Kaylor’s Travels Pt. 01

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My wife Kaylor and I love to travel. That’s our primary source of entertainment, year-round. Whether it’s a weekend trip just 2 hours away or a weeklong all-inclusive at an island resort, we love it. We’re usually going somewhere once a month, sometimes more often, depending on location and travel time. Our sex lives have increased exponentially along with the traveling. Not just sex with each other, but sex with other partners.

It started out innocent enough with seeing guys approach her at bars or night clubs. If I got up to fetch drinks or go to the men’s room, seems as though my seat became occupied with another guy. Sometimes, she held up her left hand, showing off her wedding ring and the guy gave up, sometimes he didn’t. Other times, she let it play out and flirted a bit, just having some fun.

It wasn’t unusual for me to stand around the corner, just watching for several minutes. I found myself very aroused by watching her flirtatious gestures. Come to find out, the attention, got her worked up as well. On those nights, the sex was a little more intense than normal. Not that normal was bad, by no means at all. We both enjoyed the benefits of her flirting.

Things progressed to the point of us going in the front door separate and me watching from a distance all night. On those nights, I kept my distance while she met men and flirted. She likes to dance, so she was very liberal with allowing her partners to hold her close while their bodies gyrated in the dark noisy environment. Again, the subsequent sex was out of this world.

Kaylor isn’t a model in any way but garners her share of attention. At 5′-6″ and about 140 lbs., she had generous curves that play out to 36DD-28-36. She has naturally blonde hair and possesses all the lines, wrinkles and creases that you expect of a 45-year-old woman. She is the spitting image of the amateur porn star named Naughty Alysha.

Kaylor sports a bit of body jewelry including piercings on her clit, nipples, belly button and tongue. Tattoos include tramp stamp, mini-mural up her hip/waist/rib cage and dolphins around her belly button and a small one at the nape of her neck. Guys really love her look and she aims to please.

With the expansion of our sex lives, things progressed into inviting another man into our bed. Not our bed at home, but a hotel room. I can remember the 1st time this happened. We met a guy at a bar and he was anxious to fuck her. He even agreed that I could sit in the corner and watch. Poor shmuck had performance anxiety and couldn’t shoot his load. It ended up being more intense than he thought.

It didn’t take long as we found plenty of men who were willing and able to satisfy her urges. Sometimes, I even jumped into the fray and made it a 3-way with her getting it front and back at the same time. We ended up meeting other couples on some occasions and got into the swinging and swapping scene as well. We made friends with Dane and Brenda and they taught us a lot.

Most of our trips destinations were based on past experiences that Dane and Brenda have had. We weren’t disappointed. They know all the hottest cities and clubs and pick up places. We swing and swap with them only a couple times a year, but when we do, it’s full tilt crazy.

On a trip to Miami, Kaylor tested the waters with interracial sex. She met some younger guys on the beach and they invited us for a day on their boat. When I say younger, I mean that we were 35ish at the time and these guys were mid 20’s. Turns out, one of the guys on the boat was black and Kaylor was particularly attracted to him. He was pretty excited when he found out how I let her flirt with other men. Later that night, she got her 1st dose of black cock. She loved it and now, black men are in the mix as well.

One of our trips west, was completely off the wall crazy. We had been hanging out with some friends who were really into the whole sci-fi/fantasy/role play stuff. We know that they’re swingers, but they don’t discuss their adventures. They told us about the Comic Con deal in San Diego. You’ll need to look it up yourself, so I don’t have to waste time explaining it. At first, it sounded like a convention for nerds but then we got the vibe that it’s a huge attraction for swingers.

The next day, Kaylor spent hours online, looking up stuff about Comic Con. I don’t think she blinked and was like a kid in a candy shop, taking notes and talking to herself all day. I was cracking up. Then she hit me with the plans.

“So, this Comic Con this sounds cool, not nerdy like we initially thought. I’m thinking I could go as Juliet Starling whose alter ego is Lollipop Chainsaw and you can go as Indiana Jones.”

She showed me the costumes online and I had to say, she picked some good ones. She’ll look hot with her curves poured in that cheerleader outfit alright. After hearing our friends speak about the swinging aspect of it, my attention has definitely been drawn to it. Sure enough, July rolls around and off to San Diego we go. She seemed a bit jittery xslot and unable to focus during the flight there. She’s never been that way before. It’s like her mind keeps wondering off into the distance and I have to keep bringing her back.

