Life at Last Ch. 04

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She didn’t have to wait long until there was a knock at the door.

“Why don’t you answer that for me Katherine.”


She said and got up and moved to the door. Chanelle and Julia could both see the door from where they sat and watched as Katherine opened the door. They could only imagine the look on her face as it opened and she saw Trisha standing there. Hi was the only word spoken between them as Trisha entered the room. Katherine followed her in like a puppy dog and stood beside her when she sat in the large arm chair.

“Well aren’t you two going to say anything, like good to see you again, or something like that?” Chanelle said to them.

The two women looked at each other and smiled warmly as they said hello to each other.

“Oh come on, I’ve already seen how much you two like each other. Give the woman a hug and kiss, it’s all right.”

Trisha stood up again and faced Katherine with a sincere look of loving in her eyes, and Katherine did the same. They both turned to face Chanelle and she nodded and said,

“Go ahead.”

They looked back at each other, and quickly embraced and kissed passionately.

They caressed and stroked and tongued and sucked at each other as if they hadn’t seen one another for five years. Chanelle and Julia watched as the two women finally stopped and gave each other a close hug.

“There, wasn’t that nice.” Chanelle said. Katherine and Trisha looked like they would wet themselves with excitement.

“Okay, now stop and sit down you two.” Chanelle ordered the pair.

They sat on the love seat together, holding hands. Chanelle could see the absolute joy on both their faces ay being able to be together. This was exactly what she had hoped for as she could work this to her advantage and play that love against themselves in her and Julia’s little sexcapades.

“So how was the rest of your night Trisha,”

“It went all right, although I had these two women get into a terrible fight at one of my tables.”

“Who was that dear.” Chanelle asked inquiringly.

“I’m not sure of one of them, but I know Ms. McKenzie was the other one.”

Chanelle and Julia looked at each other and repeated the name at the same time,


And they laughed uproariously at the name.

“That figures, the cow has been trying to horn in on lots of other women’s territory.”

“We told her off tonight as a matter of fact.” Julia added.

“Anything else?” Chanelle asked.

“Not really, that was about it.” Trisha finished.

“Well, I think we can liven up both your nights tonight, don’t you think Jules?”

“I most certainly do.” said Jules.

“I thought that you two should get better acquainted with each other.” Chanelle said.

“How would you like to make love to this sweet little girl Kat?”


Katherine said with great joy and smiling happily.

“Yes, and I’m sure Trish feels the same, don’t you dear?”

Trish glowed with a sparkle in her eyes. The two women looked at each other, and Chanelle and Julia both knew the die was cast.

“Well, I think you should go to the bedroom and get to know each other better then, if you know what I mean.” Chanelle urged.

It didn’t take another word before Katherine and Trisha were walking hand in hand towards the bedroom.

“Show Trisha your new toys Kat, I think she’ll enjoy them too.” Julia called to them as they disappeared down the hall.

They entered the bedroom and closed the door behind them. The moment the latch clicked, they were in each others arms and kissing deeply and passionately. Their hands wandered all over their bodies, touching and caressing each other. Trisha ran her fingers through Katherine’s hair and pulled her head back to kiss, lick and bite it there. Katherine moaned deeply and loudly. Trisha used her free hand to unbutton Katherine’s shirt. Her lips kissed the area exposed by each undone button.

Trisha pulled the shirt off of Katherine’s body and put her hand behind her to find the bra clasp.

“It’s a front closing one darling,” Katherine giggled. Trisha brought her hands to the front and ran them over Katherine’s breasts as she made her way to the closure. Katherine moaned again at the touch. Katherine felt the bra come open and Trisha sliding the bra away from her breasts and over her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Trisha bent down and cupped her mounds in her hands, lifting them towards her mouth. She let her tongue flicker over each nipple, feeling them swell. Katherine held Trisha’s head to her as she felt each nipple being sucked in to her warm, wet mouth.

Katherine could feel the excitement in her pussy grow and the wetness starting to flow out into her panties. Trisha squeezed the breasts together so the nipples were almost touching. She opened her mouth wide and took both in her mouth, before closing it around the nipples and sucking on them. The pleasure was so intense, Katherine felt her self cumming at the sensation. Katherine felt her Starzbet knees go weak, and Trisha said,

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I just came, when you did that.” Katherine said panting hard.

