Hunny’s Night Out


She got home from work and raced upstairs. Nick had called her that afternoon and told her a package was waiting for her in their bedroom. Like a little child, she danced over to the big brightly wrapped box on the bed. Opening the card, she read, “This is what you’ll wear tonight.” She was just about to rip open the wrapper, when she heard his voice. “Not yet, little one.”

She turned to face him, a mock-pout on her face. “Minx!” he laughed and lightly swatted her pert little rear. She giggled and snuggled against him affectionately. He held her close for a minute then tipped her chin up so she looked straight in his eyes as he spoke.

“Tonight you’ll do everything I ask without protest.”

Her eyes went wide, but she nodded obediently. He kissed her firmly, taking possession of her mouth, his tongue sweeping over hers. Her knees wobbled; his mere touch sent her senses spinning.

After a long moment, he pulled away, saying “Come on, let’s get something to eat.” They had a quiet dinner together, and sat around just chatting. She couldn’t help giving occasional glances upstairs, wondering just what was in the package on the bed. He knew exactly what she was thinking, and he just smiled, letting the excitement build.

Finally, a little over an hour later, he took her hand, and led her upstairs. They showered together, his hands teasing her slippery body until she spread her legs and begged him to take her. Her wanton response to his touch aroused him, as it always did. He pushed her to her knees in front of him and she immediately took his cock into her mouth. By now she knew exactly how to please him; her warm tongue caressed his shaft as she sucked, her fingernails dragging ever so lightly over his balls. He allowed her to tease him for a few minutes, until his breathing grew harsh and his cock throbbed almost painfully. Then he gripped her head to hold her still while he fucked her mouth. His hips banged against her mouth ruthlessly, driving his cock deep into her throat. She kept her gaze on his face while he took her mouth, struggling to keep her throat open and relaxed for him.

Her cunt was dripping, aching to be filled, but she knew better than to touch herself without his permission. With a strangled cry, he thrust his hips forward hard, keeping her head pressed against his body as his seed pulsed into her mouth. He pulled out before he finished though, and let the last jet of cum land in a glass he’d deliberately brought into the bathroom for that purpose.

She looked up at him quizzically, and opened her mouth to ask for permission to cum. As she parted her lips, he jammed his softening shaft into her mouth, ordering her to clean him. When she was done, he turned off the shower and stepped out, motioning for her to follow him and dry herself off.

When she was dry, she reached for her perfume, but he stopped her. “You don’t need that tonight,” he said.

He called her over to him, and held out the glass that contained his cum. “Stay still,” he ordered. He dipped his fingers into the thickening liquid, and slowly painted it over her nipples and on all her pulse points. She smelled his scent on her body and softly moaned, her cunt spasming lightly. He reached between her legs and rubbed his cum on her moist lips and clit. “Such a wet little slut…” he crooned. He offered the last of the cum to her lips, smiling as she lapped it up, her tongue caressing his fingers as she sought out every last drop. When she was done, he sent her into the bedroom to open the package.

She ripped open the package, and gasped as she found the sluttiest outfit she’d ever seen. A sheer black lace blouse, a tiny red leather miniskirt that look like it would just about cover her ass cheeks. A red collar with a single gold star, shiny nipple clamps and a chain completed the outfit. He then handed her a pair of black fishnet stockings and a garter belt to hold them up.

“Give me the clamps,” he said. She walked over to him, her eyes bright with excitement and arousal, and the tiniest hint of anxiety. She wasn’t sure about the outfit, especially if they were going out; she’d never worn anything that revealing before. But she had promised that she would obey him without question, and she would keep her word.

She stood still as he expertly manipulated her dark pink nipples, not stopping til they stood out proudly, and wetness slid down her thighs in silvery trails. He screwed the clamps on tightly; her nipples throbbed and she cried out. He’d never put them on that tightly before. He attached the chain to both clamps, and gave it a light tug. She gasped as she nearly came, her knees trembling. Nodding in approval, he told her to get dressed.

She slid the fishnets up her thighs and secured them to the garter belt. She wriggled into the miniskirt, whimpering as her breasts bounced, sending jolts of pleasure/pain through her body. She pulled the lace blouse over her head, wincing when the soft material scraped her sensitive nipples. She looked in the mirror. Everything about her said “slut”. The blouse did nothing to cover up her body; Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort the glinting metal of the clamps and the chain were clearly visible. The skirt just covered the tops of the fishnets. She stepped into high heeled half boots and turned to him, holding out the collar. He smiled as he fastened it around her neck.

