Her Surrender Ch. 03

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From that day on, Cupcake was near constant companion in Sloane and Jack’s ‘play dates’.

Jack would alternate between ignoring Cupcake while he tormented Sloane, or restraining her while beating and typically fucking Cupcake. By the end of their sessions both girls were totally exhausted and cuddled under a blanket while Jack went about his business. The girls would sometimes chat a little as they held each other, but generally just enjoyed the silence and company as they simmered in their own mental spaces.

Jack had selected a new anal toy for Sloane, one that seemed to test the limits of what her ass could accept. She was still in total disbelief every time she watched Jack take Cupcake anally but her body would quiver in anticipation when he would threaten to do the same to her one day.

Sloane and Cupcake’s interactions included lots of caressing and kissing, in which Sloane could often taste her own pussy on her lips and double blow jobs, generally before, during and after Jack would fuck Cupcake. During one date, Jack had arranged the girls in a 69 position and had alternated between shoving his cock into Sloane’s mouth and then fucking Cupcake’s pussy.

Sloane had stared intently as Jack’s cock had slid in and out of Cupcake’s shaven slit, her face only a few inches away from the union. The blond girl had moaned and cried loudly as Jack had fucked her, but then he pushed her head down into Sloane’s crotch. Sloane’s eyes opened wide as Jack removed his cock from Cupcake’s pussy, moved it upward and then pushed it into her rectum. She had never had such a close up view of an anal violation before and watched intently as Cupcake’s anal ring opened to accommodate Jack’s cock.

She couldn’t wait to see what he had in store next.


Sloane skipped up to Jack’s door excitedly and anxiously knocked.

A moment later a shirtless Jack opened the door. His chest was covered in a light sheen of sweat.

“Good timing.” He grinned.

“You get started without me?” Sloane grinned, cocking her head to the side.

“Yup. We’ve been at it for a while.”

“Can I play too?” Sloane asked with a smile.

“Yup, we’ve been waiting on you.” Jack said, leading her inside.

They walked down the familiar hallway to the bedroom and Sloane came to a stop.

Cupcake was in the middle of the bed, sitting on her knees. A cobweb of ropes covered her body, holding her thighs to her calves and restraining her hands behind her back. Ropes pushed her breasts upwards and a familiar clip and chain set was attached to her breasts. Fabric was sticking out of Cupcake’s mouth and as Sloane looked closer, she determined that it was underwear.

The most interesting new addition was that of a Thunderstick tied to Cupcake’s thigh, holding it against her clit. Sloane was well familiar with the Thunderstick, a long black baton looking toy that vibrated at incredible speed. Jack had tormented both her and Cupcake with it quite often and after he introduced her to it, Sloane had quickly ordered one online and frequently used it at home.

“Wow that’s sexy.” Sloane commented.

“Yeah? Cupcake has been there for a while, haven’t you?” Jack asked.

“Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. UH huh.” Cupcake moaned into the fabric.

“Did I mention that I’ve not allowed her to cum today?” Jack grinned.

“No, you didn’t.” Sloane gasped, staring intently at the other woman.

“Cupcake, do you want to cum?” Jack asked.

“Uh huh. Uh huh. Plz… puslzzzzz.. pullllssszzzzz…..” Cupcake mumbled.

Jack reached forward and pulled the fabric out of her mouth. Cupcake gasped for air loudly and then looked up at him.

“Please Sir. Please Sir. Please. Please let me cum. Please let me cum. I’m dying. I’m dying. I’ll do anything. Anything. I’m dying. Please let me cum!” Cupcake begged.

“In a minute. Until then, hold it, or you know what happens to you.” Jack replied.

“Yes Daddy. Yes Daddy.” Cupcake panted.

Jack turned towards Sloane.

“Strip.” He said firmly.

Sloane quickly tore off her shirts and shorts. She had forgone a bra on her small tits but yanked her panties down, revealing her freshly shaven pussy.

“Good. Now suck my dick.” He ordered.

