Kay Gets A Spanking

Big Tits

It was a sultry summer’s night in August that I attended my colleague Mark’s party. Lanterns flickered in the garden as the barbecue had ended and the drinking had continued. I sipped on my own bottle of lager quietly and concentrated my thoughts on Kay.

My partner Kay. We had been together for over two years now, but how we met wasn’t important. All that was important was the game.

I nodded in agreement at a particularly lame joke someone from Procurement had told and turned to find out what she was up to. Kay wasn’t cheating on me, she wasn’t even overly flirting with the two men that she had sat either side of her. No, she was playing a game with me, a game where I got teased and very wound up.

Through the open patio doors I could see her sat in the sofa. She’d worn a bright red dress that contrasted with her blonde hair wonderfully. It looked deceptively long when she stood, but on sitting it split allowing both of her gorgeous, crossed legs to be revealed. Teasing Kay, she could see me standing opposite watching her. The two drunken bores were continuing their inane conversation on either side of her as she smiled, ever so sweetly and leaned forward to pick up her glass. The dress afforded me ample view of her breasts, framed by the blonde hair that had fallen forward. I caught my breath as I looked at them. My eyes then travelled downwards to the red, strapped high heels she’d decided to wear, with the wickedly pointed toes. I continued to glance upwards. I took in those legs, shapely, long and decadently clad in sheer, clear stockings. As she leaned back and brought the glass to her lips she stretched one leg out. Moving the glass away from her mouth, she ran her tongue over her bottom lip. I knew I was gaping, transfixed by the display, damn hard and unable to do anything about it. It was then she crossed her legs. Her right stretched out, it slid deliciously slowly off the left and afforded me a brief glance at the red thong she had on underneath. The left took just as long to position itself on top of the right and stop, as she swayed and bowed her foot.

I knew the display was over and turned back to the party. It had been over in seconds, but was only the beginning.

The teasing continued. At any one point during the party she knew where I was and how she could show herself off to me. A perfectly innocent conversation in the kitchen turned into a game of wits. Kay would suck an ice cube in her mouth, pulling it back and forth, knowing I’d be watching her lips. And then it would drop. Quite suddenly and completely by ‘accident’, the ice cube would leave her mouth and end up on the floor.

“Well,” she’d say. “We can’t leave that there.” Kay would then bend over giving me the most perfect, gorgeous view of her arse. It was beautiful, sheathed in the red cloth of the dress, the slit of which moved around to the side slightly showing her legs. Kay’s arse wasn’t too big, but it was big enough to want to fondle, caress, squeeze. Again my xslot attention was focussed completely on her, mesmerised, wanting to go over to her, put my hand on her backside, pull her back up and grind my cock against it. Desperately wanting to feel so close, touch her body, make contact with her skin. She played with me and I stood staring, agape, wrapped around her little finger.

I’d been clenching my teeth all the way home as I drove back; she’d tried more on the way home, her finger tracing a path between her tits as I drove. Her part of the game was almost fulfilled. I smiled, as I knew it was soon to be my turn. The more she kept going the more she would get. Damn her, she knew it.

Kay kissed me passionately as we stumbled through the front door. I slammed it and pushed her away from me.

“It’s no use trying to please me now,” I said, pushing past her and in to the front room.

“But, but…” she stammered after me, still tottering on those heels. I stood in the centre of the living room and crossed my arms.

“Sit down, Kay.”

Kay shrugged and fell back on to the sofa, sticking out her bottom lip and crossing her legs again. Jesus, she was good at this. Every instinct in my body wanted to pin her down and fuck her there and then. I tried to keep a grip on my self-control.

She pulled the dress back, making sure I could see most of her thigh, the stocking tops. “And don’t pout, young lady.”

“What?” she asked, undoing the top button on the front of the dress, teasing, bad Kay. It was enough to send me over the edge. Kay would be made to pay.

“You KNOW ‘WHAT’!” I yelled. “You’re a teasing little bitch, that’s ‘what’!”

“No, that’s not true-“

“It is. I saw you at the party. Teasing me, showing me your body, flaunting it at me, knowing there was nothing I could do about it. Well?”

“Look, I swear, I didn’t!” she protested.

“Like Hell you didn’t. Stand up!”

Kay just looked at me so I told her again. When I grabbed her arm and pulled her off the sofa she yelped. “Maybe you’ll listen now.”

I commanded her to keep her arms straight as I walked out of the room. I told her to keep her head up and mouth shut. Kay gasped when she saw the hairbrush I’d brought back in with me.

“I think you need to be punished, Kay. Don’t you?” She just stared at the hairbrush. “DON’T YOU?”

My hand hooked into the neck of her dress and I tore downwards. I felt the rage, the anger, but more than that the lust, the adrenalin. My hands shook slightly at the buzz.

The buttons dropped to the floor as it fell open, exposing her naked tits.

“Oh…” she breathed.

“Well?” I asked again.

“Please…” came the response. She bowed her head.

“Then touch your toes.” I knew she’d have trouble in the high heels and any slight stumble would get an extra smack. As she bent over, my hand found the outrageous slit in the dress, I tore at it and ripped the dress right round revealing xslot Giriş the backs of her stocking clad legs, her bare thighs and suspenders and her beautiful arse. I felt her tremble as my hand ran over her cheeks. “Now what do you say?”

