Jersey Shore Games Ch. 03


I had taken my time getting back to Reggie’s house. I needed the time to think. Our life down at the Jersey shore and my relationship with Lis was quickly evolving into a surreal dream. It was a five minute drive back to Reggie’s but I just kept going. After about an hour long drive along the beach road that ran along the grass covered marshes and sand being pounded by waves from the Atlantic ocean I had decided that I wanted to be with Lis so much more than I wanted to be without her. Secondly I knew that I had been mainly responsible for her seduction by Reggie, but I put that aside. I wouldn’t allow any guilt to affect the decision I had made. I simply enjoyed the lifestyle that we were heading towards and I was too curious to see what was in store for us to walk away. I knew that could change and I was prepared for the possibility that Lis and I may ultimately end up apart because after talking with Jodi I was sure that Lis wouldn’t being leaving simply as a result of me walking away.

I pulled up to the house and saw that Reggie’s car was in the driveway. I knew that they would be in each other’s arms. I just hoped that things hadn’t progressed to the point that they had gone to Reggie’s bedroom. I raced from the car to the door and swung it open to find the couple in the living room. Lis had lost her dress and was wearing only a garter belt, the sheer white stockings and black pumps. Reggie was on the couch his arms draped across the back of the furniture. Lis was on her knees between the black man’s legs sucking his dick.

“Denny!” Instead of being startled Reggie celebrated my return with a voice clearly strained from the pleasure Lis was administering to him.

“Hey honey.” My girlfriend momentarily picked up her head to acknowledge my presence and then returned to her duty.

“Oh your woman is such a good cocksucker. It’s so nice having you two as my guests.” The black man beamed up at me with his signature shit eating grin.

“You mean it’s so nice having Lis down here?” I asked as I watched my girlfriend’s head bob up and down in front of me.

“Nonsense my boy! I love having you in my house Denny. You are as much a part of this little game as your lovely sexual athlete of a girlfriend. She truly has become a world class lover. Why don’t we have our Denny join in the fun? What do you say Lissy?” Reggie announced from behind gritted teeth.

“Oh yes Denny please join in!” Lis squealed as she disengaged from the big black penis.

“Get those clothes off oh great white stud. By the way how did you like those DVDs?” Reggie asked as he pulled up Lis so that she was sitting next to him on the couch.

“Ugh I’m sorry Reggie. I didn’t realize. I mean the backing was loose. That one just fell out.” I was suddenly nervous.

“It’s okay my man. You’re one of us now. Besides Lis got to see her friend in action and she loved it. Now hurry up my dick is getting cold. It either needs a warm mouth or a hot pussy around it real quick!” Reggie leaned over and began kissing Lis’ neck as they waited for me to get naked.

I stepped over to the couch and sat on the other side of Lis. I really didn’t know where I would fit in but I decided to give it my best. I began kissing Lis on her neck and then leaned over and took her nipple into my mouth. I heard the black man and Lis kissing and looked over to her other breast and saw Reggie’s fingers tweaking the nipple. We had her moaning uncontrollably very quickly. Meanwhile both our free hands were all over Lis’ legs and her crotch. We went over every inch of her beautiful body with our fingers and our tongues while Lis reveled in the pleasurable sensations.

Reggie stood up and began stroking his hard cock in front of the two of us. I thought that the black man was going to take over and relegate me once again to the chief masturbator. Instead of leaning down and plowing his big black dick into my girlfriend Reggie motioned for me to stand next to him. I got up while Lis slipped off the couch and got on her knees in front of us. She sucked on Reggie first. Lis took in an amazing amount of cock and then took it out of her mouth and began kissing and licking at the member. Then just as quickly she put it back into her mouth and began to vigorously suck the black phallus in and out of her mouth. My cock got the same treatment next. I was amazed at Lis’ technique. My girlfriend had always loved oral sex, both giving it and receiving and I always thought that she was very good. This night she was showing a prowess that I had never seen before. Her tongue and lips were in full use licking and kissing the underside of the shaft and head in all the right spots and then sucking with an eager gusto. Somewhere my girlfriend had learned to give a blow job like a paid whore.