Sloane dropped to her knees as Jack extracted his cock. She automatically opened her mouth as Jack quickly fed his dick into it. Sometimes Jack would allow Sloane to actually give him a blowjob, sometimes she was simply a tool for him to masturbate his cock with. Today it seemed to be the former. Sloane eagerly bobbed her head up and down on Jack’s cock, running her tongue all over the shaft.

“Good girl. You’re getting better.” Jack complimented. Sloane moaned happily. She had always been a bit shy about her blowjob technique, so to hear Jack’s positive feedback pleased her in a way that she couldn’t describe. She had learned over the last several weeks that her favorite phrase was ‘good girl’ and it made her pussy wet.

“Thank you Sir. Can I touch myself?” Sloane asked.

“Yes you can. Good girl for kuşadası escort asking.” Jack said.

Sloane moaned happily and dropped her hand down between her legs and quickly found her rapidly wetting slit.

As Sloane masturbated and sucked Jack’s cock, he leaned over and untied the ropes holding the Thunderstick onto Cupcake’s pussy. She let out a loud cry of disappointment as he pulled it away and set it to the side.

“Daddy! Please Daddy! Please! Please let me cum!” Cupcake begged.

“In a minute. Are you ready to play?” Jack asked.

“Uh huh.” Sloane eagerly nodded.

Jack pulled his cock out of Sloane’s mouth and jerked her to her feet. He pushed her onto the bed in front of Cupcake. Cupcake lunged forward, pressing her mouth against Sloane’s.

“Mmmmm.” Sloane moaned, reaching up and cupping the blonde’s breasts.

“Awe, you two are way too cute.” Jack commented.

“She’s really sexy.” Sloane replied.


“Uh huh.”

“She’s got a sweet pussy, huh?” Jack asked.

“Yeah she does. It tastes so good on your cock Sir.” Sloane replied.

“Good. Glad you like it, not that I care. But today, it’s time for you to get it from the source.” Jack commented.

Sloane’s head jerked around towards Jack. He looked at her with a large grin on his face and nodded.


“You heard me. It’s time for you to go downtown.” Jack replied. Before Sloane could react, he moved behind her and put his hand on the back of her head, forcing her downwards. His strength was too much for Sloane to overcome and she was pushed down onto the bed until her face was eye level with Cupcake’s swollen, pink slit.

“But….. but…. but… I’m not… I mean, I’ve never….. I don’t…….” Sloane protested.

“What? You’re not bi? You’re not into girls? Never ate pussy before? I got a secret for you, Cupcake isn’t bi either and had never gone done on a girl until about a year ago with me. She happens to hate eating pussy, which is why I LOVE making her do it. So fucking get to it.” Jack said with a laugh, pushing Sloane forward.

Sloane rested her hands on Cupcake’s thighs and stared at her pussy. From this close distance, she could smell the strong scent of her arousal and almost see her wetness running down out of her opening.

“Go on, don’t just stare at it.” Jack said, pushing Sloane forward harder.

Sloane closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. It made contact with Cupcake’s tender flesh and the blonde woman let out a loud moan.

“Oh GOD! YES! Lick me! Please! Please lick me!” She cried out.

“Hey Cupcake. You can cum if Princess here makes you.” Jack called out.

“Move up a little. Please! Up a little. Now, left. Left just a little. Right there. Right there! Oh GOD! YES! YES! RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE! Don’t STOP! DON’T STOP!” Cupcake screamed directions as Sloane slowly lapped her pussy.

“How is she doing?” Jack asked.

“FUCK YES! FUCK YES! IT’s GOOD! It’s SO FUCKING GOOD! DADDY! DADDY I’m gonna cum! Daddy I’m gonna CUM!” Cupcake cried out. Sloane, overloaded by her first lesbian experience and Cupcake’s energy, flicked her tongue over the woman’s slit as fast as she could. Cupcake bucked her hips forward awkwardly heavily restricted by her bonds.

