at him for further instructions. Perhaps she was secretly hoping for some praise or arousal, but he simply waved down at himself in a rather uninterested way, almost ignoring her.

“My cock is getting cold. Put it in your mouth to keep it warm until I wish to use it again. No sucking, do you understand, slut? Just keep it warm, and don’t let it out of your mouth until I say to.”

Feeling a little let down, Molly leaned in and took his cock in her mouth, working it in until almost all of it’s half soft length was in her mouth. Marcus sat with his knees Tipobet spread and began to talk with Josh. They talked about sports, politics, horse racing….. they talked about anything but Molly, and they talked for what seemed like hours to her as she cradled his cock in her mouth motionlessly. In fact, they paid her absolutely NO attention at all, and Molly began to feel hurt, until it dawned on her that that was exactly how a piece of property would be treated, and THAT was what she was. This realization made her blush, as she felt instantly humiliated… and at once aroused!

Marcus looked at his watch, then leaned over to open the bag at his feet, without affecting Molly’s mouth on his cock. He began to pull things out of it, preparing items that Molly couldn’t really see from her vantage point of having her face pressed in his crotch, and that Josh couldn’t identify either from the other side of the room.

Finally he spoke to her, although he still did not look at her. “Fine slave, you can let go now. I’m rested; it’s time I got to work on you.”

Molly lifted her head, her lips and jaw aching from holding his cock in the same position for so long. He reached to grip her nipples and gave them a firm pinch and tug, testing them once more. She winced at the pain, but her breath came out in a moan, and he smiled.

“A very nice set.” He commented. “Quite hurtable, don’t you think? Perfect titflesh for torturing.” He was looking at Josh, ignoring Molly all together, talking about her as if she was an object. Josh looked at his wife, not sure what to say. He knew she loved him to pinch and twist her nipples, to bite them, especially when she was really hot, but how much pain was this guy talking about? As he watched Marcus abstractly twisting and pinching, tighter and harder; watched Molly’s back arch in response and her ass wiggle ever so slightly, he gulped and nodded. Molly sure looked like she was enjoying it, and Josh had to admit it aroused him thinking about watching this man hurt her tits. It aroused him thinking of this man doing anything to her! He just wasn’t sure what the word torturing entailed.

Marcus smiled at him. “Good, because I simply love a set of tits that crave pain.” With that, he instructed Molly to get on her hands and knees so her large tits hung down from her body. He picked up a length of rope and began to work quickly, yet expertly on them, wrapping the rope around one tit and pulling it tight. Molly winced and sucked in her breath as the tit was squeezed by the rope.

“Tight enough, slut?” Marcus asked, addressing her directly for the first time in a long time.

“Y…yes Sir.” She said, her emotions reeling inside her. Tipobet Giriş It was very tight. It hurt a LOT! But, she loved it!

Marcus gave a wicked laugh and jerked the rope, pulling it instantly much tighter, making her lose her breath for a few seconds.

“One of the few occasions where I would prefer no as your response.” He said firmly, as he tied off the rope. He picked up the second rope and tied her other tit the same, again asking her if it was tight enough. Breathlessly she gave him the “no” he wanted, and he smiled as he jerked it tighter and tied it off.

“Excellent.” He said, lifting his eyes to Josh. “It’s a quick learner.” Then he stood to his feet and gripped Molly’s long hair in his fingers, twisting until she let out a yelp. He pulled her up by the hair and turned her around to face Josh. As she rose up, her titflesh sunk back against her chestwall, and the ropes felt even tighter. The purple hue of her tits was a starkly different color now to the pale fleshtone of the rest of her body.

“Artwork!” Marcus said, his voice laced with pleasure as he looked at her. “Pure artwork! Just the color tits are meant to be. Do you agree Josh?”

Josh gulped. He shuddered at the thought of the pain the ropes must be causing, but at the same time he just couldn’t help the feelings he was getting from looking at his wife’s dark tits bulging like hard dark mellons on her chest. He tried to speak but instead all he did was groan, and his cock lept where is lay still exposed on his lap. Speechless, he nodded.

Marcus was looking around frowning. Finally he motioned Josh to join him at Molly’s side. “Your ceiling just isn’t going to be of any help. I would be able to do so much more to this slave if I had it in my own dungeon. We will have to improvise. Take it’s hands and hold them above it’s head…. tightly. Don’t let it move! These tits need a good workover.” He looked down at the slave, kneeling, hands held above her head, tits tied, totally helpless and at HIS mercy. He felt his cock harden more at the thought of what he was about to do to her. Tits were his absolute favorite toys!

He reached in to his bag and pulled out a flat wooden stick, much like a long ruler. He flexed it, as if testing it for strength, then swung it through the air. It made a whooosh sound that made Molly flinch. He lifted his eyes to Josh with a stern warning look.

“Remember, hold it tight. You can’t stop this… I’ll have my way with it until I am satisfied, as long as it doesn’t use the word.” With that, he raised his hand and swung the stick. Whoosh… smack… it connected with Molly’s left tit, striking it squarely across the nipple. She arched her Tipobet Güncel Giriş back, threw her head back, and let out a loud gasp. Whoooosh… smack….. Again the stick struck, this time across the nipple of her right tit. Molly cried out and writhed with the pain, but said nothing.

Josh almost let go of her hands. For a few seconds he was shocked at what this man was doing to his wife, and shocked that he wasn’t finding it as distastefull to watch as he thought he should. He thought he should let her hands fall, grab her and hug her, and tell her he wouldn’t let this monster hurt her like that again. But when her body lurched, and her head tossed back, she looked up at him, and when her eyes met his, they were filled with a look he rarely saw in them. A look that clearly told him she wanted this, she craved this,… she needed this! It was a look that instantly made Josh’s cock stand at attention, and get harder and harder with each strike of the stick to her tormented tits.

Marcus, on the other hand, was reading his slave extremely well. He knew she was drinking up the tit pain like a sponge, and he was quite certain he was going to be able to accomplish his task with ease… and a whole lot of personal pleasure to boot! He swung the stick over and over, landing strike after strike on her tits and nipples, the reddening tone of the abuse easily penetrating the purple caused by the ropes. She writhed especially delightfully when he struck the tips of her nipples, and his cock was getting uncomfortably hard.

Molly lifted her eyes to meet her Master’s and he smiled. The eyes held that glazed over look he wanted to see; that look of a painslut in desperate need to cum from her tortures. His face took on a look of purpose, and he lifted the stick to swing.

“That’s it slut! Cum! Let the pain do what you need it to do!! CUM, you painloving whore!!!” The stick landed with a smack against her tormented flesh, and instantly she began to convulse. She let out a scream, rolled her eyes, and arched her tits forward. Marcus picked up the pace now, striking faster and harder as she came, wildly, before them. Not a hand, not an object, was touching her cunt or her clit, yet she writhed and screamed in extacy as her orgasm raged through her, over and over and over.

Marcus dropped the stick to the floor and barked a command at Josh. “Drop it! Let it fall to the floor!”

Josh hesitated in a daze, until he remembered that it was Molly, and dropped her hands like a hot potato. Molly tumbled to the floor, exhausted. Marcus wiped the sweat from his brow as he looked down at her. Josh stumbled backwards until he found something to sit on, and fell clumsily onto it. He couldn’t believe what had just happened! He had just watched his wife… no, helped her… get her tits beaten, and it had given her the most incredible orgasm he had ever seen her have. Not only that, but, his cock was soft again and he had cum all over himself!

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