Her Induction


As she sat in the Coffee shop her heart quickened for a moment then slowed to an easy pace. No problem she said to herself in her head, calm down focus on deep breaths. She was a beautiful young girl in her mid 20’s no kids or marriages to speak of. She was fit and had thick dark brown hair and big dark brown eyes. Her lips were full and her body curvy but muscular.

She had met a few people on the Internet before even though she would never freely admit to it. It felt so estranged to meet men off the Internet, almost embarrassing. Then there was the thrill of looking into someones eyes and seeing that look in their eyes as when they realize they want you. That was the time when she would pull back and tease them with seducing words or a sexy look. Fully knowing she would not follow through with it.

As she sat in the small dingy coffee shop she looked around making eye contact with people wondering just what he would look like. Thinking all the usual things about if he lied or if he would even resemble his picture. She also wondered if only these people knew what she was thinking. The passion that filled her constantly and meeting this man a Dom to consider as a sexual partner, a fantasy fulfilled.

She ran through the conversation they had a few night before. “I enjoy the power exchange” he had said to her. Along with other deep confessions and fantasies they had shared she pondered his words “Power exchange”. She had never heard them before and only knew a bit of their subtle meaning. She thought about his praise when he told her that she sounded of interest to him and her head was in the right place. It all made her feel warm inside.

As she glanced to the right she saw him at the counter. He turned and looked at her. Ah a smile… no a smirk. Her pulse jumped and she took some deep breaths. She let her eyes follow the length of his body, she tried to take all of it in quickly. Not bad she thought. He looked strong, tall, fit and had a shaved head. It was his eyes though that caught her big brown dark eyes like herself and unlike the other people in the coffee shop they had a sparkle to them.

As he paid for his coffee he walked over to the table and with that same smile said “Hello there Lass,” and sat down. “How was the drive?”

“Beautiful actually. I love a nice drive in the country,” She said making it a point to maintain his eye contact.

It was a cold winter day but the sun was out full force and came barreling in through the windows of the very small coffee shop.

She stared into his eyes as he did hers. the awkward silences were so much fun for her. It was too soon to play with him and she had to break it.

“Soooo,” she said toying with him a bit.

“So are you nervous,” he asked with a confident smile.

“No, are you?” xslot she shot back.

“No, tell me more about yourself,” he said smiling and taking a drink from his coffee.

“Ummm lets see, I went to school for Nursing and stayed for some additional computer courses. After school I moved up north for a bit. Then decided to move back home closer to my family,” she said. She continued to look into his eyes, gauging his reactions. He seemed pleased but this is not how she wanted the conversation to go.

“What about you, why did you end up in this lifestyle?” she said with a big smile. Knowing this is more on track of what she wanted to find out.

His confidence stood out, he wore it well. His body language, his eyes, his smile she was watching it all. He seemed very different from the other Dom she had met. So far he had been brutally honest with her. Some things about his past even scared her but if she was just going to play with him, have a good time. What did it matter, I mean it was only a coffee date right?

“I have always been a dominant person. I enjoy the control, that is what I am after. Although I do like a submissive woman who can also be her own person,” His lips quivered with the next words he spoke. “You know you are very interesting. Different from the other submissive women I have met. You just won’t stop staring at me. Most women have a hard time meeting my gaze. Just what are you thinking about? “

As he spoke those words she blushed a bit and looked away. Though she quickly returned his gaze “You,” she said smiling. “I am checking you out, trying to understand you”

“You are a very confident person, aren’t you?” he said.

“Very,” she shot back with enthusiasm.

“Interesting. I think there is something here between us. Some chemistry I would definitely like to explore this with you,” he spoke in a lower more tender voice. Then intently gazed at her trying to see her reaction.

“Yeah,” she briefly looked away and raised her eyebrow. She smiled feeling her excitement start to rise. Her thighs tensed as she pondered her fantasy of being with a Dom. Being with this man with no control. Someone to take charged and use her body like a toy. She sipped her coffee to keep her mind off of what was going on inside her head and her body.

“There is a certain protocol I like followed. Small details that mean a lot to me. You already know to call me Sir but there is more. If you have to use the washroom you would ask permission. Sir may I please use the washroom? Its etiquette,” he was smirking again.

She swallowed a big gulp of her coffee and smiled widely. Pondering the idea. It sounded silly, asking for permission to use the washroom. Why, what is the purpose of it? She thought about it for a moment xslot Giriş then figured she would give it a shot. she said “Sir, may I please use the washroom?” The words were awkward and she tried not to laugh as she spoke them.

