Lucy, Nothing She Can’t Handle


Lucy, A First Time

The taxi was driving up the ramp out of Paddington Station. “Depending on the traffic it will take us about thirty minutes to get to Chelsea,” said the driver over the intercom, which was necessary as the glass partition between him and my wife and me sitting in the back was robust and soundproof.

“Thanks,” I replied, noticing the button next to the little green light on the partition labelled: “For Privacy Press – When Red light shows Driver can not hear.” I caught the eye of the driver in the rear view mirror. His eyes flickered between the road in front and his rear view mirror.

“We may be ten minutes late. Are you nervous?” I asked her.

She took my hand. “Oh God, yes,” she whispered. “What have we done?”

“We could just cancel if you wish.”

“No.” She looked into my eyes. “I need this.”

“OK, well we better get you ready. Take off your jacket,” I told her.

“Can the driver hear us?” asked Lucy.

“Only when the green light is on,” I replied as I pointed it out to her. It was still green. “Take off your jacket,” I repeated. She looked at the drivers rear view mirror. We stopped at a traffic light. His eyes met mine.

She slipped it off her shoulders. Under it she was wearing a lightweight pale blue sleeveless Kashmir sweater. The fitting was perfect, tightly clinging to the curve of her full sized breasts. I could see her bosom expanding and deflating in quick succession as she breathed deeply. There was a deep V neckline showing a fair bit of cleavage. I slid the shoulders of the sweater down her arms pushing the top down. Her pink lace bra containing her full breasts was now displayed. The rigid nipples poked through the material and her dark areola were clearly visible.

I passed my hand around her back to gain access to the bra strap buckle. I was proficient at undoing it with one hand. I then pulled her arms free of the sweater so I could remove the bra leaving her proud breasts fully exposed. I pulled on both nipples so they were rigidly extended and ran a hand over each soft breast. I put the bra on the seat beside me and sat back. Her hands went to cover her breasts. I removed them and told her to put them under her thighs. “But he can see in the mirror,” she whispered.

“I know.” This was the first time her breasts had been exposed in public since we married. They bounced as we drove over some pot holes but the nipples remained pronounced. My cock stirred. It was enormously exciting. After another red traffic light which gave the driver the chance to admire the view, I slipped the sweater back up. I looked at the rear view mirror to catch the driver’s smile. Her breasts were heaving inside the Kashmir and her nipples were now easily defined under the light material. I gently moved my hand over them. If you have never experienced the feel of the curve of a firm breast and hard nipple through the soft wool of a Kashmir sweater you have not lived!

“The email said no bra and panties,” I told her loudly enough for the driver to hear.

She took my hand, gave it a squeeze and kissed me on the lips. “Wait until we get there,” she told me quietly.

“No,” I replied. “Take them off now. This is what he said.”


We were in a traffic jam. The driver could spend more time on the rear view mirror. “But, he can see,” she repeated.

“I know! Take them off and give them to me.” The driver adjusted the mirror.

Lucy lifted her bottom off the seat, put her hands under her skirt and lowered the panties to her knees. Momentarily her newly shaved vagina was on display as she slid the panties down her legs. She quickly replaced her skirt and handed me the matching pink lace panties which joined the bra on the seat beside me.

“Good girl.” I told her as I gave her a kiss.

“Are you two going somewhere special?” Asked the cab driver watching us in the mirror as Lucy replaced her jacket.

“No,” I replied. “My wife here has an appointment,” I told him. Lucy shuddered and squeezed my hand again.

“Oh! Nothing difficult I hope.”

“Well it shouldn’t be. She should be able to handle it,” I replied.

“Here we are then,” he said as he manoeuvred the taxi into the curb. I paid with a credit card and gave him a five pound tip.

As Lucy exited the cab she pointed to the bra and panties still on the seat. “Don’t forget those,” she whispered to me.

“You won’t need them now,” I replied. She gave me a long hard stare.

Once she was on the pavement the driver looked at Lucy and said: “Hope that you have a successful appointment, love.”

She blushed. “Thank you.”

As I joined her on the pavement I smiled at him and added; “Don’t worry. She will.”