While I was enjoying Lis new found skills I was reminded of one of the biggest reasons that my girlfriend had given into Reggie in the first place. On a good day my penis was just over 5 inches fully erect. It was a plain bursa escort pink erection with a nice sized head but next to Reggie’s large black prong my cock could only be described as inadequate. Reggie’s manhood was a thick masterpiece that extended out at least 3 inches more than mine and much more importantly the black man knew how to use it. To say that Reggie’s penis was intimidating would have been an extraordinary understatement.

As Lis alternatively worked on each of us Reggie couldn’t help commenting on the difference. “It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? You white boys really are fighting from a disadvantage.”

“That’s just not true Reg. I love both of you and I love both of your cocks.” Lis had taken a break from sucking dick down her throat to save what little self esteem I had left.

“Oh really baby? So size doesn’t count? I find that hard to believe coming from such a penis connoisseur.” Reggie seemed bemused by Lis’ statement.

“Of course size counts. I adore a well hung man like you but there are a thousand other things that make me love a man’s penis. Denny has some of those things.” Lis stuck my erection into her mouth for emphasis. “Of course you have many attributes as well my big black knight. So Reg why don’t you fuck me from behind while I suck Denny?”

“Can I fuck you in the ass?” I asked hopefully. Since watching Reggie have anal sex with Lis I had wanted to do it with her so badly.

“I’m afraid that’s a blacks only entrance my dear. It’s just the way it is.” Lis informed me then she bent over and began sucking my dick again.

I watched Reggie grab Lis’ hips and insert himself inside her. For the first time I could actually feel the smaller man’s strength as he fucked my girlfriend from behind. She shook her athletic body with each thrust and I could feel the vibrations of her whimpers on my penis. Reggie was soon fucking my girlfriend at his customary frenetic pace. His body was in a full sweat that produced a wet slapping noise when he slammed into her body.

While I was excited to be invited to make up a manage a trois with Reggie and Lis I knew my role was as a secondary player. Reggie was the dominant male and he showed it when he broke away from Lis and led her back to the couch.

Kneel on the couch for me baby. We’re going to give your boyfriend what he really wants to see. Denny I know you want Lissy’s ass so badly but the closest you’re going to get is to caddie for me while I fuck your girlfriend’s asshole till she screams like a whore. Come on over. You can help me.” Reggie offered.

I walked over to the two of them not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I was overloading with excitement at the thought of watching my girlfriend take it in the ass up close. Lis was kneeling on the couch with her legs on the cushions and facing over its back. She had spread her legs wide enough so that her ass was at a perfect level for the black man to engage the sweet spot.

“Denny lube up your girl for me would you please?” Reggie instructed as he handed me a jar of petroleum jelly.

I grabbed the jar and dipped my finger into it. I took a healthy dollop of the jelly and gingerly pressed it against Lis’ sphincter. I had never greased a woman’s rectum before and the feeling of my girlfriend’s muscle ring fighting back against my finger was a bit strange at first. Then without warning the muscle gave way and my finger drove into her. Lis let out a groan as my finger wiggled around inside her rectum. The muscle grabbed at my finger as I gently pushed it in and out of her. Lis kept making noises as I loosened her up for the black stud.

“That’s it Denny really get that ass greased up for me. She’s got to take 9 inches of South Jersey black snake up there.” Reggie instructed. “Now take some more of that and put it on me.”

Reggie thrust his hips out pushing his erect penis towards my hand. I was so turned on I didn’t even hesitate. It was yet another humiliation for me to enjoy, greasing another man’s penis so he could have anal sex with my girlfriend. I took some more jelly and grabbed Reggie’s slimy black penis. I smoothed the lube along the shaft and then covered the plum sized head. Then I gave the cock a couple of jerks.

“That’s a real nice dick isn’t it? Big and black.” Lis was smiling back at us taking in my next step in the humiliation process, lubing her lovers cock with my own hand.

She was right. Reggie’s penis was long and thick and felt like a warm muscular limb. It was unlike anything I had ever touched.

“Denny you are an experienced cuckold now. You’ll soon be wearing a fine set of horns. Now let me get on top of your girlfriend and I’ll show you how a real man gets it done.” Reggie’s reference to caddy obviously referred to my status as simply an assistant to the two lovers but I had no idea what he meant by the term, wearing a set of horns.

