How to Win Ch. 08


Many thanks to Robbie for editing and improving this.


For Susan, the night before this new session was a long and hard one, she was in a constant state of arousal, and her pussy was soaked as she thought constantly about Dr. Wood’s words, “The ideal gangbang should last at least four to five hours!”

Eventually, the time had come for Paul and Susan to go to sport’s clinic. They arrived exactly at 2 p.m. Susan wore her short red mini-skirt with a white top, the top was so deliberately tight and difficult to put on so she had to remove her bra to get it on, The fabric was so sheer and thin you could see her big areole and big large hard nipples, even their color, quite clearly, Her huge breasts swayed back and forwards through the clingy material with every motion she made, It was an incredibly sexy top. To complete the look, she wore a pair of four-inch red heels.

“Wow! Susan! You look amazing!” Dr. Clark praised her. He couldn’t believe how hot Paul’s wife looked.

“Yes, Mrs. Fisher is the naughty girl,” Dr. Wood nodded her sneaky smile and asked, “Are you ready, hottie?”

“Yes, I am ready, I have not stopped thinking about their… cocks all night, and all morning,” Susan answered shyly.

“Great! Now, we get to meet our guys,” Dr. Wood said with satisfaction.

At that very moment, Erik and Greg entered the room. Susan felt disappointed, the meeting wasn’t panning out the way she expected,

“But… you promised… and I was expecting four or five men,” Susan said sadly, “I missed my morning session and I really need… you know…”

“Don’t worry hottie, I know very well what you need, your other participants are waiting, in the next room. They are all handsome well endowed young men, who enjoy sex, they all have incredible sexual power, impressive erections, and I am sure, they will satisfy you beyond your wildest dreams. However, the truth is I need your help Susan, here we have seven studs and I don’t want to choose for you… I want you to do that, and next to Greg and Erik you choose an additional two or three lovers you would like for yourself from the remaining men!” Dr. Wood said.

The smile returned to Susan’s face, “Can I see them?” she asked innocently.

“Of course,” Dr. Clark said as he went to the curtain mounted along the wall.

As Susan waited, she saw Dr. Clark slide the curtain open a little. There was a full glass behind, giving Susan a partial view inside the adjoining room, obviously used for special cases. It was a small but lavish room, complete with a king-size bed. Dr. Clark opened the curtains fully and Susan could see seven naked young men in their twenties who were standing next to each other adjacent to the bed.

“Ooh my!” Susan took a few seconds to react and pull herself away from the erotic sight.

“Don’t worry Susan, this is a one-way mirror, they can’t see us,” Dr. Clark continued after a short pause to allow Susan to take in the sight and comprehended what she was seeing.

Susan was thrilled! The young studs were all handsome and extremely well endowed. Among them, she recognized her earlier lovers, Tom and Pol. But, for the first time, among the young studs were and three black men.

“All of our studs are tested for STD’s and all the studs are hung 9 to 12 inches,” Dr. Clark announced proudly.

Then Dr. Wood gave a description of each of the studs stating their number, age, erect cock size, its length and girth. After all the introductions were made, Dr. Wood said, “Let’s go Susan, tell us who you have chosen.”

After a few minutes of looking them over Susan knew it was going to be difficult to choose between them. She realized Dr. Wood had made it incredibly difficult, making her choose!

“I don’t know… It is so difficult for me… All of them are so handsome with nice big cocks,! I need your help Dr. Wood,” Susan said obviously overwhelmed.

“Do not worry hottie. I’m here to help you,” Dr. Wood smiled and gave her support immediately in the form of a supportive squeeze of her hand. Then she continued, “First, take it easy. Second, tell me which one of these handsome men would you like and why?”

“So… Maybe number 3, Tom … I know him,” Susan said shyly.

“Yes, that is a good reason, You have already enjoyed sex with him. Who is next?” Dr. Wood said as she praised her.

“Number 1, Pol… for the same reason,” Susan answered.

“Ok, that’s great. Who is the next lover?” Dr. Wood encouraged her.

“Err… number 7, he is so handsome, muscular and… immense,” Susan said. She could see what a giant he was, his arms were ripped, his chest was wide and thick. “And he is… he is black!” Susan added shyly.

“Have you ever had sex with a black man Susan?” Dr. Wood asked.

“No. I have fantasized about it but I never have,” Susan answered blushing.

“It’s okay Susan, there is no need to be ashamed. Now you can fulfill that fantasy. Look, no less important, is his cock, how dark, black, thick, long and uncircumcised it is. That’s the right choice Gaziantep Escort İlanları for you, Susan,” Dr. Wood said.

