Ibiza Holiday Ch. 02

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Author’s Note

I know this story is bad, really nasty and females are used and abused in this series. I was going through yet another difficult divorce settlement at the time, yes I have been married more than once! The anger that I felt just poured out of me and the leading lady of this story comes to a sticky end. I think it is good, hot and sexy what do you think?


The second Day in Ibiza.

I woke to the clock radio singing in Spanish. I was instantly awake. I had to drive the Limo today and Jennifer and Rebecca would still be showing the signs of what had happened the evening before. I lay in the bed I was alone, Dear God what had I done?

The radio announcer said something in Spanish and another tune began. I got out of bed and found the bathroom had a piss and shower. There were fresh clothes on the crumpled bed. They had not been there when I entered the bathroom!

I dressed, I entered the main room of the suite I recognized the white settee. I was still in 601. I called out,

“Jennifer, Rebecca!”

The other bedroom door opened and two naked women came into the room. Both were still scarlet, both showing the scars and excess of the previous evenings events.

I was speechless.

“Go drive the Limo, say we have a tummy upset they will understand.” Said my red and marked wife.

“We are perfectly alright a few days of rest and we will be ready to face the world again, go enjoy yourself.” Said Rebecca.

I looked askance at their bodies so innocently displayed. They were red and some places were turning blue. I looked at Rebecca trying to determine which I had caused and which Jennifer had caused. I looked at my wife. I had caused all that damage!

Jennifer came towards me, took my left hand, and placed it on her bruised breast.

“I loved every strike Michael dear, feel the welts.”

I felt my hand move over the raised flesh and Jennifer was obviously in some sort of climax.

Rebecca came forward and her hand cupped my balls. “I liked what you did with this rather a lot.” She squeezed my balls. And pulled my other hand to her swollen breast.

My brain was spinning I did not recognize myself, or these wanton women; they liked what I had done to them!

“Go drive the Limo, Michael.” Said my bruised wife. And literally pushed me towards the door.

I hesitated.

“Want me to accompany you then?” she asked.

I beat a hasty retreat. I went down to the restaurant and ate a few cereals for breakfast then went to the garage and there were the rest of the group, minus Brian, of course, he was still in the casino according to Amanda. I unlocked the car and they piled in, they seemed to accept Jennifer and Rebecca’s absence as just another variation, not something requiring comment.

The drive out to Las Salinas was a quiet journey. I looked at the view an un-interesting flat expanse of salt-water evaporation beds with one or two people attending them. Conversation in the limo was non-existent. We began to pass parked cars. “You have to come back here to park,” said Amanda. The road went on another mile and ended in a turning circle.

“Stop here we will take our lunch down the beach Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort about 100 yards to the left.”

They were all stripping off; clothes were being tossed into the back of the limo.

“Go back and park the Limo. Remember you HAVE to be naked to enter the beach, here is a towel. That and your Speedos are all you are allowed, but you must not be wearing them! See you soon.”

The group set off and I drove back to the parking area. I parked the Limo. I locked it and wondered what I was getting into. Hell I was already into it!

I walked the hot mile back to the beach entrance took my Speedos off and with the towel draped strategically over my arm went left up the beach. There were nude men and women everywhere!

Playing, posing, sunning, I marched on up the beach and saw the hotel sunshade. I turned and made my way toward it and flopped down relieved that I had made the distance. I was soon to realize that I had only come part way!

I was confronted by three naked women! There were no husbands in sight!

Shelley was frigging herself.

Kelly was displaying all of her voluptuous charms and Amanda was fondling her naked breasts.

“Michael you have passed the initiation test. Now tell us the reason why Jennifer and Rebecca are not here?”

I knew they knew, I was stuck and had to tell the truth.

“Jennifer wanted me to fuck Rebecca, and then make love to her.”

I struggled for words.

“Jennifer showed me just how submissive Rebecca was. I lost control and beat Rebecca. I then did the same to Jennifer.”

“They are red, black and blue!”

“Ah so you know the difference between sex and love?”

“Not really, but I am beginning to understand.”

“Michael you need to oil up let me do it.” Said Shelley and I found my naked body being anointed with sun tan oil. And of course, my body betrayed me. I was sporting a huge erection when she finished.

“Yes Michael differentiate between sex and love!” Said Amanda.

My brain understood, but my body did not.

“Michael you are not here by accident. Jennifer has set all this up. We have our own agendas, which would have happened if you had not been here. This is really about you and Jennifer.”

Amanda was standing naked and dominating before me. She had a hand at her cunt and was obviously fingering her wet snatch.

“We belong to a group of people who come to this island two or three times a year to experience some extreme sex. And I mean extreme sex. Jennifer was one of our whores for a while. She was last here three years ago and has a right of passage into our tight circle. You as her husband have to earn that right of passage.”

“This holiday is your initiation test. You have risen to the occasion

And passed with excellence so far. Tomorrow evening you will face another test!”

“You will have noticed that our husbands are not here!

They went back by taxi while you parked the Limo; you have to amuse us for the rest of the day. We have to inform you and answer your questions.”

Shelly said. “This is not part of the test and we want you to save yourself for tomorrow evenings test, you must have questions, so ask away we will answer every question totally truthfully.”

