Keon Ch. 02


The first chapter of this story is in the “NonConsent/Reluctance” section of Literotica.

“Kiss me first,” he said.”I want some romance before you blow me.”

I sat there lost and alone; unable to move. What he wanted from me was repugnant; unthinkable. It was totally against my upbringing and beliefs.

My logical mind said I had to do it though—I had no other choice. If I refused, he would ruin my life; I was frozen in place—too terrified to move.

The front seat of the car was illuminated only by the light coming from his phone. Suddenly his large hand gripped my throat and squeezed—he cut off my airway; I began to choke and gasp for oxygen.

He leaned over and simply said: “Tic-tic-tic….”

My eyes darted to the clock on his phone—it was 2:33am—in 27 minutes Percy the Twink would be pounding on my parent’s front door telling them vicious lies about he and I being lovers. I couldn’t let that happen.

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He pulled my head close and kissed me full on the lips. His breath stank and when his slimy tongue invaded my mouth I had no choice but to press my tongue against his. It was awful.

When he pulled away I took a deep breath and reached over to open his slacks. He slapped my hands away.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Now I was REALLY confused. “I—but—I was going to—OH CHRIST—WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?” I cried with exasperation.

“I want you to talk dirty to me,” he replied then leaned over and whispered in my ear.

From that moment on, he expected me to say out loud whatever he whispered in my ear.

“Keon, er—I mean ‘Darling’—please let me open your pants and take out your cock—I want to feel your cock so bad….”

“I know you do, sweetie—go ahead—open my pants and take out my cock,” he said.

I struggled with his belt and zipper; he finally helped me and pushed his slacks and underwear to his knees. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. It was semi-erect; I caressed the soft flesh.

He whispered in my ear then I said: “P-Please let me lick it, darling—please let me get your cock hard for my mouth.”

As I lowered my head I inhaled a strong odor. It wasn’t sickening; it was actually an aroma I’d smelled before from my own crotch.

I hesitated long enough for him to say “Tic-tic-tic…”

I pressed my tongue to his cock and began licking. I was surprised how soft and smooth it felt against my lips and tongue. He responded almost immediately; his cock swiftly became fully erect.

He pulled my head up and whispered in my ear then I said: “Please, darling—please let me suck your cock—I need to taste your cum—please let me suck your cock!”

He held me by my hair and whispered again; I groaned then loudly said: “PLEASE LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK, DARLING—PLEASE LET ME SUCK IT!!!”

He yanked my head downward until his cock was pressing against my closed mouth. I took a deep breath, wet my lips then slid them over his mushroom-shaped cockhead.


Then in a whisper he said, “Twenty-one minutes, fagboy….”

This was when I finally accepted my fate—if I didn’t make him cum in twenty-one minutes my life would be irrevocably changed forever. If I didn’t suck his cock my parent’s would believe his lies and shut me out of their lives. I couldn’t let that happen.

I began thinking about the many blowjobs I’d received in my life. What the girls did that felt good to me, and the things they did I didn’t like.

I steadied myself, and with a firm resolve, I closed my eyes and began bobbing my head up-and-down on his cock using all the skill I could muster with my lips and tongue.

I held the shaft of his seven-inch prick in one hand, squeezing and stroking it. My other hand cupped his scrotum and my fingers gently rolled and massaged his balls.

My tongue explored his silky smoothness trying to find his most sensitive areas. When I felt his hips involuntarily jerk, and I heard him moan, I knew where to concentrate my efforts.


I licked and tongued and sucked his cock a long time. From time-to-time I looked up at the clock…I had 16 minutes to go…12 minutes…8 minutes….

I couldn’t believe his staying power. I would have shot my load several minutes ago.


His hips finally began thrusting upward forcing more of his hardness into my mouth. I knew he was getting close so I frantically worked my hands and mouth to get him off—to get him to shoot his cum in my mouth.

That was another matter—swallowing his cum. As abhorrent and disgusting the thought of it was to me, I knew there was no other option.

My head and hands worked his cock faster. A loud, steady moan escaped from his throat.

