I’m So Proud of Her


“No, keep going. Don’t stop.” She breathed.

“I’m sorry…” is all I can get out as I begin to cum.

I pull out, despite wearing a condom due to fear, and my insubstantial cock begins to spasm filling the rubber. Whilst she leans back and sighs in exasperation, I believe I hear a faint “fuck sake” but I struggle to make it out. Missionary is the only position we really do, due in no small part to my size and Rachel’s significant curves.

“I’m sorry, I can finish you off with my tongue if you’d like?” I state as I pull off the average sized condom, which is honestly too large for me. Even the words come out mumbled as I have never had the confidence for dirty talk of any sort.

“It’s fine” she states though I know she is lying.

“I’m sorry” I repeat.

“Honestly, it’s fine. It’s just that sometimes you get to finish but I don’t.” Her tone is mildly disappointed.

As she says this, I feel myself at a loss for words, I have already discarded the condom in the bin, and I watch as she gets dressed. Rachel is pulling on her revealing summer clothes (short denim shorts and a white tank top) and I cannot express how proud of her I am. In the last year she has lost well over 20 pounds and has went from slightly overweight to beautifully curvy and her well-endowed features have become fantastically prominent. Her golden-brown skin is dusky and foreign by the standards of the region we live and this summer she has received no shortage of looks from men of all ages. Even I can barely pull my eyes away from her.

I pull on my boxers and then my jeans and, whilst I sit on the side of my double bed, I look up at her. As is her usual routine after sex she is adjusting her light brown hair and checking her make up in the mirror though this time, she seems more hurried. When finished she turns around and rather abruptly says she’s leaving.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her as she plants a kiss on my cheek. I am used to her spending most of her Friday night at my apartment.

“It’s nothing, I’m just tired from work and have a late night tomorrow, it’s a party for Nicola’s promotion and I want to stay out late with the girls”.

Saturday is always her ‘girls night out’ every week and in truth I had grown accustomed to receiving drunken texts from her and then hearing nothing from her on Sunday as she recovers from the previous night’s partying, this having been a routine of ours for the 5 months we had been together. I kiss her full on the lips and pull her close, her hair smells of lavender and sex. When she pulls away, she is smiling, and I playfully pinch her ass as I follow her to my apartment’s porno front door. The giggling leaves me feeling that the earlier mishap was not as big a deal as I thought.

When Saturday rolled around, I tried to avoid thinking about the previous night, we all have premature problems at one point or another, but it is surely nothing to be ashamed of. I spend the day texting Rachel whilst hanging around at my apartment and closer to the time she would be heading to one of her girlfriend’s homes I wish her a good evening. I knew she was heading to a club and would no doubt be partying hard. I never really enjoyed clubs but if she was happy, I was happy. They posted a group photo online before heading out and my heart started beating twice as fast in my chest when I saw her. She was wearing a beautiful tight red dress that was short enough to be sensual without being slutty and her cleavage looked incredible. Her legs looked like they went for days and truthfully my cock started throbbing in my underwear. I liked the picture (naturally) and could not help but feel jealous and worried for her. No doubt men would be all over her that night and I was hoping she would stay safe. I sent a text to her telling her she was welcome to crash at my house when she left the club as my apartment was far closer than her home. I got a non-committal response finalised with a ‘love you xxx’.

I spent most of the rest of the night reading and even had a few beers before packing it in and calling it a night around midnight. I quickly checked Instagram prior to heading to bed and noticed that Nicola, Rachel’s closest, and certainly sluttiest, friend had posted far more pictures than is reasonable but I decided to check them quickly to see how they were all doing. Most pictures were obvious pre-drink photos, then a few from the club itself but a few pictures at the end were worrying. Six or so of the girls had went out clubbing and almost all of them seemed to be with guys but in two pictures Rachel was slightly off screen smiling or giggling and there was what were clearly a man’s arms on her waist though I could not make out his face. In another picture, she was quite clearly posing with this guy and two other girlfriends with one other guy but in this picture his arm was clearly around her with his hand being far too far down her body. I had no idea who these men were. They were both tall and muscular wearing tight fitting shirts clearly showing off their impressive bodies.

Worry gripped me and my heart was in my throat. I text her “Call me.” No response. A few minutes go by and I try calling her, but it goes straight through to anime porno voicemail. A few minutes later I get a call from her and after three rings I finally pluck up the courage to answer her, it was probably nothing anyway, right?