By the time we landed, she was a bundle of energy, just waiting to explode. We checked in and then make a beeline to the costume rental place. Upon returning to our room, she tries hers on for me to see. Let me tell you, I’m going to like this more than I thought. You’ll need to lookup photos of Juliet Starling in her San Romero Knights cheerleader outfit, complete with chainsaw and lollipop.

Tomorrow morning, she’s going down to the salon to get her hair done in the Juliet style and color. In bed that night, she was a tiger between the sheets. She’s definitely amped up about this convention and I can’t wait to see her in action.

The next morning, we went down to the restaurant and had a huge breakfast. That’s one thing I like about my wife, she eats like a person is supposed to eat, for fuel. Not like some bird, just picking at salad and fruit or something. We went to the hair stylist at the hotel and just like that, she became Juliet Starling. Her hair had been colored a much lighter shade of blonde and the little pigtails gave her a much younger playful look.

Back in our room, we dressed. She looked sexy as hell, shimmying her curves into the outfit. I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off her, especially when I see that she’s not wearing a bra or panties. The top is snug enough, to contain those large and slightly saggy boobs. Gonna be hard walking around the event with an erection. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of other hot, scantily clad women as well.

In the convention center, the floor was jammed with costume wearing attendees. There was a good mix of guys and girls. A lot of the male costumes involved masks, so that ruled those guys out right away. And of course, the belly baring female costumes seemed to rule the floor. So, we browsed for a potential candidate to take back to our room for some fun. At 1st, I just assumed it would be a guy, but in eyeing people up, she kept pointing out some women as well.

Over the next few hours, she found several male possibilities including another Indiana Jones who was a good 10 years younger than us. He was quite fond of her and latched onto her for a bit after she went out of her way to meet him. Then she found a few guys who were dressed as warriors of some sort or another. Those guys had outfits that advertised their washboard abs and tremendous physiques. No doubt, they’re here to score some pussy. She even found a handsome Han Solo character. Then she stopped dead in her tracks and put her arm in front of me too, stopping me as well.

“Be still my heart.”

She actually had her hand on her chest as if her heart my burst out or something. I tried to look where she was staring but didn’t see anybody that stood out. Then, a small group parted, and a handsome guy walked through. It was Lando Calrissian. Yep, the black guy from Empire Strikes Back, played by Billy D. Williams. She swallowed hard, then whispered to herself, but loud enough for me to hear.

“Wow, Lando is…hot.”

I looked over to her and actually saw her cheeks were flush with color as her mouth hung wide open. It was like something from a movie where the handsome hero walks through the fog in slow motion and steps right in front of the damsel in distress. I almost laughed out loud at the absurdity of it. But sure enough, he made straight for her. As he approached, he was facing me, with his hand out. I instinctively met him with a firm handshake.

“Hello, I’m Stephon.”

“I’m Chaz, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. And who is this beautiful lady.”

He reached his hand out and she slowly raised hers as well. He was really pulling out all the stops as he twisted her hand and kiss the back of it. She giggled as more color spread across her face. She’s never been wooed like that before. But she was speechless, and I had to answer for her.

“This my wife Kaylor.”

“Wow, a beautiful name to go with such a sexy woman.”

All right bub, aren’t you laying it on a bit over dramatic and thick. Women don’t really fall for this. Shit, maybe they do, and I’ve just been blind to it. I mean, come on, why don’t you just ask her straight up if she wants to fuck? Well fuck me anyhow. He held her hand a moment longer and then lifted it above her head indicating that he wanted her to spin around in a pirouette, which she did, very slowly.

“You are absolutely stunning. I’ve been coming here for years and I have to say, you are the sexiest Juliet Starling I’ve ever seen.”

After she spun, she laced her fingers with mine, the way we do when we hold hands. But her grip was excessively tight as she squeezed with all her strength. I could feel the electricity in her body, she was interested. She was till so smitten with him that she could barely xslot Giriş muster a response, but at least something came out in the form of a soft whisper. I’m sure there was a lump in her throat after being flattered so openly.

