Memories of Our First Couple Swap


My first attempt after many years of wanting to write one! Any help is welcome!:)

I am lying in bed in a bit of a haze after last nights activities. My memory comes back vividly am I am Stroking myself thinking about sucking on your big beautiful nipples while your man fucks you from behind so that your boobs swing about and slap into my face, then sliding down to 69 and slowly licking down your body around your boobs down your stomach around your belly button. Taking long slow strokes across your groin and down the sides of your pussy licking your outer lips and using my tongue to open you up while you suck my cock head into your mouth.

Your man has pulled out and is making out with Caitlin while they watch us suck and lick, she has his big cock in her little hand and is stroking it. His hands are running over her body feeling her ass and boobs.

I’ve opened up your pussy enough with my tongue and I am sucking your clit and inner labia into my mouth, you are getting wetter and wetter so that it is starting to drip onto my face. You have a finger in my ass and I slide one into yours and we make the same slow strokes in and out

Caitlin is in all fours next to us getting fucked hard by your man she is making little squeaking noises as she gets closer and closer to cumming

You have got my whole cock in your throat and you are rocking back and forth sliding it in and out I can feel your drool running down my balls and over my ass while the rocking motion is sliding your clit over my face and tongue. You want to feel my cock inside you so you pull back and my cock slides out your mouth pulling a trail of saliva with it.

Your man has flipped Caitlin onto her back and is licking at her beautiful little pussy with long slow strokes making her moan and gasp when he brushes her clit, he stops before she cums and kneels next to her head to present his hard cock to her she licks konyaescort.org it up and down getting it wet and slippery so she can take it into her mouth. He slides into her mouth with a groan but she can’t take it all so she holds him back with her hand at the base of his cock. He is pumping his cock in and out and once he knows her limit she moves her hand down to cup his balls while he squeezes her boobs and twists her nipples making them stick out super hard. He notices her legs are wide open and her pussy is glistening with girl juices and begging to be touched so he slides a couple fingers into her and finger fucks her almost in rhythm with his cock in her mouth.

You paused to watch your man and Caitlin but my cock brushing against your lips brings you back to “us” your pussy lips are glistening and your juices cause trails where they touch my dick. I have my hands on your boobs squeezing and lifting them twisting your nipples every so slightly you rub my dick head between your lips and slowly lower yourself onto me sighing with pleasure as I slide into you in one long slow stroke so you sink all the way down and have my full length inside you you rock back and forth rubbing your clit against my public bone. Your pussy is so tight around my cock it feels like it is sucking it and the heat is incredible. Your juices and my precum have caused a frothy ring of lube to form around the base of my cock and you use a finger to scoop it up and put it in my mouth while we kiss and use our tongues to share our combined juices. After it’s all swallowed you raise back up your nipples and boobs pointing out in the air and start riding me hard slamming your ass down on me while I try to hold onto your ass with both hands. You have your hands together on my chest which pushes your boobs together and raises them up even further. It’s a heavenly sight your hard nipples poking out in front of your gorgeous konya escort breasts and your face above slack with pleasure and sheened with sweat.

Caitlin is sharing your desire to ride a cock so she pushes your man off into his back and straddles him. She grasps his cock in her hand and rubs it up and down her slit to get it wet while they make out and suck each other’s tongues. Your man licks his way to her nipples and sucks and bites on them making Caitlin gasp and plunge herself down on his cock taking his whole length into her, she has her back to us and as she leans forward we can see her wet little pussy stretched out around his cock and she moves up and down her pussy lips get pulled out and in until she works up enough lube to slide in and out with no resistance. Your man is squeezing her ass and pulling her ass cheeks apart so we can see her asshole winking at us Caitlin slams down hard and grinds she has one finger rubbing her clit in front and your man slips a finger in her ass this pushes her over the edge and her gasps turn silent as she cums hard on his fat dick. She collapses in a heap on his chest and his dick plops out of her totally covered in her slime. You can’t resist and you reach over and lick it clean and start sucking him off, you run your tongue up and down and all around his dick making sure you get every drop of their combined juices even what ran down over his balls he is groaning and moaning and his balls are tightening getting ready to empty. I can’t thrust into you any more so I slide out and kneel behind you, I spread your ass apart and start to lick your asshole and thrust my tongue into your pussy! I suck two fingers into my mouth to get

then wet and press them into you curling them down to stroke your g spot my mouth and tongue are latched onto your ass as my fingers ram in and out I can feel you are starting to cum but I haven’t had enough of fucking you yet so I reluctantly leave your ass hole and slam my cock back into you.

Caitlin has recovered from her orgasm and is kissing your man and playing and licking his nipples then she crawls down and starts to share his cock with you you make out around it and lick each other’s tongues and mouths while licking and sucking his cock and balls he is moaning and groaning and his hips are thrusting, I can see his balls tightening and his dick swelling as he gets ready to explode, with a final gasp his back arches and he starts shooting streams of cum Caitlin continues to jerk him while aiming the cum at your boobs coating them and your nipples in sticky thick cum.

He eventually stops cumming and Caitlin squeezes the last drops from his cock rubbing them slowly into his head making him twitch.

I tell Caitlin to lie down beneath you and push you down until you are lying flat on top of her your cum covered boobs pressed into hers she opens her legs and you are between them while I close your thighs which squeezes your pussy around my cock making it extra tight I begin making long slow strokes in and out of your pussy and I can feel our orgasms building you and Caitlin are making out and licking each other’s tongues while your pussy is so wet it’s dripping down onto hers, Caitlin reaches down between your legs and starts running tour clit which send you over the edge and with a shudder and a gasp you start to cum, there is no sound you just arch your back and I feel your pussy clench around my cock this pushes me over the edge and I start cumming thick streams of cum into your pussy it’s so much it overfills you and it starts running out over Caitlin hand and pussy and the I pull out my cock and aim the last few spurts at yours and Caitlins pussies coating them. Well all roll off each other and collapse in a heap of sweaty cummy bliss. As we lie in our post orgasm fuzz we are all stroking each other and I find my hand near your mans dick with a glance I ask if it’s ok to touch he nods and I start to tug it gently. I thought I had cum fully but I’m starting to get hard again…

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