Hot New Friends Ch. 01

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This will be my first story on Literotica or anywhere else for that matter. My husband and I have found a passion for getting together with other couples, particularly black couples to partake in the pleasures of the body.

I am sure that these kinds of stories will not be to everyone’s liking. So I will be upfront so those not interested can go somewhere else. I know there are plenty of people interested either through their own fantasies or their own experiences. Interracial sex is the theme. You have been warned.

That said, I hope those interested will enjoy and leave comments or E-Mail me. I will respond if you would like me to.

To start I would like to introduce myself and my husband, as he will be an intricate part of my stories.

My name is Sam(Samantha), 51, short brown hair and some say cat’s eyes. I am 5’7″, 132 lb, 36b/c, 25,36. Tight toned legs and ass, my best features, honed by hours in the gym and aerobics classes.

My husband, Tom is also 51, 5’11, 185, shaved head and goatee(womb broom), muscular with a nice set of abs. Better than a lot of younger guys we see. I love watching him move.

We spend most of our time at our place near the beach. That’s where the action is.

My husband owns a custom home building company. Yes, there is still plenty of high end work out there and I am a PA to the President of a large multinational corporation and have been for over a year.

My position set us up to get to know some very interesting couples. This story is about one of them.

It all started when my boss Ben, invited my husband and I to a party at his home. To celebrate the closing of a very lucrative deal. Millions involved and as his PA, I had a hand in it. Also, to meet the new VP that came along with the deal.

He told us it was a formal affair. Well, that meant a shopping trip for me. A woman can’t have to many party outfits.

I decided on a pale yellow, sheath type, ankle length with a slit half way up the thigh on both sides. It had a low cut bodice with thin spaghetti straps. It showed off the top of my breasts, that were encased in a strapless, uplift bra. Because of the thinness and tightness of the material, I would only be able to wear the smallest of thongs with the thinnest of strings and no garter belt. I choose ultra sheer nude stockings. My choice of foot wear was white, sling back, strappy sandals with 3 inch heels. My toe and finger nails sported a white polish and my lips a very pale pink lip gloss and my eyes with a light green eyeliner.

My husband wore a light gray suit, white shirt and pale pink tie.

I must say we were a fine looking couple as we walked to the door of this palatial home and was greeted by my boss and his wife who was introduced to us as Sylvia. We all four, are about the same age. I was jealous of her in her long, tight gown. Her stomach is flat as a board, where mine in beginning to show a pouch.

They escorted us to the bar and got us drinks and then excused themselves to talk to who I knew to be more important people. Tom and I mingled, I introduced him to some of the people I work with.

After about a half hour or so, Ben and his wife came back and he told us there was someone who just arrived that he wanted to introduce us too.

He led us toward a black couple, who looked to be in there mid 40’s. He was a big man, well over 6″ and was he ever a sight to see. His physique had me in awe. He had that “V” shape, wide shoulders, muscular arms, that filled out his jacket sleeves and a slim, flat waist. His jacket was open and his shirt tight enough to see his muscular chest. His legs while not huge, were muscular enough that you could see his muscles flex beneath his pants when he walked.

I squeezed Tom’s arm when I saw him. My husband looked at me and smiled, he knew what I was thinking. It had been a long while but he knew the signs.

His wife was a stunning woman. Slim, about my height but maybe 120 lbs. Breasts looked to be a full C cup and well on display. Her dress was cobalt blue and came to mid thigh, bare legs and black 5″ stilettos. Her hair was in a sweep on one side of her head. Her lips, hell, I wanted to kiss them, were glossy with dark red lip gloss.

“Will, Tanya, meet my PA Samantha and her husband Tom. You will be working with her quite a lot in the coming weeks as she brings you onboard. She has been invaluable to me and the company.”

“Can I leave the four of you alone, while we meet other guests?”

We all agreed.

Tom asked if it was alright if we took our drinks to the patio and found a table.

“So Samantha, you will be showing me around. I look forward to that. How in the hell did Ben get so lucky as to have a PA of your stature.”

“I applied for the job, went through the process and got the position. I did question him about why a woman of my advanced age rather than someone younger and more up on today’s business world. He told me he was looking for a Bostancı escort bayan more mature woman, with a good work ethic, who carried herself well in any venue and she also had to be good looking and sexy. Not sure about the last two, but the rest fit me to a tee and here I am.

