Massaging Mrs. Lindsay’s GILF Feet


Caroline Lindsay came home from a long day at work, tired. The short-haired, 60-year-old divorced blonde with a lean, sinewy body had just poured herself a glass of wine when the bell rang. At the door was Kevin, her best friend’s 19-year-old son from down the street.

“Hi, honey, come on in, what’s up?” Caroline asked, ushering the strapping young man in the door.

“Hi, Mrs. L., my mom wanted to know if you had that pot she brought over the other night when you guys had dinner,” he said.

“Sure, sure I do, I should’ve returned it already,” Caroline smiled, walking into the kitchen. “I love it when your mom and I have dinner, two old single girls…”

“Oh, Mrs. L., you’re not old, my mom’s not either,” Kevin said brightly.

Caroline turned to smile at Kevin. The 19-year-old had turned into such a handsome young man, his athletic body clearly visible, his tight jeans hugging a remarkable ass that Caroline had noticed and pretended not to. Was that a bulge in his pants, she wondered, the prim and proper older woman quickly shooing the thought from her mind.

“That’s sweet, Kevin,” she said, giving him a hug, trying not to notice the bulge and holding the hug longer than she should have. “Uh, lemme get that pot.”

She did when a severe cramp hit her right foot, making her wince in pain and lean on the counter.

“Mrs. L, what’s wrong?” Kevin said, concerned.

“OWWW!!” she hollered. “Damn it, got a cramp in my foot and calf…it’s nothing…owww!”

“Sit, sit down, over there,” he said, pointing to the living room couch. “I’m really good at this, I took a physiology course at school and massage was part of it, I can help you…”

“Oh,OK,” Caroline said a bit nervously. “If you say so.”

She sat on the couch, Kevin beside her and he pulled her right foot up on his lap, both feet actually to make it easier to get to the outside right foot that was the cramping one. He slipped off her dress shoe and Caroline sat, in black dress slacks and white blouse, as Kevin’s long, strong fingers dug into her foot through the low black sock she wore. She was amazed how good it felt. Too good, in fact. Her pussy tingled.

“Wow…Kevin,that’s terrific, honey…you really do know your stuff, huh?”

“Yeah, that’s what my mom says,” he said shyly, digging his fingers into her moist socked foot.

“You…you massage your mom’s feet, too?” she said somewhat nervously.

“Yeah, she’s on her feet a lot and she seems to like my work,” he said confidently.

“Well…you’re certainly…good at it, young man,” she said in a tone far naughtier than she would have liked. “It’s…it’s uh…quite nice actually…st…stimulating, I guess is the best way to put it…”

Kevin blushed and looked nervous.

“That’s…that’s what mom says, too,” he said slowly, forcing out the words.

They sat in silence a long moment.

“Uh, is it gone, the foot cramp, Mrs. L.?” he asked.

“Yes, honey, it is,” she said, but then added hesitantly. “But…my calf, my right calf…still a little crampy…could you…”

“Oh sure, Mrs. L., of course,” he answered quickly.

With a trembling hand, he slowly slid up the pant leg revealing a remarkably smooth, muscular calf for a woman her age, slender but supple, hard. He pulled it up to her bony knee and wrapped his big hands around her shin, feeling the smooth flesh, looking at the freckles, watching the slightly wrinkled meat of her calves fold and move and flex. He felt his cock stir below that calf. And so did Caroline. He gulped and now used one hand to massage her muscular calf, the other to work that foot again. Caroline moaned.

“Oh my God, Kevin, you are soooooooooooo good at this,” she hissed. “It feels..I mean, there are other areas…it’s like it’s Uzun porno all connected…”

“It is, Mrs. L., there’s a lot to it, there’s parts of your foot I’m rubbing connected to other…other parts of …uh, your body…”

She looked into Kevin’s nervous eyes and smiled a seductive smile she didn’t even know she had. She felt her pussy wetten and tingle as he worked that part of her foot, involuntarily moving her slim hips.

“I must say…it’s feeling good, Kevin…I think maybe too good, is that naughty of me,” she found herself asking.

“Oh, no, Mrs. L., feeling good is….is good….”

“But I’m feeling it…well….you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I do,” he said shyly. “My….mom says the same thing…”

Caroline’s eyes widened at the thought of this young stud massaging his pretty mom’s feet until her pussy tingled. Caroline’s was getting soaked as he rubbed and she thought of that sexy, forbidden behavior between mother and son.

“Really,” she growled. “OK…I don’t feel so badly..now…oh, Kevin, don’t stop, it just feels…so damned good…”

“I know,” he groaned, his cock in full flower and pressed into the gently undulating meat of her right calf as he kneaded it. “Mrs. L., your calf…it’s so strong…you have great legs, do you know that? Is it OK to say that??”