Suddenly, I felt his balls contract in my hand then his cock expand in my mouth. I pressed my tongue to his cockslit in time to lap-up the first stream bursa otele gelen escort of cum erupting from his cock.


His cum was bitter and salty. I concentrated hard not to gag as I was forced to taste and swallow mouthful-after-mouthful of his oily sperm and semen.

When his contortions ended, and his prick went limp in my mouth, he whispered to me.


I looked at the clock: it was 2:58.


Keon chuckled as he leisurely pressed a button on his phone. Then I heard him say: “You can go home now, Percy…Johnny is a wonderful cocksucker—I knew he would be!”

The drive home was long and miserable. His cum coated my tongue and all I could taste and smell was his foul juices.

My mind was numb. I tried hard to block-out what I’d just done. I turned the volume on the radio up loud and concentrated on the lyrics to every song.

A single teardrop escaped my eye and rolled down my cheek.

The next couple days I kept my mind as busy as I could. When I wasn’t working, I scoured the internet and read as many articles and stories I could. When I became bored with that I bought a book I’d been meaning to read.

I was beginning to feel better about myself. I convinced myself it wasn’t my fault.

He had lured me to his home and raped me; then he blackmailed me into doing what I did in the car. I was completely blameless in all this, but yet, deep down I felt like I had lost my independence—my identity—my soul.

The longer I didn’t hear from Keon, I slowly felt better, but I had a sick feeling that it wasn’t over just yet.

I was on pins and needles—any time the phone rang it startled me and I became afraid; at work, whenever someone walked through the door I looked to see who it was. He had effectively shattered my nerves and confidence.

One night after work I told myself I can’t go on like this—I had to take back my life. I decided to meet my roommate, Mike for breakfast at the diner.

I didn’t see Keon’s car when I arrived so I went into the restaurant. Mike was spending most of his time now with his girlfriend so our back-and-forth banter felt good. I even managed to smile.

Then suddenly during the meal Mike said something that made my ears prick up: “Oh, by the way, Keon gave his two-week notice at work…he’s moving to Washington D.C.—I guess he got a job at the Egyptian embassy….”

The lights of the restaurant seemed brighter and the food suddenly tasted fantastic. It felt like a hundred-pound weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t say a word—I ate my food in peaceful serenity.

Mike, as usual, was in a hurry to see Margaret. He finished and I told him I’d pick-up the check. When he left I savored the last few bites of my breakfast.

Once outside, I instinctively looked around—HIS car still wasn’t there. As I walked briskly to my Chevy, a shadowy figure quickly walked up to me. It scared the hell out of me. It was Percy the Twink—my heart sank faster than a concrete anchor.

He held out a small package and said: “Here, this is from ‘your lover’—you better do what he says!”

I took the package and Percy quickly disappeared. My body began to tremble and shake. I drove home lost in a fog of despair. I briefly considered driving into an oncoming car—but thought ‘why hurt an innocent person?’

When I got home I opened the package and saw a silver disc with a note.

The note read: “My Sweet Little Fagboy, I have attained employment in Washington D.C. with my country’s embassy. I will be leaving here for good in two weeks. You and I are going to have a ‘good-bye party’ on Thursday night. Be at my home before 6pm, or copies of this disc will be sent to your parents, Mike and several copies to The 500 Club for the amusement of all your friends there. Love Your Tight Pussy and Sweet Mouth, Keon.”

My hands shook so badly I had a problem inserting the disc. What I heard made my skin crawl—I wanted to vomit:

“Please, darling—please let me suck your cock—I need to taste your cum—please let me suck your cock!”


It was clearly, and unmistakably my voice.




I sat slack-jawed with wide eyes listening to my voice. No one—NO ONE—besides me should ever hear this recording, I told myself.


…and bursa eve gelen eskort then I heard my final humiliation:


I buried my head in my hands and softly cried.

I was off-work Thursday and spent the day in my bed either sleeping or staring mindlessly at the ceiling. At 4 o’clock I went to the kitchen and ate a big salad.

Then I took a long, hot shower, got dressed and left the apartment at 5:15. It only took 25 minutes to get to his house but I couldn’t risk being late.

