I Think Back

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Group Sex

I think back to the only other erect penis I have seen live. Deciding to go for a midnight dip, on holiday, the last one with my parents, going out for a walk, to the beach, late at night. And finding it deserted. And thinking, or not thinking, I’m going to go in, I’m just going to strip and go in, have a naked dip. Which I start to do, kick off my flip-flops, pull off my T-shirt, lower my shorts, I am standing there in my pants, just about to lower them, when a male voice speaks to me

“Same idea we had”

I turn around and see a young couple, late twenties, early thirties probably, dressed like they’ve just finished dinner. He was shorter than me, dark skin, dark hair, shaved to reduce the impact of his male pattern baldness. She was a little taller, brown blonde, wavy hair. And really quite large breasts, which looked to be hanging freely under her own T-shirt. I say nothing, an embarrassed to be caught standing on the beach in my pants, in the middle of the night.

“Were you going to have a skinny dip?

“Um,” I laugh nervously, “well, maybe.”

“Yep, come on then, don’t let us stop you, we’re going in.”

He undresses. I look at her, waiting for her permission.

“It’s alright, we’re not going to see much more than you would in the day.”

She pulls off her T-shirt in one motion, reveals a beautiful pair of big, firm, tanned breasts, her nipples standing out, darker against the rest of her skin, which looks utterly stunning in the moonlight.

“Come on mate, stop staring at her tits. Get your knickers off.”

I look around at him, he is already naked, also tanned, thick dark hair covering his chest, his legs, his stomach, a sizeable length of sexual organ hanging down from his thicket of curly pubic hair, a large flash of white against the darker expanses of skin and hair. Then she stepped forward, stood next to him, also now naked. Her skin lighter, the faint shape of a bikini line, a black triangle of pubic hair vivid against the rest of her paler skin. She speaks again.

“Come on, if you’re coming.”

So I do, I pull off my pants, stand awkwardly in front of them naked, all of us now in the buff, my own thatch of pubic hair exposed to their gaze, my teenage penis and tight scrotum looking small in comparison to his adult dong. We stand and look at one another for a second. Until he encourages us in.

“Come on, let’s get into it.” We do. I watch them run in, their bare buttocks shaking, her breasts swinging as she moved, as they jump over the waves I can see his dick between his legs, I watch his scrotum dangling down, I think I see the swollen mound of her vulva as she skips in, just before they dive under. They turn to watch me run in. It feels good, it feels great running, in the nude, my own dick flopping up and down against my belly, my balls banging against my legs. And even then, or now, I enjoyed being looked at by them. They were standing, waist deep, I could still see her breasts, as the waves drew out water I glimpsed her dark bush, I thought I could see his penis floating in the water, swilling around in the wash. I dived in. And we swam, which was delicious, the feel of water against my naked body, feeling my balls chill and tighten, feeling the sea catch my penis as I dove and surfaced. Only, of course, I could not see much of them, or her. The sea and the night time conspired to keep them from view. I swam back to the shore, hoping to avoid showing them how the cold water had affected my genitals, only for them to follow me out immediately. We stood in front of each other again, his penis looked smaller, mine did too. I pulled my pants and shorts on when I was still wet, watched them dress.

“Listen, we’ve got some duty free back at our apartment, might warm us up, if you fancy it.”

I was at the age when any invitation to drink was a good one.

“Yeah, brilliant.”

I followed them back up the beach, over a few roads, into a one bedroom holiday joint. A small kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedroom. I sat down whilst they went into the bedroom. After no more than a few seconds they both returned. He had a towel around his waist, she had one wrapped around her chest. He offered me one.

“Your clothes will be soaked, I’d get them off, dry yourself with that, we can hang them on the balcony for a bit.”

“Yeah, um, where’s the bathroom?”

“Bathroom? I wouldn’t worry now, we’ve all seen everything, haven’t we love. I’m not going to bother covering up.”