“It’s OK, son, it’s OK,” she giggled, resting a hand on his shoulder and involuntarily massaging it, squeezing the hard muscle there and doing it harder as he dug his capable hands into her socked foot and solid calf. “Please…harder, Kevin, harder…”

“Yes..Mrs. L…” he moaned, obeying her.

“That’s right, yes, Mrs. L,” she cooed darkly, eyes closed, her orgasm rushing to greet her, her hand digging into his shoulder.

And then she came. Not loudly, not thrashing, not over the top but rather a grinding, softly pumping one, her hips moving slightly, her thighs clenching and relaxing. She heard herself grunting softly, felt her pussy soak in her panties, felt her thighs trembling, felt the heat of her calf and foot against Kevin’s hands. When she opened her eyes, Kevin’s were staring, wide, into hers. She smiled as her orgasm abated and the tensed muscles in her thighs and calf relaxed.

“Does…does your mom have the, um, same…same reaction, Kevin?”

He looked at her and blinked, nervously.

“Uh…in fact, yes, she does,” he said softly. “Is that wrong, Mrs. L.?”

“No, no, not at all, young man,” she smiled, stroking his face in her bony, small hand. “Not at all…”

He continued to rub her calf and foot.

“I, uh, apologize for my sweaty sock,” she giggled softly. “It must smell something awful..”

“Oh, no, Mrs. L., it smells great!” he said all too eagerly, regretting it immediately. “I’m sorry…”

She looked at him with a dark smile.

“Don’t be, son,” she hissed seductively, amazed at her words and tone, too far gone to stop now. “Smell it.”

“What?” he asked wide eyed, his hands freezing on her calf and foot.

She lifted the right foot, wiggling it in his face.

“I said smell it,” she said dominantly, totally unsure she should, totally sure she couldn’t stop. “Smell Mrs.L’s dirty socked foot!”

He groaned, took the foot in his hands and pressed his nose into the moist bottom, inhaling the crisp, acrid aroma deeply. As he did, Caroline looked at his crotch; his cock was fully erect in his tight jeans.

“Uh, Kevin,” she said as the boy continued to inhale deeply the moist vapor of her sweaty black sock, her calf muscle rotating in a ball as she wiggled her toes, pinching his nose between them, causing him to groan loudly. “Does…uh…does your mom ever…do anything… to you after you do…what you do to her?”

He stopped Öğrenci porno and looked at her, his nose pinched in her scissoring toes. He blinked.

“Well, uh…I..uh…”

“Kevin,” she said firmly.

“Well…my mom has great legs, too, Mrs. L., and her calves…they’re small and muscular…like…like yours and….”

She got the message and pulled her foot from Kevin’s face, resting both calves on his lap, pulling up the pant leg of the other one, feeling his boy heat rush into her supple flesh. She reached down, boldly, unsnapping his jeans, her eyes never leaving his, hers heavy lidded, his wide open. He wiggled.

“Shhh,shhh…” she hissed. “Let Mrs. L. handle this…or rather, CALF this!”

He gulped and blinked as she peeled open his jeans and gasp as a thick, 9-inch cock popped free, the biggest, meatiest she’d ever seen. She looked at it between her slightly spread calves. It bobbed its leaking head onto her thickening calf muscle.

“My my how you’ve grown, I’ve never seen one this big…Does your lovely, leggy mother do this, son?” she growled, sitting back and letting her meaty calves slowly encircle his throbbing manhood, resting on his bloated balls, making him gasp and grip to sofa cushions, watching in wide-eyed wonder a woman three times his age grip his cock. “Does she use her calves on you like Mrs. L. is?”

“YESSS!!” he hissed, leaning back, eyes closed, thrusting up into the meaty maw of Caroline’s succulent, freckled. “Oh God yessss!”

“Good, good,” she cooed, sitting back, hands behind her head. “Let Mrs. L’s calves repay you for your wonderful massage, boy! And do let me know if I do it better than your mom!”

She bit her lip watching Kevin hump up into her scissoring calves, and squeezed them around his cock, flexing and relaxing her supple muscles, making them quiver and vibrate around it. She squeezed harder, stopping his thrusting.

“I said let Mrs. L. do it,” she said in a slight snarl, amazed at her sudden dominance. “Let my calves do it…”

He groaned as she eased the squeeze a bit. She let her calves slip up around the thick head, coating the insides with his copious precum and then slipped them back down a bit but leaving the thick calf muscles locked securely around the head, knowing how hot it must feel rubbing the back of his dick. She watched his reaction as she slowly squeezed harder, pulsating her calf muscles, throbbing them on his trapped dick, vibrating the fleshy meat, her socked toes twisted together. She felt his and her orgasm building and rapidly quivered those calves on him.

