Lifesaving My Sis


This is my first submitted erotic work. I have a couple of others in the works. Comments are welcome but be gentle please! I would like to personally and publicly thank Sarahhh for all of her help. She has been a fabulous mentor, editor, and friend (and only occasional ‘grammar nazi’) in helping me get published here. Her great intellect is only exceeded by her exceptional beauty.


“I am telling you John, this is a sweet gig,” Mike was ranting, going on and on about this job posting at the college where we both attended as freshmen.

“Yeah, but I will have to get my lifesaving certification for it and that will take time,” I complained back to him. He was not buying it.

“But man, it would mean being the lifeguard for the women’s swim team and the women’s water volleyball team among your other duties. This is the chance of a lifetime. What have you got to lose besides your virginity?” Mike questioned.

“But how am I supposed to get that certification in only three weeks? I know it is tough and I don’t know of any classes running now.”

“Man you know my Aunt Becky. She will teach you if I ask a favor. You are always going on about how hot she is. It should be fun,” he attempted reasoning with me. I agreed his Aunt is hot and learning this stuff from her would be great fun even if I did not get it. His Aunt Becky was the pool director at the local YMCA. She did not normally teach the classes herself but she was quite qualified.

“Well, ask her if she will do it and I will think about it,” I answered finally, putting the discussion temporarily to rest, or at least I thought.

“Ask her to do what?” my twin sister Melanie asked as she came walking in the door and saw we were talking in the living room. Melanie is my ‘baby sis’ as I call her, being born twenty minutes after me. We are very close and discuss private stuff in our lives with each other all the time, even things I would never tell our folks. She was my first kiss, and I hers, when we were curious about it one night. The lessons had not gone much further after one hot make out session with her where we both got pretty heated. I think we were even closer after that, if it was possible. We really liked each other. I, of course, was her protector on the sidelines, even though I don’t think she knew. No one in my school dared take my sis out on a date if I did not approve. With my 6’6″ height and 220 lb black belt trained body, no one was going to argue that point with me and live to talk of it. Melanie is absolutely gorgeous at 5’4″, blond hair, blue eyes and weighing in around 100 lbs soaking wet. She is in pretty good shape as one of the best swimmers on the ladies swim team.

“Oh hi, Mel. Mike was just telling me about the lifeguard position opening at the school. He was trying to convince me to apply for it,” I replied

“Yeah, but I distinctly heard a ‘her’ involved. Who might that be? And what part do they play in this?” she asked, trying to pry out answers. She comes off as awful nosy sometimes, but she usually has my best interest at heart when she tries to help, so I was freely bringing her up to speed on our discussion. I almost sensed a little jealousy coming from her as she questioned us on our conversation.

Mike decided to climb in with both feet. “My Aunt Becky could train your brother so he could do the job. The position does not start for three weeks still. That is lots of time, besides he could use the money. It pays eighteen dollars per hour. That is the best paying job at the college for a student, and besides, he would then have to see all of your meets, Mel, since he would be the lifeguard.”

“Ooh, go for it John. I like any idea that will get my big hunky brother to my swim meets. And you could get paid for it too? You really should go for it bro.” I knew my decision was made when she looked at me and blew me a kiss to add to the ‘big hunky brother’ comment. What a little tease!

Well, I asked Mike to find out if his aunt would do it for me and get back to me. I was still blushing at my sister’s antics. She always knew how to embarrass me. For that kind of money and the obvious other benefits it could be great. If only Becky would agree to do it for me.

“Man, I’ll call her right now. She is at work and I know she is usually near her desk doing paperwork.” Mike did call, and Becky wanted to talk to me, so I got on with her. She agreed to teach me after they closed the pool at 9 pm each night, but I would have to be there every night for at least an hour. I already had the advanced first aid I needed. I had gotten that in Boy Scouts and kept it current. I would just need the water qualifications.

“So, what will I owe you for the class Becky?” I asked, expecting it to be pretty expensive with that much pool time.

“I want you to lifeguard for my tots on Saturday mornings for the next two months. I get a free lifeguard for two months and you get your free class. It is only two hours from 8 to 10 am. Is that acceptable?” Becky asked Escort bayan me.

