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I’m a friendly, laid back, flirty, attractive, brunette woman in my early 30’s, I live in a small town where I work teaching and live alone in a 2 bedroom house in a quiet street where every knows everyone else. I’m seen as a quiet, hard working, respectable woman but I’m hiding a dirty secret.

As soon as I get through the School gates I’m a dirty, cock hungry slut and I love having M/MMMF no holes barred sex with young guys aged 18-24 years old with huge 8″+ cocks. As soon as I get through my front door I strip naked and go online and check the replies to my various ads offering myself for use by young, well hung groups of guys and have at least 1 meet a week.

Three weeks ago I had a quiet weekend planned but as Saturday went on I felt more and more horny, by 7pm all I could think about was getting a huge young cock to play with. I had put together the shortest, lowest cut, tightest, sluttiest outfit I could find and squeezed my lovely 34-26-34C body in to it with no underwear on, as Gaziantep Escort Numaraları I looked in the mirror I felt so horny I could feel my closely shaved pussy get wet, a few minutes later I left the house looking and feeling like a dirty slut and loving it and headed to the bar I knew would be full of young guys.

As I sat at the bar with my top barely covering my boobs I could feel the guys staring at my cleavage, within minutes a cute guy came over and introduced himself as Ben and I found out he was 18 years old. He got me a drink and started flirting unable to take his eyes off of my chest and as I flirted back I could see his cock getting hard, as we flirted his 2 friends Jack and Peter both 19 y.o. came over and told him they were going to get some cash and would be back, giving him a wink they left. After a while I offered Ben a cigarette and he accepted following me outside and I led him to a secluded area feeling his eyes watching my bum the whole way, as we stood there, him trying not to look at my boobs for too long I asked him if he like them, speechless he smiled and nodded, as he did I pulled my top down exposing my boobs and put his hand on my rock hard nipple then slowly put my hand on his crotch to feel on of the biggest cocks I had ever had the pleasure of holding. That made mind up and giving him my address told him to be 15 minutes, as I walked away he said he would say bye to his friends and be there to which I replied bring them along, the more the merrier.

Exactly on time came a knock at the door and as I opened it and realised all 3 were there I felt so horny I couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear. I let them in and pointed them to the sofa and told them to help themselves to a beer which I’d put on the coffee table in front of them, closed the door and sat opposite them. After about 5 minutes of nervous chat I stood up and leaning forward so they could all see straight down my top poured a glass of wine, before I had finished I looked up to see each had a huge hard cock in their jeans, I couldn’t wait any longer and as I sat down opened my legs for them to see straight up my tiny skirt to my moist pussy.

Within seconds I had all 3 stood around me and I unbuttoned each pair of jeans in seconds to release 3 giant dicks from 9-11″ long, greedily sucking each for a while as I wanked the other two, as I did so they pulled my top off and I could feel their hands stroking my boobs and creeping down to my pussy. I felt like a filthy, horny, cock loving slut and as I stood up and pulled my tiny skirt off I asked if they had ever thought about filming, as they smiled I said do you want to have a reminder of tonight as it’s your first 4some to which they all said yes. They all went 4 times and I got some great footage of them fucking my face, me screaming, moaning and swearing in total ecstasy as a monster teenage cock pounded every hole at once, me begging for more giant young cock as my body shook with orgasm after orgasm and of me sucking each huge cock till they exploded all over my face. I could hardly walk the next day but it was so worth it.

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