How It Began – A Cuckold Story

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My first experience of sharing my wife was without me knowing it.

After 16 years of OK sex with neither of us sharing our deepest fantasies, something was bound to happen.

What I know now is both of us are perverts. For the 1st 16 years of our marriage, we would both be searching porn behind each other’s backs. I would be hiding porn magazines, fantasizing about all kinds of stuff while jerking off any chance I could. In the shower, car, work bathroom. If I thought I could get away with it, I would. And a lot of my fantasies included my beautiful wife.

I would imagine her being unfaithful, me knowing about it without her knowing I know. Her fucking her boss and her coming home just after and me insisting we have sex so I could smell and feel how wet she was. My fantasies became more complex from just watching her being unfaithful all the way to me being right there as her lover shot his cum all over her wet pussy and then me burying my face in her cum covered pussy.

It felt completely wrong. I had never heard of such a fetish. Each time I would cum from this type of fantasy I would try to purge it from my mind only to have it come back stronger the next time I was stroking. Many times as I fucked my wife missionary, I would fantasize about her being a slut and taking on 2 or 3 lovers at a time and coming back to me then cum hard deep in her pussy.

Like I said, without my knowing, Suzie was feeing just as horny. On the outside, our friends and family thought we had the best marriage. We have great kids, good jobs, and OK sex.

Very early in our marriage while I was jerking and fantasizing and looking at porn mags behind her back, Suzie was going through an itch of her own. At work she had a boss that was outwardly perverted as well. The internet was just starting to get into companies and sex forums (stories) were all the rage with savvy internet pervs. We did not have a computer at our home yet so this was a fantastic vehicle for her to explore during her down times. In the few years that she worked for Randy, Suzie said they never fucked, but did banter back and forth and ever went into a porn shop down the road for shits and giggles. But much later, Randy cums back into the picture. That’s another story.

At our kids school there was a single dad that was always hitting on my pretty wife. Our kids were in the same after school program and he always seemed Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort to pick his kids up at the same time as Suzie. She always flirted back and one day he asked her if she would like to have lunch as his house and she agreed to meet him the next day. After 5 years of marriage Suzie was seriously contemplating sex with another man.

She told me she left work and drove to his house. He answered the door and they walked to the kitchen where he had lunch set out on the counter. They did not eat the lunch….

Suzie said they attacked each other and started stripping as they made their way to his bedroom. Because she did not tell me the story until fairly recently, the details were sketchy. She did remember being fucked from behind and then him on top with him cumming deep in her pussy, but that’s about it. I always get frustrated with the lack of detail….

She said the affair was short, only getting together with him three times. Once more at his house and once in his car while supposedly out for the night with her girlfriends.

She also told me that each time she fucked him, she felt guilty and would have sex with me that same night. Man, if I only knew…..

The next 8 years was pretty uneventful….she popped out another three kids and we ended up moving out of the area we had grown up in to a town where we knew nobody. This is where the fun begins…..

Part 2

After moving to the new town, Suzie eventually got a part time job at a real estate office working the phones and helping the agents with processing deals.

There was this one agent Suzie would always complained about and make fun of. His name was Tom and Suzie always made fun of him for wearing a bow tie. I thought she was being a bit childish and soon the mention of Tom’s name ceased overnight. Every once in a while I would ask how Tom was, or if he was still wearing his stupid bow ties and Suzie would respond with, “I hardly even see him around the office”. And that was it.

But what was really happening at the office was another story.

Suzie and Tom were developing a sexually charge friendly relationship. Suzie always worked the early Saturday and Sunday morning shifts at the office. She was the receptionist and these times of the day were usually very slow.

Suzie told me later that the sexual tension/attraction grow rapidly.

One early Sunday morning Suzie was in and only two other people were in the building. Carol, an agent that was getting ready for clients coming later and Tom. Tom knew Suzie’s schedule and had even told her that he would be in that morning to catch up on work. Knowing this, Suzie dressed up pretty sexy this early Sunday morning. Wearing a black tight skirt, a somewhat shear off-white blouse with a black bra and knee high black boots with 2″ heals.

After saying her “good mornings” to Carol and Tom, Suzie let them know she was going to get the coffee going and made her way back to the break room. She was just finishing putting the water in the coffee maker when she heard footsteps coming her way. She turned her head briefly and saw it was Tom and started chatting about something when he came up behind her and slipped his hands under her arms, around her waist, and up to her tits. She stood there frozen, his body pressed up against her back and him squeezing her breasts. She was in a state of complete excitement.

He asked, “Is this what you want”?

Suzie moaned ever so slightly and said yes. She turned around and they started making out right there in the break room. They heard Carol making her way down the hall for coffee and the broke their kiss. Tom whispered, “Come to my office”. He then turned and walked away. Suzie said her head was spinning and she could feel the moisture soaking her panties. She was so excited.

Carol passed Tom and came into the break room like nothing happened, got her coffee and made her way back to finish prepping for her clients.

Suzie just stood there for a second sipping her coffee and focused on what just happened, and what was going to possibly happen if just a few short minutes if she stepped in his office.

Weeks before, Suzie all of the sudden started getting a real passion for blow jobs. It went for her almost never giving me head, to a two to three times a week. I was like WOW! What I realize now is she was practicing for this moment with Tom. She would practice different things and say, “you like this baby”? , while sucking on my balls. Or, “you like this”? , while finger fucking my ass. She was seeing what I liked and how she could make me cum the fastest.

She walks towards his partially opened office door and pushes it open, walks in, and closes the door behind her. Tom is in front of his desk leaning back against it sipping his coffee. She walks right up to him and they begin an embrace in a hot French kissing session. Tom’s hands are roaming all over the outside of Suzie’s clothes. Suzie is pressed hard against Tom’s body. Tom manages to unbutton her blouse and slides his right hand inside and around her back and unclasps Suzie’s bra whilst squeezing her ass with his other hand. Suzie’s beautiful milky tits are free and Tom wastes no time feeling her fleshy mounds.

Suzie is not wasting any time either, she is working his belt loose and by the time Tom has her bra loose, she has his buckle undone and is unbuttoning his pants. Suzie slips off her blouse and bra and now is in an office half naked with a guy who is not her husband!

She drops quickly to her knees and pulls done his pants as he stands there looking down on my hot sexed up wife. His pants hit the floor and now Suzie is looking straight at Tom’s hard cock trapped in his whitey tidies. She looks up at him with a naughty smile and squeezes him through his underwear. She can see the precum oozing through the fabric.

Putting her hands on both sides of his hips, she slides her fingers under the elastic band and starts to pull his underwear down slowly. She said her face was no more than two inches from his crouch when the all of the sudden, in a quick and anxious movement, she shoves them below his knees causing his cock to spring out and slap her on the side of her face. She said they both chuckled. Suzie grabbed the base of his cock and started massaging his cock with the inside of her mouth. Wanting to see how fast she could make him cum, she licked her finger and slid them between his partially spread legs and finger fucked him while sucking and stroking his rock hard cock.

There was my wife, I came to find out, tits swinging in the air, giving head to a guy in her office on a Sunday morning.

Tom wasn’t long to last — as he tightened up, Suzie moved her lips to the edge of his mushroom head creating a tight seal as she stroked him to ecstasy. She said by the fourth stream of cum she had to open her mouth slightly to release the pressure building in her mouth. Cum poured out down her chin and onto her tits. She said she still had much of his cum in her mouth and she looked up at him, closed her mouth, and swallowed the remaining cum. She said she thought he was in shock when she rubbed the cum from her chin onto her tits as if it were skin lotion.

This started a 9 month long affair until I found out….

To be continued…

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