Lori Learns Her Lesson


It was towards the beginning of the Northern Californian school year, as Lori was tidying up the classroom after the children had left for the day. She taught the very youngest children, and today, being the first day of the school year, had been hectic. The last of the children, and some mothers, had departed. She was looking forward to going home to her bachelor pad, kicking off her shoes, putting her feet up and downing a cool beer.

Just then, a female face appeared in the doorway. “Are you Lori?” she asked. Lori nodded. “Thank goodness. Listen, my daughter is due to start with you tomorrow, but she’s terrified of school. Would it be too much to ask you to come out and see her? She’s in the car outside. When she sees you’re a nice friendly lady it will help in getting her to school tomorrow.”

“Why sure!” replied the good hearted Lori. “What is her name?”

“Sadie” came the reply. “She can be a terror sometimes.”

They walked to the parking lot together. Lori, an attractive 33 year old, a full and lovely figure, and glasses, white blouse and dark blue knee length dress; and the woman, who had neglected to give her name. She was about Lori’s age, more slender and wiry, with blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. The car was in a shady corner, to keep it cooler, Lori presumed. The woman opened the back door, and stepped back to allow Lori access. “Sadie, this is the nice teacher you will be with.”

Lori leaned into the car, her eyes slowly adjusting to the gloom within. As she did so, a man appeared from behind the back seat, clamping a hand over her mouth, and pulling her into the car. At the same time, the woman shoved Lori hard, and slammed the door behind her. Quickly she got into the driver’s seat, and sedately drove out of the lot. It was over in seconds, and no one had noticed anything unusual going on.

In that time, the man had climbed over the back of the seat, maintaining his hold on Lori’s mouth and head. His hand was removed only long enough to apply tape to her mouth, her arms pulled behind her back and her wrists cuffed together. Her glasses were removed, carefully, she noted. She was almost blind without glasses. They must have known that, because the woman said “no need to bother with a blind fold. But put those glasses somewhere safe. She’ll need them later.” She was now on the floor and could not be seen, and the man had his feet in the small of her back. In the commotion her skirt had ridden up, and her thong was plainly visible, pulling into her cunt. She liked wearing a thong – it was halfway to being knickerless, and made her feel very sexy. And she knew that feeling sexy made her look sexy.

The man bent down, slipping his fingers under the thong, feeling for her cunt and her asshole. Despite her predicament, indeed because of her predicament, Lori was getting wet. Fingers moved inside her, lifting her belly off the floor. Lori gave a confused groan. Should she be terrified or excited? Or both?

Only ten minutes or so, and she heard the car drive onto gravel. The door opened, and she was half dragged, half bundled out, and hustled into the back of a van, where she was pushed to the floor, and the doors clanged shut behind her. “Like prison doors” she thought. No sooner was she inside than the van engine started, and the van pulled away.

The floor of the van was soft, and when she had knocked against the side as she came in it was padded, too. What was going on? She was about to find out.

Her handcuffs were removed, and she was flipped over onto her back – but release was short lived. She found her arms being stretched outwards and clamped to the floor above her head. One man held her feet, whilst the woman removed her shoes and stockings, and started to slide the thong down her legs. “Lift your ass so I can get this thing off. You won’t be needing anything covering your cunt for a while.” Lori did as she was told. They would get them off anyway, so why resist?

Next to go was the skirt, and again Lori lifted her ass so the woman could get it off. Now she was naked from the waist down. “Very nice!” said the Starzbet man. “Very nice indeed,” agreed the woman. “I’m looking forward to getting a taste of that pussy. That such a gorgeous bush it seems a shame to cut it all off.” Lori started. Her full bush was her pride and joy. She wanted it left as it was. But being gagged, she could only shake her head wildly. She felt each leg being stretched sideways, and clamped to the floor at the side of the van. She had never had her legs so far apart before, and felt so open and vulnerable. She knew she was going to be raped, and that expectation sent floods of fluid to her cunt, and terrified her at the same time. She felt her nipples harden. She had sensitive nipples and liked playing with them.

Now her legs were fastened down, attention was paid to the top half. The buttons on the front of her blouse were undone, carefully, then one arm was unshackled, and that sleeve pulled off her arm. Then she felt the clasp of her bra being undone, and pulled forward and off that arm. The exercise was repeated with the other arm, and she found herself secured naked and spread-eagled on the floor of a van, traveling she knew not where. Finally, the tape covering her mouth was ripped off painfully, to be replaced by a red ball gag.