And he took his towel from around his waist and stood in front of us again naked, closer now obviously, and in good light, he seemed somehow even more naked than before, his cock had regained its earlier size, he was utterly comfortable as he rubbed the towel over his chest, his head, his legs, and then his pubic hair, his scrotum, he raised a leg onto the coffee table to dry his buttocks, his arse crack, letting his penis wobble freely between his legs. And then she dropped her towel as well, and showed herself to me as she dried, the hair on Gaziantep Anal Escort her head, her armpits, legs, rubbing it over her bush, also raising a leg to dry between them offering me a glimpse of straighter pubic hair, darker, rounded and parted genital flesh. I felt my dick twitch in my pants. I undressed quickly, hung my clothes on the back of a couple of chairs, walking through the room nude, walking in front of them, still wet, my balls cold but sensitive, my dick bobbing in front of me, maybe, just slightly swollen. I dried myself, wrapped the towel around me, sat down and waited for my drink. They had both sat down opposite, discarding their towel, brazen in their nudity, his cock laying on the sofa, her breasts even more wonderful in the light, a tantalising hint of pubic hair from above her crossed legs.

“Drink, we were going to have a drink. What would you like?”

“Oh, anything really.”

“Gin? Gin and tonic.”

“Yeah, lovely.”

He stands, I watch him walk naked into the kitchen area, find three glasses, fill them with ice, gin, tonic, lemon slices, bring them all back in one go, his penis looking bigger, thicker perhaps as he is getting warmer, swinging as he walks. He hands me one of the drinks. Which I begin to gulp down. They sip, place them on the coffee table, he puts an arm over the back of the chair, behind her. I drink and smile, notice, his cock, is it getting longer? Is it? I can’t tell, it seems to be bigger than just now, and her, I notice her, her nipples are stiff, they have tightened the darker flesh of her aerolae, brought it together into dark brown patches at the centre of her lighter hued breasts. I drink and smile. They smile back, say nothing.

“How’s your drink?”

“Nice, yeah, really good.”

“How’s yours love?” She has just taken a big sip, still has it in her mouth, seems to be trying not to laugh, unable to swallow.

“I’ll have some then shall I?”

and he kisses her, apparently jokingly, to get some of her mouthful of drink. I watch them kiss, watch him drop his hand from the chair to her shoulder, watch her place one of her hands on his thigh, just next to his penis. I watch the kiss turn from a joke into something less humorous. They are kissing properly now it seems. I’m not sure if I should leave, if they’ve forgotten me, I start to stand, don’t, instead merely straighten my back, and carry on watching. The kiss has become more passionate, I can see the interchange of tongues and lips, I can see him squeezing her neck, his other hand hovering, just below her breast, as if teasing her, using his knuckle to graze the underside. And then something else pops into view. The kissing, the squeezing and fondling has brought a reaction from his penis: he has a hard on. I watch them, still unsure quite what is happening, he is now fondling her breast, pinching and rubbing her stiff nipple, and his cock is rising from between his legs, his cock is sticking up now, she grips it with the hand she had on his thigh, I watch as she holds his penis and starts moving the skin over his shaft up and down, retracting his foreskin, showing me his glistening purple tip, thicker, wider than the length of his dick (I cannot help but compare it to mine, I cannot help but feel pleased that his is shorter than mine, that it hadn’t grown by a huge amount from its flaccid state, that he is shorter than me by an inch, even two, and looks slimmer. They kiss, he feels her tits, she holds his cock and wanks him, she lowers her legs to the floor, allows her knees to fall apart, I can see her cunt now, fat, damp, swollen, he places his hand over it.

But I can’t, this is too weird for me, I need to leave, I stand up. They break off their kiss, though she doesn’t stop holding his penis, I can see he is rubbing her pussy, and also doesn’t stop doing this.

“Are you off?”

“Well, I should do really, let you, uh, get on, you know…” I am lost for words, I want to look, but don’t want to be seen to be looking.

“Well listen, we’d like you to stay.”

“Don’t you want to…”

“Yes, very much, and we’d like you to stay, to watch.”

“Oh.” She speaks.

“What’s your name?”

“Thomas. Tommy”

“Tommy, we’d like you to stay and watch us fucking, if you’d like, we’d like to fuck in front of you.”

“Oh.” He speaks.

“I think you might like it. We would. We do. Shall I tell you what you’ll see?”


“You tell him love.” They are still masturbating each other as she speaks.

“I want you to watch me when I suck his cock, okay, when I put his dick in my mouth. You can watch him go down on me, yes, we want you to watch him give me cunnilingus, we want you to look at my vagina when he licks it, when I have my first orgasm, then he’ll fuck me, he will stick his hard dick inside my soaking wet cunt and fuck me senseless, fuck me until he comes, and we want you to watch him come, you’ll see him pull his dick out of me before he comes, ‘cos I love to see this, and he will wank himself until he comes over my breasts. Then, if we’re lucky, if I need to come again, you can watch him licking my bum, which we both love, sometimes I don’t even have to touch myself anywhere else, we want you to watch him lick my anus, stick his tongue inside my arse and fuck my rectum with it. And, if you want, really, we’d like you to, we’d like you to take off that towel, which is really not hiding anything anyway, and sit, or stand, and play with yourself. We’d like to watch you masturbating as you watch us fucking. What do you think?”