“Also, your hubby will like the contrast of your bodies next to each other,” Dr. Clark added.

“Yes, the contrast of her smooth white skin against his black skin will amazing to her hubby. Who is the next lover, Susan?” Dr. Wood asked.

“Number 2. He is handsome, as well… and he has such fat cock,” Susan explained feeling confused.

“Yes, number 2 has the thicker cock even thicker than Greg’s. I know you love a fat cock most of all, so we sought all of these for you to enjoy,” Dr. Wood said looking very pleased.

“But, he is incredibly fat…” Paul said worriedly.

“Do not worry, hubby. Your wife has proven she has the ability to handle great girth as well as length! This is exactly what she need’s, big fat cock that can stretch her hungry pussy,” Dr. Clark answered.

“Next Susan?” Dr. Wood asked.

“Number 5. The black guy, I like his black skin and… his beautiful huge black cock,” Susan said.

“I agree with you, Susan. You should definitely be having more intercourse with black men,” Dr. Wood confirmed.

Susan continued, “Number 4, he has huge testicles! His balls were as large as…”

“As billiard balls,” Dr. Wood finished the sentence instead of Susan. “You could see the fleshy sac holding his oversized testicles swaying loosely behind his large manhood. That’s great for you, you need a lot of sperm and I am sure his huge testicles will produce a large amount of sperm. If you take him I promise you will be become absolutely fascinated by his ejaculations. You will see how much and how far he can squirt.” Dr. Wood explained.

“One alone! Number 6. He is a black also with a really long cock. It seems longer than other!” Dr. Clark tried to help.

“Yes,” Susan immediately agreed and looked at Dr. Wood.

“Well, what’s your choice,” Dr. Wood asked.

Susan pondered the question. Obviously, this was a difficult choice, Erik moved behind her and rested his hands on her hips, pressing his big erect cock against her.

“You’re all hot, Mrs. Fisher!” Erik whispered into her ear as his hands caressed her hips. He slowly slid his hands up her body until he cupped her heavy breasts, causing her to take a deep sharp breath and pant.

“Um… uh…” Susan couldn’t think or talk, because now she felt Erik teasing her neck by kissing it and breathing on it.

“Do you want all these men?” he asked her as he slid his right hand down over her abdomen until it rested right over her skirt-covered crotch. He then traced his hand down her leg, under her mini-skirt, and slowly ran it back up her naked thigh until he touched her soaked panties, full of her swollen sticky pussy!

“Um… uh…I don’t know, it is so difficult to choose,” Susan answered breathlessly.

“I’m sure you want, you need and crave what these men can give you to win,” Erik continued to persuade her.

“I don’t know, it is so difficult,” Susan repeated.

“A choice has to be made, Susan,” Dr. Wood noticed as she smiled.

“Well, it seems like Susan can’t make up her own mind. We’ll have to do it for her. We’ll pick all the guys!” Dr. Clark decided.

“What do you think, hottie?” Dr. Wood asked Susan, while looking at her lust filled face.

Erik continued to tease and caress Susan, she was out of her mind. “Um… uh… if you say so… yes,” she answered as Erik felt her move her hips slightly in rhythm with his fingers.

“Good girl! You are a good girl,” Dr. Wood praised her.

“But that’s seven men, that’s more than you said yesterday. You said four or five men,” Paul said looking very worried.

“Paul, you have forgotten Greg and Eric. The final number was nine, six white and three black!” Dr. Clark corrected him.

“Nine men. Nine well endowed young studs!” Paul could not believe it.

“Don’t worry Paul, frequent intercourse with Erik and Greg over the past days would allow our new seven studs to snugly slide into your wife’s hot pussy without any discomfort for her!” Dr. Wood explained and continued, “I prefer to give Susan the best possible chance of winning and now is the time to get serious. Your wife needs to release all built up heaviness and tension she feels, she needs as many orgasms as possible and particularly she needs as much fresh sperm as possible in her body. For these reasons, your wife is here to be fucked and fucked hard by men with strong sexual power, great ability and with huge equipment to leave her exhausted and completely satisfied.”

“Are five men not enough?” Paul asked quietly, surrendering to Dr. Wood’s arguments. The thought that his wife would be fucked by all these other men lusting over his beautiful wife overwhelmed him with excitement!

“Paul, let me make it very clear. I want your wife covered with sperm, I want to saturate her with sperm. I want it to be literally flowing out of her, That’s why she needs nine young strong men!” Dr. Wood concluded.

