His Sissy Bitch Ch. 04

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He treats me just like the woman he’s made me into, like the second wife I’ve become for him. I do all the dirty things his real wife won’t do. I dress however he likes, wear what ever turns him on, do things she would never do for him. The only time I wear male clothing is at the office and he never talks to me there other than in a business-like manner. Our secret is just that…a dirty little secret.

Right now, I’m doing just that, being his dirty little secret. I’m, as always, dressed completely for him. When he arrived he found me in a tight short red dress, barely covered my rear end. It’s off-the-shoulder and very cute. If I bent over you could see everything. I wore red seamed nylons and a lacey red garter belt. I always wear a locked chastity tube for him with a pink ribbon in a bow tied tight around the back of it, pushes my tiny little thing and my balls up and out. I usually wear no panties when he visits. He wants instant access to me, demands it. But this time I wore the special ones he likes, gift for me a week ago. He had them sent to my house, three pair. Sexy, slutty red panties, the kind his wife won’t wear for him. I wore 3″ spike heel shoes for him too, makes me taller but I’m still not as tall as he is. He loves high heels, has me keep them on during sex, he loves that too.

Have my heels on now, up over my head, and my skirt is up over my rear, pulled up to my waist. His big hands are all over my ass. His full weight on top of me, he holds my rear apart so far it hurts, grips my cheeks with both his hands and holds me apart exposing my tight little slippery hole. I say nothing, just moan softly as he fucks me. He fucks me in one of his favorite positions, the missionary position.

He’s huge and when he’s all the way in me I can barely breathe. And he likes to take his time, uses my rear slow and methodically. He likes to fuck. I can tell he likes my tight little rear end, the way he pumps just the head of his cock in and out the tight rim of my little hole. He uses me for his pleasure, not mine. I squeeze as hard as I can and try to please, keep tight around him as he fucks me. He’s been on top of me for an hour.

“Oh, you little bitch.” I feel him slap my rear and then take my cheek back tightly in his hand and pull me apart again, “Ooooo, you love that, tell me. I’m going to cum in your mouth you little whore…Oh….fuck, so tight…” He slides in and out of me, full length so slow and sexy.

I whisper in his ear as he loses himself to my rear, put my legs up high in the air, one leg around his rear end, stockings unhooked from my garters and a complete mess, one down around my ankle. My smooth shaved leg around his back rubbing his ass, other one up over his leg from behind…only sound in the room is the bed springs and his cock moving in and out of my slippery rear. He pumps me the full length of his huge cock, slowly in and out of my tiny hole over and over.

“Daddy, fuck me. I’m your little girl, love it when you do this to me…fuck me. I want you to put it in my mouth, Daddy, please, please cum in your little bitch’s mouth. Please.”

He loves when I talk like that for him, whisper low and soft into his ear, drives him crazy. I run my hands up and over his back, the cheeks of his tight and muscled rear end, my red lace panties dangle from my right ankle, off of my high heel shoe. He’s all man, feels huge as he’s on top of me.

I can feel him getting close, wrap both of my legs tight up and around his back. I feel him start to fuck me hard like he does when he’s ready to cum. It hurts when he fucks me this hard but I don’t say a word about that, Kartal Öğrenci Escort just whisper in his ear, whimper for him. He pounds into me, pushes me into the bed, lost to my rear end.

Then he pulls out like he always does, fast and abrupt. He hurries up across the top of me, his stomach on my chest, see his rock hard cock throb as it moves toward my face. Roughly, I feel his hand go to the back of my head, guides my mouth up to him, guides me firmly onto him, my lips wide open. I take it in my mouth, hurry to do that before he spurts onto my face. As he mounts me I put my mouth around him, hold him in place and let him finish. He cums using my slippery lips. Feel him start to fuck me real slow, hear him cry out and moan as I swallow for him. I feel him pump slowly into my wet mouth. It’s how he always finishes. He uses my mouth.

His wife won’t do that for him. He knows I will. He cums in my mouth and makes me suck him until he’s completely finished. I can taste my rear end on him, got used that a long time ago. It’s what he wants, what he wants to know I’ll do for him. I hate the taste but say nothing. I know he likes that too, likes making me as submissive as he can.