At length, the woman said “You disobeyed instructions! You were told to publish photos of yourself naked, with your legs wide apart, but you refused. So now were are going to take the photos ourselves, and publish them. If you do not comply with our wishes we will make sure the photos get circulated amongst all the parents at the school. On top of that, punishment is due for the disobedience. Knowing you, you will probably enjoy it, but I wouldn’t bank on it being easy. But before then, some pleasure: for us, and probably for you. But that’s for you to decide”.

Lori became aware the van had stopped. A third voice indicated the driver had moved into the back of the van. “We have stopped for three reasons:

First: We have some photographs to take

second: I can’t wait to have your tongue inside me;

third: I have two horny men here who want to get their cocks into you.”

A switch clicked, and bright lights came on in various parts of the van. The illumination was smooth, and there were no shadows that would hide Lori’s intimate parts. Cameras clunked. Lenses closed in on various parts of Lori’s anatomy. Oh, the humiliation! Where would these pictures be published? How many of her friends would see them?

Whilst the photographer was in action the woman was stripping off her clothes until she stood entirely naked, revealing a lithe torso, small firm breasts with large hard nipples, and shaven cunt. She was about 5 foot 5 and obviously kept herself in trim. She sat astride Lori, and removed her gag, kissing her full on the lips, forcing her tongue into Lori’s mouth. She didn’t know whether Lori had had any lesbian experience, and she didn’t care. Lesbian experience was what she was about to get, like it or not! Lori knew she was expected to respond, and also knew that if she didn’t it would be the worse for her. Lori responded. She met the invading tongue with hers, and sucked it further into her mouth. She even tentatively pushed her own tongue into the unknown woman’s mouth. The humiliation of being pegged down naked and forced to respond to another woman touched a chord, and her nipples hardened and juices flowed.

“That’s my Lori” said the woman, leaning back and caressing Lori’s tits. As the nipples grew harder she slapped each breast, making them swing to and from, and raising hand marks on them. She bit on her nipples, and tugged at them with her teeth. She pinched them and twisted them. And the more she did so the wetter Lori got.

Turning round, the woman straddled Lori’s face, saying “you know what to do. It had better be good”. Lori did know what to do, and got on with it, even though being smothered by a very wet cunt made it difficult to breathe.

This position also made it easy for the woman to play with Lori’s nipples, tweaking, twisting, Starzbet Giriş tugging. Suddenly Lori’s own cunt felt like it was on fire. The woman had been handed a pussy whip, and was labouring Lori’s cunt. The pain was terrific, and so was the excitement. Lori felt herself moving to an orgasm, an could feel from the woman sitting on her face was about to also, their mutual excitement driving each other to one synchronised orgasm. The woman collapsed with her face in Lori’s abundant bush. “Lori, that was great! It’s been a while since I had one that good.”

And all the time, the photographer snapped.

After a few minutes, as she came down from her high, she reluctantly dismounted from Lori. Lori looked a mess – female cum over her face, her hair matted. “Now it’s the boys’ turn. OK boys, there are no limits – do your worst.”

The first man stood looking down at her. He was naked, and although her eyesight without glasses was not good, Lori could see he sported a large erection. Straddling her body, he also commence slapping Lori’s tits about. “I’d like to whip these properly”, he said, “Tits as good as these don’t come very often. Feel how large and firm they are.”

Lori felt her nipples hardening again. “Pass the nipple clamps, honey.” said her latest assailant. “If I can’t cane them then I’ll put our strongest clamps on.” A sharp pain ripped through her nipples as the clamps were applied. Then the chain between them was pulled hard, stretching her tits an extra 2 inches.” As Lori gasped, he plunged his cock deep into her wet and gaping cunt. It filled her completely, and pushed hard against her cervix. She didn’t know when she last felt that full.

Again and again the cock plunged in deep, and all the while the chain on her nipple clamps was repeatedly pulled hard. Total submission and humiliation – and when her assailant pumped great ropes of cum into her cervix, Lori had another major orgasm.

And all the time, the photographer snapped.

After some minutes the man withdrew, and stood up. “Time for a change”, said the woman, “time to be on your knees with your ass in the air – and can you guess why? No need to answer, you’ll find out soon enough.”

Lori could indeed guess – and the answer filled her with fear and dread. Her virgin ass was about to be raped. But behind the fear was a frisson of excitement – perhaps a new experience to be enjoyed?

Her restraints were removed, and she was flipped over onto her belly. The ankle straps were replaced, but this time she was pulled to her hands and knees. As she got used to this position, her hands were pulled from under her, and her face fell onto the padded floor. Her hands were pulled through her legs and her wrists tied to her widespread ankles. This pressed her face into the floor, and she had to turn her head to one side. The position also forced her ass upwards, and opened her ass. She was aware that both her cunt and her ass were now prominently visible, and she became aware of close up photographs being taken. She blushed – the whole world would see the cum dripping out of her cunt. Her blushes would have been even stronger had she realised they had photographed her ID & drivers license to publish alongside the more risqué photos.

