May’s Reeducation

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More and more, May, my “special” girl, would do literally anything for the euphoric release, preferably in somebody’s mouth. Subsequent to our initial encounter and her continuing involvement with cock suck pro Andi, I witnessed May gradually become a more and more vigorous and perhaps more violent and intrusive face fucker, and fucker in general, especially once she approached the “point of no return”. It was all about her and her orgasm, not your face, ass or pussy and, if you weren’t in control of the process, watch out. Although she heretofore had always been a fabulous lover and a caring sex partner, May’s increasing lust for sex, particularly of the oral kind, had begun to make her selfish and self-serving during lovemaking.

Nevertheless, being such an inherent “pleaser”, I noticed the change, but it was never a real issue for me since I loved making her cum and I liked aggressive women. The blowjob, however, was not my strong suit for obvious reasons, and I think this frustrated her a bit. Certainly, I paled shamefully in comparison to little miss Andi, the World Champion, MVP and five-time gold medalist of the Professional Fellatio League. Even if you were dead, Andi could get you to cum. May’s growing quest for constant sex and the ultimate orgasm gradually turned her more to focusing on Andi and her mouth.

I almost couldn’t blame her.

Out of town on business for a few days and now driving back home, I decided to detour to May’s place, unannounced. I figured that we could catch up, have lunch and play around a little. Of course, I had a key to her apartment, but the door was unlocked when I tried it. Forgetting to announce myself initially as I entered, I looked around. Nobody was in the immediate room, but I thought I heard her in the bedroom shuffling around.

“May?” I said, not wanting to scare the shit out of her by just barging in.

I then heard a muffled: “Ugh, ugh, ugh, ahh, ugh”, the guttural sounds sometimes overlapping and sometimes alternating in rhythm. The rhythm of sex.

I quietly opened the door, immediately making the sounds clear and loud. I walked in to a wonderful view of May’s beautiful ass and she was pounding away mercilessly at a small woman underneath. It was Andi, on the floor and on her back. She was taking a beating. Neither of them had heard me and May was really working her over. Andi had a rope tied around one ankle, but it wasn’t tethered to anything so it flailed around, following Andi’s thrashing leg where ever it went. I noticed a second later a pair of ripped panties laying to one side, and the bed was a mess.

“Boy, did I show up just a minute too late.” I thought to myself. Although I would think differently later, it was kind of a hot scene. I just continued to watch quietly at May banging away harshly. I couldn’t help but think that I had never before seen May deliver such a fierce pummeling.

May’s thrusts slowed, but also went deeper as she neared climax, her balls and body audibly slapping Andi.

“Ah, ah, AH, AH!” With a final, deep, pinning thrust, May unloaded in Andi’s overworked pussy. The unremitting hammering then stopped. It was all over.

May pulled out, turned over and, sitting up, looked up at me. Petite little Andi, who was still flat on her back, didn’t even look up to acknowledge me. Her legs were still wide open, thighs red, with her gaping pussy dribbling May’s cum in slithering white blobs, puddling on the rug. It looked like she had been run over by a truck.

May was a little surprised to see me standing there.

“Oh, Rob, Hi. Why didn’t you join in?” Asked a hard-breathing May, reorganizing her hair.

“Well, I was a bit too late and, from the looks of things, I don’t think that there might have been much left for me.” I said, laughing nervously.

“Ok”, said May with a smile, rolling over on all fours, her cock still dripping. “Just fuck ME.” She then spread her ass cheeks with her hand and circled her asshole.

I eyed her puckered entrance for a second, but quickly thought better of accepting her tempting invitation.

While she might had simply been startled and wanted to please me after being apart for a few days, I think she didn’t want me to feel left out. Or maybe she was just that fucking horny today. Then again, perhaps she was embarrassed by me observing her brutal thrashing of Andi. Viewing the scene further, my money was on the last option.

“Come on, honey, let’s get some lunch and kiss.” I recommended, turning her down, but not saying it directly. May popped up off the floor, came over to me with a happy bounce and kissed me. I couldn’t resist finishing her short journey with a firm grip and pull on her still half hard cock. It was coated with goo.

“Ooh, come on, let’s fuck! Or at least a blowjob!” she said as it amazingly responded to my hand. “Both Andi and I would be happy to do you one!”