The black man slowly lunged forward pressing the head of his freshly greased erection bursa escort bayan into Lis’ rectum. Lis groaned as her sphincter gave way and the black dick eased inside her. There was little resistance and Reggie was quickly balls deep.

I watched as he began humping back and forth into my kneeling girlfriend. His motion was smooth and powerful. Lis was getting all she could handle from the wiry black man and her rhythmic groans confirmed it. Lis legs moved about helplessly after each thrust from Reggie. Both lovers were sweating like athletes in the middle of an intense workout.

“That’s my girl. You’re my girl now aren’t you?” Reggie gasped above Lis’ whimpers.

At first she didn’t respond but the black man was insistent. He would slow the stabbing motion to a torturously languid movement. Lis wanted more than anything to be fucked hard in the ass and this pace was driving her crazy. She tried to push back against the black man and create her own precious friction but Reggie was having none of it. He kept moving his cock away from Lis and taunting her with his demand that she acquiesce. He kept demanding that she admit to being his girl until she finally broke.

“God yes Reggie! I’m yours! Just keep fucking me with that big black dick! Please just do it to me!” Lis yelled out. She turned her head to watch the black man slide in and out of her ass again. She smiled now happy with the increased pace.

“Now that we know whose bed you will be sleeping in why don’t you lay back on the couch for me baby?” Reggie ordered

He gave my girlfriend’s butt a slap and like a trained dog she rolled over onto her back on the couch. The black man mounted her again by sliding into the splayed open ass. Lis grabbed her calves and jackknifed her body so that Reggie could easily fuck her. He began undulating up and down again plunging the large tool in and out of her. As I watched them I had never figured Lis as a submissive woman but here she was with her legs high in the air allowing a black man to have his way with her in the most degrading of sexual acts. I kept looking at the black pumps that Lis was wearing. They would jiggle with every downward thrust from Reggie. To me it displayed Lis’ surrender of control to the black man. I couldn’t take my eyes off my girlfriend’s legs. I felt the liquid flow through the shaft of my penis and I groaned loudly as it spit out onto the towel I was holding. I collapsed back into the chair and watched Reggie finish with Lis. His buttocks convulsed and his back, glistening with sweat, arched. Reggie howled loudly and like me achieved an intense orgasm. The difference was that mine had splashed harmlessly into a towel while the black stud’s seed was now sloshing around in my girlfriend’s rectum.

We spent the rest of the weekend as an odd trio around town or as sexual participants in the house. We went to brunch as a proper couple and Reggie as our friend. Still if one looked close enough you would notice how Reggie and Lis would touch each other from time to time, his hand on her knee while we were sitting or her hand on his back as we walked out. And of course, there were the looks on their faces as we talked at our table. You didn’t have to be Dr. Phil to figure out who the sexual partners were out of the three of us. I was thinking how smart Reggie was to have held off coming up North to visit us. Lis would never have been able to control herself in public.

We ended up visiting at Alex and Tim’s house and while we were still a couple Reggie was much more aggressive. While we talked in the living room he put his hands all over Lis and more than once he kissed my girlfriend deeply as they sat on the couch together. Reggie displayed the same sort of dominance with Tim’s wife. At one point he was standing behind Alex massaging her ample breasts and kissing her neck all the while telling us one of his wacky stories that never failed to amuse. Like me, Tim simply indulged Reggie as if nothing was unusual and did nothing to stop what was happening. At one point I noticed a lump in Tim’s crotch and I knew he was as much a captive to this lifestyle as me.

On the ride home Lis and I talked about the evolution of our relationship. Until I had been pulled into the final sex act of the weekend I thought I might be losing Lis as a sexual partner. I knew that if that had happened the end of our relationship would soon follow. I had to admit that watching Lis with a black man simply blew my mind. It was just that exciting to me. Yet I still needed her for myself as well.

“Did you have a good time this weekend?” Lis asked as we crossed from New Jersey into New York.

“Sure. By the way, where did you learn that technique? The way you give head now.” I had to ask my girlfriend about her new found oral skills.

She lazily turned her head towards me and then chuckled. “I’ve been taking lessons from Jodi. Reggie says she sucks cock like a goddess. After watching her in action and then letting her escort bursa teach me I have to agree.”