“Really? You came from me doing that?” Trisha said astonished.

“Yes, I have very sensitive nipples, and now that they’re pierced, I find that they are even more sensitive to be licked.”

“Cool baby, I want to make you cum until you’re dry and lick you clean.” Trisha said with enthusiasm.

“I can’t wait, because I’m going to do the same to you too.” Katherine replied with great eagerness.

Trisha laid Katherine on to the bed and lay down beside her. They hugged and caressed and Katherine felt Trisha’s hand sliding down her belly and stopping on the clasp for her pants. Trisha deftly opened it with one hand and pushed the pants down far enough so she could get her hand on Katherine’s shaved mound. Her fingers caressed the area and then put her middle finger along the slit , until she felt Katherine’s pussy wetness seeping out.

“Wow, are you ever excited, do I do that for you?” Trisha said.

“Yes you do Trish, I got wet just looking at you in the restaurant, and I came when you kissed me in the washroom later. You turn me on so much.” Katherine sighed.

“I have to admit that you do the same for me too. I thought you were so beautiful when I met you and then when I kissed you, I was just about to cum when Chanelle walked in.”

“What happened in the washroom after I left.” Katherine asked.

“Chanelle slapped my face and told me off big time.” Trisha responded.

“I’m just lucky I don’t have a mistress right now, or I’d be in big trouble with her for being with you. But honestly, I think I’d try it anyway, to be with you, because I really like you, a lot.” Trisha said while looking deeply into Katherine’s eyes.

“I like you very much too Trisha. I think I could fall in love with you very easily.”

“Me too.” Trisha said as she lowered her mouth onto Katherine’s and they kissed deeply.

Unknown to the two lovers, Chanelle and Julia were in the spare room beside them, taping the whole thing. They were watching them and as Chanelle stood behind Julia, she caressed Julia’s breasts. They wanted to let the two women have some personal attachments form before starting their fun. They continued watching as Trisha bared Katherine’s body and then Katherine started to do the same to Trisha.

Katherine undid the buttons on Trisha’s work blouse and saw the beautiful breasts she had admired earlier. She stared at them for a moment, and Trisha said,

“Is something wrong baby?”

“No, I couldn’t help but marvel at them. They are so beautifully shaped and I love the pinkness of your nipples.”

“Well they’re all natural, no preservatives,” she laughed.

Katherine helped Trisha sit up slightly as she removed the blouse, and lay her back down. Trisha looked so beautiful to Katherine as she lay there. She drank in her looks before putting her hands over Trisha’s breasts, feeling the firm mounds give slightly at her touch.

“They feel just as nice as they look.” Katherine breathily said.

She caressed her hands over them, feeling the pink rosettes swell. She flicked her thumbs across them and they stiffened even further.

Katherine bent down and took each nipple in to her mouth and sucked gently on them, causing Trisha to arch her back. Katherine took both nipples and did the same as Trisha earlier, and Trisha felt her pussy grow wet in the excitement of the stimulation.

“I see what you mean about cumming from that kind of thing sweetheart. I think I just gushed a load of cum into my panties too.”

“Well, I’ll just have to take these off, and check that out then, won’ t I?” Katherine said smiling.

She reached down and unhooked the short, black skirt Trisha was wearing. She shimmied it down and off of her legs and looked at her panties. They definitely were wet, as she could see a dark, damp spot where her opening was. She reached down and put her hand there and cooed at the feel of her dampness.

“You are wet baby.”

“I told you I was. You do it for me. I’ve never felt like this about another woman before. You make me feel so …..” she broke off as Katherine started to pull her panties down.

As they passed her hips, Katherine could see that Trisha had shaved her pubic hair in the shape of a broken heart.

“That is so neat how you did that Trisha.” Katherine complimented her.

Katherine slid the panties of Trisha’s legs, and then looked back at the sight before her.

“Oh my god, your clit ring and pussy rings are gorgeous, Trisha.” Katherine said, admiring the genital jewelry.

“A present from my last mistress.” Trisha said.

The clit ring was oval in shape, and the labia rings were delicate hoops with a twist design wrapping around them. Her navel ring was diamond studded, as well as a diamond stud on the upper part of her navel. Katherine now looked at the nipple rings closer Starzbet Giriş and saw that they had pearls mounted at the ends.

“Your mistress must have spent a fortune on you.” Katherine said in awe.

