Misogynistic Fantasies Ch. 04

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Conclusion: A chance meeting

She was pulling the cart with this week’s vegetable harvest, her master sitting directly above and behind her, her buttocks an easy target for his whip. She was naked, harnessed in place, but still with ankles and wrists fettered and joined. It was not easy stepping forward with her ankle chain joining her feet so closely. But the master liked her that way. He had plenty of time to see the cart delivered to the market place. He as usual was worried more about his slave escaping. Treating her like this helped him sleep easier at night.

A rich looking carriage was coming the other way from the center of town. She expected it to pass on, but her master pulled the reins on her, while the carriage did similarly to its horse. Someone leaned out of the carriage. She knew him! A minor but up and coming business man. She had recently knighted him for some state service. His name …?

`Greeting Sir Justine,’ her master said, `Did you want to talk now about that matter of your state dinner? Do you know your needs yet. I will keep my plumpest pigs and goats in reserve for you.’

Sir Justine failed to answer. He was suddenly distracted by the sight of the dirty bedraggled naked slave girl on the road next to him. `What could be coming over me?’ he thought. He felt a distinct attraction. `Impossible. But no, I feel the erection.’

Unbeknown to Sir Justine, his finely tuned sense of survival among dangerous power relations had kicked in. Certain instincts were signaling the presence of a dangerous power, others signaled the presence of great opportunity for power to himself, and they were merged with his daylight sight into a compelling urge to dominate what stood before him.

Just knowing consciously that there was something here worth pursuing, Sahabet he found himself saying, `No need to discuss that now. But this slave of yours, after her tasks for today are done, I would consider it a favor if you could deliver her to the stable of my manor. I shan’t keep her long, but you may take one of my slaves back with you – I’ll arrange everything before tonight – so you won’t be inconvenienced while I keep her.’

The young queen heard her master’s ready agreement. The carriage moved on and the whip bit into her buttocks. She stood still in shock, the whip stroke barely registering. `Had Sir Justine recognized me? Then why not rescue me?’ A cascade of further lashing descended on her.

`Move worthless slave.’

This time she moved. The whipping continued. She sped up to a slow cantor, the best she could manage while pulling the cart hobbled. The whip strokes stopped. She maintained her best gait. `He – my master – seems really angry.’

`That is the first time I’ve thought about my master as he’ she mused. `The prospect of freedom has loosened my thoughts. But no, Sir Justine just sensed something. But I’ll soon be alone with him, free of this muzzle. I soon will be free, be Queen again.’ The thought was too overwhelming. She cautiously pulled back into her slave self. `I have to maintain this until late tonight. But then …’ She pulled back her thoughts again and concentrated on maintaining her pace.


‘I liked that one.’


‘The Slavegirl Queen. It was similar to the Gor incident one in a way. The mighty fallen into abject slavery. But that poor young queen, still the mighty one but yet condemned to the lowest slavery. It made my skin tingle; thinking of myself as her is so arousing.’

He looked Sahabet Giriş at her. Completely naked as always, he could see her hardened nipples jutting out and gripping each of the rings so tightly the piercings were barely visible and the rings seemed to emerge directly from each nipple’s tender flesh. Similarly for the four rings piercing her pussy lips, which were glistening all around her becoming gaping vagina.

‘Yes, I can see’ he responded, leaning forward in his chair and reaching over towards between her widely spread kneeling legs to grab the chain connecting all six rings and to tug on it.

‘Ooff’ she grunted, leaning forward to ease the tension a bit. He tugged some more. All six rings were now firmly his to command. Her eyes both plead for less and begged for more. He stood up. She looked up at him helpless.

‘Worthless slave. I found you in a bookstore. You, a queen in disguise?’

‘I might be. You know nothing of my homelife, master.’

‘Up.’ He pulled upward as she scampered onto her feet; her wrists were bound behind her back, but her ankles were as yet unbound. Looking up at him, he lowered his head and kissed her. As usual she fell entirely into his kiss, surrendering herself again to him, welcoming the feel of her chains and piercings that spoke of her willing enslavement.

‘They are in love’ Victoria said, kneeling by the wall next to the slave queen.

‘How touching’ the slave queen replied, resentment burning in her eyes. ‘Why couldn’t you or I receive such tender treatment?’

‘I deserved what he did with me. I was arrogant and privileged and uncaring. I hate being the lowest work slave, but I feel the justice in it.’

‘And me? I was, am, a good queen. Did I deserve this? He did it to me purely out Sahabet Güncel Giriş of blood lust.’

As he and the bookstore slavegirl kissed, she felt her slave sister’s thoughts. She loved him, but … ‘Master, why do you separate yourself from us, we three always the slaves, you always the master? We four together are simply you; you must know that.’

He was startled out of his revelry. What had just happened? He opened his eyes.

He was in a great hall, surrounded by soldiers and nobles. There was the Slave Queen, royally dressed on her throne. At a nod from her he was stripped naked, chained hand and foot and driven by whips to crawl to her feet. Terrified he kissed them.

`I should thank you, Sir Justine has freed me just in time for this.’ He cowered at her feet.

‘You are lucky I am a good queen. You can thank yourself for imagining me thus. So I will be just and even merciful.’

He found himself tethered to the work slave Victoria, scrubbing the apartment floor of the bookstore lady. She sat nearby, dressed for her job. She looked at him tenderly. ‘I still love you. Come.’

He crawled over to her, Victoria pulled after by their tether. Still sitting she bent over to kiss his upturned face. `I plan to show you my love exactly how you showed yours to me.’ She stood up and moved towards the apartment door.

`I expect my apartment to be sparkling when I return from work.’

‘Yes my lady’ Victoria deferentially replied. The two work slaves continued their strenuous scrubbing.

At last, he woke up. From his brief nap.

And from his long sleep in life.


‘I wonder, could I buy you a cup of coffee when you are free? I think your shift ends soon. ‘

She looked at him. He seemed familiar, a regular customer she supposed. The books he was buying spoke well for him. Probably a young instructor. A coffee? Well, why not?

‘Sure. I’ll be free at 3:00.’

‘That’s great. Thank you.’ He picked up his purchases and turned to leave.

‘I’ll be free too.’

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