Living with an Exhibitionist Ch. 02

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Ava Addams

So Wednesday night, to repay Terry for the dinner I brought the makings of a healthy meal with me. He answered the door and I was surprised to see he was dressed. Not wanting to ask outright, I wondered aloud, “You just get home from work?”

“Nah, I’ve been here a while,” If Terry wondered where I was going with my question, he didn’t let on. Taking one of the bags from me, he glanced in and commented favorably on my choices as I followed him into the kitchen. I was glad to see that the fridge was clean and decently stocked, but a whole shelf was empty. Seeing where I was looking, he said almost shyly, “I reorganized it, figured I better get used to sharing again.”

When we had the stuff put away, he said, “I thought we’d work out, so that will give you a chance to be kind of, um, in close range, and see if it bothers you. Then we can shower and eat when we’re done.”

“Oh, I wish you told me, I would have brought gym gear,” I said, realizing how silly that sounded considering he’d probably be naked.

“I have shit you can wear. We look like we’re about the same size,” he told me. Disappearing into the bedroom, he came back with shorts and a t-shirt. Feeling stupid, I went into the bathroom and changed, expecting he’d take the opportunity to strip down while I was in there. To my surprise, he was still dressed when I came out. Leading me over to the workout stuff, he pointed to the bench and said, “Have a seat.” I did, facing him for further instructions, and he again made eye contact with me and somewhat slowly undressed. Since had told me it didn’t bother him, I went ahead and watched this time as he tugged his shirt off cross-armed the way unfit geeks erzurum escort like me couldn’t do, then unbuckled his belt and slid his khakis down his tan thighs. Not more than two feet from my face, he freed himself of the pants and stood up, flexing a bit in his turquoise and white briefs. Fortunately, it was not physically evident in the loose shorts, but I definitely felt a stirring as he locked eyes with me and slid his underwear down and off, giving himself a gentle bounce to free things up after being confined.

“God, that feels better,” he grinned at me.

“You really do hate clothes, don’t you?” I returned the smile. As weird as this was, it was hard not to like him… he just put it all out there (literally) and – without being outwardly conceited – was obviously very into his own body. The whole wall behind the workout equipment was mirrors, and I noticed he glanced at his reflection pretty often.

Terry took me through a pretty basic upper body routine, showing me how to stretch properly and then demonstrating a number of exercises. The awkwardest thing so far was when he was spotting me on the bench press and I could see his dick and balls at the topmost periphery of my vision. He was sweating a little by then, so I could also smell him, but I didn’t comment on that.

When we were done, he suggested I shower first. I was tempted to jerk off just to help myself relax, but I was worried I’d get caught or take too long. When I was done, I told him I would start cooking, but he said he wanted to do it together. “Stay and talk to me,” he waved to the toilet seat.

Basically that meant watching Terry shower, but I figured I had already ghpops.com seen him naked, this wasn’t that different. Since he was busy, I looked as much as I wanted as he sudsed up his smooth muscles then rinsed clean again. I was a pretty surprised when, in the processing of scrubbing his ass, he obviously goosed himself a little bit with a soapy finger, blushing as he told me, “When your traps get this big, this is hard to do yourself!” While that was a normal enough thing to do while cleaning yourself, most guys were (I would think) pretty private about it, but he didn’t seem even slightly phased by doing it in front of a relative stranger.

In the snug confines of the bathroom, Terry was practically standing in between my knees when he got out of the shower. I went to move, but he was now in my way. I should have anticipated it and gotten up. Dripping water on me playfully, he squirted some baby oil on his hands and proceeded to rub down his torso and arms with it, giving his smooth skin a nice sheen. His balls hung loose from the warm water and he gave them and his dick a little once over with the oil before moving on to his ass and legs, giggling as he goosed himself again with an oily finger before toweling some of it off.

“I love the way this feels on your skin after a shower,” he told me.

I nodded stupidly, not really sure what else to do.

“Feel,” he told me.

Helplessly, I found myself reaching up and brushing my hand across his taut stomach, which seemed like the most benign place I could reach. He was right… the oil didn’t leave him feeling greasy, but smooth and warm. The ridges of muscle were evident right under his skin. I kept my hand there a second longer, then pulled it away, realizing how it must have looked.

“It’s cool, man, really,” he said, grinning down at me. Shit, could he read my mind? I couldn’t help but notice his dick was bigger than it had been, so I forced a laugh and playfully pushed him away so I could stand up. “You’re not charming me with that snake, buddy, get it out of my face and cook my dinner, bitch!”

Terry laughed too, and the heady tension of the moment passed, but it continued to trouble me a bit as I allowed myself to be schooled in healthy cooking. Thankfully he covered himself up with an apron for this operation. Wouldn’t want the goods to get burned.

I felt myself warming up to him a lot that night, and realized that when we were talking about something else I would forget about his nudity. I got the sense that we would get along well, and – not really seeing much of an alternative anyway – I decided to go for it.

As I was getting ready to leave, he held his hands out, palms outstretched and said, “So… do I pass?”

I let him sweat a second then said, “Well, your cooking didn’t kill me, so if I can still walk tomorrow, I guess you got yourself a roommate!”

“Yessssss,” he said, grinning. We talked about how moving day would go and a few other details and I was ready to head out. As I was on my way out the door, he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me into a pretty intense hug. My hands landed on their own accord on his bare back and returned the squeeze, feeling his chest powerful against mine.

“Damn, boy,” I told him, when he finally let me go.

“Sorry I’m a huggy guy, too, probably shoulda warned ya,” he said, with that goofy grin.

“That’s cool, if I can handle the naked part, that’s nothing,” I told him, realizing his meat had just been pressed against my leg.

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