“Thank you.”

“So, I’m guessing this your 1st time?”

No response from her as she still consumed with staring at him, so I replied.

“Uh, yes, how did you know.”

He chuckled.

“Like I said, I’ve been coming her for years. It’s easy to spot the newbies. But it’s also nice to see some new visitors. A lot of newbies end up going home without actually seeing everything. They just get so overwhelmed and miss a lot of stuff.”

There was a moment of silence before he continued.

“If you’d like, I’d be more than glad to show you around. Help you guys get the most out of your trip.”

Kaylor’s grip tightened even more than before and I felt her body literally jumped with excitement.


She blurted out with a bit more enthusiasm that she expected. She suddenly looked embarrassed by her own answer and felt the need to backpedal in a much calmer tone.

“I mean, that would be wonderful. As long as my husband is okay with it.”

They both looked to me for confirmation.

“Sure, why not. I wouldn’t wanna miss anything good.”

I tried to say this in my best convincing tone, pretending that the overtones of sexual attraction, didn’t exist. But they did. Soooooooo…my wife wants to fuck Lando Damn, never saw that one coming.

“Well, alright then, let’s go see some of the good stuff.”

He put his arm around her waist and away they went, as if they were a couple and I didn’t even exist. She didn’t even flinch as is dark fingers were touching the sexy curve of her bare skin. The contrast of color between her skin and his dark hand was very captivating and held my attention. I felt a stir in my pants that wasn’t there before. I may end up liking this more than I thought. They just chatted and laughed non-stop for the next 2 hours.

I don’t think we really saw anything of significance. But, then again, maybe I wasn’t really paying attention. I was busier watching them than I was listening to what he was saying. It’s pretty obvious that this was just his way of getting to be with a sexy woman. He could have had any of them in attendance, but he picked Kaylor. They were usually 2 or 3 steps in front of me and I couldn’t ever really hear what they had to say, but I didn’t really bother trying, either.

Never the less, his hand was on her waist or lower back, the whole time. At one point, his hand was on her lower back, while he was telling us something. His fingertips moved a tad and I swore I saw her shudder slightly. At the very least, I saw goose bumps break out on her body. He was certainly having a major effect on her, that’s for sure. After a while, we sidled up to a standup bar and ordered a round of drinks. He whispered something into her ear, then excused himself to go to the men’s room. Kaylor watched him turn the corner, before she almost attacked me with excitement.

“Oh my god. He told me he wants to fuck me. He wants me to suck his cock and wants to fuck me doggy style and then he wants to…”

Wow, she’s a bit on the excited side.

“Whoa baby, slow down here. Calm down, take a deep breath and start from the beginning.”

She took a moment to compose herself and catch her breath.

“okay, okay. Sorry, but I’m just soooooo excited.”

“Yeah, I can tell.”

“So, he’s been whispering to me almost the whole time. He comes here specifically to have sex with married white women. He says he started watching us this morning and knew that we were on the prowl. He could tell by our demeanor and mannerisms.”

I let her continue.

“So, after he convinced me that he discovered our ultimate agenda, he asked if I felt the same physical attraction to him that he has for me. Of course, I do, so I told him so. One thing leads to another and he’s asking me if I thought you’d agree to share me with him.

I nodded and kept my mouth shut while she proceeded.

“Of course, I told him I’d have to check with you first, but that I was pretty sure it’d be okay. Then, whenever we were far enough in front of you, he was telling me the dirty things he wanted to do with me.”

She squeezed my hand and stuffed her tongue in my mouth. I realized that he’d been gone for longer than it took to take a piss. He must really be giving us a good an opportunity to discuss this. She pulled away from the kiss and put her mouth next to my ear, took a deep breath and whispered.

“He fingered me pussy.”

I was shocked, and my face indicated as much, as my jaw dropped.

“What? When? Where?”

She giggled.

“In that dark room where the stage play was, while we stood in the back. Remember? I pulled you next to me and held your hand too?”

Suddenly it hit me. The 3 of us were standing side by side with xslot Yeni Giriş her in the middle. I heard a muffled sound come from her as her body flinched. But I never thought anything about it. It was very dark, and we were standing with a group of people, pretty tight.

“Is that what made you jump?”