“This chick is seriously all about the sex!” I remember thinking, with May now rubbing her hardening cock against my pant leg as she hugged. I felt myself coming alive, Sahabet but I was worried about Andi.

Andi. Poor Andi. I looked down and she still hadn’t moved, although I could see that she was still alive. To me, Andi, despite her sadistic domination of me a few weeks ago, was still my innocent little girl, who I felt I had to love and protect. I went over and knelt beside her. She instead propped herself up on her elbows and looked at May.

“God, May, fuck! What the fuck was that?” Andi questioned rhetorically. Looking away, she pulled herself off the floor and plopped on the edge of the bed sitting, not looking at either of us.

“I just got run over by a truck.” Andi said, finally looking up a me. I almost laughed, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Andi then wrangled the rope off her ankle and threw it against a dresser. Hard. She was fucking pissed.

“You know, I’m small and maybe I’m a little too small for the both of you.” She said, now looking up again.

“Hey, don’t fucking throw me into this.” I said, raising my voice. Wishing I could unsay that, I then started to worry over the implication. I loved her and didn’t want to lose her.

Calming down, “I’m sorry,” Andi said, again looking down at the floor. I could see that she had started to tear up. I pulled her up and hugged her tightly. “That’s Ok. Listen. We all love each other here and we’ll figure this out.” I said calmly. Looking down at her I said: “I love you, Andi. You’re my little girl.” I squeezed a little more with my hug. She did so back. Turning her head against my chest, her eyes started wetting up my shirt. While she was an amazing, aggressive lover, she was also quite sensitive. Twenty-five-year-old Andi was a real woman, the complete package. I worshipped her.

May then rushed over and hugged her also, perhaps now realizing that she had made a big mistake in her sexual treatment of Andi. May was the quintessential bleeding heart and hated to see someone in pain or distraught. It was her shining quality and I loved her for it. I still didn’t know what really happened, since I had only witnessed the conclusion. But Andi was right about one thing however. Almost anyone was physically larger than her and that included both May and I. And while Andi was a creative and receptive sex partner, you had to be careful not to unwittingly abuse her with your size.

May, apparently, had stepped over that invisible line.

“Ok, everybody.” I said. “Let’s get something to eat and make up. I promise I won’t scold or judge; I just want us to be happy together.” Although I was a “Type A”, mostly heterosexual male, I had the occasional ability to calm the waters a bit but, usually, only when I wanted to. This was one of those times.

May still had a worried look on her face, with Andi looking down still hugging me. May’s heart was easy to break and she too loved Andi. I think she now realized that she had stepped over that line.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. We’ll work this out.” I said looking at May. She smiled and kissed me.

“I love you too, Andi.” May said. But Andi remained quiet and didn’t look up. Holy shit.


I had lunch with Andi the next day. I think May would have been upset if she knew, but I felt that I had to nail down Andi’s perception of the whole thing first. Andi arrived cheerful and her usual self, the “real woman” in her likely telling her to put bad experiences behind her and only look forward. I kissed her hand, squeezed it and helped her into her seat. Real women love to be treated like a princess and, to me, she was just that.

Over lunch, it gradually came out that the event was a bondage experiment gone awry. While the three of us had played together with some frequency and oftentimes with kink, it was clear that this encounter had gotten out of hand. At least from Andi’s standpoint. Andi still worked for May in a domestic chore capacity and Andi was there doing her domestic thing. May allegedly had corralled Andi in the bedroom to have her way. Certainly, I had noticed that May seemed insatiable lately and, with me away, she perhaps became even more so, if only temporarily.

May, at least in Andi’s mind, had gotten too rough with a face fuck and had tried to tie Andi up to quell her resistance. The encounter from there devolved into almost a rape scene, with May manhandling Andi down to the floor, pinning her down with her weight and consequently fucking the shit out of her.

“I’m am going to try to remain neutral here,” I said, “but there certainly seemed to be a lot of evidence of overly rough play from what I observed when I walked in. In retrospect, I’m not completely innocent here either; I could have stopped it.”

“No, it’s not you, Rob. She’s just out of control. I think we’ve created a monster.” Andi said.

“Look.” I said. “Let’s just look at things a minute from May’s perspective before we convict her. Just for a minute, Ok? Andi nodded. “Ok.”