“Well, Samantha, I don’t know about the first few but you certainly carry yourself well and you are one damn good looking and sexy woman.” His wife just smiled and so did my husband. They were looking at each other.

They wanted to know what Tom did and we went into some detail about it, after they told us they had purchased a home that needed some serious remodeling. They got the deal of the century on it and they intended to make it the home they always wanted. They asked Tom if he would be interested in looking at it and he said, he sure would. They asked if we would both like to come over next Saturday afternoon and they could discuss it, over drinks and getting to know each other better.

Good thing I was standing up. If I had been sitting down, I would have a wet spot on the back of my dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off this black Adonis.

I excused myself to go to the ladies room and Tanya said she would come too.

Tom told me later, that the two of them discussed the hotness of each other’s wives. Things were looking up. We had not been with a black couple in ages and never one as beautiful as these.

In the ladies room, I went into a stall and lifted my dress up over my hips and packed toilet paper between my legs to sop up my flowing juices. Some had already gotten under my stocking tops, which were almost to the top of my legs. Only a couple of inches from my pussy.

Tanya had also gone into a stall and she asked, “Samantha, you want a pad?”

Holy shit, she didn’t just ask me that.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you little slut, I saw your eyes having sex with my husband. Put it on. I just did. My husband wasn’t the only hot man standing around our circle.”

“Tanya………..I, I’m stunned.”

She laughed, put her arms around me and hugged me and gave me a big kiss right on the lips. I responded with open mouth and plenty of tongue.

I did kiss those lips.

As we broke apart, she ran the back of one hand down my cheek and an index finger across my pouting lips.

“Baby, Will and I knew the moment we laid eyes on you two. Why do you think you and Tom are invited over next Saturday?”

“But I thought it was……….., ” She cut me off.

“Oh that too, Samantha. I think the four of us are going to get along famously and I can guarantee that Tom will get the remodel. Will wants you and Tom wants me. Why do you think I am wearing a pad too. That is one hot hubby you got there.” She snickered.

“Don’t I know it.” We walked back to our two hot husbands hand-in-hand. Smiling from ear to ear with wet pussies.

The rest of the evening we hung around together, meeting and greeting other folks. Towards the end of the evening Ben and Sylvia came back over to us.

“Well, well, look what we have here. Isn’t this an intimate little foursome. Looks like you all are getting along quite well. Remember who you work for Sam.”

I blushed and they all laughed. I am not sure how, but I am sure we were set up, but I don’t think any of us were complaining.

Will and I saw each other many times during the week and nothing was said or insinuated. We both behaved very professionally. Friday he and Ben, took me out to lunch. Ben wanted to discuss the weeks progress of getting him familiar with the business. Everything above board until the last minute as we were getting back, Ben said, you four have a great weekend.”

I called Tanya and asked her what I should wear. She told me just be comfortable and don’t cover up much. “There will be two very disappointed people here if you do.”

Tom and I looked through my clothes closet and he took out my very short white denim skirt, it only comes about 4 inches below, heaven. He got a big smile and went to my shirt drawer and got out a red scarf blouse, ties behind the neck, come down below my breasts and ties around back, leaving the rest of my torso bare. Without a bra, my breasts would be on view a lot through the sides. I think that will be okay with everyone. A very small, sheer bright yellow thong, completed my ensemble.

I couldn’t wait to see what Tanya wears and of course that hunk, Will. Tom’s wearing nylon court shorts and tank top. What a hunk. Any rise out of him will be immediately noticed.

Will met us at the door. He was in a tank top and shorts and with the bulk to his legs, they were pretty tight and there was what appeared to be a huge black snake curled up inside. I looked him up and down and a chill ran up my spine and a heat arose in my pussy.

“Come on in, Tanya, is on the patio mixing some margaritas, you do drink them don’t ya?”

“All the time.” He put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to Escort Bostancı the patio. Tanya, jumped up from where she was sitting.