“Please,” she whispered. I closed my eyes and relished in the moment.

“And don’t forget ‘thank you’” I told her as I raised the hairbrush.



The brush landed on her arse with a delicious sting, leaving its first dull red mark. “Well?”

“Thank you.”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I brought the brush down in quick succession, listening to the gasping and whimpering that she made.

“Please…” she continued to ask. I smiled and stung the hairbrush off her backside. Her cheeks were beginning to glow pink.

“You’re a filthy tease, Kay, a dirty little girl.” Her gasps were turning into moans, her arse both recoiling and rejoicing as the brush slapped it.

THWACK! Extra hard, across both cheeks. I took the opportunity to run my hand beneath her arse and over her pussy. She was wet.


“Yes!” she cried out. I repeated the four strokes. “Oh, please, please, I’m a filthy tease…”


“Yes you are!”


Her arse was bright pink. “What do you think, Kay?”

I considered her for a moment like that, completely still and subservient to me. Again, I smiled as I revelled in the feeling. I heard her murmur.


“Your hand.”

“You may stand straight, Kay.”

She raised her head to me, face flushed, eyes slightly glazed. I threw the brush to the floor and watched as I teased her. Payback. It was all deliberate; I slowly rolled up each sleeve on my shirt, and then rubbed my hands. I then nodded to her and she hooked her fingers into the red thong she was wearing and drew it down, wriggling her legs and arse to make it drop to the floor. Gingerly she stepped out of it and kicked it to one side. Kay stood in front of me; dress in tatters, naked save her stockings and high heels. She was still beautiful. Beautiful and broken. I unzipped the fly on my trousers and let my cock, red, hard and eager spring out. Kay let out a moan as I purposefully stroked it in front of her.

I could see her watching me, languishing in each pull and each stroke of my penis. One of her hands reached forward to touch me, but I slapped it away and instead sat in the sofa.

“Across my lap, young lady, now!”

Like the good slut she was, Kay wasted no time. She wriggled forward over my lap, positioning her cunt over my erect cock. Her pink arse stared up at me.

“You’re such a fucking slut, Kay.” SLAP! My hand connected with her arse. “A filthy,” SLAP! “Little,” SLAP! “Girl” SLAP! “Who needs,” SLAP! “To be taught some manners!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! My hand spanked her backside with such ferocity.

“I do need manners,” she told me as I continued to smack her. “I’m xslot Güncel Giriş a filthy, dirty, little brat – Oh God! – Who needs to be spanked.”

“Yes you do, Kay”

“Oh fuck yes, hit me! Hit me again!” I continued to hit her with my left hand while the fingers of my right began to probe at her cunt. “Please…” she asked. The little slut craved it. I pushed two of my fingers into her wet pussy. “YES!” she cried. As I spanked her, my fingers thrust in and out of her wet cunt. She parted her legs, allowing me to put a third finger into her eager cunt.

“You want to be fucked, don’t you slut?”


“Fucked and spanked.”

“God, yes!”

SLAP! SLAP! My hands crashed on her red arse harder and harder as she squirmed against the tip of my hot, hard cock. She rubbed herself on my lap as my fingers pumped inside her. I could feel my whole body tensing, a familiar tingling in balls.

I quickly withdrew my fingers from her cunt and she moaned. SLAP! A landed one more spank on her bum and then pushed her on to the floor. She stumbled slightly as she fell, but quickly managed to position herself on fours. She bent her back low and thrust her arse and cunt out in the air.

“Fuck me.”

I didn’t delay, I needed her now more than anything, I needed to be inside her.

Positioning myself behind her I drove my cock deep into her cunt.

“OH!” We cried out together as we connected. I slowly slid backwards out of her, leaving the tip of my cock right at the entrance to her pussy.

The ultimate tease, I waited a second.

Then we fucked.

My body plunged into hers as I pulled back on her hair. She pushed her arse right back and my cock banged into her.

“FUCK YES,” she shouted as my balls slapped against her. I pumped into her tight wet hole with all my might. This was animal. This was what the teasing was for. She shook and pushed back, moaning and crying. She swayed about on the floor, making our bodies need every moment that they were together. My hands drew down her back, almost scratching her skin and then I gave her what she wanted.

I stung my hand off her arse, hard, uncaring and I noticed her hand reach back underneath her. She needed to come as badly as I did.

“That’s it, my love, frig yourself.” She writhed harder as she rubbed. I increased my pace, driving my cock inside her.

“Oh God,” she breathed. “Oh God. Oh Fuck, yes. Yes.” My entire body tightened another notch. I was so close.

I gripped both sides of her bum now as my body slapped into hers. “Oh Fuck, Yes!”

“I’m coming…”

“Come for me, Kay.”

“Oh Fuck, OH, GOD. FUCK!”

We both screamed as I let myself go, the sharp, incredible jerks of my cock filled Kay’s cunt with cum. Her body arched as she came, beautifully, violently. We both rode the pleasure wave. Ecstatic, I pulled her to me. Shaking, gave way to trembling as we came out the other side. I closed my eyes, dizzy.

We took deep breaths, huge gulps of air. We parted and she instantly came to me. I wrapped my arms around her and she kissed my cheek, I did likewise for her.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you so much…”

I held Kay tightly on the living room floor.

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