My mind was in turmoil, just what had Jennifer to do with this cult?

“You said Jennifer was one of your whores a few years ago and that gave her a right of passage, what did you mean by that.’

Amanda took the lead.

“We meet here for extreme sexual experiences. Quite often, our husbands are not there when we enact these experiences and young women keep them entertained while the experience is enacted. Jennifer was one of those young women. Four and three years ago, she was here three times with our group.”

I struggled to digest this information.

“You and your husbands have known, in the biblical sense Jennifer?”

“Yes we all enjoyed her body. Just as she enjoyed ours!”

Dear God I was married to a sexual deviant!

“This year by some strange twist of fate all our fantasy enactments require our husbands to be else where. They get to see the video, I hasten to add.” Amanda paused to let this sink into my confused brain.

“We want you to be the camera man and/or person in charge when our fantasies are fulfilled!”

I was even further in shock. I finally found my voice.

“You want me to video you all of you in sexual acts and keep the men/women in control while your husbands fuck some poor whore.”

“We do not consider this as poor or depraved, we want an extreme sexual experience, and we do not want our husbands present when that happens. They know and agree and the provision of a ‘Whore’ as you so crudely put it is what got you this opportunity!”

I digested this information, she was right.

“All right I agree. I really do not know what I am getting myself into and if yesterday evening is anything to go by I hope we do not end up in jail!”

“I knew you would see the positive side, now put some sunscreen on all of us and try reserve your strength for tomorrow evening.”

I complied, the men did not return and I had the company of three naked women all day.

We returned to the hotel and I went to room 601 there was no reply. I went to our room on the seventh floor. There was a note in Jennifer’s hand on the bed. ‘I am fine rest Michael love.’

I showered took room service and retired for the night. I did not sleep well.

With no arrangement for tourist activities, I went to the pool, about ten o’clock and Amanda Shelley and Kelly were there, I was soon dragged in to applying suntan oils to their bodies. They were all blatant. All wanted me to do back and front and I felt three wet pussies while I applied the lotions. I did what was required and beat a hasty retreat, but not before I noticed a group of men at the far end of the pool. They seemed unattached and avidly watching what had gone on at my end. I dismissed this as some perving tourists. I was so wrong.

I took my evening meal in our room. There was a note on the tray. Room 801 10.00 pm.

I knew this was another test. I had more than half a mind not to turn up, but being in an empty hotel room and knowing why it was empty made me go. I knocked on the door of 801 at 9.59.

I was surprised to be greeted by Keith. And instead of inviting me in he came out into the corridor handed me the cardkey and said, “Remember you are in charge. She is in the master bedroom be good to her.” and hurried off.

I stood transfixed what the hell had I got into. Keith had just given me control of what happened to Shelley his wife!

I swiped the key in the door and it clicked open.

There were seven men sitting, standing, and lounging around. They all looked at me expectantly. I tried to smile, but it was more of a grimace. I went to what I knew was the main bedroom.

Shelley was there naked and with a slave collar round her neck.

I shut the door behind me and Shelley began to speak.

“This is a gang bang. I want you to video the action so Keith can watch it later. Do not miss anything. My safe word is Abracadabra. If I say that, get them off me and out the door. They can have me for three hours.”

My mouth was agape.

“When we go out there you just tell them they can do anything to me, provided they do not mark me. Deep throat, anal, dual penetration, what ever, but no marks. I have seen what you did to Rebecca and Jennifer so no marks. I want to be able to enjoy the rest of this holiday. They can do anything just no marks.”

I was nodding my head, “Any sexual act but no marks.”

“Yes, now do you want me before or after?”

I tried to comphrend this surfeit of information. The men outside were going to gangbang Shelley, her husband had given me control of the proceedings, and I was to video the event. Now she was offering me the use of her body. I shook my head more in confusion than a negative.

Shelley misunderstood and said, “Ok after.”

She put the end of the dog leash in my left hand and a video cam in the right.

“It’s loaded and there are three empty cassettes and spare charged batteries on the TV. Try not to miss any of the good bits. Now take me in there and tell them they can have me any which way!”

“I need to tell them I am in charge first they are a rough looking bunch. Just wait a second.”

I opened the door to the main room and seven pairs of eyes snapped round to look at me.

“You all know why you are here. If I say stop then you stop and leave. I will be very severe if any of you ignore my command understood?”

I was not at all sure if they understood as they said not a word, but were nodding in unison. I opened the bedroom door and the leash was placed in my hand. I pulled it and a compliant Shelley came into the room.

“She is yours, for three hours. Do what you will to her, but no marks!”

I began recording Shelley’s gangbang. I got close ups of her felating cocks, deep throating cocks, sucking multiple cocks. I got video of cocks entering her wet cunt and gaping anus. I got video of her suspended upon two cocks, one in her cunt the other in her anus, her feet several inches from the floor. She did not use her safe word and then the time was up. The men stopped and left like a well-disciplined group of slaves.

Shelley was besmirched, but smiling. I was hard and rampant.

“Which hole do you want, or perhaps I should ask in which order?”

I filled Shelley in every which way and finally came in her mouth. I put the video camera and its cassettes on the TV and returned to my room.

Ibiza was one hell of a place for a holiday!

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