“Man, that is great Becky, thanks a lot. When can we start?” I enthused. This could work out great.

“Be here tomorrow at 8:30pm so you can get in your suit and be ready to go at 9 pm. Make sure you have a Speedo type suit. The baggie types are not good to learn in,” she explained. My sister was all smiles as she watched this all fall into place. I was wondering what she was thinking about all of this, but she walked out before I got off the phone and retreated to her room and shut the door.

“I have got to get over to the school tomorrow and get my application in. I really want to get this job now,” I told Mike. He was very much in agreement with me on this one.

“I told you it could be a great gig. When are you going to start trusting me?” he kidded. I was super excited. Mike said he had to get home and do homework and dinner before his big date that night. He had been going out with my sister’s friend Carol for about three months now. They were looking pretty serious when I saw them together. I have to admit they made a great couple. They just seemed to click, if you know what I mean.

“Thanks again, Mike. See you in school Monday.”

“Later man” he replied as he headed out the door.

I walked up to my sister’s room and knocked. She invited me in. She was modeling a new swim suit in front of her mirror. It was very sexy without looking smutty. It was hot pink and she looked really great in it. I wolf whistled at her in jest as I entered, seeing her there. She blushed at me and threw a pillow from her bed.

“That really looks good Mel. I was just kidding with the wolf routine. If you weren’t my sister, it would get my blood boiling,” I noted, and winked at her from the bed where I had taken up residence to watch the show.

“Oh, what does being my brother have to do with it? Don’t you think I am pretty John?” she asked, looking at me in the mirror. She pirouetted and struck a couple of cheesecake poses while watching my reaction. She was definitely hot, but I don’t think she realized how much. I had to roll onto my stomach to hide my aching hard on now which was trying the patience of my shorts zipper.

“Melanie, Melanie, and how many times do I have to tell you that you are the prettiest girl at the school?” I answered, exasperated. I had told her this for years. I don’t think she ever accepted my word for it. She had no idea how many hopeful lotharios I had to ‘talk to’ at school after hearing comments in the locker rooms about wanting to fuck her. I never told her about these. I just handled the matter in my own quiet way. I threatened their life! HA!

“John, I have another suit to try on. Would you give me your opinion on it too?”

“Sure Mel. You know I will do anything for you. I am really enjoying the show so far.” That brought a broad grin as she stripped her suit off before I could look away or react.

“Mel, what are you doing? You’re naked. I shouldn’t see you like this.” I was blushing, but could not look away no matter how hard I tried. I tried to convince myself what a sick bastard I was. She was positively gorgeous! Her blond bush matched her head. I now had proof she was a natural blond. Her breasts, though not real large, were more than adequate and stood up perky and proud. She also has the most perfect hourglass shaped ass. I am a confirmed ass man. Hers was perfect, like her. She turned to face me and stared for a second, giving me a really smoldering look before throwing the other suit on. She turned her back to me and bent to slip the bottoms up, pausing to give me another long look at her world class ass. I was agog!

“I am sorry for staring sis, but my God girl, you are beautiful! You could easily be a Playboy centerfold!” I panted as I continued to stare. I was now drilling into the bed with the hardest erection I have ever had. Her smile lit up her face as she modeled the new suit now, ignoring my comment about her charms. This one was a bright blue and only slightly more conservative than the first. It was really sexy looking and I told her so.

“Thanks big hunky brother. I appreciate your opinion. I value it,” she told me, smiling at me with that smoldering stare.

“Which suit did you like best, this one, the pink one or, this one?” as she again peeled her suit off, leaving her in her birthday suit. I saw her humor, but wondered where this was coming from. I also wondered about the big hunky brother comments. She had never called me that before.

“I can’t tell you. You would be mad at your big pervert brother.”

“No, I won’t John. If I didn’t want you to look, I wouldn’t show you. I know you aren’t a pervert. You’re my big hunky brother and I love you,” she continued, modeling her nude body for me.

“I love you too Mel, but what brought this on all of a sudden?”

“John, I just had to see if I was really attractive. No one ever asks me out, and I was thinking I must be ugly Bayan escort or something.”

