Megan Ch. 02

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Ch. 2 The Bar

We went to the nearest quite bar that I could think of in a hurry, attracting every single view along the way, which was not quite surprising. Obviously, Megan was an eye-stopper being as tall as she was. But, at 8’4″ in her heels, it was over a certain psychological limit, not to mention that her body would be impressive at average height, specially her massively muscled long legs, and her wide powerful back. And as a cherry on top of all that was my averagely-built 5’7″ frame barely taller than her legs, and significantly thinner. I bet only one of her legs was heavier than my entire body; it was certainly stronger.

Entering the bar was more interesting that I expected as the door was only 7 feet high, and of normal width. It was like watching Alice in wonderland. Megan had to bend over to fit her height, and then turn sideways to fit her shoulders, which made her breasts and ass scrape on the doorframes. Fuck me, that’s amazing; an 18 year-old girl too large for a doorway.. and she was on a date with me! I remembered my new neighbour and how I had daydreamed about her towering frame after meeting her in the elevator. She was quite tall but, compared to Megan…

As we entered the hallway, there was just enough space for her to stand up with her head grazing the ceiling. Which reminded me, the standard height for ceilings was actually 2.5m or exactly 8’4″. Acting the gentleman, as I offered to help Megan with her jacket I remembered that I could barely reach a ceiling while standing on a chair. Hmmm, this might be a bit complicated.

Meanwhile Megan accepting the offer, turned her perfectly huge ass towards me almost swatting me. I had to take a step back only to find my back against a wall, her mare-sized ass only inches from my chest. It was about elbow length wide and had that sexy protrusion that can only be found on really voluptuous girls. As I was never a fan of small thin butts, this was a blessing. And the way that dress was hugging her shape tightly made me gulp. Her hair was also amazingly hot, thickly braided and ending somewhere between her butt cheeks.

I was about to compliment her hair when Megan noticed something on her shoe and promptly bending over to clean it. If you’ve ever seen a girl in a tightly-hugging mini dress bend over, you’ll know what a heart-stopping moment that is. Her ass grew wider, closed the gap and pinned my torso and arms against the wall. I couldn’t move a muscle and it was quite difficult to take a breath. As she was getting up again, her ass cheeks pinched my torso like a toothpaste tube pushing all the air out. Finally free, and silently regaining my breath I moved my hands upwards to see about helping her with the jacket. I was right: I could barely reach her shoulders, but luckily she helped me by shrugging, thereby lowering the jacket a bit.

We found a place in a secluded separated part, with half-circle barchair-height sofas and a high table. I wasn’t too happy with the place as the leg rung was too low for me to reach, but Megan had no such problem; her legs were resting easily on the floor. Actually, her knees barely fit in the half-circle, one of her knees touching my side of the sofa, and the other sticking out.

We exchanged the basic information though the first bottle of wine, I found out that when she was a kid she had problems with hormone balance, apparently she has always had problems with her pituitary gland. She explained that it was the controlling gland for hormonal distribution, even directing other glands.

These problems caused trouble with her metabolism that made her really fat during her childhood and even up to her high school days. As a direct coincidence all of the kids her age made fun of her. This motivated her to start training with her father’s weights in the basement, at first secretly but soon openly. But due to her health issues it was impossible to lose weight, which made her train more in frustration. But what she didn’t realize is that underneath that overweight body she developed a massive muscular frame. As she later discovered, her body was blessed with a very rare problem of hypermuscularity, caused by the inability of her body to react to a certain protein. This was genetic, not related to her gland.

So by high school she was already a massive mountain of muscle hidden under pound and pounds of fat. During her freshman year, she lost control of herself and hurt some seniors. She was for this reason expelled. Her father couldn’t take care of her with his constant business trips, and her mother had passed away a long time ago so she was sent to her aunt, and from there she graduated high school by correspondence.

During this time she continued her training even harder, and her weight problems also suddenly disappeared, uncovering her massive muscles. But her massive growth spurts started at about age 14 when she was expelled, and she grew from 6’2″ to the current 7’8″.