“She did, and it was great, until she dumped me for this blond 19 yr. Old.” Trisha said.

“But, I guess it’s for the better, because now I’ve met you, and I’m free to be with you.”

“That is great Trisha, because I want to be with you too.” Katherine said lovingly.

They lay together closely, caressing each others naked bodies and kissing deeply.

Chanelle was furious at hearing what Katherine had said to Trisha, and Julia said to her,

“Don’t get mad at her, you are going to be able to punish her for it later, remember?”

“That’s right, I’ll make that fucking bitch pay for that comment.” Chanelle hissed, and they went back to watching the two lovers.

Trisha slid her hand down Katherine’s body till it was between her legs. She ran her finger up and down the slit, spreading the abundant moisture flowing out. She let it slip inside and circled the opening, making her finger wet. She slipped it deeper and felt the warm, wet, pliant flesh inside suck in on her. Katherine spread her legs wider and Trisha slipped her ring finger in too.

She fingered her slowly, letting her feel every stroke. She curled them upwards to get at Katherine’s g-spot, and was immediately rewarded with a long, low moan and a gush of cum. Katherine let her hand slide down Trisha’s body, till it too was at her opening. Trisha opened her legs wide and Katherine slid two fingers in. the two women fingered each other voraciously, making each other spill their love juices out onto the bed. Cum was flowing like a river from both, making wet, sucking sounds come from each of their pussies. Trisha slid down and put her head between Katherine’s legs. She spread her lips wide and dipped her tongue deep to drink up the flow of love nectar. Katherine’s hips raised up to meet her tongue, and Trisha slipped her palms under her ass and squeezed them gently. Katherine continued to pour out for Trisha to drink.

Trisha hooked her thumbnail into Katherine’s new clit ring and pulled up gently, exposing her nub of delight. She ran her tongue around and over it, then flicked it rapidly causing Katherine to buck at her. Trisha knew that as a sign she was getting ready to cum. She inserted her two fingers again and fingered rapidly while she tongued her clit. Katherine tossed her head from side to side as the pleasure rose. She felt the pressure build inside herself as she was getting ready to cum. Trisha sucked in on her clit and that was all Katherine needed to put her over the edge.

Katherine washed Trisha’s face in a spray of g-spot cum and screamed lowly at first, then building till she was wailing.

“She never did that for you Chaney,” Julia said as they watched her orgasm diminish.

“I’m going to make her cum like that if it’s the last thing she ever does. That cunt belongs to me.” Chanelle said furiously.

“Let’s give them a little longer before we interrupt them and do our thing. I kind of like watching this. It’s sort of sweet, don’t you think?”

“Sweet? I’ll bust that little bitch’s ass for her when I get in there. The same goes for Trisha, that horny little slut.” She cursed.

“Now, now, just relax, we’ll have our turn soon. Let’s just watch and see what happens okay.” Julia said comforting Chanelle’s ass.

They turned again and watched as Trisha finished lapping at Katherine’s pussy.

“You are truly an amazing lover Katherine.” Trisha said. ” I need to know something Kat.”

“What is it?” Katherine said, looking puzzled.

“I was wondering how long you were going to be Chanelle’s slave?” Trisha asked with trepidation.

“I don’t want to be her slave anymore, now that I met you. I want to be with you, if you’ll have me?” Katherine said with loving tones in her voice and a sweet innocence to her look.

“I’d love to be your partner, Kat, just as long as we stay equal, and neither takes advantage.” Trisha replied.

“What do you mean equal and no advantage?” Katherine queried.

“No one is a slave to the other, and no one is above the other either. That’s what I mean.” Trisha said , while stroking her face.

“I see. I thought we were going to be like a couple, just women though. I want to be your partner and lover. I want us to be in love as a couple is.” Katherine replied looking dejected.

“If you want to be like that, I’ll be yours forever my darling Katherine.” Trisha said smiling now.

They looked into each others eyes and touched each others faces with loving caresses.

“And I’ll be yours my sweet Trisha.” Katherine replied with such emotion in her voice that Trisha almost started to cry.

“Oh Katherine, you make me feel so loved and happy, that I could just cry.” “No need to cry Trisha, I’ll always be your sweetheart and lover, if you are mine.”

“I will Kat, I will.”

And they kissed and Starzbet Güncel Giriş hugged each other tightly and lovingly.