“What’s wrong?” She asks, sounding both drunk and mildly annoyed that I have interrupted her girl’s night out. In the background I can hear distant house music and voices, so I assume she is in the smoking area outside the club.

“Hey babe, how are you?” I stammer suddenly realising that I have no idea how to broach the subject of that handsome musclebound guy with his hand centimetres from her ass.

“What? I can’t hear you.” In the background I can hear what sounds like the rustling of fabric and a light wet smacking sound as well as distant voices.

“How are you?” I repeat louder.

“I’m fine babe.” She is cut off and I am sure I can hear a moan and a giggle.

“Are you alright?” I ask, worried.

“No, I’m … I’m fine. Listen I’m going to go to this other [deep breath] club after this and I should be back at yours around 4 am, maybe later, is that cool with you?” I can, definitely, hear both feminine and masculine voices as well as what sounds like heavy breathing in the background.

“uuugh, yeah.” I stammer though I don’t sound too sure “I’ll just leave a key under the welcome mat and you can let yourself in.”

“Great, babe. Thanks.” The last word is basically breathed out rather than spoken “See you later, bye.”

“Love you, b…” She hangs up before finishing.

I am panicking now and quickly message her friend, Nicola, telling her to ensure Rachel gets home safely but I’m left on ‘read’. I try to sleep but I cannot stop thinking about how strange that conversation was or that muscular arm, that is not mine, wrapped about the love of my life.

I try to sleep but I can stop thinking: is my girlfriend sleeping with another man tonight? In my mind images flash by of her sucking a long, thick, throbbing cock smiling and laughing in between. I think of her tight ass being slapped and her dress being pulled off by a man bigger than me in every way as his thick fingers run up and down her soaking wet mound before sliding easily in causing her to shake. I think about her begging him to fuck her and him running his tongue up and down and up and down over and over her sex whilst she moans and giggles and screams in pleasure.

I think of his large rough hands pinching her sensitive pink nipples in just the right way to elicit moans of pleasure from her. I think about him pushing her back and fucking her, missionary, arap porno reaching places I never could and her wrapping her long legs around him begging him to fuck harder and deeper. I envision him pulling her up and turning her around to take her from behind reaching all the way inside and stretching her far greater than I ever have before she cums, legs shaking, screaming his name.

I think of him lubing up his member before pushing inside her ass taking her anal virginity, something she would never let me do, whilst she grits her teeth and takes it, spiralling ever downwards into the most intense pleasure she has ever felt. I dream of him pulling out and saying something like “I’m so close” before she turns around and starts stroking his messy, erect and thick-veined manhood. From his slit would be oozing a steady stream of pre-cum and she would lick her lips at the thought of tasting it.

She would look him straight in the eyes, stroking faster and harder now, and let him know he owned her and could do whatever he wanted to her.

At some point during this she would say “Cum for me, please. You can cum on my face if you want.” Before sticking his cock in her mouth raw, after having it in her ass, pushing herself to be ever sluttier to appease this testament to masculinity that she is with.

When he cums he groans grabbing the sides of her head and handfuls of her, now, messy hair, that I so love to smell, and cumming in her mouth forcing her to swallow his thick, salty seed. He has lasted longer than I ever could and given her all that I never could and she looks up at him, meeting his gaze feeling the most intense mix of emotions of her life before he growls in his baritone voice “Good girl.”

She would never do this to me, she is loyal and loves me and would never hurt me, but the doorbell rings and I look at the clock. It is 0430 and evidently, I have dosed off. I head through to my front door and unlock it and am greeted by a very intoxicated and very sleepy Rachel. She has her heels in her hands, her small handbag around one arm and is evidently very dishevelled. Drunk enough to ring my doorbell this early and ignore the key I left for her.

“Love you.” She whispers and kisses me on the lips, and I can’t help but notice she does not have any make up on. She smells of alcohol, sweat and of weed but also something else I can’t put my finger on.

“Love you too I say.” and I walk her through to the bedroom and place her on my bed before heading back to the kitchen to get her water.

When I return, I chuckle at how ridiculous I was with the earlier pictures, she was clearly just having a good time but when I enter the bedroom I freeze.

Rachel is lying on my bed and from that angle I can see perfectly up her dress. She isn’t wearing any underwear.

So, did my girlfriend fuck another man tonight?

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