By the end of the story ankaraescortbayansitesi.com we had finished the first bottle, this time she decided to go order another, and I had a great time watching her sway her way over to the bar and lean over to order. The bartender’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

She returned with the wine, this time sitting next to me. Unfortunately due to her sheer size, she almost sat on top of me; I had to quickly scramble out of her way. She finally placed her massive ass right next to me, pushing me away when her ass spread in contact with the sofa. “Why don’t we sit a bit closer?” she said, resting her massive arm heavily on my shoulders and pulling me in closer.

In this position my head was level with her shoulders and I had to look almost straight up to see her. Looking down, all I could see was the impossible size difference of my leg compared to hers. While my thigh was on the sofa almost to the knees, only her ass was resting on the sofa, while the rest of her leg was sticking way out. And as the sofa was about two feet high, my legs were hanging a few inches above the floor, while her knees were slightly above our sitting position, and her massive thighs were taking up all the space under the table.

With a sly smile and a sexy side-long glance she told me: “I could really enjoy some apple juice before the wine.”

“Should I go order it?”

“No need; we can use these,” she said, pointing at the apples on the table. Before I had a chance to ask what she was thinking, she grabbed one, brought it over her glass and closed her fist over it. Her forearm ballooned with muscle for a second, and juice flowed from her hand to the glass.

“I just love freshly-squeezed fruit. Would you like one?” she asked innocently, like she just did the most normal thing. It took me a few seconds to form words, and I managed to answer “Positively,” dying to see that again.

“Oh you’re so cute, shocked like that. I just want to kiss you to pieces,” she says realizing how much she surprised me.

She placed a second apple in the hand of the arm that was draped around my shoulder so I could see everything up close. This time she took her time, slowly crushing the life out of the fruit, faking a little grunt of effort. Even when the apple was already crushed, she continued the show a bit longer showing me her power, proud of it, knowing that I was growing hornier with each display. This time the remains were almost nonexistent.

The second bottle went much faster, although I was drinking very little by then. I guess Megan could drink much more due to her amazing metabolism. I offered to go for another bottle, and she agreed. Standing on the inside of the half-circle I noticed that Megan’s huge and long legs blocking the way complicated getting out.

“Having problems, Tiny?” she smiled.

I quickly went down on my knees and passed under her legs. “No, I can manage thank you.”

“Mhmm. Resourceful little man, I must tell you I really liked you down there.”

On return, before I had a chance to think where to sit, Megan grabbed me and placed me onto her lap, my legs between those monstrous thighs, firmly pressing me into her body, her breast into my chest, and planted a big kiss on my lips. “Now that’s much better isn’t it?” My face was now only a bit lower than hers. She was starting to get a bit drunk as well.

“Joey, I have to tell you something: I know I may look a bit big, and strong on the outside, but on the inside I’m quite sensitive, and I’m really beginning to like you. And as you have probably noticed I have very little experience with dating boys. Please be gentle and patient with me, and I promise I will do my best to make it up to you.”

“W.. Wow. Don’t worry I will take care of you, and be gentle, I promise,” my mouth answered while alarms went off in my head. Be gentle? Who was I kidding; she could hurt me if she accidentally sat on me. “But how come? A pretty girl like you, I would have thought boys would flock at your feet.”

“Well, it’s a bit embarrassing but, first there was the problem of everyone making fun of me for being so fat. Also, remember how I told you about my hormone problems. Well, I didn’t know it at the time, but my growth spurts were also followed by surges of sexual hormones. This was a way of my body keeping up with growth spurts. A side effect to that was that at some moments I was uncontrollably horny. It got to a point where I had to go to the bathroom and touch myself to relieve the pressure. And I didn’t know what was causing them then, it went well with my image of myself as a freak; puberty you know.

“So it wasn’t really the fight with the kids. I’m not very proud of the exact story but I think I can trust you. The boys who were making fun of me, I grabbed one of them and slapped another really hard, probably hurting him badly; there was blood everywhere. The others ran away when they saw the blood, and I still had the other kid in my hand. I had one of those hormonal surges at the time and I took the boy to a secluded hallway. He was quite cute, and big, almost as big as I was. I trapped him between my thighs to stop him from struggling. And pressed his body against mine, hard and started kissing him. Unfortunately we were found by a teacher, or fortunately for the boy anyway. In my passion I badly bruised his body and almost choked him with my tongue.”

