Heavenly Love Ch. 02

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Word of advice – Please read the series in chronological order to enjoy it most.

This is the second chapter in the series. I thank you all for the positive feedbacks. This series does ‘open up’ relatively more ‘gently’ than the other series I have written. As usual I look forward to your comments. Do not hesitate to email me.


Chapter 2: The Greener Pastures

This time around the summer vacation did not seem different for me. But I could sense the difference in my mom.

“What is it?” I asked her one evening.

“About what?”

“You just seem different this time.”

“In what way?”

“I don’t know. It just seems different with you.”

“I guess I am still trying to believe that you are here to stay. I think when you live past the holidays I will feel more secure.” Mom looked in my eyes and said calmly.

“Hey. Come here.” I asked her to come to me. She slowly moved and came close. “I am here to stay. That will not change. And I have come for you.”

Her eyes looked at me with a strange question in them.

“For me? What about you?” she asked me with a serious face.

“I wanted to. I wanted to be with you.” I said.

She stared at me for a while and threw her arms around me gently and hugged me deeply. I hugged her back. Her hug strengthened to encourage me to hug her more firmly. So I did. And she softly succumbed into my arms with sighs.

We didn’t say anything for a while. We just stood there in each other’s arms.

“I love you.” She said breaking the silence.

“I love you too.” I complied.

“May be you don’t see me as desperate as the last few times. That is because I know you are here to stay so I can take it easy now.” She smiled sheepishly.

“That’s right. And you should be yourself. You don’t have to hide anything from me.”

“Well you may not like a few things about me.” She said with a bit of caution in the tone.

“Let me be the judge of that.” I assured her by stoking her cheek. “And I doubt there would be anything I won’t like about you. You are heaven sent.”

“I do like to please you.” She smiled coyly.

“That’s a good start.” I laughed.

“But seriously, I would need to know if you don’t like anything about me, or if I get on your nerves.” She said firmly.

“Till I say so, you should promise to be yourself then.”

“Agreed.” She smiled back and hugged me.

“And you should tell me if I get on your nerves.” I made a point about that.

“Oh you are an angel. You have nothing to worry about.” She sighed.

She kissed me on my cheek this time and hugged me deep.

During the week, my mom used to be at work till about 5pm. Weekends were reserved for me exclusively as usual. That didn’t exclude the evenings when she used to come home storming through the door to see me. So as not to make her feel guilty of leaving me home alone and to earn some pocket money, I took up a summer job too. That way I used to be away too. The extra cash would help out on our spending.

One weekend I took her out to dinner. I said to her that it would be her date – our first date together. She had smiled very coyly to that.

“Where are we going? Or is it a surprise?” she said excitedly.

“Er. Let’s just see if you like my surprises.”

“Oh I know I do.” She got bubbly.

“Would you like me to dress up in your choice or should I surprise you?”

“Surprise me.” I said.

After a bit of hesitation and thinking, she said, “Tell you what. Since we haven’t been together for long, I would be more comfortable if you chose this time. Then for the next time I will surprise you.”

“I like the sound of that. It means there are more dates to follow.” I smiled with a naughty grin.

“Of course.” Mom said very sensually, raising her shoulders.

“Ok then. Lets do that now.” I said.

“Ok.” Her heart seemed to have starting racing with excitement.

As we entered her bedroom she asked me to sit on the bed. I sat down and slid up to the headboard yalova escort and leaned my back on it.

One by one mom started to show me her collection. For the first time I noticed her choice to be very feminine and sensual. She liked mostly what I liked. And it became apparent that if I didn’t choose something quick, the whole wardrobe was going to be empty and still I would be non the wiser cause I would like them all. Most of all.

“I like most of these dresses. Our tastes are so alike.” I said.

“Really?” she exclaimed

“Yes I like most of these dresses. It is just a matter of choice now.”

“So what do you think?”

After a while I picked up a dress. It was a red dress with a halter neck and a plunge V-neck in the front.

“I like that one for now.” I said.

“This one?” she tried to confirm.

“Yes I would like to see you in it.”

“Ok then. I will get dressed while you get ready and I will see you when I am ready.” She smiled with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Okey dokey”, I said.

I was in the living room when mom stepping in. The vision took me by surprise. My mom had stepped into the living room calmly, and she looked a million bucks!

