Mandy Gets Her Man!

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One long hot summer a transvestite girl named Mandy was working away in a remote location on a project. There were positives and negatives to working so far away from home. The major negative was that she had no wardrobe at hand, except a well concealed bra and a pair of panties. Mandy used these to slip into in the bathroom and enjoy brief moments of the femininity she craved.

What would the guys think if she was found out if hey discovered a transvestite within their midst? The consequences were unthinkable! The positive in being away was that Mandy shared a room with a hunky crane driver named Bill. This guy had blonde hair and a fabulously toned body with a tight toned tummy. Mandy had watched him change morning and night and had eyed this beautifully formed body as he dressed and undressed. Mandy became an expert at looking at his gorgeous body with the cravings of a female. Hoping not to be seen her longing eyes taking in his muscular frame and soaking up the sight of his beautiful ass, muscular legs, but most of all his gorgeous thick long cock. The very sight of this hunk stripping sent shivers down her spine making her nipples pert and sensitive and causing an intense tingling through the shaft of her own cock.

Mandy relieved this torture with regular visits to the bathroom, slipping into her bra and knickers and fantasizing about Bill taking her as a woman. The very thought of melting in his arms kissing his lips, before undoing his shirt and working her way down kissing his hairy muscular chest and tummy on the way to the feast below. The very thought was enough to tip any woman over the edge! After work and a quick shower the guys would usually meet up in the on site bar and while away the hours with a beer or two. Come about midnight everyone would wander back to the accommodation block which consisted of rows of two man rooms. The night in question was no different to the others that had passed before. Mandy had gawped at Bills body and had imagined the pleasure that lay within his boxer shorts before going to the bar for a few beers. Following a few beers Bill and Mandy wandered back to the accommodation. Once in the bedroom both stripped down to their boxers ready for bed and Bill locked the door.

Bill lay upon his bed in his boxer shorts and Mandy did the same on hers Both chatted and giggled at various things that had happened throughout the day and what had gone n in the bar that evening. It wasn’t long before Mandy noticed Bills hand around his long thick hard cock. He lay there casually stroking his gorgeous tool which poked out of the top of his shorts. Mandy’s eyes fascinated at the glistening purple head of this magnificent mans penis. Mandy, a little under the influence of the alcohol came out with the most idiotic sentence ever,

“Are you hard?”

As she said this she got up off her bed, reached over and touched his cock. Realizing what she had done and expecting a punch in the face Kartal Esmer Escort she withdrew quickly and lay back on her bed, her own cock limp at the shock of what she had done!

With great surprise Bill sat up and said,

“Are you hard too?”

He reached over and thrust his hand into Mandy’s shorts and grabbed her limp excuse of a cock.

“Soon change that!” he said,

Bill held the shaft of Mandy’s cock and began slowly wanking her, up and down until she responded. Blood pumped into her ever expanding tool which was soon swollen and aching with the realization that this was going to be a fun filled night. To add to the girls surprise Bill whispered,

“I’ll give you a gobble if you want?”

“Yes please,” Mandy limply replied,

Mandy arched her back lifting her ass as Bill slowly pulled down her shorts exposing her hard throbbing cock. Holding it in one hand he gently pulled back the skin exposing the full purple head which he gently kissed. This sent spasms through Mandy’s body making her harder yet. His warm tender lips encased her cock and his head slowly moved back and forth as his hand gently wanked in tandem with his eager and experienced mouth. His tongue teasing and flicking around the rim as his lips encased her cock like an over eager slut.

Taking his time gently licking her taught aching balls. It was then that Mandy said, “Can I do you with my bra and knickers on?” It was too late to get a punch in the face. To Mandy’s shock Bill wasn’t even surprised as he replied,

“Whatever you want,” Bill lay upon the bed as Mandy dug into the depths of her wardrobe retrieving her treasured items of women’s clothing. She frantically put on the white lacy 38C bra and her white lace trimmed full white panties, knowing her moment with Bill had come.

If she had a million dollars she would have willingly paid it for a skirt and stockings! Electric shocks pulsed through her body, her nipples hard and sensitive, and her cock rigid and so hard that it hurt as she looked at that gorgeous hunk of a man lying on the bed. Mandy felt feint at the very sight of this mans hard wet throbbing cock as he lay gently wanking himself in anticipation of what this she boy roommate might do to him. Mandy, now dressed in women’s underwear climbed onto the bed next to her gorgeous hunky man, her hands stroked his warm damp chest before she slowly lowered her head in order to kiss his chest. The smell of manhood entered her nostrils which excited her even more as she slowly kissed and nuzzled into him. As she did this her hand gently moved down over his tight tummy, through his silky pubic hair and took hold of hot, hard wet cock. This sent further spasms down through her body, sending pulses through her wet throbbing cock encased in her full lycra panties. Surely a heart attack moment as she was totally overcome with a pleasure that she had longed for over many weeks.

“Will Kartal Eve Gelen Escort you kiss me?” Bill muttered again to Mandy’s shock. “Only if you call me Mandy!” she replied.