We walked up the steps towards the front door of number 134. We were eight minutes late. But then one could not hope to predict the traffic in London. The door was answered by a pretty blond woman of about 40 who introduced herself as Veronica. She Starzbet was tall, slim and elegant, wearing a tight black skirt, breaking three inches above the knee, and a crisp tight white blouse, which accentuated her breasts. She wore her hair down. As she looked at her watch she raised an eyebrow and explained that she was Mr Prendergast’s assistant. She took Lucy’s jacket and placed it on a chair. She stood in front of Lucy and took both her hands. Her eyes skimmed up and down her body, lingering at her breasts. “Good. Mr Prendergast gets very upset if a client disregards his wishes.” She turned and led us towards a door which she explained was the study. She knocked, then opened the door.

As we entered the room Mr Prendergast came towards us and shook my hand with a firm handshake. He was about 50 years old; a tall man of about six foot, with slightly greying hair, and looking muscular and fit. He was wearing grey trousers, a smart shirt and tie and a sports jacket. Lucy had followed me into the room and I noticed that Veronica had slipped away. “This is my wife, Lucy,” I told him.

“I am delighted to meet you.” He told her as he took her hand in his. “You are even more lovely than the photos portrayed.” He looked up and down her body as he held her hand, his eyes lingering on the now prominent nipples under the soft material.

“Thank you,” replied Lucy blushing and smiling up at him. I could tell that his charm had worked. It appeared that she was beguiled by him.

“Why don’t you sit here,” he said taking Lucy by the hand to a high backed plain, hard wooden chair with arms. It did not look particularly comfortable. He pointed me towards an arm chair opposite the formidable desk, behind which he went to sit.

I looked around the room as Lucy did. It was considerably larger than a normal sized sitting room. There was a large Victorian bay window looking out onto the road outside. I noticed alongside the window a sort of bench contraption in black leather. Two of the other walls were lined from floor to ceiling with book cases full of books. The fourth wall was lined with an assortment of items which graphically showed the interests of Mr Prendergast. There was a Saint Andrew’s Cross with various straps at the foot and on the arms, a bracket holding a variety of crops and whips, a container holding about 10 canes of various lengths and thickness, some with crooked handles; there were several items attached to the wall which I could not identify nor describe other than the fact that some appeared to have leather straps or metal clamps attached. There was a shelf with a variety of dildos or phallic sex toys of various shapes and sizes. Wow, quite a collection. Mr Prendergast remained silent as we both looked around. Lucy shivered a couple of times and was breathing hard which accentuated the rise and fall of her bosom.

Eventually Mr Prendergast spoke. “I hope that you find it inspiring.”

“Wow,” I replied. Lucy smiled nervously.

“Thank you for your many emails. They were most interesting. Also the photos. I enjoyed reading of your thoughts and interests,” he said.

“And thank you for yours,” I replied. “You made it all very clear to us both.”

“I understand that Lucy has willingly come to see me for control and domination?”

“As we explained, Lucy has a desire to be… er … well…shall we say, kept in order from time to time, and I am not able to punish her properly.” I answered sticking to the script which Lucy and I had agreed upon. “Frankly, I feel that I am not giving her enough of what she craves.”

“Is this right Lucy?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” she replied timidly.

“So you have come here to be punished by me because your husband is not able to be firm enough with you?”

Lucy fidgeted with her hands and looked down at the floor. “Yes,” she whispered barely loud enough to be heard.

“What did you say?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied more loudly.

“That’s better, Lucy. Now I want you to stand up.” Lucy stood in front of us with her arms to her sides.

He told her to put her arms behind her back and she complied. Her breasts were as good as naked under the thin sweater. “You have lovely breasts, Lucy and I can see from your nipples that you are excited.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now with both your hands I want you to caress your breasts through your sweater.” Lucy tentatively moved her hands up to her breasts. God, this was erotic. Here was my wife, who had never been sexually turned on other than when we were in our own bedroom together, performing a sexually stimulating act in front of a man she had met only minutes before. The hard nipples showed that she was excited by her actions. Her breathing deepened as her hands worked.

“Well done Lucy. Now agitate your nipples so we have them more pronounced.” By now Lucy had her eyes half closed and she moaned gently.

“I hope that you are not wearing anything under your skirt as I instructed?”

“Yes, Starzbet Giriş sir. I am naked under my skirt and sweater.”

