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Kali climbed out of the bath, wrapping her long hair up in a towel and headed out to the bedroom. His request had been simple and she felt a slight shiver at what was to come. She dressed according to his specifications. Her hair hung loose, dropping in auburn waves down to the middle of her back. Her eyes a crystal blue, the color of the ocean on a clear day. Kali walked over to the closet and withdrew the sheer black silk dress he had instructed her to wear. She slipped it over her head the fabric brushing over her sensitive nipples making them grow into hard little buds. She wore no panties or bra tonight for he wanted her bare under her dress. Kali slipped on a pair of black pumps, her long legs bare and soft to the touch. She slipped on the last item which was the satin collar he had bought for her to wear. Gray satin with one word in bold black letters wrote across it “His”.

Kali walked out the front door of their house and got into the car to drive to the restaurant he had picked out. Her legs felt a bit weak, her stomach in knots. She didn’t know what this night would bring but knew that she wanted to please him. Her nipples were aching from the silk brushing back and forth across them. She knew better than to touch them though and bring some pleasure to herself. Kali Knew he wanted her on edge tonight, wanted her body to anticipate what would come.

Kali arrived at the restaurant at nine pm on the dot as per his instructions. Walking in she gave her name to the Maitre’D and waited for him to seat her. This was a high class restaurant with high vaulted ceilings, low intimate lighting. The Maitre’D returned and led her to a table in the back, it was off a bit by itself. He handed her a menu and a note which he said had been left for her. Kali laid the menu down kuşadası escort and read the note carefully. “Hello my pet I see you have done as told, very good I am proud of you. Now when the waiter comes tell him you would like a glass of champagne and that you would like to be left alone for awhile. Once the champagne arrives and the waiter has moved off I want you to adjust the table cloth so it covers your hips and legs. Next I want you to slide your dress up past your thighs and spread your legs as wide as you can. Remember my pet I am here and watching. Now take a sip of your champagne, then slip your hands under the table cloth and between your legs. I want you to hold your lips open for me my pet, wide open and stay that way no matter what happens. You aren’t allowed to cum until I say you can. That’s all for now my sweet.”

Kali shivered at his instructions, glancing around at all the people in the room. The waiter returned and she did as she was told and ordered a glass of champagne and asked to be left alone until she called for him. The waiter smiled and nodded his head in agreement. Kali took a sip of her drink and swallowed hard, her breathing already a bit heavy from nerves. She slid to the edge of her seat, moving the table cloth so that it covered her all the way to her hips. Kali then spread her legs wide and slipped her hands between her thighs. She slipped her fingers into the folds of her pussy, pulling her lips wide apart. A slight breeze brushed against her clit making her shiver slightly from the sensation.

Kali sat and waited, not knowing what was going to happen. She watched the people talking at the other tables. Noticing a women approaching her table she becomes nervous. The women didn’t say a word but pulled a chair very close kuşadası escort bayan to Kali. She then sat down and gave Kali a slight smiles but still didn’t speak to her. Kali gasped lightly as the women’s hand slipped under the table and between Kali’s thighs. She knew not to move a inch for she had been told to say as she was no matter what happened. The women’s fingers slipped inside Kali making her shiver from the pleasure it brought her.

Control was what the lesson was about tonight. While her insides quivered her outside appearance had to be that of total control. The women worked her fingers in and out of Kali`s hot pussy never saying a word just finger fucking her. Kali moaned slightly then snapped her eyes open to look around and see if anyone heard her. A few people glanced her way but nothing more. She bit her lip as the women slipped her fingers out of Kali and then began massaging her clit. Rubbing the hard little nub, working it over with her fingers. Kali felt her legs shaking, trying to maintain control and still hold herself open to this stranger who was invading her body. She felt her climax building, knowing she couldn’t cum until he said she could. She looked around but still didn’t see any sign of him anywhere. She let out a low sob as the women plunged her fingers back inside Kali`s pussy.

Just when she thought she couldn’t hang on any longer she saw him. He emerged from the shadows and walked slowly towards her. Kali sat shivering and shaking. The women continued to work over Kali’s now throbbing pussy. He pulled a chair close to the other side of Kali and sat down. Leaning over to whisper in her ear “You have done very well tonight my pet. Now listen to me carefully, You may only cum when I say Now. You must remember escort kuşadası where you are and remain in control. When I say “Now” I want you to cum and cum hard soaking the seat under you. Nod if you understand me.” Kali shook her head yes, her breathing now heavy and ragged. She looked around once more at all the people, noticed a few were glancing their way. She no longer cared what they thought she just wanted to please him. The women’s hand moved away as she got up and left the table as silently as she had come. Kali made a slight noise of displeasure but was soon pleased for her Masters hand took its place.

His fingers were much more powerful and knew her body well. He slipped his fingers deep inside of her, fucking her with two of them while his thumb worked on her clit. Kali choked back a sob, her fingers trying hard to hold herself open to him. She gasped as her body clinched around his fingers pulling them inside her. Looking into his eyes, pleading with him to give her the release she needed so badly. He only smiled, letting his fingers fuck her in and out. Brushing her G-Spot each time he went up inside her. She let out a whimper, her breath coming in short gasps. He leaned in and said “NOW” my pet, cum hard for me. Kali needed no more encouragement and bucked her hips up to his hand and came. Biting hard on her lip to keep from yelling out as her orgasm shook her in wave after wave spilling over his fingers and onto the seat. Her eyes closed as she rode the waves that racked her, not caring what people thought. Slowly he removed his fingers from her dripping pussy, wiping them on the table cloth. Kali felt herself slowly return to earth, her body still shaking from her release.

Leaning over to her, he whispers “fix yourself my dear while I pay for the champagne”. Kali did as she was told, then watched him make his way back over to her after paying the bill. He took her hand and helped her to stand, then led her out to their car. Kali shivered, she knew this was only the start of their night together and couldn’t wait to see what came next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32