On the drive to his house I tried to focus on the positive: in two weeks he would be gone—out of my life forever. But I couldn’t help wonder what he would make me do until then.

I parked the car and waited until 5:57 to get out and knock on his door.

“Hi there, girlfriend….” he said with a big smile on his face. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all day—I haven’t had sex for three days—my balls are full of cum.”

I cringed at his lewdness as I followed him to the study. Inside, I was startled to see Percy the Twink standing near the pool table with a cue stick in his hand. He was naked except for what appeared to be a brown leather jockstrap. The round cheeks of his ass were clearly exposed.

Keon tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned I saw he was holding a small, very white-looking piece of clothing—it looked like a jockstrap.

“Take your clothes off and put this on,” he casually said.

“Keon, please, I—”, I tried to protest.

He gripped my neck and squeezed hard cutting off my air supply.


I began removing my clothes already regretting that day. When I was naked I reached for the jockstrap, but he had another idea.

He pushed me to the side of the pool table, he cleared the balls off the table then made me lie across the green felt. My feet barely touched the floor. I was very aware of the vulnerability of my position.

“BRING ME THE BELT FROM HIS PANTS!!” he screamed at Percy.

He wasted no time. I heard the whistling of the belt through the air before he brought it down on my bottom.




I couldn’t hold out any longer—I cried like a spanked schoolgirl. I choked on my tears and phlegm. When he quit belt-whipping me my sobs were the only sound in the room.

He rubbed my bruised bottomcheeks. “Sweetie, I will do this to you every time you disobey me, or I don’t think you’re moving fast enough…are you going to obey me now, girlfriend?”

“Y-yes…I’ll-I’ll obey you, Keon.”

He raised the belt and brought it down sharply on my asscheek—I yelped in pain.

“From now on call me ‘Darling’—is that understood?”

“Y-yes, darling—I’m sorry, darling….”

He left me lying across the pool table. When he returned he offered me a glass of wine and a blue pill.

“Here,” he said, “swallow this….”

I saw that he and Percy were also swallowing a blue pill. It must not be harmful if they’re taking it too, I thought as I sipped the wine and swallowed the pill.

He gave me the jockstrap and with no conversation I stepped into it and pulled it up in place. It was one size too small. My penis and balls were barely contained. I felt cool air on my naked asscheeks. He went to the bar again. This time he returned with a low-ball glass half full of the liquid laxative I drank the last time I was here.

“I believe you are acquainted with this flavor….” he said as he gave me the glass. “Drink it—drink it all now.”

There wasn’t a thing I could do but drink the laxative and give him back the glass. I hadn’t been paying attention: somewhere along the way Keon had stripped to his boxers shorts and nothing else.

He came and took me in his arms. He stroked my face and hair; he was acting very tender as he began kissing my cheeks and neck. He stroked my shoulders and back.

He kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth for his tongue.

Suddenly, Percy hugged me from behind. I was in the middle. It was a dizzying sensation to be held tightly by two men.

Their hands stroking and teasing me–I achieved my first erection of the night. The head of my cock popped out of the top of the jockstrap; Keon squeezed it and pushed it back inside the small pouch.

“Feel how excited you make us—feel our cocks,” Keon said softly.

I didn’t hesitate. My hand sought out the front of Keon’s shorts and I grasped his hard cock through the material. My other hand reached behind me and rubbed Percy’s leather-covered crotch.

I had learned my lesson from the belt-whipping: I was going to do whatever Keon told me to do. I accepted the fact that I was going to be his bitch tonight, and I would perform whatever bayan escort bursa sex act he demanded.

Suddenly, the familiar aches and cramps hit my stomach. It caused me to panic.

“Darling—I need to use the bathroom!” I announced.

“Reach inside our shorts and hold our cocks,” he replied.

I slid my hands under their waistbands and found their smooth erections. I stroked them. I was surprised to find Percy’s cock to be almost identical to Keons’ in girth and length.

I ran my hands up-and-down their seven-inch cocks. The feeling of their turgid flesh in my hands caused my own hardness to swell and throb. I shivered and Keon laughed.