“I mean, we can see what your dick thinks of it.”

I look down and see the canopy my dick has made of the towel. Watching them and listening to them had given me a super stiff dick which is sticking out from under the towel.

“Come on mate, get that off, we want to see that stiff little dick, like you want to see mine, like you want to look at her, like you know you want to watch us fucking, we want to see you playing with that. If, and I mean if, you’re lucky, she might let you come over her as well. It has been known. She does like to watch men coming.”

“Tommy? What do you think?”

I drop the towel. Still standing, I untug it from around my waist and let it fall to the floor, stand in front of them, naked again, but aroused now, we are all naked, and my stiff little dick is visible to all.

“Oh Tommy that’s a nice one, it’s not small at all, not massive, not huge perhaps, but a good size, that’s a really cute young dick. What do you think?”

“Yep, you have a very nice penis, would you like to compare? Just to see?”

He stands up and stands next to me, almost over me, hip to hip, I look down and compare our sizes, I did seem to have him on length by about by two inches, on thickness by a bit. He didn’t seemed at all bothered.

“Would you like to feel?”

“Feel?” Sincerely unsure what he means. I look to her, she is staring at both of us, one leg up, one down, baring her pussy to me, rubbing it as we stand in front of her comparing dick sizes.

“Would you like to feel my cock? Before we get going?”


“Go on, I tell you, nothing like it, holding another man’s dick, and I love fucking her, you know, I love sticking my dick in her, but there is something nice about another man’s stiff dick in your hand, or, wherever. Give it a go?”

“Maybe, maybe not?”

“No bother, maybe later.”

He sits back down, I sit down opposite. My dick has lost none of its rigidity. She bends down and takes his penis into her mouth. He winks at me.

“Seriously, if you want to play with yourself as you watch, don’t hold back.”

So I do. I watch her sucking his cock and touch my own, gently, tentatively, pinching the end of it. He watches me, I look up from watching her fellate him, see him looking at me as I start to play with my dick. Then she looks up, glances up, as best she can, holding his penis, looking at me, licking his engorged plum as I finally grip the shaft of my dick and pull back my foreskin, revealing my swollen glans. My dick feels good in my hand, this all feels good, I like watching them, I like them watching me. They have more or less stopped moving, she is giving the tip of his penis small licks, they watch me sitting and masturbating.

“Right, come on then, you can start licking my cunt please.”

They both move. He stands, his stubby penis rigid, vertical, glistening with her saliva, she sits back up, in the middle of the chair, spreads her legs wide, offering both of us an unimpeded look at her full and fat pussy. He sits in front of her, bends, takes hold of her thighs in his hands, dips his head down between her legs, she half closes her eyes, still looking at me. I watch him begin licking, but can’t really see. I want to stand, but feel somehow funny about standing. His head is motionless, she closes her eyes, breathes in deeply. She looks back at me.

“Stand up. You can stand up, get a better, oh yeah…, oh yeah… get a better look at what he’s… oh… doing to me.”

I stand and step over to them, stand to the side, look down and see him licking the length of her cunt, up from her wet opening, up through her thick and heavy labia, over her stiff clitoris, I see him stay there, circling her most sensitive part, covering it with his whole mouth.

“Can you see?”

“Yep, yes, thank you.”

“Tell me what you can see.”

“I can see him licking you.”

“Licking… fuck, fuck, fuck,… licking me where, what?”

“He’s licking your…, cunt. He’s licking your clitoris.”

“Fuck yes, fuck, now he’s going to stick a finger in my cunt, yes, stick a finger in my cunt.”

He does this, I see him sink his forefinger deep inside her and hear her gasp with pleasure. I move my hand quicker over my cock, timing my movements to his, he licks and kisses her, prods and presses, she is looking at me looking, looking at me looking and fucking my hand. Her breathing becomes shallow, he increases his tempo.

“Come on, stand closer, wank yourself hard, wank yourself as hard as you can.”