“What do you mean with your tongue?” It occurred to me that Megan hadn’t yet kissed me with her tongue.

Well, it was kind of.. erm.. my first time tongue kissing, and I kind of got carried away. And I guess his mouth was a bit too small or something. But he wasn’t really hurt. Except for where I was holding him. But I didn’t mean to. It was just that he was trying to get away and I had to hold him very firm. But he only had a few bruises.” This all came out in a torrent, then she took a breath and continued.

“Well, you see my tongue is.. a little long.” She slowly slid her tongue out between her lips. It reached her chin went past there.. and didn’t stop until it reached her cleavage! Megan’s marvelous mouth muscle was some 12 inches long, and incredibly sexy. And it disappeared really quickly as she sucked it back into her mouth.

“Wow Megan! That thing is amazing; really sexy.”

“Really, you think so. I’ve always thought of it as being a bit weird. I like you a lot Joey; you really seem to like everything about me, that’s why it’s important that I finish the story.

“The really bad part was later. I had to go to the teacher’s office. And my hormones were completely out of control. I almost started touching myself right there in front of him. He was a really tiny guy, something like 4-feet-10. Although I wasn’t this big then – maybe 6’2”, and not as strong – I was very fat at the time, and I completely dwarfed his little body. Not like I would do anything to him intentionally, but he apparently had a fetish for large girls, especially their thighs, and although he saw me bruise a kid with my thighs and hands simply by rubbing against him in passion, he asked me to put his body between my thighs. Even sitting I was as big as he was, and for him I guess the sight must have been intoxicating. I refused, several times, but he promised to get me in trouble, expel me, and make it impossible to enter a university. I was young, didn’t know better, so I accepted his offer.

“He went down on his knees and crawled between my legs, caressing them and pressing them at his sides, urging me to lock my legs behind his back and flex. My thighs weren’t as strong then, but crossing my legs helped. His body looked so tiny compared to my legs that I lost all control, I felt so powerful.

“He begged me to stop but his pleas only made me feel more powerful. After a while he didn’t have any air left for begging. I didn’t even notice the sound of his ribs cracking, I loved the way my huge thighs surrounded his body, and I loved it even more when I placed his tiny head against my sex. I loved how my hand dwarfed his undersized head, how puny it looked, and I rubbed his face and made him lick until I came, my thighs convulsing on his tiny head. It was a mess; his body fell to the floor with a powerless thump. His nose was broken, blood was on his face, his jaw was dislocated and he was yelping in pain.. and I still only felt lust seeing how tiny and powerless he was there on the floor between my legs. I ran away from his office in a moment of clarity, afraid of what I might do to him.”

A sense of dread was crawling down my spine. That guy was barely over a foot shorter than her, maybe 14 inches, and I may be some 9″ taller than he was, but meanwhile Megan grew an immense 14 inches, plus her heels, that gives her two feet of overpowering presence, not even counting her muscles, which would be intimidating at normal height. I must have grown very pale.

“Oh don’t be frightened, I’ve learned to control myself since then. I promise I’ll take good care of you and be very careful, little Joey.”

“We came to an agreement,” she continued, “I would keep quiet about his sexual abuse of a student, and he wouldn’t press charges, but I would have to leave school. I was now schooled by radio like those kids living in really remote places. Seeing as how I was still a kid, I blamed myself for everything and my massive legs mostly. I used weight lifting as an escape, training day and night, specially working my thighs well beyond the pain limit, punishing them for what they had done to me. Because, you see, that event caused a change in me: ever since then, whenever I saw a tiny guy like him, I used to get really horny and my thighs would start twitching with desire, this would cause me to hide in my basement and train to exhaustion.

“My mother passed away when I was very young, my father didn’t notice much as most of the time he was away on business. Finally, he was so busy, or just couldn’t handle having a daughter like me and sent me to my aunt.