Dr. Wood took Susan’s hand and led her, hand in hand, into the adjacent room, Dr. Clark locked the door behind them. It was a strange, yet exciting scene to see all those young studs with their huge cocks. All the young men looking at Susan so lustfully, obviously they could not hide their excitement for her, as they begun to compliment Susan on her luscious form.

“You have incredible tits, Mrs. Fisher!” No. 4 said, as he ogled her unashamedly, “They’re really huge!”

“And your ass… is terrific too. Your fabulous ass has made my cock so hard,” No. 5 added staring at her hungrily while Susan blushed.

“Your wife may be hottest athlete to come around here in a while, with the kind of athletic body that pretty much anyone would kill for,” No. 2 noticed looking at Paul.

“Wooo! Gorgeous big boobs! ” No. 7 added for himself.

The men were all encouraging her and saying sexy, naughty things. Susan felt so desired! Never in her entire life had she felt as horny as she did right at this minute!

“I agree with you guys, I am sure Mrs. Fisher is the hottest young woman to request my procedure in a long time,” Dr. Wood concluded with absolute sincerity, then she looked at Susan and said with smile, “Hottie, your studs are ready to fuck you!”

Susan nodded blushingly, she knew they were ready to fuck her and she was aware so was she. She said nothing , as they began to undress her. Finally, her small panties were dragged down her long legs and she was now naked with those young studs around her.

“Wow, what a gorgeous big protruding pussy lips, oh they were made to be fucked!” No. 2 said, full of excitement.

“OK folks, these are the rules for today’s session. The men will draw numbers from a bag and that will determine the order in which the first round will proceed, the second round will follow in the same order unless a man isn’t ready to go again in which case he will have to wait until the next round. Mrs. Fisher is as ready as she will ever be for this protracted session and there will not be any cleaning up between ejaculation. I want Mrs. Fisher to have the full experience, all of you were informed of this in advance and were all agreeable to a very ‘sloppy’ afternoon.” Dr. Wood explained.

“Who takes her first? Who pulled the number 1?” Dr. Clark asked.

“It’s me. I can’t wait to fill that big meaty pussy with my big fat cock to empty my balls in her!” No. 5 shouted.

Dr. Wood smiled, she was very pleased with his reaction to Susan.

“OK stud,” Dr. Wood said to No. 5, “Her pussy was soaked, screaming for a man to fuck her. So let Mrs. Fisher ride you.”

No. 5 laid on the bed in pure ecstasy, cock sticking straight up, waving about. Susan was embarrassed. She was quite amazed at what Dr. Wood was asking of her. No. 5 was one of the new men in her therapy, also, it was her first experience with a black man, and she knew that she would be watched closely by the nine pairs of eyes, seven of them she met for first time. Seven new men would be wondering how far she’d go, and where this would end, all she needed was a little help from Dr. Wood.

“Come on, honey, don’t be shy, you need this beautiful big black cock!” Dr. Wood encouraged her.

Feeling her face burning red Susan willingly climbed up over him sitting carefully on his thighs, his hard big cock jutted up before her. Dr. Wood took the base of No. 5’s cock in her right hand, and milked his organ so that a large glob of precum oozed from the tip. Simultaneously No. 5 used his hands to encourage Susan to lift her hips up and the two of them position her dripping pussy over the head of his big black cock. All of them could see her erect clit stuck out away from her pouting labia, also, they could see her swollen lips part and the tip of his cock nestle between them. Susan was quivering with excitement and No. 5 felt the warmth of her pussy placed atop his hard cock, he let his eyes slowly move up Susan’s perfectly shaped body as she hovered above his cock. He placed his hands against her smooth, pale tummy and Susan lowered herself slowly, inching that huge black cock into her soaked pussy. Even as wet as she was, he was thick enough that she felt a little resistance.

“No. 5 is a little bit wider than Greg,” Dr. Wood informed her.

Susan just nodded and sighed. She looked down between them and saw the color contrast of his black cock head invading her white pussy. She held her breath as she began lowering herself. Paul watched his head slip inside his wife’s inner labia closing around its girth, almost choking his cock’s bulbous head. Although it was incredibly tight, it felt wonderful! No. 5 was almost overcome with the sudden urge to ram his cock the rest of the way into Susan, but caught himself at the last moment.

“Go easy on her!” Dr. Wood noticed and warned No. 5, smiling down at him playfully.

“Aaaaaaaah,” Susan groaned in a long sigh, accepting his length and girth as inch by inch, his shaft followed, driving into the warm, soft folds of her pussy.