“Good. Then go back to your chair, lift up your skirt and sit down again so that your naked bottom is directly on the chair.”

He turned to me while Lucy adjusted herself as directed. “You said in your email that you had discussed it together and came to the conclusion that she should be beaten.”

“Yes,” I replied. “She craves a good old fashioned spanking and that is what I want for her. I know that she is turned on by being punished and I just can not bring myself to hurt her in that way.”

I smiled at Lucy who had resumed her seat. Her skirt was now bunched up at the back and she was sitting on the hard wooden seat with nothing between it and her naked bottom. She smiled at me.

Mr Prendergast continued; “I see. Well, to set your mind at rest many of my clients have similar problems. The service I provide will not only provide for the desire that Lucy has to be dominated and punished, but you will also find it highly erotic seeing your wife manipulated by me.” I smiled at him conscious of a stirring of my penis. He continued in a slightly more authoritative tone; “I expect you to abrogate your responsibility for her discipline and welfare to me while you are here. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr Prendergast, I understand and we will both abide with anything you decide to do.”

“Good.” He pushed a paper across the desk and said. “I would be grateful if you would both sign this agreement.” I leaned forward and took the paper which I read. It was short and to the point. Basically, as he had said, both Lucy and I were to agree to give him full authority to ‘deal’ with Lucy as he saw fit. ‘Deal’ was not defined. I signed the paper. I signalled to Lucy with the pen. She stood and came to the desk. She signed without reading it and returned to her seat taking care to raise her dress again around her waist as she did so.

Mr Prendergast recovered the document and turned to Lucy. “Lucy, please lift up your sweater and show me your bare breasts.” She blushed and shivered. I winced.

Other than the taxi driver who had brought us here she had never been exposed to anyone else since we married ten years previously. This time she was required to initiate the display. Would she do it? She grabbed the bottom of the sweater at her waist and raised it over her breasts. Mr Prendergast watched. I watched. My cock started reacting. Once the garment was bunched up above her breasts she put her hands on the arms of the chair.

“Very good, Lucy,” he said. “You are most compliant and you have beautiful breasts. It will be a pleasure to deal with them.” Lucy gasped loudly. My cock twitched.

He turned to me. “She is very submissive. I am delighted.” Her nipples were fully hard as she sat proud. Her breathing was ragged. “I think that she will be very suitable for me to deal with”. Lucy gave a little cry. We both looked at her for a moment. “Put your sweater down now Lucy.” She did as she was told.

He continued. “You do understand that my expertise is in proper punishment of partners who have been referred to me? I do not go in for gentle warm ups nor hand spankings. My service is proper corporal punishment.”

“Yes, we both understand that,” I replied for us both.

“There will be no safe word. I will administer a suitable beating and neither of you will prevent me from doing so. Otherwise we will tear up the document you have just signed and you may leave now.”

“Yes, we understand.” This was not news to us as we had discussed it before in various emails.

“You said in your emails that you had never been beaten before?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Lucy replied.

“Well in which case…” He looked at some papers on his desk. “I suggest that since this is your first visit, and the first of many, I hope,” he smiled at us. “Taking into consideration what you have told me in your emails, I think that you should initially receive the belt on your naked buttocks.”

Lucy let out a moan. She took a deep breath. Her breasts were rising and falling with her deep breathing.

“That would suit her,” I told him enthusiastically. Lucy squirmed on her seat. “Oh,” she whispered.

Mr Prendergast stood and walked around his desk. He walked across to the instruments wall and came back with an interesting collection of leather straps. Putting these aside he went behind Lucy’s chair and, leaning forward, he put his hands over her Kashmir covered breasts. His hands caressed up and down, occasionally lingering over, and stimulating, the nipples. “They are magnificent,” he told me. I was close to coming. I could feel my juices begin to flow. I had to constrain myself but it had to be admitted that Lucy, with a red glow to her cheeks, looked tremendous with her prominent nipples being manipulated by this dominant good looking man.

Shortly he pulled the jersey up over her head and her arms Starzbet Güncel Giriş out of the sleeves . The top half of her body was now completely naked. He took two light straps out of his pocket and strapped Lucy’s wrists to the arms of the chair. She was now unable to interfere as both his hands slid over her now naked breasts. He rubbed up and down and after a short time he pinched both nipples. Lucy squirmed in her seat and was gently moaning. Her eyes were half shut. “Her nipples are very sensitive,” he said.