Oh, my gawd, was all I could think. She had a pair of pink hip hugger short shorts, that didn’t quite cover all those exquisite globes and a white camisole top, her black skin shown through and her nipples and large black areolas were showing every little bump. She walked up and hugged Tom and kissed him and I got the same treatment, except not with as much enthusiasm.

“Shall we grab a drink and we will give you a tour of the place and give you an idea of what we envision for our dream home.”

I walked with Will and Tanya with Paul. Guess the pairing off is set for the rest of our stay.

After almost an hour and a couple more margaritas, we again retired to the patio, where Tanya, proceeded to take of her camisole and pointed to me. So I took off the scarf blouse. Both of our breasts had a bit of sag but that didn’t seem to bother the guys one bit. Will pulled me down onto his lap and I felt that big black snake for the first time, it felt like it was beginning to uncoil. Tanya dropped down in front of Tom and unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down and off.

I looked at Will, he looked back and said, “watch her, she is one hell of a cocksucker. She goes right for what she wants and she wants your husband’s cock.” I didn’t think she would be real disappointed, he is 8″ long and don’t know how thick. All I know that I was fooling around one time and couldn’t get it inside a toilet paper roller. So he is pretty thick.

I heard a moan from him and a “oh, fuck yah.” From Tanya.

Will and I were watching them while he had both my nipples between his between his thumbs and forefingers, rolling them into hard nubs. Those big, fingers so gentle on my hot flesh. I felt his cock start to harden under my butt.

In the meantime, Tanya was stroking Tom’s cock to full erection. My husband’s head was laid back, eyes closed. She looked over at us, smiled and wrapped those luscious, dark red hued lips around the head of his cock and I saw her cheeks draw in as she sucked him real hard for the first time. His head shot up, eyes wide open and he drew in a long, raspy breath. He looked down at her, she was looking up at him and his hands moved to grab her head, she shook her head “no.” He dropped them to his side, I saw her smile around the head of his heavily veined reddened cock and slid him to the back of her mouth and stopped, pulled one leg up, so she was only kneeling on one knee, unzipped her shorts and started fingering her clit as she gave Tom a real slow blow job.

I was so enthralled with what was going on that I hadn’t realized that Will was sucking on my lily white neck and said, “wear that mark with pride.” He had given me a hickey and to reciprocate I was going to give him one hell of a blow job.

As I stood up in front of him, he unbuttoned and unzipped my little short skirt and pulled it over my hips and let it drop to the deck. I left it there to kneel on. I turned and slowly descended. I had to see what was in store for ME the rest of the day and night.

His bulge was now huge and a wet spot about 2 inches, had developed on the front of his shorts. As I started to unbutton them, I licked the wet spot. There was enough for me to get a small taste of his precum. Not enough for me to get a good taste but enough to make me want more. A whole lot more. He stopped me from unzipping and told me to let him do it. I soon found out why. He had gone commando and didn’t want me to catch it in the zipper. With the zipper down, I got my first glimpse of his big, black cock. I had to see it all. I pulled his shorts down over his splendidly, muscled legs and I was rewarded with a beautiful, circumcised, still not hard black cock, as it dropped out in front of my face.

I leaned back and gasped in awe at what I saw. It was about 8 inches and still growing, right in front of my face. I licked the head and drew back a tongue full of precum. I looked up at him with my tongue still slightly out of my mouth, so he could see it his precum. I retracted my tongue and savored the tangy taste. Not bad, not bad at all.

Thankfully, it didn’t get much longer, but it got harder and thicker. As it was still becoming erect, I opened my mouth as wide as I could to accommodate the large, mushroom shaped helmet. As big around as the shaft had gotten, it had nothing on that perfectly shaped head. My cheeks bulged out as I slowly drew him into my rapidly filling mouth. As the head came to rest against the back of my throat, the shaft bent slightly and my throat was closed off. I panicked momentarily and gagged, pulled back and took a deep, sobbing breath.

Will reached down and took my head in both hands and softly spoke, “Take it easy, that is a lot of cock for one little mouth. I won’t force you to take more but if you want to try, I’ll work with you and we will take our time.”

Pulling Bostancı Rus Escort completely back off his cock, saliva dripped off the head. I quickly lapped it up, there was his delicious precum mixed with it and I didn’t want to waste it.