“Mel, you are a very beautiful girl. I was being honest with you about being the prettiest girl in the school. You really are quite the fox, whether you want to recognize it or not,” I answered her truthfully. She walked over to me on the bed and pushed me over onto my back before I could react. She immediately sighted my bulge and grinned.

“Now I know you are being honest with me. I know he doesn’t know how to lie,” she giggled as my face turned a bright red.

“I am so sorry Mel! Can you forgive me? You really are pretty, but I shouldn’t be getting hard looking at my twin sister.”

“John, I appreciate your concern, but I like your reaction. I am very flattered. I just wonder why no one else in our school ever notices me.”

“I am afraid I had a hand in that Mel. I let it be known that if anyone wanted to date you they had to get my permission. Those that made rude or suggestive comments about you usually lived to regret them,” I explained, red faced.

“I knew about that John. I am glad my big hunky brother loves me enough to try to protect me. I just wanted to see if you would admit it to me,” she giggled as she crawled up on me, still naked. She snuggled up and kissed my cheek tenderly, laying her head on my chest.

“Thanks for being honest with me John.” She could no doubt feel my ardor poking her belly as she lay on me. I was embarrassed, but deliriously happy. I mean I had a beautiful naked girl snuggling with me on her bed! Life doesn’t get much better.

“I better go before the parental units catch us. This would not go over too well I don’t think,” I said as I extricated myself from under her.

“Then again, they might surprise you,” she giggled. What is she talking about? Our parents would go ballistic at best. I got up to go back to my room to relieve some pressure on my system. My sis blew me another kiss as I went out the door. Boy, what the hell is getting into her!

The rest of the evening was uneventful. I told my parents of the job possibility and Becky’s offer to train me. They were delighted and wished me well getting the job.

Unknown to me, my sister pulled some strings on my behalf. It seems her swimming coach was responsible for hiring the lifeguard. She put in a good word for me the next Monday. I had dropped off my application that morning with the office. Her coach called me that afternoon and told me I had the job as long as I could show I had the lifeguard card before the job started. I was flabbergasted. I knew I had to have the inside track and suspected what my sis had done. I planned to ask her about it later. I also knew the pressure was on me to learn and pass the drills with Becky in time. It would take a lot of work.

I went out to the sports store after school and got a Speedo. I had never worn one before and was self conscious about it a bit. I am not huge, but not badly endowed either, so I was a bit concerned about getting hard in front of Becky with this suit as she would see it perfectly. I was nervous about the class tonight. I awaited Mel in her room dressed in my new Speedo. I figured she would give me an honest answer after last night. Besides I felt I owed her a little peep show at least.

Mel arrived just after her practice. She was in her jogging suit. She came in her room and was surprised to find me, but seemed very pleased to see me so scantily dressed.

“Hi there, big hunky brother. What brings you here in that?”

“Mel, I need your opinion on this suit. I also wanted to personally thank you for putting in the good word for me with your coach. I assume it was you since she called me and told me I have the job if I get my card.” I walked over to her, hugged her and gave her a kiss which was supposed to be on the cheek, but she was having none of that and grabbed my head and laid one on my lips, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

“I would do anything for my big hunky brother. I did mention it to my coach and I guess she followed up quicker than I thought she would. I am glad I will have you at my meets now,” Mel purred in my ear after releasing me from her lip lock. She released me and stood back, still watching me for reaction to the kiss.

“Does this look OK Mel?” I asked sheepishly. I was very red with embarrassment as I stood there. She could sense my mood and stripped her jogging suit off as we talked. This move left her in only her very tiny bikini panties. Her breasts were bare. Boy they were gorgeous.

“You look great John. Believe me, you have nothing to be embarrassed about!” as she tried to calm my nerves. With her breasts on display now, I quickly rose to attention and my non-cooperative dick popped out of the top of the suit to say hi to my startled but pleased sister.

“OOH, you definitely are my BIG hunky brother!” she cooed. What a little minx! My penis would not go back into my suit.

“What am I going to do now? If Escort I do this in front of Becky I am going to be so embarrassed,” I fretted, even more red-faced, if that was possible.

“Oh, somehow I don’t think that will be a BIG problem,” Mel giggled. She was having way too much fun at my expense.