“May hasn’t done any of this shit before, Andi. The sex I mean. She was on an isolated Sahabet Giriş island for a long time, wondering about her sexuality, sealed off from the world – at least in her own mind anyway. You and I didn’t have that. Now she has found two people that she trusts and loves and who have introduced her to a whole new world. It’s exciting for her.” I said.

“Yes, you’re right. I can see that.” Andi reasoned.

“Listen. I’m no expert on this shit, believe me. I’m a ‘color by numbers’ guy who can fix a 911 only because it comes with instructions. There ain’t no instructions that come with love and sex, especially the way we practice it.”

“I’m still really mad at her though.” Said Andi.

“I know she loves you, Andi, she does. And I know that if you search your heart, you still love her too.”

“Yes, I do. But why did she have to do that to me?” Andi pleaded.

“I bet that May would undo the whole event if she could, but she can’t. I also bet that, right at this very moment, May’s heart is starting to break knowing that you are upset with her. May wears her heart on her sleeve. We don’t.”

“Why did she do it?” I asked rhetorically. “I’m guessing, but I think that May is finally exploring her sexuality; she loves you and she is totally hot for you, me and our trio. That’s why. May would have us kissing and fondling her 24/7 if she could.” I said. “She lives for having sex with us.”

Andi laughed, now relaxing a little. “Yes, I do love sucking her cock. And yours.”

Continuing, I said: “And don’t think for a minute that I haven’t noticed May’s tendencies either. I have, but I can handle it better than you can. I’m bigger.” Andi giggled again. She was coming back. I love real women.

As we sat there finishing up, I could see the wheels turning. Little Andi was coming up with a plan. A plan to re-assimilate May as a proper member of our little love trio. I am sure that a little lover’s revenge was also on the menu.

Andi and I finished lunch and she seemed quite relieved after having our discussion.

Almost hopping out to my car holding my hand, she turned quickly and said: “I want to suck your cock.”

“Well, how could I ever turn down an offer like that, especially from you?”

She ran ahead, pulling me to the passenger side of my 911 and opened the door. “Get in!” She said, opening the door and unzipping my pants.

“Right here?” I questioned.

“GET IN!” Andi demanded.

Even though it was close quarters in such a small car, Andi completed undoing my pants and began a sensual, slow, loving blowjob, almost as if she was orally making love to my cock. Before I was even close to finishing, she extricated her panties from underneath her skirt and replaced her mouth with her tight little pussy. Sliding down, she gently ground me into the seat kissing me passionately, which accentuated her lovely, slow, movements. She came with a small twitch and gasp, and I soon followed with a pumping squirt or two.

No, neither of us had “rock the universe” orgasms, but it was an intimate, tender way for two people who love each other to physically share their feelings after resolving a serious personal issue. In other words, it was wonderful. And, it was the first time that I had ever gotten laid in a 911.


The next day, I decided to check on May and stopped over, again unannounced.

“Did you see Andi?” May asked.

“Yes, I had lunch with her.” I said.

“I knew you would, I know you. Is she still upset with me? I can’t stop thinking about it. That night, I cried myself to sleep.” May said sadly.

“I knew you would also, I know you.” Making a lover’s joke.

“I think she’s still a little upset May, but not because of what happened really, but because it was you. She loves you dearly. She does.” I said. “Listen, all three of us love our crazy sex. She just felt that you were a little inconsiderate of her and her size and she never would have expected that from you. It just hurts more.” I said.

I could see May starting to droop, looking down. I said this as gently as I could, but she knew I wasn’t the type to sugarcoat. She liked that about me but, sometimes, it can be a double-edged sword. I kissed her. She was welling up.

“Look, the way to fix this is for all of us to meet again, or at least you two, but just to talk.” I continued. “You two can make up, kiss and cry during the process. You guys will heal over time. It’s not gonna be an overnight thing.”

“The key is that the foundation is still there.” I continued. “It will be OK, believe me. I tried to tell Andi to look at the ‘big picture’ and I think she gets it. About you, about me and about all three of us. It will be OK, she’s a smart cookie.”

May realized that my reasoning was sound and I could see her feeling better about it all. She was a terminally sensitive person and I tried to always handle her feelings with kid gloves. That’s what you do with people you love.

“We both love you May, please don’t worry about Sahabet Güncel Giriş that. We do. It’ll be Ok.” I said, kissing her again.


Andi called me a couple days later.