“Yes, my pretty boy—I know how much you love the feel of our cocks—you are going to have double the fun tonight—the blue pill we all took was Viagra—you are going to be sucking us and fucking us all night long….”

Keon directed us to walk slowly to the bedroom. My hands busy inside their shorts. A groan escaped my lips as I caressed and stroked their hot cocks.

As we walked, Keon would kiss me on the lips then turn my head towards Percy and I would kiss him, too.

They set me on the toilet seat just in time. My bowels emptied in a watery rush.

A few minutes later they returned to the bathroom. Keon had a pipe and he lit the contents and took a deep drag then offered it to Percy.

“Hashish from Turkey—the very best….” he said.

Percy gave me the pipe and I took a drag and began coughing. They laughed. I took another drag.

“Hold it in your lungs as long as you can,” said Keon.

I took another deep drag then tried to give the pipe back to Keon.

“No, sweetie…the rest is for you…smoke it all….”

My throat burned as I smoked the pipe. My head began floating; everything was wonderful now.

“Wipe your pussy, sweetie….” I heard a voice say to me.

I cleaned myself and when I looked up both Keon and Percy were naked—standing close to my face. Their hard cock’s inches from my mouth.

“Kiss them, sweetie—kiss our cocks….”

I breathed-in their manly aroma as my lips puckered and I alternated kissing their cockheads. I couldn’t resist and my tongue snaked out to lick their velvety flesh. I lapped at the precum from their slits.

Their taste and smells overpowered my mind. I suddenly became lost in a dreamy fog of lust and desire. Any reticence on my part was gone. I kissed and licked their cocks while my hands caressed their balls. It seemed to me their balls were very heavy.

They lifted me off the toilet. I groaned with disappointment when their cocks were taken from my face.

We stepped into the bedroom. The lights were so bright they hurt my eyes. I had to narrow my eyes to tiny slits to see.

Why did they need such bright lights? I wondered.

Through the haze I saw four cameras mounted on tripods. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why they were there.

Then they were touching me again and everything else didn’t matter. I was only aware of their hands and cocks and lips and tongues.

We were all naked now and they guided me to the big bed in the middle of the room. A mass of tangled, writhing, sweating flesh on the satin sheets.

I have only vague and cloudy memories of that night. Their hard cocks—that’s what I remember most of all.

I sucked them both to orgasm then licked their assholes until their cocks got hard again.

Keon bent me over the end of the bed and fucked me in the ass while I sucked Percy’s magnificent cock. I remember squirming and writhing my hips in time to Keon’s long, hard thrusts into me.

Then I was sitting on Keon’s lap, my pussy sliding up-and-down his cock. Percy, standing in front of me, offered me his ball sac and I eagerly kissed and licked and sucked his balls.

They were using me like a girl and I loved it!

I was riding Keon’s cock when the first of my orgasms exploded from my balls. My body shook and spasmed violently from what was the greatest ejaculation of my young life.

That was when I blurted out: “I love you, darling—I love you!”

The Viagra and hashish had completely eliminated my inhibitions.

It was an endless night of my mouth and pussy filled with their steely-hard cocks. I don’t know how many times they filled my orifices with their manly essence. I had four orgasms myself before I blacked-out–each one more powerful than the last.

I dreamt I was kneeling between the altar of Keon’s legs worshipping his cock. My gaze fixed on his manly pole–waiting for his command….

The bed was shaking, I thought there was an earthquake. Then I felt his hand on my chest, Keon was trying to wake me. When I opened my eyes my head felt groggy—the room seemed to be spinning out of control. I looked over at Keon, he had a contented smile on his face.

He pushed down the bedspread and made two silent gestures: he pointed to his hard cock then traced his forefinger over my lips. I instinctively knelt between his legs and set to work on relieving his morning hard-on with my hands and mouth. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

After I had swallowed more mouthfuls of his cum, he had me clean his cock with my tongue. Then he leaned over; kissed my forehead, and told me to go back to sleep. I was only too willing to obey. The sound of him taking a shower was the last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep once again.

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