“I am so happy you approve,” I snarled, half jokingly.

“I most definitely approve BIG Brother!” she continued to giggle. She walked over to me and kissed my cheek and whispered “You will be fine. Don’t let it bother you. Becky has seen it before I am sure.” She was right there. Becky was married with small kids of her own. I decided I would just have to deal with it if I wanted this job bad enough.

I met Becky at the YMCA at 8:30 pm as she had asked me to. She sent me to the locker room to get dressed and then to meet her at the pool. We spent the whole hour going over approaches, strokes, etc on the pool deck. We never got into the water.

“John, I have to go now. I will see you tomorrow night. I want to get home to my family. I want you to practice all I have taught you tonight. You will need a partner. Why not ask Mel to help you? She is a good swimmer,” Becky told me as she headed for the locker room. When she got to the door she looked back at me and told me I could swim for a while as long as I made sure the door was closed when I left. It was already locked. I thanked her and she left. I swam a few laps thinking of what Becky told me. It was obvious that I was going to need Mel or someone to help me practice after Becky taught me each day. I know she will help me if she can. I also know I will owe her big if she does. That would take up a lot of her free time at night for the next two weeks.

I arrived home, went downstairs and threw my swimsuit in the dryer on air dry and headed up to talk to Mel. I found her in the living room watching TV with my parents. I plopped alongside her on the couch. They were watching some reality show. I hate this stuff. She smiled at me as I sat next to her.

“Mel, can I talk to you before you go to bed please? It is pretty important, but I don’t want to interrupt your show.”

“Sure John, I’ll drop into your room after this show.” I went upstairs to my room and changed into my sleep attire, which consists of boxers. I lay in bed reading a book. It was a good science fiction novel and I was really getting into it when all of a sudden the sheets picked up and Mel slid in with me.

“Scoot over and give me room big hunky brother,” Mel told me as she slid in almost on top of me. She came over and snuggled up to me with her head on my chest. This was really nice, but I realized I had naked boobs pressing into me. She used to come to my room a few years ago when big storms frightened her. She had not done that in a while, but I missed the closeness we used to share when she did. I kissed the top of her head and thanked her for coming. Her hair was so pretty. It is very long and light blond and so soft and smells so wonderful with the herbal shampoo she uses. I wrapped my arms around her, snuggling her to me. This was very comfortable and her body was so warm and soft on my bare skin. I felt down to her ass to check if she was completely naked. She had on a small pair of panties but nothing else.

“Mel, you’re naked!” I gasped.

“No I am not. I have panties on,” she giggled as she looked into my eyes. Her eyes were sparkling with the mischief there. “Besides you have seen it already.”

“Are you sure we should be doing this? What if mom and dad catch us?” I asked. I was very concerned.

“Oh, loosen up silly. I won’t bite you unless you want me to and, besides mom and dad are watching CSI,” she continued, giggling more than ever now. She knows as well as I that they never miss that show. By now I was hard enough to cut diamonds. The sheet was doing a great impersonation of a tent over it. Mel looked down and just smiled at me.

“What can I do for you Sweety?” she purred, looking into my eyes with those beautiful baby blues. God, this girl is gorgeous and has no clue! Sweety? She has never called me that. Is she crushing on me? Can I handle it if she is?

I stared into her eyes, dumbfounded by all of it. The naked sister routine and calling me Sweety had me completely twitterpated. I was like a deer caught in the headlights as I stared back at her. I loved her as my twin but was there more there? I eventually shook the cobwebs out enough to talk.

“I need a practice partner for my lifeguard class and I wondered if you would help me?” I asked sincerely.

“John, you know I will do anything for my big hunky brother. Where and when are we going to do this?” she answered sweetly. Butter would not have melted in her mouth. God give me strength.

“I hope we can go to the YMCA together. It will be about two hours every night starting at 9pm for the next two weeks. You can swim while I get instruction from Becky, then we can stay after she leaves for me to practice.”

“Sure, sounds like fun. I would love to do it with you!” Was she coming on to me? Was there a double meaning there? God, I don’t know if I can handle this. She reached up and ran her hands through my hair and kissed me on the lips so tenderly.

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