“Not yet. Not yet.” Jack ordered.

“Daddy! Daddy, you said I could! Daddy, please! Please let me cum! You said I could. You said I could!” Cupcake screamed.

Sloane glanced up to see Jack standing over Cupcake. He grabbed her by the throat and leaned down, inches away from her face.

Cupcake began to gasp for air as Jack’s hand closed tightly around her neck.

“You want to cum?” Jack asked.

“Yes! Please Daddy. Please Daddy, please let me cum.” Cupcake panted, struggling for air.

Jack grabbed the chain connecting her breasts and pulled it straight out. Cupcake arched her back and tried to lean forward to relieve the pressure on her breasts, but Jack just pulled it out further.

“Please Daddy. Please let me cum. Please let me cum. Please. Please Daddy. Please!!” Cupcake gasped.

Jack released Cupcake’s neck and lifted the chain straight up in the air. Cupcake gasped loudly for breath and arched her back deeply, aiming her tits at the sky as the clips stretched her nipples.

“Cum for me you little whore. Cum for me. Cum on her fucking face. Do it.” Jack growled.

“SHIT! SHIT! OH SHIT! YES!” Cupcake screamed. Her body began to tremble wildly. Sloane could taste the flood of girl juice flowing out of her pussy and into her mouth. Sloane continued to lap her pussy, licking up her juice as fast as she could.

“How does she taste?” Jack asked with a grin.

“So good. So good.” Sloane mumbled, not lifting her mouth away.

“Good.” Jack laughed, releasing the chain.

Cupcake let out a loud sigh as her body, free of the pressure, relaxed and sank onto the bed. She collapsed backwards and off balance due to her restraints, rolled onto her back, nearly hitting Sloane in the face with her knee. Sensing her movement, kuşadası escort bayan Sloane quickly leaned back as Cupcake fell backwards.

Jack grabbed Cupcake’s hips and rolled her over, propping her up on her knees and lifting her ass up into the air.

“Want some more?” Jack asked Sloane, who was wiping the juice off her face.

“Yes Sir.” Sloane nodded.

“Have at it then.” Jack suggested, nodding towards Cupcake’s upturned ass.

Sloane placed her hands on Cupcake’s ass cheeks and leaned down, not entirely sure of how to approach the task. She stuck her tongue out and pushed it into Cupcake’s slit from behind.

“Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy, that feels so good! That feels so good!” Cupcake moaned as Sloane ran her tongue up and down.

“Yeah? Would you like a present?” Jack asked.

“Yes Daddy. Yes Daddy.” Cupcake panted, her voice showing her exhaustion.

Jack knelt down behind Cupcake and put his hands on her ass. Sloane backed away and Jack pulled her cheeks apart wide and Sloane could see the brownish pink ring of her anus. Jack turned towards Sloane with a grin.

“Lick it.” He directed, tapping his finger on the middle of her ring.

“What?” Sloane gasped.

“You heard me. Lick it.” Jack repeated.

“That….. that’s her butt hole!” Sloane said softly, gasping in disbelief.

“I’m aware of that. Lick it.” Jack said in his firm tone. Sloane shuddered at his voice, but stared at him. Jack stared back at her and set his teeth.

“NOW.” Jack barked.

Sloane jumped up in shock and then leaned down towards Cupcake’s ass. Jack watched closely and a grin spread across his face as Sloane put her hands on Cupcake’s cheeks and moved her face closer. She stuck out her tongue and closed her eyes, slowly moving closer to Cupcake’s ring. Jack moved his hands out of the way.

“That’s it sweetie. Little closer. Just like her pussy, lick it. Put your tongue in it.” Jack said firmly.

Sloane inched closer and then felt Jack’s hand on the back of her head, pulling her down. Her tongue touched the dry, tight ring of Cupcake’s anus and the blonde girl jerked.

“Oh! What’s happening!” Cupcake exclaimed.