“Yes. He was playing with my ass and found I wasn’t wearing panties. He started running his fingers up and down my butt crack and I spread my legs just a bit. Next thing you know, his fingertip touched my coochie. A moment later, he had half his finger inside me. And I was holding hands with my clueless husband the whole time.”

She giggled. I gotta hand it to her, she’s turned into a major little slut. I had no idea she had it in her.

“Oh, and his cock is really big too.”

All I could do was shake my head in response.

“Let me guess. You grabbed his crotch in the dark?”

She bit her bottom lip as she nodded.

“Actually, it was already sticking out.”

“Wait. What?”

“He unzipped his pants and pulled it out. Then he moved my hand down there, to let me know.”

She stopped for a moment while she collected her thoughts and nibbled on that bottom lip, before she continued.

“I sorta…stroked his cock honey. I mean, it was there, just sticking out and he put my hand on it. I just couldn’t believe I did it. But…it felt so…so…empowering. I’ve never been that naughty, but it just felt so great to do something like that. I just couldn’t help myself.”

Exhibitionism is something new. She’s had plenty of black cock, but always in the comfort and security of a hotel room. She said this as if she had to convince herself that it was okay to get fingered by a black guy in public while she stroked his cock. Needless to say, I was shocked. Not mad at all. Again, I had no idea my wife could be so bold and devious. She must have seen the neutral expression on my face and it got her worried.

“Honey? You’re not mad at me, are you? I mean, I know how wrong it is and I just…”

I put my finger to her lips to stop her from stammering.

“Shhhhhhh. No dear, not mad at all. Surprised? Yes. I had no idea my wife could be so aggressive and such a risk taker. My cock is hard as a rock right now, just imaging the things you said.”

A look of relief flooded her face as she blew out a deep breath.

“Really? Oh, thank god.”

There was a moment of silence that she broke with another question.

“Soooooooooo, can I honey? Can I let him fuck me doggy style? Can I suck his cock? Will you be okay watching your wife get fucked by Lando?”

Of course, you can dear. I don’t know why she’s being so submissive this time, in asking my permission, but I wanna see her beg. I don’t want her to know that I’m just as excited as she is. So, I let it hang for a moment while I put on my best thinking face.

“Please oh please oh please. I want him sooooooooo bad. And he wants me too. I mean, just look at him. He’s like a black Adonis or something. I just want his black cock soooooo bad.”

Much to my surprise, she reached down and rubbed my crotch. The place isn’t lit up like day time, but it’s not dark like a night club either. If somebody is looking directly at us, they’ll obviously she what she’s doing. Then she stunned me even further, when she took my hand and put it between her legs and whispered.

“Feel how wet my pussy is. I want that black cock inside my pussy. Pleeeeeease?”

She was pleading alright, just what I wanted to see. She gave me those big puppy dog eyes and stuck out that bottom lip. That look always gets me and she always gets her way when it happens. She’s begging for it so there’s no doubt she’ll accommodate any request I might have. Hearing her telling me about getting fingered in that room full of people got me thinking. This new exhibitionist angle might be cool.

“Sure honey, but I have one request.”

“Oh my god, anything. I’ll do anything you want, as long as I can have that cock inside me.”

“Okay, then, hope you’re ready. I want him to fuck you in that room where he fingered you.”

Her eyes got big and her jaw dropped.

“What? Seriously?”

My 1st impression with her response was that she wouldn’t agree to do it. I wouldn’t really force her, but sure would encourage her. But her face lit up when she realized how dirty and dangerous it would be.

“Okay, I’m game.”

“Sure, baby. Let’s get you some black cock.”

She jumped up and down clapping her hands with pleasure as I agreed to her wish. Then she jumped into my arms and gave me another huge kiss with her tongue attacking mine. A moment after I put her down, I saw Stephon step back into view. He looked at both of us, but his expression didn’t indicate if he saw us or not. He spoke in a very neutral tone.


I wasn’t gonna show any excitement. I wanted to just give him a nonchalant answer as if we do this every day of our lives.


“I take it your wife told you some things.”

“Yes, she did.”

It was a game. A game to see who could be the cooler guy. Neither of us was really gonna win, actually both of us are gonna win. Fucking my wife was gonna be the prize regardless of the dialogue right now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32