I Stole My Secretary’s Panties

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Jackie has been my secretary for two years now. She is thirty-two years old and very pretty. When I hired her I have to admit that she was better looking than other applicants for the job although maybe not quite as qualified as some of them. She is of Italian origin with long black hair. Medium height, nice body and a great personality. I often fantasize about having sex with her but she is happily married; as I am; and I couldn’t risk the scandal of an affair at work coming to light. I am a firm believer in “keeping your cock out of the payroll.”

She often wears short skirts and high heels in the office and I sometimes get hard looking at her lovely legs and her small round ass as she bends over a filing cabinet. One day she was sitting on a chair next to me for about two hours as we went over some things to be done and when she got up and went out of my office I leaned over and sniffed her chair. The leather seat was warm and I got a slight smell of her ass which gave me a huge erection.

Jackie is married to an architect named Phil. They had bought a new house and invited me and my wife Nelly, together with some other people from the office and their friends to a house warming party. After we had eaten and everyone was sitting around chatting or dancing I left the living room and went into the bathroom. sex izle I was going to look for her dirty panties.

I couldn’t see a laundry basket and so I opened a few cupboards and drawers. Jesus, I thought, where does she hide her dirty underwear? Then I got lucky. One cupboard door next to the sink opened downwards and there was a laundry basket inside. It was pretty full but I rummaged around as fast as I could, hoping that nobody was going to come into the bathroom. Then I found two pairs of white panties. I looked inside at the gussets and saw that one pair was pretty clean; no stains at all. Then I looked in the other pair and my cock started to stir. The gusset had some yellow pee stains on it and there was a large brown stain on the part which had been up between her ass cheeks and against her anus.

I put the panties in my pocket and went back to join the party. For the rest of the evening I kept thinking about the pleasure I was going to get from Jackie’s delicious dirty panties. It was Friday night and I would have to be patient until Monday. I couldn’t risk sniffing the panties at home in case Nelly should catch me at it. When we got home I hid them in my brief case.

Monday morning finally came around and I left a message on Jackie’s answering machine to say that I would be in a bit alt yazılı porno later. I was in a traffic jam and as I sat there in the car listening to the news, I opened my case and took out the panties. I put them on the passenger seat and looked at them. They were so pretty; small, white and silky with lace around the top. My cock got hard as I thought about how they had been worn by the lovely girl, caressing her pussy and her asshole as she sat in them for hours, in the office and in her car, going to the toilet, pulling them up and down, then at home all evening until she had taken them off to go to bed.

I looked at the stains in the gusset and held the panties to my nose, smelling the gorgeous perfume of Jackie’s most intimate parts. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out, stroking it as I sniffed. I have always wanted to fuck Jackie and suck her pussy but it wasn’t possible; this was the next best thing. Then the traffic started to move and I put the panties back in my case. I was so hard that I had to masturbate. I turned into the next highway restaurant and went into the toilet.

I locked myself into a stall and took my pants and shorts off. I sniffed the panties again and licked the gusset. The pee stains tasted bitter and a bit higher up there was a slightly fishy odour altyazılı sex izle of her pussy. I sniffed the brown poop stain and imagined licking Jackie’s ass and pushing my tongue into her anus. I took some toilet paper, wrapped the panties around my throbbing cock and masturbated. The smooth silky material felt wonderful as I rubbed it on my prick. I shot a big load of cum into the toilet paper. Then I put the panties on. I was now wearing Jackie’s dirty panties! They were so tiny they hardly covered my ass.

When I got to the office I had a hard-on as I sat behind my desk. I squirmed around on my chair, feeling the panties going up between my cheeks. Jackie came in with my coffee and we talked about the party and how everyone had enjoyed it. I kept thinking “Jackie, I’m wearing your dirty panties.” What would she do if she knew? That afternoon we had a department meeting and I imagined telling everybody that I had stolen Jackie’s dirty panties and I was wearing them now. I went to the toilet and lowered my pants to look at them again. They were so small and my hard cock was sticking up above the lacy top. Pre-cum was slowly oozing out of the head. I had to jack off again.

On the way home I went back to the highway restaurant and put my shorts back on again. I sniffed Jackie’s panties one more time and shot my cum in them. Then I threw them into a garbage can before driving home. I would have loved to have kept them for future pleasure but I couldn’t take the risk of Nelly finding them. I hope Jackie has another party soon, I want some more of her dirty underwear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32