Hillbilly Hospitality


Brad had been driving for almost eighteen hours straight, and it hadn’t stopped raining for one minute. His GPS had routed him thru a region of Appalachia that was eerily remote. Several times he had been forced to skirt around large boulders that had been washed down the steep cuts in the mountains.

Although it was just past noon, visibility wasn’t good and he was forced to drive more slowly than he really cared to. Rounding a sharp curve on the side of a mountain he came up behind a stalled truck. Not sure he could get around it; he was forced to stop behind it.

Even before he could get out of his car, the truck door opened and a slender woman wearing jeans and a very wet blouse ran up to the passenger side door, opened it, and slid in. Actually, even as disheveled as she was she was beautiful.

Almost panting she explained that she’d run out of gas and asked if I could take she and her companion a few miles down the road to her place. Fortunately Brad always kept a spare can of gas in his trunk.

Offering to give it to her, he told her to stay in the car while he got her truck started. Having emptied the can, he went to the driver’s side of the truck and slid in.

Inside there was another woman, younger, perhaps than the lady sitting in his car, but this girl was petite and wearing a blouse that outlined breasts, obviously unencumbered with a bra. Her roan colored hair was tied back in a pony tail. She didn’t say anything, but just stared at him as he started the truck. Once started he got out and went back to his car.

By now, he too was soaking wet, and sliding behind the wheel, told the woman he had it running and ready to go.

“Follow me. I live just about two miles up the road,” she began, “And Kelly’s creek up ahead is over flowing, the bridge is probably washed out by now anyway, so you wont be able to get very far on this road. You might as well stop in for a meal and a drink.”

Without even giving him a moment to think it over, she slid out and ran to her truck. Moving out, he followed close behind.

Almost two miles down the road, she turned off, and he followed her onto a gravel road. A short distance into the woods, they stopped at a rather ramshackle barn next to a fairly decent looking house. Parking the truck the two women ran up to the house and stood on the front porch waiting.

He shivered. Though it wasn’t really cold, he was sopping wet and with the rain coming down in sheets he was already uncomfortably wet and his teeth were chattering. The three of them went into the house. A fire was going and the room was filled with that smoky smell fireplaces always seem to impart to a room.

He saw another young woman standing in the kitchen. The older woman, impatiently stared at her and snapped, “Get us some towels Daisy then pour us a drink, we’ll catch our death of a cold if we don’t dry off and get warmed up. Now don’t just be standing there staring. He’s our guest. Now git a move on!”

Reluctantly she left the room and returned with towels, then poured three drinks from an old fashioned, corked jug.

The woman whose house it was, now walked to the fireplace and with no pretense of being shy, began to unbutton her wet blouse. Brad stared as her breasts teasingly began to peek out.

“God it’s miserable out. It’s been raining like this for damn near five days steady and I had to make a run this morning. All the gas stations are closed and I was damn lucky you came along.”

He just nodded and asked.

“Make a run? What could be so important that you would go out in weather like this?”

She grinned and sort of whispered. “This county’s dry and …well I guess I had the last store of moonshine in the area. I kept the still working until the creek got too high. Anyway I got a good price for it. Too good a chance to make some good money so I couldn’t pass it up, ya know what I mean?”

“Oh,” she went on, this here is Ellie, she’s Daisy’s cousin and I’m Lucy, Lucy McAllester. Daisy’s my kid. What’s your name?”

“Brad Madison, he replied, I’m just passing thru on my way to upstate New York. I’m going to open up another massage parlor up there. It’ll be my third. But I’m running late because of this rain.”

She nodded and moved nearer to the fire place. Almost as if no one else were in the room, she pulled the open blouse out from her jeans and slowly turned. Modesty wasn’t something that seemed to care about.

The manner in which she took it off was deliberately suggestive. Almost like a strip tease might be performed. She stood between Brad and the fire place with her back to the fire. And with her body outlined by the flickering flames, she put her hands beneath her breasts and held them up, sort of thrusting her breasts forward.

He stared. Two of the most firm, supple breasts he had seen in a long time were suddenly within reaching distance. Her nipples were already erect, probably from the chill of the rain. The dark pink points proudly protruded, yalova escort almost as if inviting his touch or for that matter, his mouth.