She then put on her make-up. In contrast with her clothes, her make-up was light, and made her look like an innocent. The contrast was so delectable, it was all he could do to not take her there and then. He smiled with approval at the delicious picture she made. They walked out to the car, and she tentatively asked where they were going.

He smiled, “I didn’t tell you, did I? We’re going to meet Scott, Phil and Linda at the Club.”

She was happy they were going to the Club; it was a private Members Only club and her outfit wouldn’t be considered too extreme. She wasn’t so happy about meeting Scott, Phil and Linda, though. She’d met them before, but didn’t know them very well. They were more his friends than hers. She’d caught them all, including Linda, giving her appraising little glances at one point or another. She’d mentioned that to him once, and wondered why he’d chosen to show her off like this to these particular friends.

He parked the car a little distance away from the Club, and made her walk ahead of him, enjoying the sway of her ass. He was fully aware of all the looks she was receiving. He was proud of the way she held herself; he could see that she was embarrassed, but she was doing exactly as he asked.

She herself was aware of people’s reactions. Her face flamed as people commented on her outfit, on the tits and her ass. Still, she kept her chin up, and steadily walked on, secure in the knowledge that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.

When they reached the Club, he patted her ass. “Good girl.” She beamed up at him. The bouncer immediately let them in, after giving them both a huge smile.

They met Scott, Linda and Phil in the lounge. The three were seated at a table in the middle of the room, just next to a small dance floor. Just before they reached his friends, he looked at her and asked, “are you ready?”

She asked, “ready for what, Sir?”

“To do as I ask, regardless? Without protest?”

She bit her lip, He could see how nervous she was. He kept his expression impassive and cool. He wanted her to submit voluntarily. She searched his eyes for a moment, then nodded. He repeated his earlier question. “Are you ready?”

This time she answered, her voice firm, “Yes, Sir. I’m ready.”

His warm smile reassured her. Hand in hand they walked toward his friends. They greeted him, and immediately complimented her. “Wow, look at you, Hunny! Definitely good enough to eat!”

She blushed at their lustful, greedy gazes. Without realizing it, she moved closer to Nick’s side. He looked at her and said quietly, “Aren’t you going to greet my friends, Hunny?”

She blushed again, and said softly, “Hello Scott, Phil, Linda. It’s good to see you tonight.” They sat down, Nick taking a seat across from hers. Linda was to her right, Phil was on her left, and Scott was beside Linda. She felt so naked in front of them. As they talked, one of them would always lean over and touch her. Linda’s hand would brush her right thigh, and Phil would make it a point to touch her breast as he reached for his drink. All three friends made comments about how sexy she looked, and how lucky Nick was to have her. She tried to relax, sipping her wine and trying not to jump each time Linda or Phil touched her.

Scott stood up, “come on, Hunny, let’s dance.” She glanced over at Nick and he nodded. She joined Scott on the dance floor, within sight of the table. She was a good dancer, her movements sensuous and rhythmic. Scott moved closer and began to caress her, his hands drifting over her hips. She looked over at Nick and saw him smile at her and nod once again. She made no protest as Scott touched her, rubbing his crotch against her ass. When the song ended, they went back to the table. Before she could sit down, Nick said, “dance for us, Hunny.”

She moved to the beat, her hips swaying. Her hands reached up, lightly slipping over her breasts. Her skirt rose higher, exposing the tops of her stockings and the wetness between her thighs. She heard Nick say, “tug the chain, Hunny.” She reached between her breasts, and pulled at the dangling chain.

She cried out, her body bucking. The pleasure/pain ripped through her body. Her hips swung and moved in circles, as if she was begging to be fucked. Phil stood up and moved behind her, pulling her skirt up even higher, showing her shaved cunt, glistening with her juices. Phil said loudly, “She’s so wet, I can smell her!”

His hands reached between her thighs, playing with her wetness. His fingers danced over her cunt lips, smearing the sweet nectar all over. Her eyes met Nick’s, and he could see how close she was to an orgasm. He said, “Shove your fingers into her cunt, Phil, and give that chain a good yank. I think we’ll all appreciate the results.”

She trembled in anticipation, and screamed when Phil’s fingers thrust deeply into her hot, wet hole, and his hands pulled on the chain. She came hard, her cunt walls gripping Phil’s fingers…her body bucking against his. More juices flowed from her pussy as she writhed, riding the waves of her orgasm.