“This in a way was a blessing for me. My aunt is a large woman, as was my mother, well not as big as I was, but she was quite tall – over six feet and quite a lot of woman for any man. She was able to help me grow over my fears of hurting boys.

“I can still remember when she gave me a rugby helmet to put between my legs, to teach me control. And all was well.. until I climaxed and it cracked in two. It was obvious she wasn’t expecting that and was a bit shocked but she didn’t give up. After a few months I was able to climax without breaking a watermelon about 5 out of 6 times. So it’s unfortunately still a bit of Russian roulette to give me head, and I won’t blame you if you are too scared. The only time I really lost control was during my growth spurts and my hormones were wild, at that time the watermelons weren’t just crushed, they would explode, and I almost broke my own hand while climaxing once.

“At my aunt’s request I tried Internet dating, carefully selecting the biggest strongest guys I could find. And still they were almost always a head or more shorter than me, and always wanted to compare strength. And all of them were powerless compared to me. Can you imagine the rush of being able to overpower big burly bodybuilders and football players? But none of them could handle that and eventually all of them ran away. But in that time I managed not hurting any of them, just a few bruises.. and OK, one dislocated shoulder.. and that one cracked rib. But that guy was asking for it.

“But I haven’t had someone as tiny and cute as you by my side in a really long time. And after dating those large guys, you seem so incredibly tiny and powerless. I bet I could do anything I want to you, couldn’t I Joey?” I could feel her thighs rhythmically pressing into my legs, playfully pushing me into her massive arm.

“That makes me want you soo bad.” And I feel her hand engulfing my skull from the back and bending it with irresistible force, her lips pressing into my neck kissing and sucking painfully.

“I could just lick you to the bone,” she whispers to my ear and plants her plump red lips over mine. I can feel the tip of her tongue making a circle over my lips and then she pushed it between our lips to my cheek and — magically — all the way to my ear. I could feel the tip of her tongue playing on my ear lobe, and then it slowly slid back across my face into her mouth. My mind was racing with questions but her lips were firmly sealing my mouth as she fervently sucked on my face. Letting me go for air, she sucked and licked my neck some more breathing heavily.

Her hand found its way to my pants and she suddenly stopped kissing me and turned her wonderful, shockingly deep blue eyes to me. “What is that in your pants, Tiny?”

My erection was threatening to rip my pants apart — all 14inches of it. It was probably never this hard before. “Well, that’s my dick.”

“Mhmm. You sure you don’t have a sock down there. I’ve never heard it could be this big.”

“Well, I’ve never heard girls could be as big as you,” I smiled.

“Mhmm. It’s like you were built just for me. But you will be careful with it. I wouldn’t want my big man to accidentally hurt little old me.” She kept rubbing at my pants, her breathing more shallow. “But I can feel it will be just perfect for me.”

In a way Megan also seemed a blessing for me, since I’ve always had problems finding girls that I would actually fit. Many were interested enough to try, but very few could do anything with it. When I was younger yes, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a blow job due to the sheer size of my dick. But on the other hand, only my penis was built for Megan; I was afraid that the rest of my body was nowhere nearly as built for her as my dick was. Although I didn’t think there was anyway I could convince her to change her mind now. Nor did I want to anyway.

I offered to walk her home before she ripped my pants apart and, since we had finished our third bottle of wine, reluctantly she agreed, not taking her eyes from my pants.

As we were walking I tried hugging her waist, only to find out it was too high for me. She noticed my efforts, and placed my hand on her ass. It was soo large I could practically hug one of her ass cheeks. It was amazing: huge, soft to the touch, and massive; monstrous muscles danced right under the surface with each step. Every now and then she would step wrong from the alcohol and her massive thigh correcting her would push my puny body out of the way of its expansion, luckily Megan’s arm was always there to steady my step.

About half way there we were caught in a rain shower with no cover in sight. I pulled out my umbrella holding it up as far as I could. I would have to keep my hand fully extended upwards to keep the umbrella over Megan’s head. She took the umbrella, but it was barely enough to cover her, so she looked at me smiling and pulled me in under her bosom. Her hand was big enough to cover my entire chest.

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