“Yes, they are.” I replied. My cock was solid. I had never seen anybody touch my wife’s body. I knew what those beautifully full breasts felt like and now Mr Prendergast was also sampling them. The scene was highly erotic.

He picked up the leather straps explaining that he was now going to put on a ‘Breast Harness’. The leather concoction was similar to a bra in that there was a strap around the back and shoulder straps. Unlike a bra though there were a series of straps tightly surrounding each breast. The breasts were constrained by these which had the effect of projecting each breast further out from her chest. There was no centre cup, thus leaving most of the breasts, the areola and the nipples bare. Having tightened a few straps he continued his caress of the protruding nipples. Lucy moaned. I was transfixed. I was breathing deeply and my cock was now rigid. Her projected breasts were phenomenal in the leather constraint.

“After a beating a female spouse or partner usually becomes highly sexually charged.” He looked down at Lucy. “I suspect that you are wet already in anticipation, aren’t you Lucy?”

“Oh God. Yes, sir.”

He turned to me again. “Well…you see. It is to be expected.” He continued rubbing her breasts which were heaving heavily with her deep breathing.

After a few moments he stopped and undid the wrist straps. “Stand up Lucy and take off your skirt,” he told her. She stood in front of him, undid a button and zip and let the skirt slide to the floor leaving her naked except for the harness.

He moved around her. “Yes, she is very beautiful.” I had to agree with him. She was exquisitely lovely. Her firm buttocks curved out to him. He stroked them and gave them a playful slap. They wobbled.

“These breasts are now better displayed,” he gave them a gentle slap. Lucy doubled up and cried out. I noticed a bulge in Mr Prendergast’s trousers. I shivered. God, he was getting turned on!

“Perfect full firm bottom. It will take a beating well. Very good.” He circled her again. “A shaved vagina as well!” His finger momentarily stroked her labia. “Is that for me?”

“Oh, God,” replied Lucy between deep breaths as she tried to push her thighs tightly together. “Yes, I shaved it as you instructed.” My cock bounced uncomfortably within my trouser.

“Lucy, go and select a suitable belt please,” he told her. Lucy got up and walked slowly across to the wall of displayed instruments. We both watched her move gracefully across the room. She went to a rack which appeared to hold various leather belts, floggers, crops and whips, selected a belt and returned with it. It was a small belt, about two foot long and three inches wide. I saw that the leather was split into about five finger length strips at the end.

“Good choice.” He smiled as he took the belt from her. He took her by the hand. I was impressed by how gently he treated her, knowing that this would not last long. He started instructing her. “Lucy, you will initially receive the belt from me and we will then see how well you manage. Firstly I think that we will have you standing upright at the desk, then if you move too much we will have to bind you to the cross. After that we will have a glass of wine before we decide what should happen next. OK Lucy?”

She looked up at him. “Yes sir,” she whispered.

I watched as he instructed her how to stand beside the desk and bend forward towards it. He placed her feet about a foot apart and just over a foot back from the edge. Lucy had to lean forward so that her pelvis was in contact with the desk. Her hands laid flat on the desk supporting her. He told her that the remainder of the body should be upright with her bottom and breasts stuck out as far as possible. “Now stay still.” His hand gently passed up her back, then down her front lingering over her harnessed breasts. “I may wish to strike these,” he explained as he gave each nipple a gentle squeeze. Lucy lost her footing and nearly collapsed. He helped her regain her composure until she was once again standing proud with the beautiful curved unprotected white bottom pushed out towards us both. She shuddered. “You will remain still when you are beaten.” She moaned and mumbled something I did not hear. His hand continued and was now caressing her bottom. It slipped in between her legs. Gently he moved her legs further apart.

He looked across to me. “Well it would normally be six to ten strokes for a beginner but you have come all the way from Bristol.” He paused. “I think that shows a desire to make this a somewhat more memorable occasion.” His hand continued to caress her between her legs. Lucy squirmed.

“Yes, that makes sense.” I replied. “Lucy, darling, shall we say ten strokes? Would that be OK?”

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