“You know Rob, I thought about it at lunch the other day. About May.” Andi said.

See? I told you I saw the wheels. “Yes, Andi? Have some ideas on the whole thing?” I inquired.

“Yes, I fucking do.” Said Andi. “May just wants sex so, next time, I think we should make her think we’re going to give her what she wants. Fucking sex. Hard sex. And then don’t.”

Holy shit, Andi’s revved up today, I thought.

“Hey, when it comes to the three of us, I’ll listen to anything. Fire away.” I said.

Mistress Andi must have just gotten back from out of town also. Andi was adept at making the transition from innocent little school girl to raving, sadistic bitch, even if the latter was not her predominant personality trait. A smoldering fireball at times, she could really turn it up.

“I think we should teach May a lesson. She wants the release and that will be the exact thing we don’t give her.” Andi continued: “Ok, yes, she will eventually get it maybe, but we will make her pay for it. Make her fucking earn it. Use May’s newfound aggressiveness against her. Teach her what it fucking feels like.”

“Ooooh. I’m kind of liking this, Andi. Please go on!” I exclaimed.

“Ha, ha. You’re so cool, Rob. I love it.” Andi said.

I wanted to drive over right then and there and fuck the shit out of her. With her on top.

Andi continued: “Ok. I know this bondage place…”


Andi was right. Everything was starting to add up to one conclusion: “Special girl” May was on a path to becoming a sexually demanding, inconsiderate bitch, and it was time for a bit of readjustment.

After listening to little Andi’s plan, it was one which I thought just might work. No doubt, her talent for being able to easily make an immediate and convincing transition from “sweet young thing” to evil bitch was an integral part of “the plan”. While we certainly would never compromise May’s inherent trust and good heart, we felt that pushing her to the edge a bit would show her the evil of her recent ways.

Naturally, orally fixated Andi for this encounter would be the secret weapon. An oral training collar, if you will. I would act as maestro, and Andi, my weapon of mass destruction. That was the plan, anyway.

A key component of our “order of battle” was the knowledge that May, I learned from our past experimentation with bondage and discipline, was never totally on board with pain, even at a relatively low level, that might sometimes accompany such activities. She was all about the pleasure and to deny her such, even temporarily, was not in her game plan. While May responded well to tying and teasing, it was successful only if the journey resulted ultimately in her completion and release.

Our goal of course was for Andi and I to use May’s pursuit of her own pleasure and her tendency for pain avoidance against her. You want the pleasure? Ok, fine honey. How about a little pain first? Andi and I felt that this would be a much more fruitful approach in changing her attitude, rather than attempting an accusatory, post coital discussion of her shortcomings as a partner.


May loved surprise, suspense and the unknown. She also loved when I would text her out of nowhere with suggestive ideas, naughty things that I wanted to do to her or what an imaginary person might be doing to me on the other end. Her fixation on fantasy was probably the root of her newfound aggressiveness.

Knowing that the suspense would overwhelm her, I sent May a terse invite text: “We have some plans for you tomorrow. Curious? Show up here at such and such a time. And don’t wear much.”


The owner of the bondage playroom opened the door of the dimly lit room and stuck his head in: “I think she’s here.” Andi and I looked at each other: May had taken the bait. Game on.

The door closed and then, a few seconds later, opened again with May entering, her eyes trying to adjust to the darkness after having just been in bright sunlight. Hiding behind the door, I used this moment of temporary blindness to my advantage by taking a good, firm handful of May’s hair, while Andi cuffed her hands behind her back. May still almost didn’t know who the fuck we were and gasped at the surprise attack. I shuffled a still bewildered May across the room, pulling hard on her hair as I went, using it almost as a leash. She tripped and stumbled in her heels as we went, open mouthed and frightened.

I plopped her not very nicely on a chair in the center of the room illuminated by a piercing, single spot light. I remember thinking that this was the roughest we had physically treated her thus far in our relatively short relationship. As instructed, May wasn’t wearing much. Looking like a hooker, she was clad only in a tight white T-shirt, a wispy black skirt and high heels. Underneath, she had on that sexy, well used, fishnet panty that I loved.

Still clothed and with her arms over the chair back, Andi and I tied her ankles to the chair’s legs with her thighs up over the arm rests. I even tied those up while Andi redid May’s hair in a disorganized, tight pony tail, offsetting it to one side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32