Phil then called Linda over to have “a taste of Hunny.” Linda shook her head at the pun, but quickly joined them. She caressed Hunny’s glowing face, before lasciviously lapping at Phil’s fingers, coated with Hunny’s juices.

“Mmmmm,” Linda cooed. “This is absolutely delicious. I’m going to have to get to the source of this sweetness.” Hunny mewled in dismay, she’s never been with a woman before. At the same time, her pussy spasmed. Nick asked Linda to wait; pouting prettily, she agreed saying that she hoped she wouldn’t have to wait too long.

Nick then asked Phil if he wanted to fuck Hunny’s mouth or cunt. He told everyone that her ass was off limits, and Phil whined that Hunny had such a luscious little ass. Nick said firmly that he knew she had a great ass, which was why it was his. Phil said, “Ah well, who am I to complain? Her cunt’s just as good.” Hunny flushed as Nick agreed, saying that her cunt was very good. The pride in his voice when he said that made her smile at him. He winked at her and told her to bend over the table and spread her legs wide.

As soon as she did, Phil unceremoniously unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and pressed it against Hunny’s wet pussy. While Phil’s cock was of average length, it was unusually thick. Nick smiled, knowing that Hunny had never had a cock that thick inside her before. She was in for a treat, and it would please him to see her used. With a grunt, Phil shoved his cock into Hunny’s cunt. She shrieked in surprised pain; it felt as if he were ripping her apart. In sheer panic, she tried to pull away, but he held her by the hips, and began banging into her pussy. She turned her tear-filled gaze to Nick, and saw his excitement. She looked at where his gaze was fixed, and saw Phil’s thickness sliding in and out of her pussy lips. She watched her nether lips swallow up the thick monster; watched it emerge gleaming with her juices, only to disappear again. An involuntary moan escaped her at the lewdness of what she saw. Phil reached around and teased her clit. She cried out in pleasure, body shaking. She looked up as Nick approached; her heart racing at the thought of his joining them. He whispered, “Do you know how sexy you look with that thick cock plowing into you? I want you to cum hard for me my slut, my little fucktoy.” Nick grasped the chain between her breasts, and began to tug on it rhythmically, matching Phil’s hard thrusts into Hunny’s juicy cunt.

Hunny’s eyes rolled in their sockets, her body began to writhe. She mewled and moaned, pleasure overtaking pain, lust taking over everything. Phil grunted and growled behind her, repeatedly plunging her cock into her sodden twat. The tight velvet walls gripped his cock, encouraging him to cum. With a loud yell, he succumbed, pumping his seed into her. At the same time, Nick pulled hard on the chain and told her to cum. She surrendered to the pleasure, body bucking and arching, cunt milking the thick spasming cock still enveloped in her tightness. When Phil pulled out of her, she nearly fell, her knees weak, legs rubbery.

Nick caught her, and helped her into her chair. She smiled up at him gratefully, her eyes dazed, face flushed. While she rested, she idly watched Linda clean up Phil’s now softening cock, amazed that Linda’s mouth could stretch around the girth. She was aroused from her reverie by Nick’s voice telling her, “Open your mouth, Hunny. Scott needs you to do something for him.”

She turned to the side to see Scott stroking his cock in front of her. The thick purple dome was slick with pre-cum. Hunny moaned hungrily and wrapped her lips around Scott’s cock. She loved to suck cock, loved the way it felt and tasted on her tongue. Her eyes narrowed and she suckled as happily as a baby on a bottle. Scott’s moans indicated his approval of her enthusiasm and technique.

While she was pre-occupied with the delicious mouthful, Nick looked over at Linda and quietly said, “now.” Grinning, Linda eagerly crawled over to Hunny, gently pushing her thighs apart and stroking her tongue over the cream-filled pussy. Hunny moaned around Scott’s cock, enjoying the gentle caresses on her slightly sore pussy. She groaned louder as she felt the caresses move to her clit, circling over it and around it. She sucked harder on Scott’s cock, her fingers playing with his balls while her lips slid up and down his shaft. She didn’t realize it was Linda who was pleasuring her, and at that precise moment, she didn’t really care who it was. Her hips pressed upwards against the mouth that was giving her so much pleasure.

Scott suddenly pulled out of her mouth, and blinked up at him, dazedly. Her eyes moved from his to Nick’s, then Phil’s. She suddenly realized who was eating her pussy, and she looked down, gasping at the sight of Linda’s blonde head between her legs. Linda gave her a cheeky grin, before plunging her tongue back into Hunny’s juicy twat. The three men laughed at the look on Hunny’s face; confusion and dismay warred with pleasure. Nick leaned in and said, “come on, admit it Hunny… you’re enjoying it. Doesn’t Linda’s tongue feel good?”