I remember the first time he took me like this and used me rear end, first time he did something other than use me to suck him. I sucked him almost exclusively twice a week for the longest time, he’d cum after I went down on him and then would just leave. As I walk to my makeup table next to the bed I think back on how he first took me like this. Told me to be in only heels and stockings, nothing else, be ready and lubricated, shaved baby smooth, he told me to be on my knees face down on the bed and waiting when he arrived. He said something I’ll never forget, was crude but I said nothing, ‘Make sure that asshole of yours is slippery enough to get my arm up into’.

I did, used half a tube of K-Y Jelly on myself, stayed on my knees for an hour after he called, waiting for him to walk into my house, remember practicing pushing my rear out and back for him .

My heart raced as I heard him come in the door, he had a key to my house at that point. I was upstairs in the bedroom, very ready for my man. I looked back over my shoulder at him as he walked into my bedroom. When he did he just smiled that dirty smile he has. He sent chills up me when he ran his finger up the crack of my rear and then up my back and then back down. Remember him reaching up between my legs, patting my balls. I had never been used like this before, I knew what he wanted to do, was scared and excited at the same time. I watched him from the side of the bed as he took of his pants. He was hard like he always is when he arrives. I love that about him. Took his underwear off and dropped them to the floor. He told me that I was to stay perfectly still and that if I moved he’d blister my rear, spank me hard. He’d never said or done that before. I said nothing. I reached back and held my cheeks open, turned my face away from him to the side. I could feel him as he moved up behind me. I felt him take me by my hips in his large hands and pull me back toward him, felt his hard on run up between my cheeks, just playing with the slippery crack of my rear. I could see my pretty pink lip gloss and dark mascara eyes, felt sissy like and fem as I watched in the bedroom mirror seeing this real man move up behind me.

And then he did it for the first time, put the head of his erection to my little hole and pushed it in. I whimpered, cried out. It hurt, hurt very much. He took his time, made me squirm. It felt like he was Kartal Çıtır Escort too big to fit into me. I felt him slap my rear and tell me to be still, hit me again so hard I closed my eyes. He took it back out, ran it up between my cheeks again and petted my rear.

“You’ll get through this, it’s what you want. It’s what you are. Fuck, you are so tight, I love it!”

I remember him saying that as he put it to my hole again, then he pushed it in slowly. He pushed it in as far as it would go. I started to cry softly, it hurt, really hurt at first. For the next what seemed like an hour he fucked me slow and deliberately. I clenched the sheets of the bed so tight, never let go of them. He just used my rear for his pleasure, used me like the slut I was for him, training me to take his full length. That was the first time.

When he came in me I had my face buried in the bed, fingers dug into the mattress and sheets, my make up smeared all over the sheet in front of me, tears in my eyes. When he completely finished he pulled out of me and patted my rear. He told me I was a very good little boy. I stayed fixed in place, was afraid to move, felt his warm cum run out of me and down my leg, felt it run across my tiny balls. Felt my rear spread like it had never been before, I felt like I was completely his now. He came to the side of the bed and took my head, made me suck him clean. I hated the taste of him after he fucked me but couldn’t deny him.

When I finished cleaning him he pushed my head away. Saying nothing got dressed and left. He just left, left me on the bed a complete mess. I felt stunned, seemed like time stood still.

The next day at work he ignored me, didn’t even say ‘hello’. That was the first time he fucked me. I remember it all.


He rolled off of the top of me. “Fuck, that mouth of yours never ceases to amaze me, Princess!” He sat up in the bed.

I got up and moved to my makeup table. I hurried to fix my stockings, fastened them slow and sexy to my lacey garter belt, knowing his eyes were all over me.

I’m standing, bending forward at my makeup table. When he finishes I always hurry to do my make up for him, make myself presentable again.

“I do it all for you, Daddy.” I smiled at him.

As I lean forward and apply fresh lip gloss and lip liner I push my rear back out, I know he finds that sexy. My dress is still up over my butt, panties down on the floor, shaved smooth round little rear end for him to look at. I spread my ankles apart slightly, give him a good look. Skirt up, bare butt, sexy stockings and heels, I know I’m just what he wants. I wink at him, “You like what you see, baby? It’s all yours to what you want with.”