Small darker areoles surrounding them, were peppered with a profuse pattern of small bumps. His mouth flooded with saliva as one might do when anticipating a delicious meal.

She saw him staring and placing her hands under them she sort of bounced them in her palms. “Like em,” she asked. “Pretty perky for a thirty seven year old mom, don’t you think?”

All he could do was nod and muster a low, “yeah, oh yeah, beautiful.” Then raising the glass to his mouth he took a large gulp. The clear liquid left him breathless as well as speechless.

She went on. “Daisy got a pair just like mine. Probably got um from me. But I guess they ain’t gonna get quite up to where mine are. She’s already twenty one and probably all developed. but just as perky and sensitive as mine. And what you see is all mine.”

Brad looked and concluded that from what he could judge, that would make her, Daisy, about a small C. This woman was obviously a large C, and yes, they were real all right.

On impulse he asked about Ellie and Daisy. How old are they? Both of age, twenty one, but I only know about Daisy. Ellie says she’s experienced around men but I don’t really know.

She paused for a moment as if thinking before again bragging. “Daisy’s still sort of a virgin ya know. I mean she ain’t never been ridden, but…. Well she and Ellie are kissin cousins, if you get my drift. Round here men are scarce. And we all kinda take care of each other.”

He was having a difficult time trying to grasp what he was being told, and lifting the glass, slowly took another swig. Here was a woman, nude from the waist up, telling him about her lesbian or possibly bi daughter and her cousin and god knows what else.

Feeling a bit daring he asked: “And where is your husband? How does he feel about this?”

She chuckled and smiling at him, before going on. “He took off a couple of years back. Ain’t no jobs around here, so almost all of the men left for the cities. I make out keeping the still working but ya know, we girls need lovin just as much as men. Maybe even more. I been promising Daisy and Ellie that when a good man showed up we’d sort of share and maybe, well…… you know.”

She left it at that. Brad suspected what she was hinting at and was beginning to have mixed feelings about staying for supper.

Perhaps if he headed back the way he had come, he could bypass the flooded area and get back onto a main road.

Pausing for a moment she went on. “Anyhow, the way the two of um are ogling you, maybe you’d like to…….ya know, be their first, though Ellie had a beau last year and claims for her twenty first birthday she got laid.”

Combine that with the strong drink, he was definitely finding it difficult to catch his breath. Backing up a bit, he sat down on the couch. Slowly turning his head he surveyed the three of them.

Daisy was sitting on an over stuffed chair, her knees drawn up and her hand nestled between her thighs. She was wearing a cheap sort of flowery blouse that was open half way down to her navel. Obviously a size too small, it was outlining her breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination. It was tucked into a pair of very tight denim shorts.

She was slowly moving her fingers up and down the seam at her crotch, letting her nails scratch at the taunt material. Although a faded blue, a spreading dark wet spot was becoming more visible as she continued to rake her nails across the fold in the fabric.

Daisy’s hair was true blond and woven into two pigtails that hung forward over her shoulders. She hadn’t said a word since coming back with the towels, but was staring intently at him, almost as if looking thru him.

Brad never really was into exercising, but at six feet one he held his weight at 190 pounds and he was rather proud of the way his abs had that flat washboard appearance. His glutes were firm and his waist narrow. He could still brag wearing a 34inch belt. Couple that with blue eyes and sandy hair he was really quite a handsome young man.

Daisy’s head slowly turned from Brad to her mother as if asking a question with her eyes.

Brad avoided eye contact with the mother and daughter and watched her cousin, Ellie, approach with the jug and refilled the glasses.

Ellie was equally as attractive as Lucy and her daughter, lithe and supple; her auburn hair was fastened into two ponytails that just managed to reach her shoulders. Returning to her chair in the corner, she was watching the three of us, almost as if watching some rehearsed drama play out.

Daisy’s hand left her crotch and move up, enough to open the top of her shorts allowing enough room for her hand snaked inside, He watched as her tiny hand moved down over her abdomen, finally coming to rest over her pussy.

Brad couldn’t avoid staring as she edirne escort began to move her hand more vigorously up and down, sometimes pausing for a moment before beginning again. Her face had flushed and she was taking shallow quick gasps when Lucy broke the silence.