Although she was in her early 40s she would have had passed for 30’s. She had done her long hair in a bun enhancing her neckline and her back. Her lips were glistened with wetness. My eyes were eating her alive and her eyes were fixed on my gaze for seeking my approval. For a while she just stood there looking at my gaze patiently while I moved my eyes all over her. She followed my cue and twirled for me gently. The halter neck had a low back and I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. More so, the fitting in the front enhanced her cleavage. The dress followed close to her waistline and her femininity oozed out of the dress.

She looked at me with inquisitive eyes.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have seen.” I acknowledged after I got my thoughts together.

She blushed and came close to me. “Has it been up to your expectation?”

“It has exceeded it.” I exclaimed.

“So far so good.” She held my arm and showed eagerness to follow.

“With you, everything is always excellent.” I said.

She hugged my arm and stroked it gently.

We drove to a restaurant where I had booked a table earlier. As we sat down I noticed the table was placed in a corner with a fair bit of privacy. Since it was in a corner, it was a round table with sofa seats and we were sitting at an angle to each other rather than facing one another.

I ordered some champagne. And then we looked through for some starters. When the waiter had left, I raised the glass for a toast, “for a new beginning”.

“And a lot of sweet memories”, my mom added.

We sipped at the champagne and settled to talk.

I was beginning to eat my mom’s beauty without being conscious of it. That night she didn’t look like my mom, more like a date. For her age, she had a good figure and graceful beauty. Her eyes glistened in the dim light. She just kept grinning at me.

“You look absolutely wonderful”, I softly acknowledged and tried to justify my gaze at her.

“I am glad you approve.” She coyly blushed.

By now her femininity had started to work on my mind. Or may be it was the champagne. I lowered my gaze once in a while to her cleavage and was hovering it around there at lengths.

She noticed it and gently leaned forward at times, very subtly, giving me good chances to admire it more. Then she took my hand and stroked it.

“How was your day today?” She asked out of the blue. Her question seemed to be directed to distract me. So I ran my eyes around the room and then around table trying to think for an answer.

“It was ok. Had a bit of more work to do closing down. But it was usual.” I replied with my eyes trying to run around her gaze.

She gently stroked my hand while listening to me intently all the time I spoke and made me aware though her gaze that escort yalova the questions were not to distract me but to make my gaze at her less obvious to others. She encouraged my gazing at her. But she wanted that to appear natural. I felt a sudden rush of air in my lungs. Awareness had mushroomed in my mind.

I could not fathom my mom any more. There was this woman who few years ago had very little confidence and self-esteem in dressing up. I remembered very little about her when I was a kid. But yet that night she had the beauty to captivate my heart and mind. She had shown great changes in herself, to the point where I was being drawn to her. It was as if I had never known this woman before. She was a new person to me – someone who used to be called my mom but now a different woman altogether.

During the meal, my mom was completely overcome with sensuality. All her movements suggested a certain feminine flare. My gazes at her cleavage seemed to tickle her femininity. She seemed to enjoy the attention the pair was receiving. I tried hard to make it less obvious as much as I can – for others on the surrounding tables and for mom. But she just kept gently encouraging it every time I stared back to her eyes. During the meals she giggled a few times when I made her laugh and her leg played around with my calf. I didn’t withdraw my leg so she felt pleased. She placed her hand on my thigh a couple of times to attract my gaze back on her. Since I was driving, I didn’t have much to drink, but my mom had finished the champagne and nearly finished the wine. Her elated mood seemed very playful. At times she leaned close to me, and stroked my thigh while staring deep in my eyes. We kept making jokes of what the people around us may be imagining about us.

When we stepped out of the restaurant, my mom snuggled close to me. As we walked to our car she said, “That was a wonderful meal. Thank you honey. I loved it.”

“Would you like a small detour before we go home?”

“As you please. You are in the driving seat.” She giggled.

“Ok then. I have a small place I would like to go. I have been there when I was younger. I would like us to go there. I want you to see it.”

“It must be a special place then.”

“Decide when you see it.”

So we drove for a while and the road started to climb a bit. As I made a turn I took a sharp left and drove onto a plain grass area. And then I stopped. We had come to a plateau on a hill overlooking the town. It was a rising plateau with a wired fence at the edge.

“Come on I have something to show you.” I asked her to follow me.

As we stepped outside, I could see there was another car parked at a distance. As I took my mom’s hand I lead her slowly to the front of our car. As we walked toward the fence the sky seemed lit up from beneath. The night-lights of the city glowed in front of us and the starry night poured stardust from above. The breeze had a cool chill to it. It was soft yet steady.