“Tell me, Kevin,” she hissed, quaking her calf meat on his pulsating prick. “Does your mother quiver her calves on you like I quiver mine on you now?”

“n…no…Mrs. L…” he stammered.

“Good, good,” she cooed. “And what does your mother wear when she does this with her calves to you? When did she do it last?”

“Yesterday,” he moaned, running his hands over her shiny, freckled shins, creasing the wrinkles in them, letting his fingers run over them. “She…she’d just come from the gym…had on those little knee-length tights and white socks and sneakers…god, Mrs. L., that feels so good…”

“I know it does, Kevin, I can see your cock leaking cum in my calves…do you leak your wetness into your mom’s socked calves? Do her feet smell when you lick them?”

“Yes…yes, they smell awful…not like yours, yours smell…so …sexy, Mrs. L…”

She felt her and his orgasm building as she smiled darkly at him, watching him watching her undulating calf meat ripple and wrinkle around his massive, leaky cockhead.

“Rub my feet, rub them the way you did before!” she snarled. “Now, Kevin, NOW!”

He obeyed and she came the instant he put his hands on her socked, smelly feet, and so did he. She felt the first jet squirt into the meaty clamp of her scissoring calves and she came harder, squeezing his dick, watching him thrash through an orgasm that left her calves and shins entirely covered in a thick blanket of his steaming sperm, from bony knees to her black socks. It took him a full minute to stop coming and when he did, he was panting, sitting back, looking down as Caroline smiled and spread her legs, huge clumps of his come bridging between them and his cock.

She couldn’t believe what just happened and lapsed back into her Mrs. L mode of a sweet, gentle woman, embarrassed by what she did – and trying to ignore the excitement of it.

“Now..Kevin,” she said calmly, wiping his wet cock on her socks and putting it gently back into his pants, zipping it up. “We must never speak of this again, agreed?”

He nodded. She felt naughty again, looking at his face, then down to her cum-streaked calves, thick gloppy wads of his stuff clumped on her shins and calves and socks.

“And what does your mother do with the cum she scissors out of you with her calves, Kevin?” she asked, slowly lifting her legs in front of Kevin’s wide-eyed face.

“Uh…she…she makes me wipe them off…Mrs. L….”

“Oh, pity, she doesn’t make you LICK them clean, Kevin, after all, it IS your mess, isn’t it?” she growled darkly. “Do you want to lick your hot cum from my shins, my calves, my socks, Kevin? Do you?”

“Uh…I …I don’t know, Mrs. L…I never…”

“Lick, boy,” she hissed.

She put her left foot on his shoulder, balling that cummy calf and held the right one before his mouth, a tremendous amount of come coating the thick muscle and shiny shin and black sock. He gulped and stuck his tongue out. Impatiently, Caroline held his head in her hand and smashed the come-covered calf onto his face.

“Don’t be shy, Kevin,” she growled. “Suck Mrs. L’s come-coated calf, go on, lick it all up!”

Kevin moaned and obeyed, attaching his worshipful mouth to his mom’s best friend’s muscular, knotted calf and slopped all the cum he could into his mouth, tasting it, swallowing it. Caroline moaned and her pussy went wet again as she felt his hot tongue and lips explore every inch of her wrinkled, hot calf meat, cleaning it, sucking it off her sock, her shin, her bony knee. She quickly switched legs and now Kevin slavishly devoted his face to that one, slurping in every ounce of his incredibly thick, hot, clumpy come, eating it all down as Caroline shivered in orgasm, rolling the muscular ball of meat in her calf on his mouth. She finally released his head from her hand and slipped her legs down, putting her feet on the floor, standing up.

She bent to kiss him, using her tongue to clean his comey lips and shoot it into his mouth playfully, his eyes wide open and staring into hers. She broke the kiss and let a strand of cum bridge between their mouths and then stopped, giggling, walking to the kitchen, Kevin watching her calves flex and flow under the sheen of wetness on them, the muscles sexy and sleek. She got a paper towel and cleaned herself off, pulling her pant legs back down and then returned to the living room where Kevin stood, red faced.

“It’s just something that…that happened, Kevin, no need to talk about it again, and certainly no need to tell your mother, all right?” she said, arms crossed.

“No, no, Mrs. L., of course, of course,” he stammered, moving toward the door.

She hugged him warmly, and framed his face in her bony hands, smiling.

“It’ll be our little secret,” she said firmly. “And if I get another cramp….”

He brightened.

“Of course, you know where to find me!”

He left and she sat, glass of wine in hand, thinking.

“Susan really does have great legs, too,” she said to herself of Kevin’s mom, her best friend. “The two of us…and Kevin…”

She shook the thought from her head. But it never would really leave..

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