“Gawd girl, finish it in the barn. Take Ellie with you and play with your “rabbit” out there. Brad and I have something to talk about in private, and I don’t want to see you two, until supper time.

With pouted lips, Daisy swung her legs down and stood. Ellie slowly got up and followed her cousin first to her bedroom, than out to the barn.

Smiling at Brad, Lucy came over and sat next to him. Still nude from the waist up she twisted her body so her breast rubbed against his arm and whispered in a low voice, “So your one of those Masseuse guys. You give massages or just own the places? I mean I never had anything like that, you know a professional massage. I’ve had this kink in my back just tad above my butt for days. You think you could do anything for it? One of them massages might help. Wanna give me one?”

Ever since she had moved over to sit next to him, Brad had been having a bit of a problem trying to ignore the soft warm breast that she kept rubbing against his bare arm.

Then in a low husky voice she asked: “How do we do it. I mean this massage thing. I mean you massaging me and all. In my bedroom?”

“I can do it right here on the dining room table if you want. It’s about the right height. You can just cover it with a blanket and lay on your tummy, he suggested.”

“Naw,” she began, “kids may come back and I don’t want to be bothered with them right now.”

She took the jug of moonshine and led him into her bedroom. She began to get undressed before Brad could stop her.

“No need to do that Lucy, It’s just your lower back and shoulders we need to work on. Your fine just the way you are.”

Ignoring him, she continued to wiggle out of her jeans and took her panties off. Brad stared. For a country girl she sure kept herself in good shape. Her pussy was well trimmed and almost appeared to have been shorn. A brief glance had revealed soft mounds of pink divided by a fine cleft which gave the appearance of a much younger woman, possibly a girl just past puberty. Her waist was tiny which accented her hips and buttocks.

As she crawled up on the bed, Brad took a sip from his glass. It seemed a bit more palatable and he came to the slow realization that he was getting a bit drunk. He gasped and with watery eyes watched as she twisted around questioningly.

“Like that?” She asked.

He wasn’t sure what she was asking about, the drink or her body.

“Wow. Oh my god that’s potent,” he managed to gasp.

“Take a good swig,” she urged.

Another gulp and Brad began to feel a warm flush. With his third gulp, finished it and set the glass down. By now Lucy was positioned on the bed. But on her back. Not exactly what he had in mind.

“Roll over onto your tummy,” he directed.

“Oh, she smiled, “you don’t want me on my back?”

Feeling a bit loopy by now he nodded and went on. “Just lie on your stomach and put a towel over your back side.”

Fortunately she had a bottle of baby oil on the night stand and he reached for it. Not wanting to get oil on his shirt he took it off and hung it on a chair before pouring a small puddle of the slippery oil on the center of her back. He began.

He worked his fingers across the nape of her neck, and across her shoulders. Slowly working his way down. She began to breath with short shallow gasps and moan.

As he moved his slippery hands lower he began to massage the hollow of her back just above her butt. She began rocking her hips back and forth.

He had intended to stop at that point. Anyway the towel was placed so he couldn’t move lower without exposing the soft mounds of her buttocks. The decision wasn’t his. She twisted her head and gasped.

“Go on. That’s fantastic. Do lower, Brad.”

Inhibitions had vanished with the last swallow of moonshine, and he slid the towel down until it lay bunched and resting just over her knees.

His warm hands moved on downward. The cheeks of her ass were firm, well rounded, and as smooth as a baby’s skin. He began kneading each cheek, rubbing the oil firmly across the pale globes. She continued to rock her hips but now seemed to be grinding her groin into the beddings.

Her legs spread almost imperceptivity apart. Seeming to invite him to be more daring. Perhaps it was accidental, or perhaps the drink was getting to him, but he let his index finger follow the cleft of her ass down deeply until the tip of his finger was gliding back and forth over the tan puckered star, hiding within.

She let out a gasp. “Yessss, she hissed, oh yesss that feels so good. Put it in. I’d like that. Do that for me please?”

Again a question ran thru his mind. “my finger or……?”

She erzurum escort began tensing the cheeks of her ass as he continued to stroke the clenched valley of her butt. He Paused, before daring to act, then slowly inserted his finger into the puckered opening, she moaned aloud.

“Yeah, oh yeah like that. Do more like that. Oh god I’m getting hot sweety, do more!”