Hunny couldn’t deny it anymore, and with a soft sigh of surrender, she leaned back in the chair, her thighs spreading even wider. Nick smiled in approval and moved to her side. Hunny watched as Scott knelt behind Linda, pulled up her skirt, and began fucking her. Linda moaned, and the vibrations against her clit made Hunny moan, too. Linda flicked her tongue over Hunny’s clit, at the same time inserting two slim fingers inside Hunny’s cunt. Hunny groaned, her head moving from side to side, hips bucking wildly. Linda slid her fingers up to the spongy bump that was Hunny’s g-spot. She pressed against it hard, teasing it. Hunny screamed wildly, her body nearly arching off the chair. Nick clasped her head to his erection, still covered by his clothing. Hunny pressed frantic kisses over his crotch, her hands reaching to unzip his trousers and free his cock.

He pulled away, and instead tugged at her blouse. She lifted her arms and he pulled her blouse up over her head. Hunny was panting loudly, her eyes dark with lust. Her hips moved in counterpoint to Linda’s fingers. Nick released the chain from the clamps, and then quickly unscrewed the clamps, pulling them away from Hunny’s throbbing nipples. Simultaneously, Linda clamped her lips around Hunny’s clit and sucked hard, her fingers rubbing Hunny’s g-spot. As the blood rushed to her nipples, her body was wracked with a violent orgasm; the mix of pleasure and pain overwhelming her. She nearly overturned the chair, her convulsions were that intense. Her juices gushed into Linda’s waiting mouth. Scott roared, cumming hard when he saw the violence of Hunny’s orgasm; his deep thrusts brought about Linda’s orgasm as well.

Hunny lay weakly on the chair, her breathing shallow. Nick picked her up and cradled her in his arms. He settled back into his chair, holding his slut close to him. He whispered to her how proud he was of her. She smiled up at him dazedly, and as she could feel his erection pressing against her ass, she asked softly, “won’t you fuck me, too, Master?”

He kissed her hard, “yes, my slut. I will definitely fuck you.” He set her on her feet, holding her until she was steady. He then gestured toward his crotch. She immediately reached down and unzipped him. She sighed with pleasure when she saw his cock. It stood proudly, the thick column of flesh topped with a flared purple head, pre-cum seeping from its eye. “Get it wet, Hunny,” he ordered.

She slid to her knees, and used her tongue to smear his pre-cum over his length until it gleamed.

“Now on my lap, slut. If you think you’re ready, slide my cock into your ass.”

She nodded, straddling him, facing his friends as she reached between her legs to guide the tip of his cock to her tight pucker. She had cum so much earlier, that the entire junction between her legs was soaked and slippery. Her fingers slid over his cock, and she wriggled until the flared crown pressed against her asshole.

She pushed down, feeling him begin to penetrate her tightest hole, the little rung of muscle slowly stretching to accommodate his girth. They groaned simultaneously when his cock head popped into her chute. She pressed down harder, sliding down his fleshy pole, inch by inch. They were both moaning softly. His hands caressed her sore nipples, gently teasing and tugging at the thick nubs so that she squirmed on his cock, bouncing on it until he was completely inside her. Her ass cheeks rested firmly on his thighs. He held her tight, and she kept still, both of them reveling in the sensations of his cock buried deep in her ass.

When he released her, she lifted up, thigh muscles straining as she pulled herself a few inches up his cock. Then she dropped herself down, impaling herself on his thickness. She did this over and over, sliding up a few inches, only to drive herself home. Her breasts bounced, and her ass cheeks slapped against his thighs as she bounced on his lap. Both of them panted and groaned, he loved how tightly her ass was wrapped around his cock. The soft narrow passage fit around his cock like a glove. Each time she pulled herself up, she squeezed his cock. He began to push up each time she drove down, his hands all over her sweaty body.

The others looked on, amazed that she could ride that thick cock. They watched in fascination as her body moved with abandon. Nick suddenly pushed her forward, so that she fell onto her knees, his cock escaping her ass with an obscene sucking sound. He knelt behind her, and held her ass cheeks apart, so everyone could see the now gaping hole. Before it had a chance to close, he rammed his cock all the way into her, and began fucking her savagely. He held her hips and slammed his cock deep into her bowels, loving the way her tight hole enveloped his cock. He kept thrusting, over and over, while she wailed in pleasure, her breasts swaying back and forth.

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