Hands and fingers caressed her crack, inserted themselves into both her cunt and her ass. One finger slid in and out. Not too bad so far. Then two fingers she’s not sure she likes that. Three fingers stretching her sphincter – definitely uncomfortable, especially when they tried to lift her off the floor using them. Then the fingers were gone, and liquid lubricant was poured liberally into her ass. As the man stepped up to the mark, the female voice said “We’ve decided to be kind, and take your ass with the smaller of the two cocks here. Don’t say we never do anything for you!” Lori braced herself for an ass fucking – and he entered her cunt. Perhaps they had changed their mind and her ass would be spared. She was cunt fucked for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of a cock inside her, and getting quite wet again. Without warning, Starzbet Güncel Giriş the man withdrew his now well lubricated cock from her cunt and plunged it straight into her ass, to the hilt.

It was unexpected, her ass was relaxed, but she gasped, gurgled and squealed with the shock and pain. The man kept his cock inside her ass, allowing the shock and pain to subside, then slowly and gently he began to fuck her ass, sliding in and out, in and out. In a few minutes she was into the rhythm, and getting turn on. The humiliation of being fucked in the ass by a stranger was too much to bear, and her excitement mounted. Reaching underneath, the woman started to caress and tease Lori’s clitoris. Both Lori and her rapist were moving towards a climax. Sensing this, the woman then started to tug on the nipple clamps, in time with the thrusts. As both parties came, the woman gave an extra hard pull, pulling the clamps off of Lori’s nipples. The pain applied to her tits was intense, and as the blood returned the pain level went even higher. Lori howled, in pain, anguish, and in sexual excitement.

And all the time, the photographer snapped.

“Now, there’s the little matter of the punishment you are due.” Lori’s heart sank, she hoped that had been forgotten. “You will get six stokes of the cane on your ass – and as you are in the perfect position for that now. Then we will turn you onto your back for three strokes on your tits, then pull your legs over your head and secured with your legs spread for the coup de grace – one stroke on your wide open cunt and clitoris. How does that sound?”

“Excruciating!” whimpered Lori.

There are three of us here, and we will all cane your ass twice and your tits once. I will cane your cunt. Being a woman I know best how to make it really painful. As your Flickr profile says you enjoy being abused, you should really enjoy it. So enjoy!”

An instant later the cane sliced across Lori’s ass, raising a red weal across both cheeks. Lori howled into the padded floor where her head was secured. Fingers caressed her cunt, tweaked her clitoris – that felt good. Then the second stroke – and more fingers. The remaining four followed in quick succession, each with accompanying caressing of clitoris or insertion of fingers, each bringing howls or screeches, but also more dampness to Lori’s cunt. Six strokes over, and she felt her restraints being removed.

And all the time, the photographer snapped.

She found herself flipped onto her back like a hamburger, and her wrists refastened above her head. This time, however, her legs were left free to kick. Lips and teeth nibbled at her nipples, fingers pinched and pulled them until they stood firmly to attention. “Now for your tits,” the woman said. “One stroke each, and I’m first.”

The cane swung, striking Lori just above each nipple. A hand clamped over her mouth to stifle the scream, as another hand pinched and pulled her clitoris. The cane swung again, this time on the lower part of each tit. Fingers remained inside her moist cunt, working her to a frenzy again as the cane swung for the third time, a direct hit on both nipples. Lori soared to even higher levels of pain, but coupled with a sexual excitement she had not achieved before. Before she could think about it, the two men each seized a leg, lifted it over head and pulled it sideways. Her cunt was a soft, wet wide open target. The woman’s aim was unerring, and Lori screamed in pain and orgasm as the cane sliced down onto her cunt and clitoris. The orgasm was so shattering, she passed out.

And all the time, the photographer snapped.

They undid her bonds, gently laid her out, and covered her with a blanket. As she came round the woman said “Honey, you were great. We have some great photos. Here are your clothes, excepting bra and panties, so get yourself dressed and we’ll take you home. A long hot bath will make you feel like a new woman. You are forbidden from wearing a bra or panties again – and we will be checking. In future, when your Flickr masters order you to take intimate photos, make sure you obey! We know where you live and where you work. You can expect a visit from us at any time. Meanwhile we have some great photos of you being whipped and fucked, and we will be selling these around the world. We’ve come up with the title “Lori Learns her Lesson.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?”

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