Some things are instinctive and Brad was aroused too. He kept his oily finger just inside the tight ring gripping him and began to slowly turn it back and forth, now move it in and out, and twisting it as if searching for something. Lucy went crazy. Pressing her knees down she lifted her hips up, urging him on. He slid a second finger in along his first and she let out a long gasp as if holding her breath.

By now Blake had lost what remained of his shyness. His cock was swelling as he listened to the woman moaning. Suddenly she twisted around and lay on her back. The towel was lost on the floor, his fingers pulled out with a sucking sound, and lifting her head she gasped.

“Don’t stop! Do more! I want more!”

Wiping his hands off, he reached for the oil and drizzled another puddle between her breasts and began. Starting at her shoulders, his fingers worked around her throat, across the tops of her breasts and then lower. Soon each hand held one of her firm breasts and his fingers began kneading the pink globes.

His palms softly brushed over erect nipples and his fingers worked back and forth, arousing the already firm pink points, urging them to swell even more. She squealed.

Keeping his right hand on her left breast he continued to roll her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Then on impulse, he leaned over, opened his mouth, and placed it over her other nipple. Gingerly he sucked it.

Opening her mouth she began panting rapidly. Almost imperceptivly the shallow breaths began to form words. “Unh, unh, oooh yes, yes, unh unnnnnnnh yeah.”

Her arms flailed. Sometimes beating the bed and sometimes clutching at his head. Suddenly she found his cock, and clutching it thru the fabric of his slacks, she gasped. “Gimmee it! Take them off. I want it darlin. I want to hold it!”

They both had lost what control they might have had. Lucy began frantically ripping at his belt and once released, slid the zipper down. His slacks dropped as her fingers found the waist of his shorts and tugged.

Her warm hand clutched greedily at his hard shaft and she seemed to purr. “Yeah, oh god yeah. It’s so thick and hot. Oh my god your body is beautiful, Brad. Oh my gosh, your so big and thick.”

Lucy now drew him to the head of her bed as he continued to massage her body. His hands moved methodically lower. Across her abdomen and still lower. She took a deep breath and waited. When his hands began to massage the inner surfaces of her thighs she began to slide her fingers up and down the length of his erection.

His fingers began to dance across the soft mounds of her vulva and his middle finger slid between the soft folds. She let out a gasp and holding her breath, waited.

His fingers no longer needed lubrication. Lucy was contracting and exuding a stream of slippery liquid. It began to run down the lower part of her vulva and coated the insides of her thighs. His fingers smeared the slippery fluid from well below her pussy, up to the hard pearl that now began to peek out from its sheath.

His excitement grew as she continued to work her hand up and down his cock, and now he daringly inserted two fingers deep within her vagina. Resting his palm on one side of her pussy, he began to caress her G spot with two fingers curled deep within, while letting his thumb wobble rapidly back and forth across the surface of her swollen clit.

As the room filled with the salacious sound of his fingers plunging in and out, she suddenly let out a long gasp and sobbed aloud.

“I’m gonna….. Brad? Brad it’s starting. Do more! Faster! Oh god it feels so good. Baby I wanna cum!”

He had no intention of letting that happen. Not yet at least. He drew his two fingers out of her wet opening and brought them to his lips. She stared at him as he sucked each. She seemed mesmerized by what she was watching.

Regaining her composure, she growled. “Eat me! Suck me, not your fingers. Go down on me. Oh god I want to feel your mouth on my cunt.”

Leaning across her body he moved his mouth to her pussy. Hovering just above, he puffed his hot breath on the swollen cleft. His hands crept to either side of his mouth and he parted the soft mounds as he thrust his tongue down deep. Alternating between flicking the tip of his tongue deep inside the glistening membranes, and drawing his tongue along the darker inner lips of her pussy she began to respond.

He paused momentarily. The humid fragrance of this woman wafted up, filling his nostrils and he thought, “How like the warm smell of a baby’s breath she is.”

Lucy was frantically jerking his cock and trying to capture it with her mouth. When he put his pursed lips around her clit, she was lost. She couldn’t do anything but ride the waves of sensations. Unable to concentrate on anything else she moaned aloud. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Yeah, oooh yeah, I am baby. Unnnnnhhhh unnnnnnnnnhhhh. Yeah. It’s close.”

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