“Nothing. Princess is gonna give her first rim job. Just relax Cupcake.” Jack replied, holding Sloane down. The brunette girl retracted her tongue on reflex and then slowly stuck it back out, tentatively licking Cupcake’s back door. Sloane caught the bitter, musky taste of Cupcake’s ass but continued to gently lick it.

“Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy, that feels so good. Oh Daddy, her tongue is amazing!” Cupcake moaned, rocking her ass back against Sloane’s face.

“Hear that Princess? She likes it.” Jack said.

Sloane did in fact hear Cupcake’s words and was extremely turned on by her moans. She pushed her tongue out further, pressing it deeper into Cupcake’s ass. Cupcake let out another loud, lust filled moan. Jack stripped off his clothes and moved behind Sloane, rubbing his hands over her ass. Feeling his touch, Sloane let out a moan of her own.

“You do have a nice ass Princess.” Jack commented.

“Thank you Sir.” Sloane replied, pushing her ass back against his hands.

“One day, I’m gonna do bad things to it.” Jack said, giving it a little smack.

“I can’t wait Sir.” Sloane mumbled, her mouth still attached to Cupcake’s rear.

“Yeah?” Jack asked, slapping her ass harder.

Sloane let out a groan.

“Oh yes. Yes. Yes Sir.” Sloane panted.

“Yeah? You sure?” Jack teased, slapping her other ass cheek harder.

“Yes Sir. Please. Please Sir.” Sloane gasped, panting hard.

“Please? Please what?” Jack asked, rubbing his fingers over Sloane’s ass crack.

“Please Sir, do whatever you want to me.” Sloane moaned.

“Whatever I want huh?” Jack asked, pushing the tip of his finger against Sloane’s anal ring. Sloane’s back arched and she let out a loud gasp.

“YES! YES Sir!” She gasped.

Jack pushed her head back down into Cupcake’s ass and held her there. She could hear some rustling behind her but wasn’t sure what it was. Then she felt a large, blunt object press against her anus. She jerked and Jack moved his hand from the back of her head to the small of her back. She lifted her head up and turned around to see Jack behind her, pushing his dick against her ass.

“What are you doing?” Sloane said, her voice both panicked and aroused.

“I’m gonna fuck you up the ass, Princess.” Jack grinned, holding his cock out and pushing it against her ring.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. I’d never done that before. Please. Please, I’m scared. Please. Please be nice. Please be nice. Please. Oh, Oh I’m scared. I’m scared!” Sloane panted, staring at Jack’s cock as he pushed it against her ring, then backed away, then pressed against it again.

“Yeah? You ready for a dick in the ass? I haven’t heard you say stop yet.” Jack smirked.

Sloane froze, her brain mush. She was more turned on than she had ever been in her life, but at the same time was overcome by fear and guilt over cheating escort kuşadası on Chris. She wanted Jack to take her, to use her how he wanted, but couldn’t bring herself to say it. The arousal of the situation was slowly whittling away at her resolve.

“It’s gonna hurt.” Was the best thing that she could come up with to say.

“It’s not gonna hurt me at all. Besides, pain makes things more fun, wouldn’t you say?” Jack replied in a sinister voice that made Sloane’s cunt throb.

“Please. Please.” Sloane panted softly.

“Please what? Please go slow? Please be gentle? Or please fuck me like the dirty slut that I am?” Jack taunted, increasing the pressure on her back door. Sloane’s pussy quivered again but she stared at Jack silently.

Jack smirked and then jerked forward, pushing the head of his cock inch into Sloane’s anus.

“FUCK! Oh FUCK!” Sloane screamed, clawing at the sheets. She steadied herself for the inevitable anal violation but just as quickly as Jack had entered her, he pulled his cock out of her ass and moved alongside her.

“I’ll make you wait a little longer. Suck it.” Jack demanded, holding his cock out. Sloane let out a loud sigh of relief and dropped her head down, taking Jack’s cock eagerly into her mouth.