He just stares at me.

He moves to the chair next to my bed, sits, watches me fix my makeup, primp for him. He smiles as I wiggle back into my dress without my panties on, pull it down teasingly over my cock harness. I tuck my little thing back down between my legs and pull my dress down, smooth my skirt as it moves down from my waist, feel it cover my rear tightly. I can feel the k-y all over my rear end, know it’s staining the back of my dress, don’t care. I love him on me. I fix my stocking seams and then check my lipstick again. I look at him in the mirror. I’m wearing a blonde wig, big hair…he loves that. Pink bow in the middle front with sexy bangs, I re-apply lip gloss as he leans forward, runs his hand over my rear, over my silk dress.

“So, you ready for the next step, Princess?”

“Daddy, I’m ready for anything you want me to do. You know that.” I smile Kartal Elit Escort at him. He’s naked, even soft his cock is huge. He’s all man. Feel the urge to suck him again, want more of him…but he’s done with me now. “I’ll do any dirty little thing you like.”

“I want to take you out in public.” He looks at me, sees the shock on my face. “Take you to a special club, one that you would fit into, want to show off my little slut. I know about a couple of bars that have girls like you in them. I want to take you to them.”

He runs his hand up between my legs, feels my locked cock harness. Feel his huge muscled arm push up at my tight skirt as he feels me under my dress. Then I feel him take my arm tight, pulls me down on his lap. Sitting on his lap I feel him take the back of my neck in his hand.

“That scares you, doesn’t it.” He holds me in place and runs his other hand over my inner thigh, plays with the lace at the tops of my stockings. “Scares you to think about going out on the street like this.” He laughs, “It should. So far you’re a secret. If I make you a public little sissy bitch you’d just have to do it, wouldn’t you?” I feel his hand hold the back of my neck tightly.

“Yes Daddy.” I feel my face turn red. I feel his hand run across my rear, pulls back and spanks me twice, he feels me jump on his lap. His strong hand holds me in place.

“Aren’t you afraid of being found out, your wife finding out about us?” I feel very afraid, have never considered being ‘out’, being known in public as a sissy gay boy.

I feel him pinch my rear, squeeze my cheek firm. “I love this rear end, love it. Knew you’d be a very willing little sissy for me, I like what we’ve turned you into. You’ve become quite the ‘little woman’. Or should I say little sex slave.”

He took his hand out from under my dress and started to stand, I rose as he stood, almost fell off his lap. “I’m not going to get caught, you just do what you’re told like a good second wife does.” He was through with me for the evening.

“I have to go. Have places to be. I’m going to take you out next weekend. Get mentally prepared for that. And the place I’m taking you, get ready to be a very sexy little sissy super model, make me proud of you. We’re going to show you off for the first time. First impressions are everything, Princess.”

He started to get dressed, to put his underwear and pants back on. I sat stunned in the chair he was just seated in, sat down and looked at myself in my makeup mirror. Felt panic, what if I get caught, what if others I know see me, what about others at the office find out about me. My mind raced. I was terrified.

He smiled. As he went to my bedroom door, “I know you’re afraid. That’s part of it for me, I like that” He laughed loud, “You’ll get used to it, just like you got used to me fucking your ass.” He looked at me sternly. You may even start dressing full time.”

He laughed even louder. “You’re mine now, princess. And don’t think I don’t love that! You be a good girl, do what you’re told to do.”

As he opened the door he looked away from me. “I’ll see you at work.” He turned and left.

I just sat and stared at myself. Felt my soft penis strain at my chastity harness, wanted to masturbate. So bad, wanted to play with myself, did what I can only do now, ran my index finger over the wet end of my harnessed little thing. I rubbed my finger over the hole slowly in little circles. With my other hand I fingered my rear end.

I felt his cum run out of me and all over my hand. Wanted to do whatever my man wanted me to do in that instant, never wanted more to be anything other than his sissy, his bitch. I wanted to please my man!

Fingered myself for almost an hour thinking about him, I came in my cock harness. My dirty little secret that he doesn’t know about, know I can do. I was lost thinking about being his in public, truly being his.

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