“How the hell does someone take blow job lessons?” The goings on down there never ceased to amaze me.

“Do you really want to know?” Lis was laughing heartily now.

“Well there has to be some comedy in a tragic comedy doesn’t there?” I replied with a thinly disguised reference to the state of our current situation.

“We started out with bananas and worked our way up to zucchinis. Jodi is quite the queen of the garden.” Lis got us both laughing hard.

“I can’t imagine the two of you sitting around in a kitchen sucking on phallic fruits and vegetables and taking it seriously.” I reached over ran my hand through Lis’ hair. She had been letting it grow longer.

“Well we did have a bottle of rum. That helped. We also had the live practice. Christ I could barely see I was so drunk by then but our practice subjects were very obliging.” Lis told me.

“Who was that?” I asked.

Lis simply turned her head back to me again and gave me a sanguine smile. Without having to ask another thing I got a picture of Reggie and Richard spread out naked on Jodi’s living room floor while the two women practiced their licking, kissing and sucking techniques on their large black erections.

“Dennis I love having sex with Reggie. I already can’t wait to get back down there again. You know I love you too. It’s just that this lifestyle is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. I hope you understand that.” Lis felt it was time for some reassurance.

“Lis I’m into this as much as you. I’m the one that let Reggie seduce you that first night.” I admitted.

“I guess we are into this together.” Lis paused to think. “Denny you know it really wouldn’t be worthwhile without you.”

We drove in silence until Lis brought up Jodi’s video. “So did you enjoy seeing those videos?”

“I have to tell you I haven’t seen an extraordinary amount of porno but they looked as good as any I’ve ever seen. I mean Jodi can actually act and that blonde haired lady was incredible.” I reported.

“I know I’ve seen Jodi’s video too.” Lis saw that I was surprised. “When I was down for Halloween they had just finished it.”

“I wonder when those videos will find their way onto the internet?” To me it wasn’t a matter of if Jodi and the sultry blonde Paula would be exposed as amateur porno actresses. I knew soon enough every guy that turned on a computer would have a shot at jerking off to his choice of either the brunette or the blonde.

“Reggie has a finite list of clients that pay for his work. They know that they are getting a woman that prior to meeting Reggie would have never thought about sucking a cock in front of a camera. They get off on the fact that Reggie has perverted the women and the women are turned on knowing that the customers are masturbating to their performances. Everyone’s happy and Reggie makes a little money off the production.” Lis informed me.

“And these clients actually promise to not make any copies of these videos?” I asked in my most facetious tone.

“Downloads Denny, downloads that can be installed once onto a computer and then they are worthless. The data goes onto the computer and then can’t be transferred. I don’t know much about the technicalities involved but I guess it keeps the performance to those that have paid for it.” Lis told me.

“Still Jodi and Paula have to be worried about these things getting out to people they know? Despite these one shot downloads it’s bound to get out.” I was amazed that the two women wouldn’t be worried.

“Denny, that’s part of the fantasy, to be seen by men you may or may not know. They get excited and masturbate watching your performance. It’s an ultimate thrill. If you thought that Jodi was upset when you told her that you had seen her getting screwed by Reggie and Richard you’ve got some more to learn. She told me what a turn on it was to have my boyfriend stroking his cock while she took on two big black studs.” Lis added the last sentence with more emotion.

“Is it okay that I did that . . . you know I watched her?” I wasn’t sure if Lis had been upset with me watching her friend.

“Of course it is honey. You think I would be so selfish as to fuck these men right in front of you and then not let you participate? Denny this is a different sort of lifestyle and I want you to be with me. The only way you would ever do it and I would ever be able to experience this without feeling guilty is if you are enjoying yourself as well. You do understand this don’t you?” Lis laid it out for me.

“Sure I do. By the way what did Reggie mean when he said that I would wear horns well?” I suddenly remembered Reggie’s remark in the heat of our ménage a trois earlier in the day.

“It’s said that a cuckolded man wears the horns, symbolic that all those around him know that his woman is sleeping with others because they see his horns. They say that in some European villages the community would gather and make the cuckold wear horns and parade him through the streets in an act of humiliation. Reggie and his Jersey gang use it to describe another type of humiliation though.” Lis informed me.

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