He whispered “No problems Mandy”

Mandy moved up slowly from his chest and their lips met. Mandy felt his warm tongue slowly enter her mouth, probing and pulsing as she felt his hand over one of her bra cups. His tongue explored probed deep inside her mouth as his hands wandered over tummy and her bra cups . One cheeky hand sliding inside the cup, fingers toying with her nipple, squeezing and nipping gently as she responded with uncontrollable moans. Mandy’s cock was by now hurting so much she slowly withdrew her kisses from Bills lips and once again started to gently kiss his muscular hairy chest taking in his masculine scent as she did so. Bills nipples hardened as his transvestite girl gently toyed with them with her tongue, gently sucking, kissing, biting gently and licking as her hands enjoyed the treat of his firm manly body. Mandy was well aware of the paradise that lay further down this hunks body as she kissed his chest. Mandy’s cock was by now so hard it was peeping out of the top of her now soaking wet panties. Oh how she had gawped at him, how she had longed for his thick long gorgeous cock over the weeks and now the moment was almost here.

Slowly, ever so slowly kissing downward, licking and biting his tummy she paid special attention to his perfectly formed tummy button, surrounded by a ring of masculine hairs. Mandy’s tongue darting around it, probing and teasing before slowly moving below, kissing and biting gently just like the girls had shown her in the past. She took hold of his beautifully formed huge cock once again and pulled back on the shaft. Gently kissing down through his pubic hair, breathing in the smell of manhood before nature and instinct could take hold. She could hold back no longer, instinct taking over she gently kissed tip of Bills cock before surrounding it with her lips and taking it into her mouth. Mandy felt the shock pulse down her body to her cock which was harder than it had been in a while. The heat from Bills cock was intense as her tongue wrapped around him, exploring the ridges, tasting his pre-cum as his hand cupped her head in a loving guiding motion that only a woman can appreciate when sucking a man off.

Mandy sucked her horny lovers cock lovingly and wantonly by instinct and with the sole intention of pleasuring her man like no woman had ever done before. Her willing head bobbing as the hot tool explored every inch of her mouth. The heat from it was intense as her nipples were on the point of popping and her cock exploding through sheer passion and pressure. Sucking and licking as she bobbed away, all woman, taking time to clasp his taught cum full balls. Kissing and licking the shaft whilst not forgetting to kiss those gorgeous sperm filled balls. Bill gently Kartal Evi Olan Escort tugged Mandy’s hair as she released his wet hard cock, pre-cum dripping around her lips and chin,

“Lets 69 Mandy”

Mandy gently laid on her back as Bill mounted from top taking the slutty transvestite cock from her soaked wet panties and into his warm mouth. At the same time Mandy received Bills cock from above, this time as he sucked her hard he thrust his cock deep into her mouth his muscular thighs either side of her head. Bill fucked the bitch’s mouth in time with his own sucking motion. Although Mandy was no stranger to cock she had never quite experienced a man deep throating her from as she was forced to accept what was coming with no control. Fucking deep until his balls pressed against her chin Bills cock penetrated her throat to choking point before thrusting back giving her chance for a quick breath before the next deep masculine thrust. As her hunk mouth fucked her Mandy’s knickers were around one leg as Bill sucked her roughly and hard squeezing her balls hard with every thrust of his head.

This went on for some time before Mandy managed to roll out from beneath her lover and kneel on the cold vinyl floor. Bill sat on the edge of the bed as Mandy gently positioned herself between his legs. Once again she took his gorgeous hard cock and placed it between her lips. Slowly exploring with her tongue she began to suck him slowly and passionately. The smell of a horny cock was driving her nuts, still in her bra, her knickers around one ankle she whispered ,

” I want your cum”

Gently guiding her head Mandy sucked, feeling every pulse of this gorgeous mans cock inside her mouth, back and forth, up and down squeezing his balls until he gripped her hair tightly. Mandy felt Bills massive cock pulse and his balls tighten before she felt him arch shooting the first servings of his spermy reward into her mouth. He thrust back once more and another jet of gorgeous sperm shot into her mouth sending Mandy into quivers of pure pleasure and a sense of feminine achievement. Mandy savoured the taste of his cum allowing it to swish around her mouth before swallowing his seed. Before the third jet Bill pulled Mandy’s hair so hard that his cock was freed,

“Over your face Mandy,”

He gasped as he continued to cum what seemed like bucket loads. As he came he rubbed his thick all around her face. Once the last jets of his honey was squeezed from his beautiful cock he pulled Mandy up face to face. The couple kissed slowly and passionately sharing what was left of his cum. Mouths tingling with the taste of his sperm

Exhausted Mandy laid on the bed, Bill slowly wanked her as they kissed. Within moments she erupted all over her tummy. White jets of hot cum shooting all over her tummy and chest .Bill lapped it up kissing and licking at her sperm . He moved up slowly and the couple once again kissed passionately, both lapping and sharing the last trickles of tasty cum. Mandy pulled on her knickers and fell asleep close to Bills warm body, the object of her desire and her needs as a woman fulfilled once again for the time being.

Thank you Bill x

Dedicated to my friend Hannah who inspires me to womanhood!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32