He smiled brightly and said “Yes you may,” with a pleasing nod.

She got up and hopped off to the washroom. After 3 cups of coffee today she had to go anyways. As she closed the door she sense something in her. She was excited. She felt a connection with this man and could sense this would not be a normal game that she played. He was a Dom, a true Dom. no bullshit, no pretending. It thrilled her and made her nervous at the same time. Deep down she hoped she could live up to the submissive side of herself.

She tended to always be dominant with men. Especially when they would not push her back. What if she was the one who messed it up, did something to upset his protocol. She knew she wanted him but she was a very cautious girl and after all they just met.

She came back to the table and she sat across from him again. Looking into those dark brown eyes she took another sip of her now cold coffee.

“So would you like to get out of here,” he said bluntly.

“I better not, I better be a good girl,” she said with a smirk. Playing with him again.

“My place is right around the corner. You can come up to chat if you would like. Nothing else, you are safe with me promise. Its not a nice coffee shop anyways but its all we have around here,” he said scanning the tables.

“mm mm, Just to talk for a BIT,” she said.

“Yes,” he said smiling.

I can’t believe I just did that she thought sometimes I can be so naive. Shit, well he seemed quite “normal”. There was something about this man. The way he looked at her, controlled, intelligent but his eyes filling with passion. Maybe even enough to rival her own.

As they left the coffee shop she pushed open the door and his hand braced her back. A little shock went through her body. The first touch. It was reassuring and gentle but also firm. She suddenly became shy.

They both got into her little car and he instructed her on where to go to get to his place. Her music came on loud and she smiled at him excited but more nervous than she had ever been before.

As they got out of the car she took the opportunity to check him out again He looked like he had such a strong chest and arms. That really got her going. Big men that when your in their arms you feel so safe and comforted.

He opened the door for her and as they stepped into his apartment she looked around getting use to her surroundings.

He took her coat as she undid her boots. “Would you like a real coffee” he asked.

“I better not. I think I’ve had too many already,” xslot Güncel Giriş she said.

“How about a pop or juice,” he asked.

“Juice is fine, thanks,” she said.

She sat down on his leather sofa looking around. it was a definite bachelor pad but she did like his style.

He sat the juice down on the table and curled up next to her. Facing her in the corner of the couch. She noticed how close he was and could even smell his cologne the scent mixed with his skin.

She listened intently as he spoke. He told her about his job, life, preferences. She tried to absorb it all. Now and then he would make it a point to ask her as well. What she liked in a man. What her interests were.

It seemed the more he talked the more comfortable she was. She began to understand him, his nature, likes and dislikes. When she spoke he listened even more intently. Gazing into her all the time with that glow in his eyes.

“You know what I would like,” he asked.

“What would you like,” she replied sensing it coming.

“To kiss you,” he smiled. “May I”

How could she say no to this man. She had been staring at this man for over two hours listening to him and all the time imaging what it would be like to be with him. Just a kiss.

“Yes, you may,” she said. They both looked at each other and that passion flared. You could sense it between them as if it was connecting them.

“Come here,” he gestured with his hands.

She smiled coily and crawled over top of him. Slowly taking it all in. Their legs pressed against each other, their arms touched and as they got closer their lips pressed tougher so gently. It felt like a fire radiated to the tips of her toes. She could not help but let a smile come across her lips as they kissed again.

“What are you smiling about,” he demanded.

“Your a good kisser,” she complimented him.

Ah the control, she thought. He was controlling the situation. It was so natural you did not even know he was doing it. From the moment they met he had been doing it. Perfect she thought,relaxing even more into him.

Then as they kissed again he pulled her onto his lap. Her arms went around his neck and she pressed into him.

As he kissed her yet again he moved his hand to her hair and slowly wrapped his hand around it. Pulling her head back slowly. He kissed her hard and moved his hand to between her thighs. Moving his fingers so slowly teasing her. Just like she had told her she liked.

His hand held tight to her hair and she could feel him watching her. Gauging her reaction, she loved this. Nobody had ever invoked these feeling in her. She was so close.

He moved his other hand to her breasts and released them from her shirt. Her nipples were hard even before he started to kiss and bite them. A moan escaped her lips.

She was completely helpless, layed out for his pleasure he took it all in and enjoyed what he had found.

In that moment a realization came over her. She felt so lost and yet found in one single moment. It was perfect.

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