Susan closed her eyes as she allowed her body to open up for No. 5 for the first time, relishing each filling inch as his big black invader expanded her pussy. She slid down onto him and her body dragged down through his grip until Susan’s heavy breasts filled his hands. No. 5 relished her firm, heavy tits and began to play with them as Susan slowly ascended, he pushed them together squeezing them, getting a good feel of their weight and size. He lightly tweaked her erect nipples and she started to move spasmodically. Her first orgasm began slowly and picked up speed until she was out of control with No. 5’s black cock buried in her deepest being.

“Aaaaah … I’m … cumming!” Susan screamed as she arched her back, pushing her pussy against No. 5’s groin.

Paul watched in amazement as his wife let out a huge muffled moan, eyes closed as she shuddered and came all over his big black dick.

“He made her orgasm so quickly!? He didn’t even penetrate her fully?” No. 7 noticed astonished.

“Do not worry, I told you Mrs. Fisher has an extremely high sex drive, she also orgasms rather quickly and easily compared to other women. Most of the time, it takes just a few minutes once she starts fucking that she cums. Mrs. Fisher is the kind of women that doesn’t usually stop at one orgasm if she has the time and good lovers, one orgasm doesn’t satisfy her, she must have another and another or as many as she needs!” Dr. Wood explained in a soft voice.

It was a couple minutes before Susan finally calmed down enough to continue her ride, forcing herself to take more huge black cock. Finally Susan had all of his cock in her.

“Ooooh! Aaaaah!” Susan whined, cumming again.

“Mrs. Fisher you have such a tight pussy, and you are such a great fuck!” No. 5 praised her.

“Thanks… you are so huge, I had never felt so full of cock,” Susan said meekly.

“Your pussy was made for big black cock, you know that right?” No. 5 said in a calm, but sexual tone.

Susan just nodded, closed her eyes and began to raise and lower herself slowly. She felt deliciously stretched out, and savored every stroke of his thick cock up inside her.

“And you have great tits,” No. 5 added and grabbed Susan’s heavy boobs.

“Look at the nice contrast, his black hand on her white tits,” Dr. Wood commented.

Paul nodded, he loved the contrast of black and white, the sight of No. 5’s large black hands contrasting against his wife’s large white breast almost caused Paul’s cock to erupt without physical provocation, he had never seen anything so exciting, so terrifying, so deeply arousing in his entire life.

Then No. 4 said rudely approaching the bed, “I want her to suck my cock, please, turn her around.”

No. 5 raised her up a little with his strong hands on her hips and gently turn Susan around, supporting her body. He managed it without withdrawing his cock and then instantly began thrusting into her. Now, Susan was riding his cock in a reverse cowgirl, her mouth was open, her large breasts bouncing with her movement.

Susan gasped and quickly, almost eagerly took No. 4’s cock in her mouth. Simultaneously No. 5 pulled Susan forward and back on his cock. He was doing all the work moving Susan’s body like it was weightless.

Dr. Wood looked at Susan and commented, “God, she loves cock, having two at once is so fucking amazing!”

“Yes, hubby’s horny wife likes those big cocks, doesn’t she?” Dr. Clark asked looking at Paul, who just nodded.

No. 4 was huge too and Susan did her best to take more inches of his girth even though it was hard work. She couldn’t hide her yearning lust, she slobbered over his foreskin kissing every inch before returning to suck his cock. She began to make a humming noise deep in her throat as she moved her head back and forth on his cock feeling it twitching and jerking.

“Your wife gives the best blowjobs when she’s riding another man’s hard cock!” Dr. Clark noted.

“I can’t believe my wife can do these things,” Paul said stunned in disbelief as he touched and stroked his small cock.

“Mmmm, yes, Mrs. Fisher, that feels so good!” No. 4, grunted softly.

Susan was making loud, wet, sexy noises sending trembles though his hard cock as it jumped against her tongue. He didn’t last long when she sucked his cock and massaged his balls in that manner. She felt his cock in her mouth start to stiffen, she knew what was coming.

“I’m getting close, Mrs. Fisher.” No. 4 warned her.

Susan immediately changed her approach, now she was using both hands to stroke it and her mouth to engulf the head, she was humming as she sucked his cock to orgasm. Her effort was rewarded with a huge load, she moaned loudly as she felt every thick, powerful spurt jetting so hard into her mouth, flooding her throat. She savored the taste while dutifully swallowing every drop. When she finished she released his semi hard cock and looked up at No. 4.

“Thank you so much for your delicious sperm, you have so much sperm in your big balls, I can feel them so full and hot,” Susan said obviously pleased, her shame was gone, she didn’t care anymore, her entire being was fueled by her lust.

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