I stand and masturbate for her as quick and hard as I can, my hand and cock a blur, I watch her come, I watch as he licks her to an orgasm, which reaches her face, reddening it, sending a flush of colour over her breasts. She breathes deep, recovering, as he stands up, his cock has lost some of its stiffness, it is hanging down again, just past the horizontal. I stand back and let him pull a couple of cushions onto the floor, pull and manoeuvre her, roughly enough, despite her obvious exhaustion so she is kneeling on the cushions, face down on the chair, her bum facing him. He looks up at me as he holds his penis, grips it and starts masturbating himself, he winks again.

“Keep watching us, what do you want love? What do you want us to do now?”

“Fuck me, Tommy, watch, keep wanking, watch, you, fuck me, stick your hard cock inside my cunt and fuck me, fuck me hard, come on, fuck me senseless.”

I watch as he wanks his cock back to a full erection, then as he lets it drop and pulls her buttocks apart, I look at her dark, sweaty crack, at the raised coil of her sphincter, the earthy ridge of her vulva, I see him bend his penis down to meet her vagina, I watch him find her opening, press the round tip of his penis to it, then I look as he rams his dick inside her, in one, all of his six odd inches of stiff dick sinking up into her vagina, which causes a gasp to leave her mouth.

“God, yes, stick it in me, Tommy, are you watching?”

“Yes, yep.”

“What can you see?”

“I can see him fucking you, I can see his penis entering you, pulling out, pushing back in.”

“God yes, fuck, do it harder, fuck me harder.”

I watch him do this, I see him gripping her hips, pulling her onto him as he thrusts into her, I can see his penis penetrate, appear, stretching the walls of her vagina out as he withdraws, slam back in, furiously, fast, I hear his balls slapping against her, where, her stomach, her head presses onto the back of the chair, he begins to moan, I see as he slides a hand over her buttock, down her wet crack, I watch as he places his thumb over her anus.

“Yeah, do that, Tommy, watch him stick his finger in my bum”

I watch his thumb sink past her sphincter, I watch him sink it deep into her hot rectum, still fucking.

“Fuck me I’m getting there quick, I am getting there. Shall we watch me come?”

He stops, moving, pulls his thumb out of her anus, his penis out of her vagina, turns her over so she is facing him again, stands, sort of, low over her, grips his penis again and masturbates, hard and quick, I see his balls swinging against his legs, can hear the wet slap of skin on skin, can see his hand, the quivering tip stimulated by his friction, then he stops, stops, pulls his foreskin back once, hold it fully back, we watch, she is looking now, her hand back over her pussy, I watch, I look at the shiny helmet of his penis, the raised slit at its centre, we watch him come, we all stare at his trembling penis as three, four, five huge gobbets of thick, white, ribbony spunk gush out of his urethra, spurt from his penis and land with faint splashes on her breasts, her chin, her shoulder, her stomach. I stand, over both of them as she slumps back, as he lays on the floor. I realise I am the only one who hasn’t had an orgasm. My dick remains hard, I allow my hands to drop to my side, unsure again, ready to leave, frankly, to have a nice wank about it all later on.

“Well, then” she looks up at me, “you haven’t come.”

“No, no I haven’t.”

“Would you like to?”

“Yeah, I suppose I would.”

“Would you like to come on me?”

“Uh, would you like me to?”

“You can bring yourself off, anywhere you like, or not, but if you’d like to come on me, he has to do it for you.”


“If you want to come over me, you have to let him hold your dick, let him masturbate you, onto me.”


“Or, would you like to come in my mouth?”

“Really?” I look at him, at his reaction to this, I notice his penis is still semi erect, even after he has come, it still hangs in front of us both, still thick, still engorged.

“If you want me to suck your penis however, well, first you have to suck his.”


“Yes, that’s the deal on this one. Suck my husband’s cock, let him come in your mouth, and I will suck yours, and you can come in my mouth. And trust me, ask him, I am very, very good at it.”

“She is, no doubt, she likes it, she loves sucking stiff cocks, I love watching her do it.”

“But, you know, I’m not gay, really, I like women.” My penis had shrunk on me, it was wobbling back against my legs. They looked at me, looked down and noticed this.

“Listen, there’s no rules with this, one way, another, why don’t you give it a go, he doesn’t have to come in your mouth, just put his penis in your mouth for a minute or so, see how it feels.”

And, well, the prospect of her giving me a blow job was too much. They sensed me weakening.

“Go on mate, you sit down, I’ll stand in front of you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32