Living A Lie Ch. 01


“Speak of the devil” I heard Sandy say as I walked into the teacher’s lounging area, her and Michael turned to look at me as I made my way to the coffee machine.

“I presume I’m the topic” I said preparing myself a cup of coffee.

“Yes you are my dear, doing anything tonight?” She said lazily holding her cup in the air, leaning on the counter. “Michael and I are going to this new fancy bar we heard just opened, care to join?”

“Sorry guys I’m gonna have to pass, Daniel is back tonight I wanna be there when he gets home” I said before taking a sip of my coffee moving to stand near them. “And I’ve got some marking to do from yesterday’s test”

“Ah I should’ve known, you know ever since you got married you got boring too, I mean, when was the last time you went out?” Sandy asked trying to make me feel bad for not joining them.

“Seriously man, it can be like college all over again” Michael chimed in with smug smile to that last part.

“Oh no, my college days are long gone, and are never to be repeated” I said sternly as both of them laughed at the memory that was our college days.

“Boy you were wild” Said Michael laughing at my embarrassing partying memories.

“Yeah like dancing on tables wild, I remember that time when we found you in the parking lot laying in your own puke” Sandy said hysterically laughing. I just ducked my head in embarrassment but still smiled at the thought of those days. It was indeed fun.

“Well you know what, you two can live it all out again while I attend to my responsibilities and commitments cause I’m an adult now” I said trying to sound mature in a mockingly way, this making them laugh more.

“Whatever you say honey, just know that you’re missing out” Sandy said as I rolled my eyes leaving them. I needed to get ready for my next class.


I’m a teacher, yeah it’s no glamorous job but I love it. I met Sandy and Michael in college, they were also studying escort bayan bursa to become teachers. We clicked right away and since then have been inseparable. Even though I wasn’t going to go out with them tonight like we used to nonetheless I was excited that Daniel was coming back home. He is my husband, I guess you can sort of call us newly weds being married for only 9 months now. I guess I can say I’m where I want to be in life, plan was study to be the one thing I love, a teacher, get a job and then finally settle down with someone. At 28 I’ve accomplished all that and now living comfortably I’d say, only thing missing in my life now is children, sure I may teach a whole lot of them every day but I really would like my own to raise. A subject I ought to bring up with Daniel, I’m not sure how he’d feel about that idea but other than that I’d say my life is perfect, not in the cliché way but then more realistic kind of perfect, if that makes any sense.

“Liam I’m home” I heard the familiar voice call out.

“In the kitchen” I said back, not long after I felt two strong arms wrap around me from behind. I smiled. “I missed you” savoring the embrace.

“I missed you too babes” He said softly, he sounded tired. I finally turned around to look at him. He gave me a small smile.

“How was work?” I asked, he was away on business.

“Ah it was work, tired as fuck though”

“Well I hope you have enough energy for dinner, I made roast, your favorite” I said trying to cheer him up, he smiled back in appreciation leaning down to kiss me.

“Thank you”

I looked at this man I called my husband, taller than me but by a few inches, green eyes, thick dark brown hair neatly cut and brushed to one side, clean shaven, always, he looked like your average lawyer just a whole lot hotter. I say this cause he has one rock hard body, he’s not a gym bunny but would go to the gym whenever he had time or just exercise bursa sinirsiz eskort here at home, and I don’t think any lawyer has abs and arms like his. Yeah this man, my husband, was definitely something to gloat about.

We had dinner and I talked mostly about my day and all that then made our way to the bedroom. I knew he was tired but like every other man out there I knew he wanted to get some, sure he was only gone for a few days but I missed him, all of him. I watched him get undressed from his formal attire admiring his form before me. Then he stopped when it was time to for him to take off his pants and looked at me with a very familiar hunger in his eyes.

“Enjoying the show?” smiling smugly.

“Yes don’t stop” I purred and returned the smile, he walked right up to me and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“It’s no fun if I’m doing it alone” he said slipping my shirt off slowly and with that attacked me with his lips, it was all of a sudden frantic and passionate as his slick tongue pushed its way in past my lips entwining with mine, we finally parted gasping for air.

“Shower” he said, more of an order than a question. I smiled and nodded at that. Once in I knew what I had to do, kissing my way down I made it to my knees now with his erect member in front of me leaking his essence. I kissed then licked, then devoured it taking him as far as I could before my gag reflex kicked in, I heard his low growl moans from above me, his eyes closed and his one had playing with his nipples. The sight of him turned me on even more, I grabbed my own cock and started stroking it whilst fondling with his balls with one hand and my tongue still assaulting his swollen cock that seemed to get bigger and bigger.

I felt his body stiffen as his moans and breathing get more rapid, and with that he shot so many ropes of cum I lost count. His orgasm triggered my own as I shot my own load escort bayan at the floor. He slumped, leaning on the wall as I leaned on him for my own support. Once we recovered from our orgasmic high, we washed each other in a comfortable silence with soft kisses now and then. When in bed I felt him wrap his arms around me, Daniel was always quiet person and in moments like these no words were said but communication would be through physical affection. I think this is what made fall in love with him the first place.



“I love you”

“I love you too” and with that he kissed the back of my neck ever so softly.


‘Milk, cake mix, frosting….’ Checking off a mental list of the things I needed, it was Saturday and that meant I had a day off and I felt like baking today, I know Daniel would like that. Unlike me though he was working today, cases that need dealing with he told me. So I made my way to the closest store to get what I needed, quite busy though, sometimes I forget how busy New York can be at the end of the month, and this is just a small convenient store. I’m thinking of inviting Sandy and Mich over later on though.

I paid for my things and made my way to my car. There was a white van parked besides my car which wasn’t here before. What annoyed me was how close this guy was parked to me, I knew I’d have to be careful reversing out of there. I just packed the little groceries I had in my boot, as I closed it I felt a hand grip my arm, and before I could register anything else my whole body was suddenly lifted off the ground and moved to the van besides my car. My screams and moans were muffled by a large hand on my mouth, and kicking and wiggling seemed futile as this person was obviously way bigger and stronger holding me from behind.

“It’s okay, we won’t hurt you” I presumed the man holding me said, he didn’t sound very reassuring, him struggling to keep me still.

I heard the doors closed and realized we were in the van now. I opened my eyes to see another man in front on me bringing a white cloth to my mouth which quickly replaced the covering hand. I tried to scream harder, now struggling to breath.

“Ssshhh its okay…”

Everything faded away into darkness.

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