“That’s a good little bitch. Suck that dick.” Jack smirked, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. Sloane bobbed up and down on it eagerly, catching a tiny hint of the same musky flavor as she had earlier with Cupcake. As she realized what it was, she pushed the thought to the back of her mind and continued.

Just as fast as Jack had put his dick in her mouth, he withdrew, pushing Sloane back towards Cupcake.

“Eat that ass some more. Get it ready for me.” Jack ordered. Sloane quickly spread Cupcake’s ass cheeks apart and pushed her tongue as deeply into her pucker as she could.

“Oh God, Daddy. Oh Daddy, that’s so good. That feels so good.” Cupcake moaned as Sloane swirled her tongue around her ring.

“Yeah? Like it?” Jack asked.

“Uh huh. Uh huh.” Cupcake exclaimed.

“You relaxed?” Jack asked.

“Very. So very soft. So soft. I’m floating Daddy. I’m floating.” Cupcake said softly, her voice distant.

Sloane was instantly jealous of Cupcake and longed to feel what she was feeling.

“I’m gonna take your ass now sweetie.” Jack said in a surprisingly gentle voice as he pulled his cock out of Sloane’s mouth.

Sloane backed away as Jack moved behind Cupcake and pushed his cock against her slick anal ring.

“Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy.” Cupcake moaned.

“Give Daddy your ass baby. Relax and give up that ass to Daddy.” Jack said, his voice more firm but still quite loving as he pushed in.

Cupcake’s ass let out a wet popping sound and Jack slid halfway into her colon with one push. Instead of a scream, Cupcake let out a low, lusty moan.

“Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy, I can feel it. You’re in my butt Daddy! You’re in my butt!” Cupcake exclaimed in a dreamy voice.

Jack grabbed Cupcake’s hips and pushed forward, sinking his cock all the way into her ass before withdrawing and pushing back in. Cupcake let out a louder moan as Jack began to pump her.

“Get up here.” Jack ordered, looking down at Sloane. The brunette immediately sat up and moved her face closer to Cupcake’s rear end. From this position she could see Jack’s cock sliding in and out of Cupcake’s rectum with a slow but steady pace.

“That’s so fucking sexy.” Sloane said softly.

“Yeah? You like that view?” Jack asked with a smirk. Sloane nodded.


Sloane nodded again, more energetically.

“Hungry for some dick?”

Sloane nodded anxiously.

Jack let out a little chuckle and withdrew his cock from Cupcake’s ass. The moment that it came free, it sprang upwards and Sloane dove onto it, sucking down to the root.

“You were hungry, you little slut!” Jack laughed as Sloane rapidly bobbed up and down on his shaft.

“Uh huh.” Sloane nodded, wrapping her hand around Jack’s shaft and stroking it as she sucked.

“Taste good?”

“Uh huh.” Sloane moaned.

“Yeah? Cupcake has a tasty asshole huh?” Jack chuckled.

“Uh hu……………….” Sloane started to agree and then froze when Jack’s words finally registered. His cock halfway in her mouth, Sloane looked up to see Jack looking down at her with a huge grin on his face.

“Heh. I didn’t tell you to stop.” Jack laughed as he grabbed the back of her head and pushed his dick the rest of the way into her mouth.

Defeated and lost in the moment, Sloane relaxed as his cock slid down the back of her throat.

Her hands dropped to her side as Jack pumped her mouth a few times and then withdrew. Sloane sat back on her legs as Jack pushed his now slick cock easily into Cupcake’s ass.

“Oh Daddy. Oh Daddy, you’re so big. You’re so big in my butt. You’re so deep in my butt!” Cupcake cried out, though her voice was anything but in distress.

Jack grunted loudly as he pounded Cupcake’s ass and looked over at Sloane.

“You want a turn?” He asked.

Sloane’s heart jumped into her throat.

“Yes Sir.” She nodded slightly.

“Turned on huh?”

“Uh huh.” Sloane nodded.

“Touch yourself. I don’t mind.”

Sloane immediately shoved her hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy furiously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32