“Oh this is beautiful.” My mom exclaimed. Her eyes were lit like the many lights down in front of us.

She nudged closer to me and hinted me to hold her in my arm. I stretched my hand and she snuggled into my arm as I wrapped her in it. My palm rested on her hip. She cuddled closer to me, hugging with her arms around me.

“This is absolutely wonderful.” She said softly again. The lights glowed in the silent darkness and the wind gave us the cool breeze in the night. With all the dazzle in front of us, there was an eerie silence accompanying it that made it very romantic. We stood there admiring the beauty of the scene for a while.

“I used to come here on my bike at times.” I said to her breaking the silence gently. “In the summer, the sun sets late so the lights don’t show up, but the sun set is awesome. In the winter, if it is not too cold, this is what you see. For me to see this in summer I would have had to come here at this time at night. That’s why it was difficult to see the lights. But now I can see them with you.”

We yalova escort bayan looked at each other and smiled.

“Doesn’t anyone know about this place?” mom enquired looking around.

“Well this is supposed to be the lover’s spot.”

“Oh!” my mom exclaimed raising an eyebrow.

I smiled at her. “I just like the view.”

“Do you?” she said teasingly. “I for one would love it too.” She smiled.

As we stood there, the cool breeze of the night made a gentle touch across our skins. She fidgeted a bit under the cool breeze. So I stroked her back and pulled her closer.

“Are you cold?”

“No. I’m ok. Your palm on my back feels good and warm.”

I took the hint and stroked her some more. Her tender skin responded to my touch and she snuggled in my arms. She pressed her head in my neck and melted in my embrace. Then she gently moved and hugged me fully from the front. I wrapped her in my arms, trying to protect her from the cool evening breeze. That was just an excuse to bring her closer to me and feel her tenderness underneath that dress. She planted a kiss on my cheek and whispered, “You are the most wonderful person I have been with. You make me feel so special.”

“You ARE special.” I whispered back.

At that she hugged me tighter and pushed herself into my arms, pressing herself on me. We stood there for a moment enjoying the beauty in it.

“Shall we make a move?” I asked her quietly. “It is getting late and we should be moving from here.”

“In a minute.” She looked deep into my eyes, held out her palms and holding my face, pressed her lips gently on mine. Although the kiss lasted only for a moment, it was slow and gentle.

“This wouldn’t be much of a lover’s spot if couples didn’t kiss each other would it?” She just coyly smiled at me. “Now it’s your turn.” She surprised me with her comment.

Becoming very nervous I hugged her around her waist and lowered my lips careful as not to get farther. But she succumbed and gave in to the kiss by pressing in and complying sensually.

“Now we can leave.” She smiled at me, as I took her hand and we walked back to the car. The drive home was fairly quiet.

That night when I lay in bed, I kept thinking of the things that happened that night. I didn’t know much about my mom or what had happened to her. But whoever she was or what ever had happened to her seemed very amazing.

I kept going through the whole evening in my mind. It was like I replayed the scenes that were recorded in my memories. It just felt really wonderful – a warm glow in me. I had been out with my mom on a date and it felt really wonderful. I couldn’t understand her liberated approach toward me. I kept thinking that it was her love for her son that she had missed. But she had never expressed it in this way before. May be it was that I was now living with her, or may be it was that I had grown up. Whatever the reasons she had, they were making me very curious and excited. She seemed more than comfortable expressing herself in that way. I made a resolution of going along with her way of expressions and see where it led. I was half sure of where it was going to lead. The thought set my heart racing. But it was time to expand and explore this relationship I had with mom. It was time to get to know my mom all over again, in a different light. I could not wait till it was morning the next day.

The following days and weeks went by where I got to see mom in all new different ways. She started dressing in different clothes, and became very touchy-feely. Every time we went out, she sought my approval for her appearance in my gaze. At every discreet opportunity she used to hold my hand, or snuggle close to me and hug me. She pressed herself on me at times and that used to be her cue to urge me to cuddle her. Her fingers used to run through my hair and stroke my face gently. The passion and sensuality in her touch used to set my heart on fire. Gazing at her, deep in her eyes, usually ended up we necking and kissing on the cheeks. Even though we had kissed each other on our first date, I was still not confident to kiss her on her lips. There was a small hesitation in my mind – hesitation about not moving forward too fast, about not ruining this wonderful relationship that was under development. I loved her too much to hurt her. And she loved me too.

to be continued…

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