Master’s Plaything


“On your knees.”

“Yes, sir” you say. Hands bound behind your back by the silk cord he kept by the door. Naked and exposed to him, breasts pointed from the slight chill in the pleasure room, you slowly sink to your knees. His semi-hard cock hovered in front of your face. Out of instinct, you reach your mouth out to suck it in. But he pulls away before you can even get the head between your lips.

“Now, now, that beautiful mouth of yours is hungry, is it, you slut?”

“Yes, sir”. He had been saying such delicious things all day long. Promises of exquisite pleasure and pain, of quivering orgasms and muffled cries of ecstasy…already your pussy was wet. You wished you could reach a hand down to touch yourself and get just a little relief from the ache.

Luckily, Master must have known what was in your mind because he reached a hand down to open your sweet bud and feel your wetness. His fingers brush against your clit, then quickly come off. He lifts his fingers to his face to see the juices dripping from his fingers. “That sweet cunt is so wet. It smells so good. You’re such a slut for me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” You moan weakly. You want to beg for more, but you know that if you do before he tells you to, he’ll just Sahabet withhold the pleasure you crave.

“Well, then you must really want this big cock in that pussy?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Well I’m not hard yet. Suck on my cock until it’s ready to fuck you. Suck it deep now, or I’ll be disappointed.”

He stands back up to put his dick in front of your eager mouth. This time when you open wide, he pushes it in instead of holding it back. His dick is still getting hard, so it’s easy to take it all in, but after a few licks with your tongue and in and out movements, it gets harder and harder to keep it’s full length in your mouth.

“Now, now, I said…DEEP!” At that final word, he grips your hair and pushes his cock down your throat. Your tongue has to slide out a bit to make room, and it drags across his balls. He holds it there until he feels you try to swallow a bit before fucking your face. “Yes, baby. Take that dick down that throat. That beautiful, slutty throat.” In and out, pushing your throat to the limit. Your cunt absolutely drips knowing that he plans on doing much more to your waiting pussy.

When he pulls out for the final time, he pulls you up by your hair till you stand in front of him, Sahabet Giriş still gagging a bit, and coughing. “What do you want? Tell me what you want.”

Now you can finally beg for relief. “Please, master. Please fuck my pussy. Put your big hard cock inside me and fuck my brains out. Fuck your beautiful slut.”

“Now who am I to deny such a sweet little girl? Bend over the table.”

He undoes the knots on your hands after you bend over the soft fabric of the bondage bench. He pulls one hand at a time to the furry restraints, stretching them just to the point of pain, and immobilizing you. The downward angle of the bench means that your ass is fully exposed. Your legs also get strapped in.

“Oooh, look at that beautiful wet cunt.” Fingers drive I to you, making you arch your back and pull against the cuffs and your knees buckle. Deeply he fingers you, making your body edge so delicately towards orgasm. When he stops, you cry out, but not from relief, you want soooo much more.

“I’m going to love this. You look so sexy dangling there like that. You’re my little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

A cock swiftly and suddenly drives into you from behind all the way to the hilt. His big Sahabet Güncel Giriş balls slam into your small clit, and you’re stretched to the limit. You’ve been waiting so long for this that you cum almost immediately, screaming as your legs shake and your pussy pulses as wave after wave crashes over you. It’s the first of many to come, and that alone keeps you wet and ready for more.

“Wow, you really wanted this, huh? I’m going to fuck you now. You’d better not cum again until you beg me properly.”

How he expected you to find words with his pounding is beyond your thoughts. He fucks you hard and fast, and so powerfully that he nearly knocks the breath out of you every time his body crashes into you. His hands grab your thighs to pull you back into him. He even grabs and smack your ass. The sting drives you further into madness. When his thumb penetrates your ass, you have to start begging.

“Please, sir, make me cum. Make me CUUUUummm. Can I please cum, Master?”

“Yes. Cum you little slut. Milk my cock into your pussy.”

Your body does exactly as you’ve been told. As you cum hard, you feel spurt after spurt of his hot seed deep inside your cunt.

There may have been hours of more of him pounding you in dozens of chains and positions, but your brain is gone, and it only feels like a dream that you can barely remember. When you come to, you ache all over, your pussy is full, and he gently lays you on the recovery bed, so fluffy and soft. Sleep now. Tomorrow, he’ll come for you again.

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