“Will, I don’t think I can take it down my throat. The head is to big. But if you let me ease down on it, I would like to try. I love having a cock fuck my throat.”

Just then I heard Tom groan and then, “Oh fuck, I can’t take anymore, here it comes.”

Tanya stroked him faster and sucked him harder until I saw my husband stiffen and a second later her cheeks bulge with his cum. Then it was gone. I saw her neck flex as she swallowed his load, pulled off until the head was all that was in and sucked real hard. She was going to get every last drop out of my husbands balls.

We watched her clean his cock and then they looked over at us and Tanya quipped, “Well, what’s taking you two so long. Lets see what you can do Sam. Lets see if you can take that my husband’s big black cock.”

Tom looked over at me with this stupid look on his face. He was wasted. Then he smiled and said, “Yah, let’s see that.”

Tanya slid her shorts the rest of the way off, their glasses and said, “Lets you and I sit here and enjoy the show. Your wife is in for quite the time before she brings him off.”

Will had that majestic rod in his hand, moving forward, about to feed me a cock, the likes that I have only dreamed of. I could feel the heat on my lips as I opened wide to accept him. As he fed me the head, I went right to running my tongue all around it, sucking, licking, taking it as he gave it to me. My tongue was flattened against the underside, giving him a ramp to the back of my mouth. As it touched the entrance to my throat, I gagged slightly. He let go of his cock and took my head in both his hands and tipped it back, so I was looking up at him. Through his smile and hooded eyes, I saw an impassioned look, like he was begging me to allow him access to my silky, constricted throat. Looking him right in those eyes, I knew that I could not disappoint him, I would, with his patience, let him slide as much of that beautiful cock down my gullet as I could take.

His hips moved backwards as he backed a couple inches of hard black cock out of my mouth and told me to take a couple of big breaths and get ready to start swallowing him and to breath through my nose, as long as possible. I knew at some point all incoming air would be shut off. Would I panic, choke and cough it up? No, I refuse to do that.

I did as he said and as he started to enter my tight pipe, I took one big breath through my nose and swallowed. I have usually have no gag reflex as Tom conquered that years ago and it was a good thing because with that swallow, a couple inches slid in like it was nothing. I think it surprised both of us and our spouses, too.

“I don’t fucking believe that,” I heard Tom say in a far away voice. I was in the zone. Nothing was going to keep me from reaching my goal.

I felt him pull me further onto his cock, I could actually feel it throbbing and I swallowed again and I felt some more slide down. I was taking short, shallow breaths through my nose, when all of a sudden there was no more air available. I looked up at him and my eyes pleaded with him to give me all of it.

He pulled me further onto him and with one last swallow, took what I could.

I saw something out of the corner of my eye, it was Tanya, looking at me with a wide smile and said, “Sam you are amazing. Let her go Will, let her go.”

He did and I pulled slowly back off him, not wanting to damage my throat. My breath was gone as the head popped out of my throat. He held my head firm as I gasped and refilled my lungs with life giving oxygen. Then he started to fuck my face. It wasn’t look before I felt him stiffen, his big cock, throbbing, I knew it would be soon.

“Pull off him, Sam, pull off him and let him cum on you. I want you to experience that once. It is fucking phenomenal.”

I did as she said and he started stroking himself with abandon, he grew to even greater proportions. What happened next will never leave the recesses of my mind. His cum rocketed out of that huge slit and landed all over my face, hair and breasts. He kept cumming. It could only be called on thing. Torrential.

When it was down to a dribble, I took the head back into my mouth and sucked him dry, cum was running down my face, my chin and my chest. I let his deflating cock drop from my mouth and I fell backwards, being caught by my husband.

“Damn, honey, that’s what I call a paint job.” We all laughed as I scooped some from my face, put it in my mouth and swallowed. Tanya helped herself to a goboff my left breast.

Will had recovered by now and said, “the shower is only big enough for two, so we will just have to use both of them, until you, my friend, get one built big enough for all four of us.”

After we all got cleaned up and dressed, we decided to go down to a little beach bar and grille and have some bar food and a few margaritas.

I had to borrow a thong from Tanya. Little be known to me I must have had an orgasm. My own panties were soaked. Then again, in a fit of passion, I have been known to gush.

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