This was too much for Chanelle and she grabbed Julia and pulled her towards the bedroom.

“Well, you want to dump me after one day of being my love slave, and take up with this piece of shit slave that no mistress will have. Is this how you repay your mistress’ generosity, by cheating on her?”

“Who the fuck do you think you are Kat? Gods gift to me?” said Chanelle with fury in her eyes and spitting curses out.

“I’m so sorry Chanelle, I just find that I’m so attracted to Trisha. It’s not that I don’t like you or anything, but she is more of the kind of person I’m looking for.” Katherine said as apologetically as she could.

“You like her more than me? You didn’t even know what you wanted before you met me. As for her, you wouldn’t have even met her if it wasn’t for me. And now you think you can cast me aside like some garbage when something you think is better comes along?”

“Think again Katherine, you’re my slave till I say you’re not, do you understand that?” Chanelle spat out.

Katherine looked down at the bed and sobbed and was dumbfounded at what to say. Chanelle looked at Trisha and said,

“And you, you fucking piece of shit slave. What do you have to say for yourself? Make it good, because I’m not sure what I want to do to you for this.”

Trisha gulped in fear and tried to talk, but the words stuck in her throat, until she finally said,

“I know Kat is your slave mistress Chanelle, but we have found that we are so in love with each other. I was hoping you could let us be together and maybe we could both be your slave. If you’ll have me that is, please, I’m begging you to let us be together. I really love Kat, and she loves me too.” Trisha begged and pleaded.

Trisha got off the bed and knelt in subservience to Chanelle.

“Really. You want to be my slave as well so that you two can be together? What makes you think I want you as my slave, when your last mistress chucked you out like garbage, when she found that sweet, little gem she has now. She’s had no problems with her, like she has with you.” Chanelle said with great authority in her voice.

“I’ll do and be what ever you want from me mistress. Anything.” Trisha said, still kneeling low in front of Chanelle.

“Get up and go back on the bed. So, you want me to let you two be together, but be my slaves as well, is that it?”

“Yes mistress, if you’ll let us.” Trisha replied.

“And you Kat, is this what you want as well?”

Chanelle said looking scornfully down at Katherine.

“Yes Chaney, I really want to be with Trisha, and if I have to be your slave to be with her, I’ll do whatever you ask of me. Just say yes , please.” She said pleading with Chanelle.

“What do you think Jules? Should I let these two cunts be together and be my slaves?”

“I think that would be great. Two for the price of one is a great deal.” Julia answered.

“If my best friend thinks it’s okay, I think it is too. But if you fuck up once, either of you, just once, I’ll make both of you pay dearly for it.” Chanelle relented.

Both women came to her and knelt at her feet, bowing lowly, and thanking her for her kindness and generosity.

“Get up then you two and let me see how you can properly thank me for my generousness.”

They stood up in front of Chanelle, holding hands together, stealing a quick look at one another with hope in their eyes.

“I’m going in the living room with Jules, and we’ll decide what I want you to do for me. Stay here and enjoy yourselves while we’re gone.”

And they left the two lovers alone in the bedroom.

Chanelle smiled deviously at Julia as they entered the living room.

“It doesn’t get any better than this Jules.” Chanelle said as she smacked Julia’s ass.

“It sure doesn’t my love, can you believe those two? They are going to do anything we ask of them. They like each other so much, we can play one against the other with no problems.” Julia said, putting her arm around Chanelle.

“Too true my sweet angel, let’s see what we can come up with for our viewing pleasure, shall we.” Chanelle laughed, thinking of what was to come.

Back in the bedroom, Trisha and Katherine were delighted at the news of their joining being accepted. They kissed wildly and giggled like little girls at the thought of being able to be with one another. They talked about moving in together and sharing costs. They talked about making love to each other at anytime they felt like. They were going to go shopping together and but clothes for each other. They made as many plans as they could, before the door opened and Chanelle and Julia walked back in together.

“So, are we ready to show me some appreciation girls?” Chanelle said looking at the two women hugging on the bed.

“Anything you ask of us, we’ll do it mistress Chanelle.” Trisha said with great enthusiasm.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to do Chaney.” Katherine added.

“That’s what I wanted to hear, now Julia and I thought you two could put on a display of your sexual talents for us. We’d like to see you both give it your best and go the distance to please us.” Chanelle asked them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32