Miami Ch. 05



I was awoken by a sharp pain deep inside my ass, like a hot fire in my stretched and abused rectum, smothered by the weight of a man’s body on top of mine. Henry was on me, and inside me, fucking me hard with his almost foot long rock hard cock! He was grunting as he pounded into me, breathing his hot breath on the back of my neck as he raped me. I couldn’t even cry out as he thrust into me, as my face was buried in the pillow. All I could do was clench the bed covers in my hands and take it! Even though he was hurting me, my own cock was throbbing hard, and before he filled my sore pussy with his hot cum, I spilled my own on the bed.

He rolled off me leaving me open and dripping with his semen, unable to move, feeling bruised and even though hurt, incredibly empty. The memories of what he’d done to me flooded my mind, and as I heard him begin to snore, I drifted back to sleep in the darkness of the early morning, thinking of what a whore I was! I felt dirty and disgusted, yet somehow so deeply satisfied, it was hard to believe. How could I actually like being used in such a way! What was wrong with me?

I rolled over against his hard body, laying my arm across his chest, and nuzzling my face in his exposed armpit. His body still smelled faintly of Old Spice, but was now mingled with the smell of sweat, strong body musk, and ass! I realized it was the smell of my own ass, and the scent of our sex filled my nostrils, and rather than being disgusted with it, I thought it smelled like heaven! I felt so depraved, and so utterly satisfied, and found myself wishing he’d wake up and ravage me again. I drifted off to sleep again, comforted by the feel of his hot flesh pressed against mine, my fingers entwined with his, dreaming of dark forbidden love.

I awoke sometime after daybreak, and opened my eyes to see Miami’s huge cock dangling in my face. His massive man meat smelled of cunt! He said “Good morning Baby Boy”, and I said “You need to wash that nasty thing!” He just laughed and passed me the crack pipe he had in his hand so I could have a much needed Avrupalı porno morning wake up. I took it willingly, and let the rich smoke fill my lungs as I watched him walk naked into Henry’s bathroom to take a much needed shower. Frankly we all needed one, especially me, for I was covered in cum, both mine and Henry’s. I felt a deep love for my beautiful slim, black man, and sadly knew that I would never be anything to him but a whore to be used at his will.

He shortly emerged from the bathroom, all clean again, toweling his hair dry and walked around to Henry’s side of the bed and shook him awake. Henry awoke, and Miami told him it was time to pay up, that he needed more coke. Henry reached for his wallet, and pulled out a wad of bills and handed them to Miami. He was paying Miami for me! I realized at that moment that I truly was a whore, bought and paid for, and Miami was my pimp! Henry stated plainly that I was everything he’d told me I would be, and worth every bit of what he’d paid for me. Then he told Miami to hurry back with the coke, and they’d double team me. He said “I bet this bitch can take two dicks at one time!”

If I’d known where my clothes were, I think I would have left, but I couldn’t find them anywhere, and the keys to my truck were in my jeans. And only a small part of me wanted to leave, a small part that was fighting a losing battle with the bigger part of me, that was a cock and cum addicted slut. I just submitted myself to Henry as he led me to the bathroom, and knew I was his to do with as he pleased. He turned on the shower and pushed me in, placed his strong hands on my shoulders, and forced me to my knees.

I was face to face with his beautiful black cock, and I thought he wanted me to suck it. Instead, he took it in his hand and started pissing on me! My hair, face, and shoulders were soon dripping with his hot stream of urine, as he roughly forced open my mouth, to empty the last drops inside it! He said Miami said I liked this, and though I should have been sickened, I felt my cock swelling, and began sucking his Video porno cock with a vengeance. My hands reached around and explored the crack of his ass as he fucked my mouth, my finger probing his tight hole. Unlike Miami, he didn’t stop me as I slipped it inside his hot flesh!

He stood me up and forced me against the wall and told me to spread my legs. I felt the head of his penis line itself up with my eager opening, and he thrust up into me so hard and deep it nearly raised me of my feet! I was yelling fuck me as I felt his cock rubbing against my prostate and I knew he was going to make me cum again!

As my semen splattered on the shower wall he shoved his cock up into me again, and again, finally holding it deep inside me, and filling me with another of his hot flows, and I wondered how much of that wonderful juice one man could have in him. I was disappointed when he pulled from me, leaving me open and wanting more. As he soaped me up and washed my back and severely ravaged ass, even washing my cock, I thought about both him and Miami taking turns fucking me, and my hungry insides tingled in anticipation.

I lathered up Henry’s hard, muscular, slim body, and washed him clean of our sex from the night before. His nipples grew hard as little rocks as I ran my soapy hands over his chest, and caressed them with the tips of my fingers, working my way down to the beautiful trail of wiry hair that extended from his navel and merged with the nest of dark hair that surrounded his thick cock and huge balls. The tight curly hair on his thighs felt wonderful against the skin of my palms, as I knelt before him and washed his long thin legs. My hands worked their way down them, starting at his hips, caressing their way down, then working their way back up the inside to the wonderful strip of hairy flesh that separated his balls from his tight anal opening.

I gently washed his hot, hairy booty hole, carefully easing the tip of my finger inside him, imagining what it would feel like to push my cock into the hot flesh of his virgin chute, and feel it mold itself to my bare skin. I knew that wasn’t going to happen, because like Miami’s tight hole, it was territory never before charted by a cock, and resolved myself to just being allowed to explore it with my tongue.

I got around behind him, and did just that, spreading his ass cheeks wide, and burying my face in his now clean, hairy crack, and pushing my tongue into him, licking him hard and deep. I thought of how easy it would be to stand up and thrust my now throbbing cock into him before he realized what was happening, robbing him of his virginity, but stopped myself. Somehow, I knew if I did, he would beat me senseless, or maybe even kill me! So I just satisfied myself by kissing and licking that forbidden spot, feeling his hairy ass cheeks against my face, and pressing my nose against his big ball sack and breathing in his wonderful scent, working my open mouth up and down his dangling cock, anticipating the feel of it back inside me! I wanted to be used like the whore I was, over and over, giving him everything he paid for!

We emerged from the shower, both of us clean and fresh, ready for what I knew would be another day of drug and alcohol fired lust, with him using me like a dirty whore, and me wanting to be used. I lay on the freshly made bed, evidently the work of his own bitch, and wondered what kind of power these two men had that could make me melt inside, and do anything they asked of me. Men who would never love, but demanded to be loved, and could make you succumb to their every decadent desire. Men who took pleasure in using me like a whore, taking away all of my freewill, and I felt a deep love for Miami for opening me up to this new world.

I realized now that all the men he had given me to fuck, even his cousin Jr. and his tasty young nephew Avery belonged to him just as I did, and just like me, they were all his whores! He was our pimp, and we were his stable. They paid for his nice clothes and jewelry, and fed his habit for coke, as I would now!

I was a whore, but I felt like the queen of harem, the favorite wife of a dark black sultan, and I knew from then on out, I would forever do his bidding. I would take care of him, and he would take care of me, and as long as we were together, I would never have to search for the cock I loved so much!


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